CSS3 For Web Designers
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CSS3 For Web Designers (A Book Apart #2)

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From advanced selectors to generated content to the triumphant return of web fonts, and from gradients, shadows, and rounded corners to full-blown animations, CSS3 is a universe of creative possibilities. No one can better guide you through these galaxies than world-renowned designer, author, and CSS superstar Dan Cederholm. Learn what works, how it works, and how to work...more
125 pages
Published October 1st 2010 by A Book Apart (first published 2010)
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Graham Herrli
In this book, Dan Cederholm explains how to use CSS3 to create non-critical effects--such as the animation, feedback, and movement that help to make browsers interactive--even though CSS3 is not yet fully developed enough to rely upon for critical parts of the site like branding, usability, and layout.

He explains how to use such effects as transitions, transforms, and animations, but more importantly, he provides suggestions on when to use them. The book is not a comprehensive manual to CSS3, bu...more
Je suis Web Designer, et je m'intéresse aux CSS3 ! Deux raisons largement suffisantes pour que j'ai envie de lire cet ouvrage. Et j'ai en effet trouvé aux moins 2 bonnes raisons d'apprécier ce bouquin :
1. Dan Cederholm soutient la philosophie de l'amélioration progressive. Il s'agit d'utiliser les CSS3 par petites touches, pour améliorer l'expérience utilisateur (et économiser en temps et en ressources pour le webdesigner), sans que cela nuise à la structure et aux fonctionnalités du site pour l...more
Erik Mallinson
An excellent overview on the current state of CSS3. The book focuses on the CSS3 features that are supported by most up-to-date browsers today and how to use them in a inessential way – ensuring not to break anything for older browsers.

I’d consider myself of intermediate to advanced understanding of CSS and had no problem understanding everything in the book though I had never used CSS3 prior to reading this. Those who are beginners might try Zen of CSS Design followed by CSS Mastery.

Dave Emmett
First of all, this book had the best incorporation of multimedia that I've seen so far in an ebook. Many of the Figures are short videos that illustrate the css styles discussed in the book. The videos are short and to the point, and flow with the rest of the content. This ebook feels designed, which is something most other ebooks are completely lacking thus far, and they end up being just a shoddy direct port of the printed material with no consideration for the new form.

Oh yeah, and the actual...more
Alors ? Il vaut le coup ?

Tout dépend de ce qu'on en attend,

Ce livre s'adresse avant tout aux designers, pas aux intégrateurs et développeurs qui connaissent déjà une grande majorité de ce qui y est expliqué.
Il présente avant tout une nouvelle manière de penser ces designs en prenant en compte les nouvelles possibilités de CSS3 sans laisser de côté les navigateurs à la traine.

Ce n'est donc pas un ouvrage expliquant la manière d'utiliser les dernières nouveautés des CSS (media-queries en tête), m...more
Guilherme Müller
Very good CSS3 book by Dan Cederholm. As with the other A List Apart book, it's very practical and to the point. I could read it in a short time and learn a lot with it.

I know that these books are supposed to be short, but I couldn't help but expect at least some information about @font-face and media queries.

Nevertheless, the book stays true to the series and it's a quick read packed with great information. Highly recommended for any web professional that works with CSS today.
Excellent quick guide to CSS3. Shame it didn't include anything on responsive design.
Harri Kauhanen
Quite good tutorial on CSS3 tricks. The HTML5 book of the same book apart series is totally different style (and liked it more than this). 4 stars well deserved for quick read.
Excellent read! Very informative. I'll often go back and use this as a reference for my own projects. Essential read for all designers and developers learning CSS3.
Vojta Svoboda
[CZ] Krátký přehled CSS3 vlastností a jejich podpory v prohlížečích. Zaměřeno hlavně na Transitions (postupné změny např. barvy, nebo pozadí), Transforming (posuny, změna velikosti, rotace) a Multiple Background (více pozadí na jednom elementu). Vše vysvětleno na vzorovém webu, který je online (http://css3exp.com/code/view/). Vysvětlení vendor-specific prefixů, které dovolují používání CSS3, které jsou implementovány pouze v daném prohlížeči. Důraz na to, že CSS3 lze používat již nyní pro nekrit...more
Really great overview for the basics of using CSS3 properties to get a small site going. Will definitely the techniques I learned from this in my new portfolio work. ^_^
This is a fantastic overview of subtle CSS enhancements that can be made with currently (as of 2010) supported CSS3 elements, but it does not go into the deep CSS changes being introduced in CSS3. I checked the A Book Apart series, and it does not seem that an updated deeper look at CSS3 has been written yet, and that I find frustrating as layouts should be vastly improved. The book would have been better named "Minor CSS3 Enhancements"; the content is great but not very thorough as a general ov...more
Very straightforward, simple look at some of the more important features of CSS3. Don't expect any sort of breakthrough revelation to come through as you read this book, it's very much a WYSIWYG deal. I'm glad it referenced a place to download actual source code for the demo site built with a lot of the included CSS features. For the most part, it was a quick read (although it took me a while to dig it out and polish it off in the end) and even though it probably won't have a permanent space in...more
Lasse Bunk
Nice book but could have used more detail.
hint: parallax without javascript
Another great book from A Book Apart. It's a short intro to what CSS3 we can safely use today--both the pros and cons. I've read all of Cederholm's other books and liked those just as much. He's great at showing simple demos that demonstrate the techniques he writes about.

