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Holy Warrior: A Novel of Robin Hood
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Holy Warrior: A Novel of Robin Hood (The Outlaw Chronicles #2)

3.96 of 5 stars 3.96  ·  rating details  ·  605 ratings  ·  58 reviews
After the events of Outlaw, Robin of Locksley—and his sidekick and narrator, Alan Dale—finds himself in a very different England and a very changed world.

In 1190 A.D. Richard the Lionheart, the new King of England, has launched his epic crusade to seize Jerusalem from the Saracens. Marching with the vast royal army is Britain’s most famous, most feared, most ferocious warr...more
Paperback, First U.S. edition, 389 pages
Published August 2nd 2011 by St. Martin's Griffin (first published 2010)
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Paul Bennett
Robin Hood, Robin Hood
Riding through the glen.
Robin Hood, Robin Hood
With his band of men.
Feared by the bad, loved by the good.
Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood.

(lyrics written by American composer Carl Sigman.)

Oh that catchy tune from the old Robin Hood TV show starring Richard Greene. That was the Robin Hood I grew up with. That is not the Robin Hood of this magnificent series by Angus Donald. In this, the second book, Holy Warrior, we find Robin and his merry men as part of King Richard's ret...more
Donald's follow up to OUTLAW is not as good, but still entertaining if you're into medieval history and care enough about the Crusades to slough through endless scenes of violence and mayhem. Unlike OUTLAW, HOLY WARRIOR does little to offset the blood and carnage, with scant character development and more time placed on history or detailed battle recounts than the characters themselves. As a result, there is virtually no tension in the book, or drive to keep reading. The central mystery of who m...more
Aproximación interesante al mito, en la que el legendario Robin Hood no sólo tiene más de humano que de leyenda, sino que se nos revela como un personaje completamente terrenal y a menudo falto de escrúpulos. La narración desde el punto de vista de uno de sus hombres hace que el propio Robin no sea por completo protagonista de la saga, pero Allan es lo suficientemente interesante por sí mismo como personaje como para que el lector no se resienta de este hecho.

En esta segunda entrega, como el pro...more
Outlaw series finally delivers! It presents quite a refreshing angle on events described in Lionheart. It introduces many interesting details from the lives of different classes and ethnicities, throughout England, France, Sicily, and Holy Land. It is a bit funny if I think about it - in the first book I had a feeling that watching movies about Robin Hood presented me with lots of spoilers. In this book, the situation was a bit similar because of my reading of Lionheart. Yet, it did not bother m...more
José Luis

Siguen las aventuras de Robin Hood, ahora de camino a Jerusalén para intentar recuperar esta ciudad en manos de Saladino. Entretenido, fácil de leer, pero a la vez una historia un tanto simplona y plana. Si decía que al primero de la trilogía le faltaba algo aquí vuelve a haber más de lo mismo. No es una historia redonda, supongo que esperaba más épica, más batalla, pero no, no lo hay, de hecho lo que más me gustó de este libro es todo lo que cuentan a Ala...more
Scott Vout
Book two in the series.

This series is about Robin Hood. But not your fathers Robin Hood.

This guy steals from the rich and mostly gives to himself. It is a very very dark rendition of the old folk hero of yon as told by Alan Dale, one of the merry men as it were.

In this continuing saga our intrepid hero goes off with King Richard to fight the Holy War or Crusades as some would know it.

A tale inside a tale. I actually took a few minutes and did some research on the Crusades and what do you know, M...more
Duncan Wilson
a brilliant sequel to OUTLAW! whilst i would have liked to have spent more time in sherwood forest this takes us to the crusades. robin being part of the crusades has certainly played a part on recent interpretarions and this has the same great mix of exhillaration and historical sequences as its predecessor.
there are four main set pices the siege of jews in york, the sacking of Messina (sicily), the cold blooded execution of 2,700 Muslim prisoners of war in Acre and the battle of Arsuf in 1191...more
Lanie Sanders
Yippee for a wonderful book 2! Blood, guts, a great human non-perfect main character, & of course Robin Hood = my kinda book! :D Top marks to Mr. Angus Donald for such awesome storytelling, graphic violence, interesting characters both "good" and "bad", & historical accuracy. Some writers just can't pull it off, but he sure did.

I actually wrote an essay about King Richard the Lionheart and his leadership of the 3rd for my final research paper is high school. I loved the topic and I did a...more
Angus Donald is by far my favorite author at the moment. While may sequels suffer from second-book-syndrome this one doesn't in the slightest.

