The Shop (Cyril Landry #1)
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The Shop (Cyril Landry #1)

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In Aspen, Colorado, a pop star and her entourage are brutally murdered in their luxury chalet. The lead assassin, ex-Navy SEAL Cyril Landry, has no qualms about carrying out his mission until the instant before he kills the young star—an intense, shared moment that will ultimately drive him to find out why these people had to die. Landry transforms from mercenary to hunter

Kindle Edition, 375 pages
Published February 6th 2012 by Thomas & Mercer (first published March 2011)
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Judy Collins
After reading an ARC of J. Carson Black’s upcoming HARD RETURN, (#2 Cyril Landry thriller), was so intrigued with the characters had to purchase and read (#1 Cyril Landry), THE SHOP.

THE SHOP opens with an assassination in Aspen, Colorado of well- known actress and pop star, Brienne cross. The assassin, Cyril Landry, former SEAL, a member of a black ops unit, THE SHOP, operating within a private security firm and used by the powerful government for missions, outside the law. Landry loves his fami...more
This book opens with horrific violence, then casts the agent of this bloodletting in the role of reformed underdog. Wait: didn't this guy just butcher some innocent peeps? He did, and later, he throws the hurt down on the real bad guys. It's not an easy shift to make, and I was never quite sold on it--nor did I buy the connection between a town sheriff and a national conspiracy, but what the hell: this is thriller fiction, and it offers some fun.
Not a bad thriller, one with two threads running through it.

In the first, ex-navy SEAL Cyril Landry leads a team into Aspen to kill a reality star and her entourage. He works for the Shop, a super-secret government agency protecting the country. But he's bothered by this one and starts an investigation.

It doesn't take him long to start learning things, which lead him to others, and when he learns the truth, someone is going to pay.

Across the country in Florida, a local police chief is found shot...more
There are a few things I really appreciate about this thriller, and only a minor quibble or two. First, it does deliver chills - without getting too explicit. There's nothing more horrific than what lies in the reader's imagination, so there's no need to wallow in gore as some writers do. This book tells you just enough to imagine the rest, which is a very mature way to present the material without going overboard. Second, the writing is nice and crisp, moving the pace forward at a steady clip w...more
I had the opportunity recently to read Ms. J. Carson Black's mystery/thriller "The Shop". This is my first exposure to the author who has published seven other novels. This is a well written book where the characters are tightly developed and believable.

The plot revolves around ex-SEAL, Cyril Landry, who now finds himself working as a hired killer for the "The Shop". Landry believes he is working for a black-ops organization which is sanctioned by the government, however, a particularly gruesome...more
I had the opportunity recently to read Ms. J. Carson Black’s mystery/thriller “The Shop”. This is my first exposure to the author who has published seven other novels. This is a well written book where the characters are tightly developed and believable.

The plot revolves around ex-SEAL, Cyril Landry, who now finds himself working as a hired killer for the “The Shop”. Landry believes he is working for a black-ops organization which is sanctioned by the government, however, a particularly gruesome...more
Douglas Cook
A very well written thriller in the vein of David Baldacci. An assassin tires of working for faceless masters and takes revenge.

First paragraphs
PROLOGUE MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND ASPEN, COLORADO Landry thought: The kid’s positively giddy. Landry had been getting comfortable with the night, watching from the woods as the party wound down at the house on Castle Creek Road, people getting into their expensive cars and driving away, leaving just the core group. Shortly after, the young man came out and m...more
Darcie Carsner Torres
I disagree with a majority of the reviews on this book. The author did not dump details like too many thriller writers who wait until the very end to tie everything together. The pieces came together at regular intervals and kept me hooked to the end.

I also disagree that the conclusion was inadequate. I was left with the feeling that a series about either Jolie or Landry could follow, which leaves me hopeful that the author will take up this string in later novels.

At times, the story flipped a b...more
Anita F Napier
Although the sequence of events were unbelievable at times, I enjoyed this book. You have trained killers, detectives, families, murder victims, and the semi innocent all woven together to bring you to a Bourne Supremacy end. Yes, the characters were a little one dimensional but the overall story is a good read.
Pam Stack
This nuanced, character-driven thriller is so vastly different from most books that you will read that it may rock you back on your heals. Don't let that stop you from discovering the genious that writer J Carson Black displays in this tight, well written crime novel. Quirky character Cyril Landry is sure to show up again and once I explored deeply his personality, I found him to be the most interesting protagonist in thrillers today. And is his creator, J Carson Black.
Well, I can't say that I'd recommend this one. I didn't like one single character in it! And in my opinion, the guy that ended up being the "good" guy (I'm getting the feeling that's what the reader was supposed to think all along) wasn't very "good" in my opinion. I didn't care who made it and who didn't - including the protagonist! Lots of senseless killing and fighting and mean people that had no consciences at all. I couldn't wait until it was finished, but I didn't HATE it....exactly....
I'm not impressed with this book. I like the genre, but this one doesn't hold my attention. I'm about 75% of the way through it, so I'll trudge on. I think part of the problem is that this male author doesn't write the lead female character well. His female character happens to be a police officer, but she is written like every other female police officer, which is either too fragile emotionally, or has abilities that suspend reality. This character is actually rather lifeless in the action depa...more
Brenda Farne
A little convoluted

