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First Contact (In Her Name: The Last War, #1)
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First Contact (In Her Name: The Last War #1)

4.07 of 5 stars 4.07  ·  rating details  ·  2,127 ratings  ·  193 reviews
The Terran survey ship Aurora makes a startling discovery in an uncharted star system: two planets inhabited by an advanced, and decidedly unfriendly, non-human civilization. Disabled by gigantic alien warships before it can escape, the Aurora is boarded by nightmarish blue-skinned warriors with claws and fangs who slaughter the crew in ritual combat using primitive weapon ...more
Kindle Edition, 392 pages
Published August 29th 2009 by Imperial Guard Publishing
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I am not sure it is really worth 4 or 3.5 stars, I will give it 4. I liked the book. Humans make a first contact with a race whose sole purpose of existence is to prove their superiority by wiping off all other life forms. I am simplifying things, but that is the general idea. Oh, and they have much superior technology. Can humans survive? The book has epic (and I do mean - epic) battles: in space and on planets. I really need to mention here the description and tension of space battles were amo ...more
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TBR Reviewer: B.H (Brutally honest)

I love science fiction and the cover instantly grabbed my attention. I really had high hopes for this book, the plot sounded full of adventure and as I said I love Sci Fi.

The beginning is primarily introductions and it is slow moving. Mr. Hicks would have been better off cutting it short or getting right into the action of the ‘first contact’ which turns out to be a slaughter. The fight is constantly interrupted by flashbacks about
I read the In Her Name trilogy last year and considered it one of my top reads for 2010. I have been looking forward to reading this prequel but have been a little hesitant, fearful that it wouldn't be of the same caliber as In Her Name. I am thrilled to say that I had nothing to fear.

This is a top-notch first contact story. The reactions of the humans and the politics involved in humanity's first contact with the Kreelans felt very real. The battle scenes were gripping and it had that well-plot
This was a prequel to the series In Her Name: Empire. While it set the tone and background for the human and Kreelan war in the Empire trilogy, most of it was very technical and I found myself skipping through the pages of techo-babble because it was beyond my interest and ability to understand. I found myself reading on though to try to understand the Kreelans but I seem to feel a bitter aftertaste for them when I was done with First Contact. I felt as if the Kreelans are a very self-centered r ...more
As the title of the book suggests, the action of "First Contact" is centered on the first encounter between humans and kreelans. And so, it is expected to have more battle scenes than the original series, and also to focus on the humans rather on the kreelans. This doesn't mean the kreelans are ignored ... we get more inside of their culture, "social organization", as well as their level of development. Also, we get to know better Tesh-Dar, the high priestess, to understand her powers and, by ex ...more
This is the first installment in the In Her Name Trilogy & wider space saga. I came into this one knowing nothing but the summary description about the story. I've jumped into another lengthy scifi saga & will have to add this one to my series rotation. I liked it but I found there were a few problems in the beginning. First, early on, it's a but repetitive in some ways. There would be a paragraph given about the Kreelan from their POV & then following would be the same information a ...more
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Jay Dee Archer
This was a pleasant surprise. Plenty of action, good character development, and enough deaths to make me wonder who will survive. Read my full review here: https://ireadencyclopedias.wordpress....
Missy LaRae
Jun 22, 2012 Missy LaRae rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Lovers of military scifi or science fiction
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Mar 01, 2012 Josh added it
Shelves: kindle
This whole series focuses on the conflict between aliens and humans. What I liked was both viewpoints of the conflict. Also the aliens acted for logical reasons just not human logic. It's hard to write aliens as alien and not just "dressed up" humans and I think he succeeded. Story and plot were good with some memorable characters. Also different characters had different points of view on things that were never really resolved...just like real life.
What I didn't like was the books felt a little
Serge Boivin
A funny thing happened on the way to the (space) opera... See, I should not have enjoyed this book. Don't get me wrong; I love sci-fi, and I enjoy the "dry and impersonal" violence of spaceships blowing each other up... It's the "blood and guts" kind of violence I do not like. There is plenty of both in this novel, but I still liked it very much, despite the blood and guts. I think it helped that I had read Empire first, so I really wanted to know more about the Kreelans.
A very interesting aspe
Richard Valle
At first I didn't like this one so much as it started out too much like David Weber & Steve White's Starfire series except with samurai tigers instead of people eating giant spiders. As the book went on it was interesting to see how the aliens developed and it became a 4 (really liked it). But, I seriously dislike the viewpoint of 'they are not like us so it's ok to kill every man, woman and child because they are not really people'.

