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Glow (Sky Chasers #1)

3.54 of 5 stars 3.54  ·  rating details  ·  10,437 ratings  ·  1,839 reviews
What if you were bound for a new world, about to pledge your life to someone you'd been promised to since birth, and one unexpected violent attack made survival—not love—the issue?

Out in the murky nebula lurks an unseen enemy: the New Horizon. On its way to populate a distant planet in the wake of Earth's collapse, the ship's crew has been unable to conceive a generation t
Paperback, UK Edition, 385 pages
Published October 7th 2011 by Macmillan Children's Books (first published September 13th 2011)
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Amariah Dixon I'm currently reading it and I think it's a good book so far. Another friend of mine read it and she enjoyed it. :) the beginning is intense, but it's…moreI'm currently reading it and I think it's a good book so far. Another friend of mine read it and she enjoyed it. :) the beginning is intense, but it's a hard-to-put-down book with an entertaining storyline. And I'm not fond of futuristic stories, so this is possibly going to end up being an exception. (less)

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Raeleen Lemay

Maja (The Nocturnal Library)
I rated Glow somewhat higher than I normally rate this type of books, due solely to the incredibly strong emotional impact it had on me. Some of the characters in it might prove forgettable in time, but I will never forget the pressing, claustrophobic feeling it left me with.
I’ve read a few reviews in advance and I was prepared to be unsettled by it, but nothing could prepare me for this story in which people, every last one of them, were monsters, usually hidden behind a very pleasant façade.
Here's the thing, the books that I absolutely LOVE the most tend to be the hardest for me to write about or discuss. Glow is no exception to this, but I'll do my best. And I'm just going to admit it - this is now a favorite of mine.

First of all, I hate comparing books to one another, especially those by different authors. But I am going to compare something about Glow to The Hunger Games. Suzanne Collins knows how to end a chapter, meaning they ended in a way that made me want -no, more like nee
I graciously received GLOW from a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway, and the book was provided by the publishers, St. Martin's Press! Thank you all for this wonderful opportunity!

Actually, this is closer to three-and-a-half stars, but I don't do half stars, so it's four.

There are some books out there that are completely clear in their intentions, whose characters are completely either good or evil, whose plot is simple enough to be easily understood. Let me tell you know that GLOW is not one of t
Sita Sargeant
I have been trying to gather my thoughts on this book. So it has been written over a few nights (not just one) so be warned when reading this review. It may not make any sense.

HOLY SHIT! No other words. This book was that amazing, this has got to be, hands down one of the best dystopia novels that I’ve read in ages. I’m still trying to gather my thoughts; I am just blown away by the amazingness of this book.

I actually put off reading this for a while. I mean I had it; I just wasn’t bothered to
Oct 06, 2011 Arlene rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Arlene by: Street Corner Booker - ARC Tour Flannery
I’m not quite sure how to rate this book so for now I’m going with 3 nebulous stars.

Glow is a futuristic SciFi thriller set deep in space where two colony spaceships, the New Horizon and the Empyrean, search for New Earth. These competing sister spaceships engage in a galactic battle against each other as they try to ensure their survival. Aboard the Empyrean, Waverly and Kieran are separated during this war and become tangled in a web of lies and deceit ultimately having them question who they
Rating: 3.5 stars but just barely

In one sentence: Glow is an out of this world love story that takes you on a fast paced thrill ride.

I know some of you are reading the synopsis thinking spaceships, sci-fi, that is so not your thing but Glow isn't just for sci-fi fans. It definitely will appeal to fans of paranormal or dystopia reads with it's great blend of romance, adventure and suspense (I would call it light sci-fi). I know that with other sci-fi reads I have struggled with the world buildin

2.5 stars

I like to be unsettled by books.

I mean this in the sense that I appreciate books that shock, surprise and challenge me. Books that demand my attention when I’m away from them, that creep into my thoughts after I’ve closed the covers. I like Kafka’s idea that books should be an “axe for the frozen sea inside us.”

But there was something wholly unpleasant about the queasy stomach I was left with at the end of Glow, and the way I wanted to brush my arms, as if I could sweep away the feelin

GLOW is dark.

Glow is so very unexpectedly dark, but that aspect only really kicked into gear sometime around 61% Frankly, I am not a fan of the writing in this one; things just took too much time. However, it's the twists and turns that had me covering my mouth in shock/ repulsion.

While sixty plus percent was a lot to go through before things got interesting, I have to emphasize just how dark things got. There are people isolated, people drugged and violated... all acts done because of some
Full Disclosure: This book was given to me on a GR giveaway. So thanks GR!

I honestly didn't expect this. I really didn't. On the back of the book, it's written in huge letters that this is the most riveting series since Hunger Games, and that's not true in the least.