Also of note, I read the ebook version on an iPad and loved the video snippets that demonstrated actual results of the code in the book. This is a great use of the ebook format and I hope we'll see a lot more of it in code/des...more
Doug Stewart
A Book Apart is doing something very interesting in this series. The books are there to give you (slightly more) than enough of the basics of the new specs to keep your work looking gorgeous, while cutting out the majority of the spec that you don't need to have memorized in daily practice. These books clock in at just under a hundred pages if memory serves, they're dirt cheap and available in all the popular electronic formats, and are what I consider to be absolutely vital for anyone building...more
Mohamad Eldehemy
كتاب ممتاز جدا و مختصر عن سي اس اس ثري ، ربما لا يحتوي على كثير من إمكانيات التقنية الجديدة لكنه سيفتح أمامك طرقا كثيرة لاتقانها بشكل سهل و مبسط
أنصح بقرائته
I'm not a design person, but I learned a lot and I think I'll get a lot of use out of what I learned. It gives a good overview of CSS3 features that can be used now, even though CSS3 isn't finished yet (as far as I know). It focuses on non-critical aspects of the experience layer so that people using browsers that don't yet support these features won't know that they're missing anything. It's short, to the point, and even funny in a lot of places. Definitely worth checking out.
James Martin
If you're new to CSS3, this is a nice guide to some simple but useful front-end enhancements. The sample code is useful and clearly explained. There are plenty of inspiring bits you can put to use immediately. This won't be the last CSS3 book you'll ever need, but it isn't intended to be. It's a good introduction centered on practical examples, not a comprehensive, dictionary-style tome. Cederholm is a good writer, and this is a pleasant and informative read.
Rich Leland
Another good, concise book from the A Book Apart crew. CSS3 For Web Designers gives you just enough to encourage experimentation with and real-world usage of CSS3 today. Topics covered include CSS3 transitions, transforms, animations (basics), and forms. The author uses an example site throughout the book to explain some of the core features available by using CSS3 which helps provide context. Overall I think the book is well written and a super-quick read.
Marc Mueller
It was a tremendously helpful book for catching up with the newer developments of CSS
Donna Snow
It's just a teeny little book but it's one of the most powerful tools for designers. I keep a copy of this book on my tablet (I also have a hard copy). As a theme designer I often work with base themes and find myself running in to new concepts in CSS3 and CSS3 for Web Designers has been a great resource for bringing me up-to-date on new ways to style with CSS3. Absolutely a must have for the web designer.

You are never really finished with this book.
Brian Jones
Not quite as well-written as the first book in the series, but it is nonetheless a valuable resource for learning about what's coming with CSS3. The decision to pick a small subset of features that can be pushed into designs now, rather than attempting a comprehensive overview, makes this very helpful for diving in to some hands-on projects; on the other hand, this limited approach also means it's not necessarily useful for the complete novice.
LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. I've recently started updating my mad CSS skillz by finally starting to implement some CSS3 into my projects. It's nice to see the neat little things you can use CSS3 for now and how to make your code degrade gracefully for those using browsers not up to the latest standards (IE, I'm looking at you). I've never been disappointed by Dan Cederholm's books and this one's no exception.
Jake McCrary
Straight and to the point this book introduces features of CSS3 that are ready for use and gives examples of how to maintain maximum browser capability. Good book for examples of using some of the new features of CSS3. Would recommend to someone who is interested in knowing some common (or what will probably be common) uses of CSS3 with regards to enhancing the user experience.
Asia Hoe
Reading this book several years later now, it's fascinating to see how far browsers have come in such a short time. It's very encouraging. Still noting that, this book illustrates why tech books don't age well. This makes me all the more grateful for ebooks; they are relatively inexpensive, and harmlessly disposable. The knowledge therein, however, dated or not, remains invaluable.
Frédéric Bourgeon
A compact book for people busy although it contains a whole lot of informations on the topi. The author shares insights and gives hint for the future evolutions of these technologies. Although some changes happened in the technology described since the publication, the aim of the books is reached without a doubt. Short, smart, insightful and well-documented.
Where as the 'HTML5 For Web Designers' book could have been written in one sentence ("What you know still works."), the CSS3 book gave me a much better idea of how HTML and CSS are being used today. If you're at all familiar with HTML from the past, but don't really know how web pages are constructed today, skip the HTML5 book and start here.
This is one of those books where I would have gotten more out of it when it was published several years ago. Good information, good discussion on how to use css3 (but not absolutely rely on it)...

Buuuuuut I already had that knowledge from paying attention to web design trends.

Good starting book for the css3 novice, though.
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A designer, author, speaker, husband and father living in Salem, Massachusetts. Dan is the Founder and Principal of SimpleBits, LLC, a tiny web design studio.

A recognized expert in the field of standards-based web design, Dan has worked with YouTube, Microsoft, Google, MTV, ESPN, Electronic Arts, Blogger, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, and others. With each new project, comes an opportunity to minim...more
More about Dan Cederholm...
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