There are hints that might change in later books. I'll rea
Marc Jentzsch
This book was readable and not nearly as terrible as a lot of things I've read lately. Is this a Kindle thing? Reading horrible books? Consider this a break in the streak, despite the rating.

The prose was easy to read and the story wasn't bad, but it also wasn't masterfully executed. The whole package falls short of Drake, Stirling and early Weber (and I do mean early Weber, as in the first 3 Harrington books only), if you want to compare to some of the modern luminaries.

Let me elaborate:

I like to have story and character development in equal measure in the books I read and find to much from one over the other quite boring.

This book is well written and has an interesting storyline and I skipped a lot of it, because I found the character development flat and the amount of fight scenes were to much for my taste.

It jumps between characters, most of which die soon after introduction, therefore I did not develop any kind of emotional atachment to them.

I was pleasant surprised about t
Cian Goggin
An amazing novel!! Even thought it was only 373 pages it felt like it was a book of over 1000 pages it was that good, with so much detail and a great plot and brilliant characters, this is a book that I would recommend to anybody who love science fiction books or to anyone else I loved its that much. Really want to download the next book on my kindle, but shouldn't because I have major exams in two weeks, but will probable end up downloading it. I gave it 5 stars and really feel that It is worth ...more
Dave Ferree
I wanted to like this book. I downloaded it for free. The reviews both in Goodreads and Amazon are quite favorable. But I found the entire story shopworn, illogical, and too convoluted to be interesting. And the author's writing style is way too wordy and simplistic. I managed to finish the book, but my feelings upon doing so were relief, not satisfaction.
The story line revolves around human contact with a far superior race of aliens. The aliens are a violent matriarchal society who seem to get
I love first contact stories, so had hopes for this. But by the end - can see how it is going to go for the rest of the books.

It began well, with a seemingly balanced Earth and it's sister colonies, and an exploratory vessel. I liked the cast, even though most got killed by the aliens. Author tries to show alien point of view but for a highly advanced humanoid matriarchy, it's pretty incredibly (nearly impossibly believable) bloodthirsty.

So while I'm more interested in how this is
Shawn Dvorak
The first book in a series of books set in the same universe, First Contact describes the first, disastrous contact with an alien race. Following a series of costly wars and environmental disasters, the human race began to flood outward to the stars as soon as the secret of interstellar travel was discovered. After several centuries of colonization many began to believe that we were alone, that there were no other intelligent races in the galaxy. This suddenly changed when a survey ship entered ...more
Paul Schofield
An excellent beginning to the saga about two sentient species, human and Kreelan, colliding in a desperate struggle where the only commonality seems to be honor. At times I cheered for the human race,struggling with their imperfection and lack of vision. Other times I admired the alien Kreelan civilization with their singleness of purpose taken to the point of perfection, though in such a dramatic contrast to the human way of understanding. Wonderful sci-fi empire building and character developm ...more
In terms of value for money this was great, as I got it for the Kindle as a free download and I've been reading it on the train into work. It's a prequel to a trilogy, and actually that works well as the author is clearly building a world in this. It's military sci-fi, and the author doesn't skimp with the "military" in that at all. The action scenes are relatively well conceived and the characters developed are actually quite engaging. Overall for a free download it's a very decent read for any ...more
The beginning of this book was petty bad in my opinion. There is no real background information in the beginning. They just start at the action when the Humans find an advanced alien race. The rest of the series is about how they fight the aliens that are later named the Kreelans. It is a science fiction book that has fantasy intertwined. After the beggining then book is amazing, it is action packed with the next twist always right around the corner. From what I have seen the book mimics the his ...more
I think I picked this one up as a freebie on Amazon, or possibly Smashwords.