This book beats Hunger Games to a bloody, motionless pulp laying on the ground with its limbs positioned in odd, wrong angles. I mean it. I does.

Glow (don't let the cutesy name fool you, there's craziness to go around in this book) s
Holy Effing Shite I don't even know where to begin. This book is being compared to The Hunger Games but lucky me, I haven't read that book yet so I could approach Glow completely impartial. And just to let everyone know beforehand, I myself wrote and published a sci-fi novel set on a travelling space ship just this month. So I'm all up on the whole sci-fi thing. I don't get people who don't like it as a genre. I freaking grew up reading that shit, and although recently I've been reading more fan ...more
Rachel Hartman
2.5 stars.

All right, I'm not getting anything else done, and a nap seems to be eluding me, so here goes.

I had a devilish hard time reading this book. I just couldn't connect with the writing at all. I found it extremely dry and explain-y, and my mind would wander any time there wasn't dialogue. Which was, ah, most of the time.

Now I have to say: I think this is my fault too, and not just the book's. Sometimes a writing style just doesn't connect with my thinking style, and that isn't anybody's fa
This book is not perfect - there were a couple of places that were sparse and could have done with a bit more fleshing out. The book is fairly short so it wouldn't have made it too long.

But, this book is nearly perfect otherwise. An original, twisty plot (yes, there are similarities with other books, but Ryan has done something really unique with old tropes), two marvelously compelling characters, and a lot to say about human nature.

It was painful to read at times, but that's because Ryan is su
Stacey (prettybooks)
Glow captured my interest from the very first page. It’s the sort of book that will make you miss your stop if you’re reading it on public transport (always a sign of a good novel, I think). I’ve never read anything quite this science fiction-y before; I’ve never, ever read anything that takes place on a spaceship. I had wondered whether I’d find it difficult to believe but I was thoroughly impressed. The spaceship setup is stunning. It is very well constructed and detailed, and I could easily i ...more
Oh, why did I believe the lie that this book could possibly be like The Hunger Games? With a cliff hanger at every chapter, and a love triangle that had you holding your breath? No! It's all lies I tell you! *feels betrayed*. I say the truth, right on the back of the book, it says so. In all caps may I add.
Maybe if that stupid statement on the back hadn't been there, maybe, just maybe, I would of given it more of a chance...but, sadly, without The Hunger Games on the back of the cover, enticing
Crystal Starr Light
Bullet Review:

Thank you Nemo for your recommendation that I not sell this book and stick it out. I may not have read the physical book, but it made me want to pick up the audiobook, and while I didn't adore this to pieces, I did enjoy myself quite a bit.

The long and short of it is: this book is incredibly dark but worlds better than most of the offerings you will find for Young Adults. Characters are realistic, there is some decent world-building, and the story is intriguing, if incredibly dark
I read Glow with my heart caught in my throat, flipping pages frantically and waiting for the sick feeling in my stomach to evaporate. Even after having finished this book, though, my heart hasn’t found its way back to my chest; I find it hard to breathe. For all the trouble it gave me, however, Glow has been one of the most satisfying novels I’ve come across this year. Amy Kathleen Ryan’s unapologetic prose and savage characters are the unpretentious realities I seek in a thought-provoking nove ...more
Rating: 3.5
I went into reading Glow with an open mind. I was intrigued for sure and the synopsis had a good lure to it to make me want to see what it was all about. I was happily surprised by the outcome. The concept was interesting enough to keep me engaged in the book and the characters were interesting enough.
There were some thoughts that kept popping up along the way. I started questioning how big the ship really was and as I kept reading through various scenes, I came to the realization th
Before I start this review, be warned. I read Insurgent AND The Princess Bride (two books which I consider masterpieces) right before this book, therefore this review may be a little harsh. But I believe this book warrants some harshness.

1. Intelligent and Heroic Heroine: NOPE
Sure, Waverly supposedly fulfills the new trend in YA, which is intense, kick-butt, troubled heroines, but I didn't get that from her. The depth needed to pull that off just wasn't there. I couldn't and didn't connect with
Ellen Goodlett
Wow. Wowowowowow. People complain that there's not much true sci-fi in YA nowadays... HERE IT IS! The space aspects of this book were realistic, the setting and logistics of things like how gravity would work on a spaceship that's traveling for years and years, and how two separate ships can rendezvous in space and the effects of travel on women with regards to fertility, motherhood... Everything about the setting in this felt real to me (though I am not a rocket scientist, so maybe it could be ...more
Feb 25, 2014 Alexa marked it as didnt-finish  ·  review of another edition
So I started Glow, and it's pretty interesting. Better than expected. :) But I think I started it at the wrong time. So, I'm going to put it on hold for now because I have other books I want to get to first & I don't believe I'm in the mood to read an ARC right now. I hope to continue it in a few weeks.