The story line is good but there were a few too many jump for my taste. overall, it is a decent read.
A multiple murder takes place with actress Brienne Cross in the middle of it. No suspect is found but one survivor, writer Nick Holloway, is found. Nick decides this will be the basis of his next book. Jolie Burke, police detective, is given the job of finding out who killed Brienne. Coupled with the apparent suicide by the sheriff, the killing previously of a man holding a hostage, the Vice President of the United States, and a former Attorney General all combine to make a mystery deluxe. Someo...more
Jan Strnad
I sampled The Shop and could tell instantly that J. Carson Black could write. The full novel didn't disappoint on that score, but I found myself wishing I'd been her editor. The parallel structure, bouncing back and forth between an assassin's quest for revenge and a homicide detective's investigation of a suspicious death, gave me the sense of reading two books at once...maybe one of those wonderful old Ace Doubles. Eventually the storylines come together, but too late.

I'm definitely going to...more
Carol Luce
So many thrillers nowadays seem to have the same premise, with nothing new to set it apart from the pack. Not so with J Carson Black's THE SHOP. Even the title hints at intrigue and something out of the ordinary. I've read all of this author's novels, and each one demonstrates her skill for the craft by way of extensive research, character development, prose that sings, and thought-provoking plots that stay with you long after you read The End. Black is truly a master at writing police procedura...more
Gene Rosso
Great book, fast paced and great story line can't wait to read more from J. Carson Black.
I enjoyed this book for the action throughout and that it kept you interested. However, the story felt disjointed at times and not fully developed. However, my biggest concern with this book is how abrupt it ended without really wrapping up any of the story lines except the main "mystery" of the book. All of the subplots are left hanging and even the main plot is left hanging a bit. It didn't seem like a purposefully "leave us guessing" type of ending, but almost like the author felt she was don...more
Okay, I think I'm done with this author. The story has an interesting and intriguing beginning that could have made for good mystery but instead then gets hijacked into a big conspiracy that challenges even the most gullible. The story is so far-fetched that even I was unable to suspend disbelief. It's not written well, leaves too many loose ends, and seem to be missing a denouement chapter. Reading time is precious and a scarce resource so i would advise that you use yours for a book more deser...more
Quentin Feduchin
"A Tour de Force"
J Carson Blacks highly imaginative detective thriller truly stands up with the best with Connelly and Harlan Coben.
The Shop burns like a slow fuse, gradually building through a web of unrelated occurrences culminating in a thrilling and satisfying conclusion. Her book is long enough to build some real suspenseful anticipation, with lots of satisfying detail.
As a thriller it does a serviceable job of providing action and a fairly decent premise. Though I'd like to know why the Vanity Fair writer was basically abandoned as a character after a couple chapters of development. The Shop is basically a "ripped from the headlines" crime story that could have delivered a better explanation for its premise and closed in a few plot holes.
I'm bogged down about 2/3 of the way through this book. Don't know if I'll be able to make myself finish. Not enough character development to care about the good guys, bad guys or victims, and the plot jumps all over. I'm sure it will all come together at the end, but at this point I don't really care...I just want to move on to the next book waiting on my Kindle.
David-Lynn Anderson
Interesting concept that if you want to divert the media's attention from something negative that's happened to your administration you simmply have the folks at The Shop commit a brutal killing of a popular movie star.

And it's working until one of the hired killers begins to wonder why he was part of a team that killed a movie star whom his daughter admired.
Teresa Kelley
As mystery/thrillers go, this was average. I enjoyed reading it, and it probably deserves 3 1/2 stars. However, there was nothing special about it either. The book lacked character development, and I felt the ending did not tie up all the loose ends. Overall, it was a readable and enjoyable book, but I won't be reading it again.
I had a hard time connecting with the characters at first but I'm glad I stuck with it. It seemed like there were too many stories and too many random people flitting in and out of the story for me to keep track of. However, seeing all the pieces come together completely redeemed this book for me.
Ted Kendall
Not the best thriller I have read, but still, it was riveting and plumbed the depths of the characters involved. It was just a little disconnected for the first few chapters until the various characters sync'd up. After that, it was a good pleasure read.
Sarah Welch
My Step dad, who I share an amazon Kindle acct with, bought this book and I had read all of the books I'd purchased, so I thought, why not... and I am so glad I did! I enjoyed every minute of this action thriller! Thanks Weldon!
I liked this book. I'd read many criticisms that it was disjointed & inconclusive & didn't develop characters well, but I didn't find it so. Lots of mystery, action, suspense & it took you inside the characters' heads.

It was an ok book. I wanted to find out what happened to the main characters, so I couldn't put it down. The premise of the story just didn't seem to be plausible.
Lisa Randall
I liked this book. I thought the way the two story lines merged at the end were well written. Plenty of action, detective work and conspiracy. Didn't disappoint.
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