In the sequel to Outlaw, the reader finds themselves going on the crusades. Robin of Locksley is no longer an outlaw, but a warrior, ready to reclaim the holy land for the Christian people. Well Robin will always be ruthless and a man who spits on religion and an outlaw at heart, so the book follows a rogue masquerading as a holy, law-abiding citizen beca...more
Nick Brett
I approached this follow up to the excellent "Outlaw" with a degree of trepidation. It had been a while since I had enjoyed Outlaw and I was worried that I might have forgotten where the story left off and it might be hard to get back into, especially with the recent Robin Hood film helping to confuse with another re-imagining of the story.

But I needn't have worried as I was swept straight into the story without the need for a re-cap. Holy Warrior is (like Outlaw) told from the perspective of th...more
This gritty and authentic follow-up to OUTLAW continues the story of Robin Hood's adventures as this time he joins Richard the Lionheart's adventures in the Middle East in an attempt to wrest the Holy Land from Saladin's clutches.

Angus Donald will quickly become one of my favourite authors if he can continue the quality in the next book in his series.

Instead of following the original story's template with more men-in-the-woods adventures, HOLY WARRIOR paints a wider picture as it recreates some...more
Ahhh, I do love this series. If you're not familiar, these books are another rendition of the Robin Hood legend. Granted, there have been a lot of renditions, most of them not so great. If it hadn't been for the recommendation of a friend, I likely would never have picked up the first book, Outlaw. Once I did, though, it was game over. I was smitten.

Like the first installment, Holy Warrior is told by Alan Dale, close confident of the Earl of Locksley (Robin Hood, duh) and picks up right where th...more
Apr 07, 2012 Karyl rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Karyl by: Simon
Alan Dale returns to the printed page as a member of Robin Hood's band of loyal men -- except now Robin is a more respectable member of society, having been raised to the Earl of Locksley. Alan himself has a manor at Westbury, quite a step up from a former cutpurse. The book starts out in England, a few years after the end of Outlaw, and chronicles not only the massacre of Jews in York in 1190, but also the Third Crusade to the Holy Land. It's an interesting look at this extremely tumultuous tim...more
This is the second book in the series and yes, you do have to read them in order. I picked up the first book a few years ago and loved it, this was no different. We continue following Alan Dale and his master, Robin Odo (Robin Hood) as they keep a promise that Robin made to go to the Holy Land and recapture Jerusalem from Saladin. There are plots to assassinate Robin, kill Alan, and destroy the King's position, although he can do that all on his own anyway.

While not for the faint of heart, this...more
Simon Turney
The second novel in Angus' superb Outlaw series takes a slightly different direction from the first. While Outlaw drew on the traditional legends of Robin Hood and used them to create a new tale in a very realistic environment, the feel was clearly still a Robin in Sherwood one, for all its grit and realism. Holy Warrior is entirely different, and this to me is the making of the book. It would have been easy enough for the author to revisit the old territory for a sequel, but I think such would...more
Angus Donald is a great story teller. Most readers will know this from reading the first in his epic historical retelling of the legend of Robin Hood but in Holy Warrior he completely shows off his talent in a fantastic way by taking the man who is both hot and cold away from the forests of Sherwood on the epic voyage and journey with Richard the Lionheart on his holy pilgrimage. Told through the innocent eyes of Alan A'Dale as they encounter foreign enemies, enemies within their own camp, assas...more
A powerful, provocative and thought-provoking read, this is the second installment in Angus Donald's re-interpretation of the Robin Hood myth.

Even though you are prepared for this not being your usual Robin Hood story, Angus Donald still keeps you gripped and surprises you at nearly every turn. Mainly, I'd say, because like the first in the series, 'Outlaw', whilst of course headlined as a Robin Hood story, it was in reality more about the tale of Alan Dale, than of Robin Hood.

'Holy Warrior' is...more
Robin Carter
I have always been a fan of Robin Hood, i suppose it has something to do with being named after him and then eventually ending up living in the back yard of the exploits of the Man/ Myth.

When this series started it was with a part groan part apprehension that i picked it up, so many times i have read the tale and its been awful prancing Nancy's in tights, and then there are the movies, inc the recent Russell "where the hell is that accent from" Crowe version.

But All of that gets thrown to the wi...more
An okay read. Not particularly riveting, feeling more like a tale you'd get from a television documentary rather than a compulsive read.
That's not to say it's a BAD book, by any means. It's well-written, historically detailed and fairly evocative, it just doesn't really stick in your mind all that much.