Edit 2: Yeah...I never finished. In fact, I gave away my copy. :p
I wasn't sure what to expect - wrongly, i expected something similar to 'across the universe' which i read last year and also enjoyed. Instead i got a much more intelligent and thought provoking read and less of a love story. I'm trying not to include too many spoilers as the themes surprised me and thats what made it great - the surprise, however, without knowing about the central themes, i feel this book could be unfairly lost in the teen dystopia/science fiction genre with the amount of relea ...more
KJ Shadows
Oct 28, 2011 KJ Shadows rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of Wither & Across the Universe
4 stars

What can I say? I know its not perfect and there are countless things I can get into where this book could have improved but I simply just liked it. It reminded me of Across the Universe, although not nearly as good. The problem I had with it was I didn't feel connected or attached to the characters in anyway like I did with Universe. I'm also rating it based on the fact that I'm not into all-space books but lately it's like a tidal wave came in of sci-fi writers that simply just blow yo
Apr 05, 2012 Nicola rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Fans of Across the Universe
Glow completely blew my mind. I was hoping that the gorgeous cover wasn't hiding a mediocre book and I can now say for certain that it wasn't! I loved this book and I now have yet another series to follow obsessively. While Glow is a science fiction novel, it's not heavy on the science and is much more about people and how they react under different circumstances. While it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, I was very happy with what I found!

This book follows our two young protagonists- Waverl
The Empyrean is one of two space ships headed for New Earth. Their mission is to repopulate the human race and begin a prosperous new planet. They have been travelling for years, and the first generation of children to be born in space are entering their late-teens, and are almost ready to start marrying and procreating.

Kieran and Waverley are just such a couple. Sixteen-year-old Kiernan is the ship’s ‘golden boy’ – the first baby born after years of infertility; he is the product of intense gen
Steph Su
Uh, WOW. And not a good wow. I only got about 50 pages in before I realized that there was no way, except maybe by gunpoint, that I was going to be able to finish this book. This reads like someone threw a lot of money at a person and was like, here, indulge in writing something that contains a love triangle, a spaceship, big bad evil doo-doo men, and sexual desire. The problem with starting with these requirements, of course, is that they are not allowed to develop naturally out of inevitable b ...more
Surprisingly solid read despite weak prose but not without its problems. Review to come.
*** 2.5 stars *** The teens-alone-in-outer-space thriller was suspense-laden enough to make me go on reading until the very last cliffhanging page, but as the religious conflict, the fertility aka mating issues, the Lord-of-the-Flies-or-Gone-like, but highly improbable, kiddie rule on board of the deserted, damaged and slightly dusty, but peachy-going mega-ship Empyrean (120 boys aged between two and 15 keep everything running for almost six months from gravity to clean airfilters and from chick ...more
Jessie  (Ageless Pages Reviews)
Read This Review & More Like It On My Blog

Glow is set in the semi-distant future, when mysterious circumstances have made "Old" Earth practically unlivable and humans can barely survive, much less thrive. In order to save the species, two inter-galactic ships, The New Horizon and the Empyrean are the only hope of the colonists and Earth to cross the galaxy to find, settle and repopulate a new home. One ship, the New Horizon, consisting of the more religious/Christian settlers and left a year
All Things Urban Fantasy
Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy

GLOW is the first book in a new dystopian/sci-fi YA series from Amy Kathleen Ryan touted as ‘the most riveting series since The Hunger Games.’ A bold claim that actually isn’t as far off as I was expecting.

The storyline, although set in space, is very much a dystopian tale. Two ships set off from Earth seeking to escape our dying world and start a new civilization on a new planet. After a generation, fertility problems have placed a great burden on the
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Amy Kathleen Ryan earned her MA from the University of Vermont, and her MFA from The New School in New York City.

Amy only reviews books she thinks are excellent.

Follow her on TWITTER!!

More about Amy Kathleen Ryan...

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“You’re so naïve.” Felicity laughed scornfully. “Don’t you see what people are? They’re animals. Every one of them.”
“Felicity.” Waverly grabbed hold of the girl’s hand and squeezed hard enough to hurt, until Felicity lifted her eyes to Waverly’s. “We’re animals, too. We can fight back.”
Felicity yanked her hand away. “You idiot. It doesn’t matter how hard you fight.”
“It matters to me,” Waverly said quietly.
“So fight, then,” Felicity spat over her shoulder.
Waverly stood up, fists clenched. “I will.”
“We do matter. To believe that our lives are meaningful is the essence of faith. We are not as large, or as bright, or as eternal as the stars, but we carry humankind's message of love across the galaxy. We are the first. We are the world makers. Our nourishment is hope. Like the tender reed shaking in the wind, we will reach up to a new sun.” 5 likes
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