This book takes a little bit to get going; there's a certain amount of setup as humanity exploring deep space encounter an alien race, and everything goes pear-shaped. The aliens, nicknamed Kreelans by humanity, are part of an enormous empire and very dedicated to battle. They also have a very strong sense of fair play, so humanity is warned exactly which planet will be attacked and when, giving them time to prepare. And
The book blurb for In Her Name, First Contact sounded interesting but you never know what you are going to get when you download a free book from an author that you have not previously read. This one was a book that turned out to be way better than initial expectations. Michael Hicks has crafted a great science fiction novel that hits all the bases of things I am looking for. Interesting characters (both human and alien), lots of action, great would building… oh and did I mention lots of ACTION. ...more
Robert Gibson
This story was soooooooooo powerful, so intense. In fact is was so intense I had to read it in stages. It was brilliant reading. I was THERE in the middle of the conflicts. I bled and died with the characters. The war and the hopelessness and the triumph was all there. My God I immediately went and tried to find the next book in the series. Still looking for it, but I bought more In Her Name books ... I love this storyline :) Now, let me calm my heart down before I go to another book from this a ...more
Phoenix Reads
It had been a long time since I read science fiction, but I decided to expand my reading to new genres and picked up Empire (In Her Name: Redemption, #1) by Michael R. Hicks. I found it to be a wonderful blend of epic fantasy and sci fi.

So read it, loved it, and immediately bought Confederation, and Final Battle.

Michael Hicks created the world of Earth after it had taken to space, having built far-flung, loose colonies that behaved similar to our own nations here on Earth – mistrusting, not ne
Cathy (cathepsut)
"A prequel to In Her Name: Empire, the events of First Contact take place a century earlier:

Led by Commander Owen McClaren, the TNS Aurora is embarked on an extended survey mission, searching for new worlds that could support human life. Drawn to an uncharted star system that appears to have not just one, but two potentially habitable planets, the crew of the Aurora discovers something even more unexpected: the planets are already inhabited, but not by humans. Approached by gigantic alien starsh
Alana Woods
Alana Woods' book reviews: In her name: the last war, book 1 by Michael R Hicks

Science fiction at its best.

I generally have a feeling, a chapter or two into a book, about what I'm going to think of it. Sometimes I'm mistaken and on those occasions it's usually a downward revision because the initial promise is not fulfilled, usually because the quality of writing drops off.

This book - First contact - fulfills the promise. It's a quality read in every way.

The story develops so well, the character
Hali Sowle
The first book in the "Last War" series, the first of the two series trilogies, time wise. that span the human-kreelan war. It is the second of the two series he wrote, the "Redemption" series was written first but comes chronologically second, a-la Star Wars. I found out about the books by looking over the kindle free library and saw that the first two books of both series were free and decided to do the series in what would be chronological order despite people saying that Empire (the first bo ...more
This is a classic first contact, military science fiction/space opera novel which grabbed me and didn't let go, much as the first book in this series, In Her Name: Empire, did.

If you enjoyed the first books in the series, it's a no brainer to read this. If you havn't read them, then this might be a good starting point (Though the impact of books #1-3 might be less if you know this background? Then again they might even be better reads since you're coming into them with so much more foundational
Per Gunnar
My understanding is that this is actually not the first book that was written in the In Her Name series but it is the first one in the chronological order of the actual story. It’s the book that the author recommends to start with so it’s what I did. Actually, I kind of stumbled on this book series when I found the author’s site and discovered that the first book in the series was actually a free download. I had seen them before on various sites but I had always hesitated since I wasn’t really s ...more
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Born in 1963, Michael Hicks grew up in the age of the Apollo program and spent his youth glued to the television watching the original Star Trek series and other science fiction movies, which continues to be a source of entertainment and inspiration. Having spent the majority of his life as a voracious reader, he has been heavily influenced by writers ranging from Robert Heinlein to David Weber, a ...more
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