The edition I read was also riddled with bad spelling, random weird words - ie 'for' instead of 'of', 'were' instead of 'we' - which I later found out was due to the book not having been edited pr...more
Jennifer (JC-S)
‘It is simply a matter of loyalty.’

This is the second novel in a projected five part series called the Outlaw Chronicles: about the legendary Robin Hood and his band of outlaws. The story is told from the perspective of Alan Dale, a troubadour and warrior, a member of the band, who is now nearing the end of his life.
In this novel, Robin and his band, (including Alan) are preparing to join King Richard I as part of the Third Crusade which will attempt to retake the Holy Land from Saladin. As the...more
I bought Holy Warrior purely because I had read the previous book in the series - Outlaw, while I enjoyed Outlaw it wasn't brilliant and I wasn't expecting a huge amount from the sequel. I was pleasantly suprised to find Holy Warrior an improvement on the first book. The pace is much faster this time with more battle scenes and suspense.
The lead character - as before telling the story in flashback as an old man - is more engaging this time around and his story is heart-rending in places - mainl...more
Book Wormy
The author has put his fictional characters Robin Hood and the gang into the real story of the Third Crusade.

An interesting take that teaches you more about what happened on crusade and the blood thirstyness of the Christian crusaders.

No-one comes out of it looking heroic or good.
Laurie Pringle
Really enjoying Angus Donald's story-telling. Even considering holding off on Diana Gabaldon's 8th book to finish this series. I quite enjoy seeing a more flawed Robin Hood and Alan's struggles between his sense of right and wrong vs. his loyalty to Robin.

Great read for people who enjoy the RH myth and who enjoy some historical reference in their reading enjoyment.
Angus Donald's direct sequel to 'Outlaw', this follows on from the events of that earlier novel, again told through the eyes of the elderly Alan Dale remembering his earlier time with Robin of Locksley (Robin Hood).

Split into three distinct sections, the first is set in England and follows the preparation of the Earl of Locksley's men for their pilgrimage to the Holy Land, in what we now know as the Third Crusade. The second and third parts of the novel deal with both the journey and arrival, c...more
Good book, interesting twist on the Robin Hood myth. Robin Hood is not a do gooder, but instead slits throats, cuts limbs off as punishment, and is just a overall badass. This is book 2 of a trilogy, I will go buy the third book when it comes out (but not on its release date) and I will be a little sad when I finish the third book. I can not sing this books praises to highly, as it is exactly what you can expect from histoical fiction. There is war, betrayal, poison and forbidden love. I enjoyed...more
I completely love this series. Just finished and need to let it settle before I write my thoughts but this was even better that Outlaw!

Holy Warrior is the second book in Angus Donald's saga of Robin Hood. Robin's gone respectable? Well that is debatable. But this time he is on the right side of the newly crowned King, Richard.

The things I find I admire most in Mr. Donald's work is the honesty, his ability to convey real human emotions, serving up fully fleshed out characters. The humor is there...more
This is the follow up to the superb Outlaw that continues to follow the exploits of Robin and his crew as they fulfil their promise to support Richard in his crusade to the Holy Land. Once again told through the reminisces of Alan Dale of Westbury as he looks back on his naivete and mis-conceptions of Robin and his true nature.

Donald recreates 12th Century England, France and the Holy Land with vivd and descriptive prose that bring the era to life, from the dramatic to the mundane, pulling the r...more

The sequel in this Robin Hood-series, which is showing me a side of Robin Hood I didn't know. (I have to admit that around my place, it isn't really well known in the first place, other than just 'Stealing from the rich, giving to the poor'). I had won the first book as a preread an thought it to be interesting enough to get myself to the local library and get my hands on this second book as well.

And, it is in line with the first book. Even though Alan looses some of his faith, most...more
I read the first book in the series earlier this year and really enjoyed it. I thought I might have forgotten some of the characters but you are gently re-introduced to them all, so no problem. If I thought the first book was brutal and violent this goes up another level and right from the very start. The story eventually takes Robin Hood (a real nasty piece of work) and his not-so merrie men on Richard the First's crusade, where death is omnipresent and valour, honour and gallantry are nowhere...more
Another thrilling Robin Hood tale, Angus Donald does an excellent job of showing that Robin is more of an outlaw at heart and not ready to live the life of a noble knight. However he will do whatever it takes to makes sure that those around him are safe and taken care of. After reading this book it has me questioning if Robin Hood should even be a hero because of some of the deeds he does in this series. I was impressed with the ending of this book as I did not see a lot of the ending coming whi...more
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