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Shattered Hourglass (Day by Day Armageddon,#3)
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Shattered Hourglass (Day by Day Armageddon #3)

3.68 of 5 stars 3.68  ·  rating details  ·  2,379 ratings  ·  207 reviews

Armies of undead have risen up across the U.S. and around the globe;there is no safe haven from the diseased corpses hungering for human flesh. But in the heat of a Texas wasteland, a small band of survivors attempt to counter the millions closing in around them.


Survivor,Day by day, the handwritten journal entries of one man caught in a wor
Paperback, 336 pages
Published December 26th 2012 by Permuted Press (first published January 1st 2012)
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Adam Mccarthy
The change in narrative for this book was a little jarring. The author has definitely tightened up the style, and introduces numerous additional perspectives for a more rounded story. While some may enjoy this different approach, I preferred the narrower view of the main character in the previous two books. Certain areas of the story felt too drawn out, whereas the conclusion felt very rushed. Some readers may find the outcomes reached a bit novel, others may be annoyed.

There is clearly an open
Timothy Ward
After being a huge fan of the first two books, I was really disappointed with this one. It got a little better in the second half, and had some horrific moments, but overall it changed from being a small band of survivors type story to a military strategy course with spy thriller type action.

I stopped reading this one for a while because it felt like a bunch of action, then a bunch of planning of military ops, and all along I got very little engagement on a character level. There is a lot of nar
Kurt Lieber
I was a huge fan of the first two books. The unique narrative, where the protagonist tells the story via his diary, made the story incredibly gripping and compelling. The story was all about the individual struggles of the protagonist as he adjusts to a post-apocalyptic world. Finding food, water, ammunition -- things that we all take for granted. It really made you think about what's important in life. It also made you connect with the protagonist in a way that few other books have been able to ...more
Keith In Ky
Thursday Morning: Okay, so I just got started last night on this book. I swore after how bad the first book was and how horribly awful the second book was that I would not read the third. I lied. I picked it up at the library and saw a format change(thank God I never actually paid for any of his books, and by the way, I DO buy most of my books so the authors see the money, which we should all do). I also saw what looked like an apology for the first two books in the author's forward. "This one w ...more
Donna (Jaevenstar)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Holden Attradies
First off, I am REALLY surprised at how many negative reviews this got on Good reads. Most of the ones I read seemed to be very peeved by the change in narrative style and were convinced, based on assumptions only apparently, that the change in style was done because of pressure from his publisher. This was entirely not the case and I am basing this on things he has said on his facebook page and his website. He seems to be a man who takes and keeps strong control of his work and protects it like ...more
Cole Patterson
To all the "literary genius critics" out there...get a grip. These are largely self funded and published books in a specialist category. Zombie literature is either something you enjoy and read as if you have just found a journal written as society is consumed by the undead..or a poorly written disjointed torture session. If you fall into the latter category, I'm sure Penguin Books has something new you will enjoy.
I eagerly awaited this third installment in JL Bourne's series "Day by Day Armaged
Nicole Bunge
Still one of my favorite zombie series, but this book loses some steam.

It's inevitable, it's a series, and most zombie books deal with the 'outbreak' premise and then the first days of survival. They find a convenient triumph (with or without annihilating/curing all zombies) and let the sun set. (Unless they start after the 'Big Battle Was Won' and go retrospect - a la WWZ.)

So, I have to admire Bourne for keeping this going. Although I have the same complaint other readers do, I'm disappointed h
*3.5 stars** Teased as we were at the end of "Beyond Exile," we just knew our protagonist would be heading into the mother of all zombie @#$%-storms -- and indeed, here he is in the opening pages, speeding over the Panama Canal to the USS Virginia for what he sincerely hopes is not a one way trip to China to find the source of the zombie epidemic in hopes it will provide clues to a cure.

The change this time is that we're not reading the pages of our newly promoted naval officer's journal. Instea
As other reviewers have noted, this book is weighed down by a ridiculous amount of military jargon and very little zombie action. The writer abandoned the journal format, presumably to visit other story lines/POVs; however, the characters are all so poorly developed that it is a fruitless endeavor. We have so little detail on most of the characters that it's sometimes impossible to tell them apart, let alone build much tension or even care if they die. The ending was definite
My zombie apocalypse obsession continues with the third installment of the Day by Day Armageddon series by J.L. Bourne.

The story of the small group of survivors from Hotel 23 begins with them onboard the USS George Washington. Our protagonist, Kil, is sent to one of the few remaining US subs (the Virginia) on a secret mission to China to find CHANG, believed to be the first carrier of the virus. Another team of military officers is sent to Hotel 23 to secure the nuclear bomb that is housed ther
Finally, the conclusion to the "Day by Day Armageddon" series by J.L. Bourne! Was this book the best one from the trilogy? Sadly, no. The first book was the best of them, especially as the perspective or the "journal" treatment is no longer present in this one. Since the events of the second book, the whole plot zooms out and takes on a larger scale. The main character is now just one of the proponents of the numerous events occurring in the apocalypse. This is both beneficial and detrimental to ...more
Michael Pendry
After reading the first two books, which I enjoyed despite being overly simple and straightforward, I was eager to read the third installment in the series. When I saw the author apologizing for the first two books and changes he brought to the third, I thought, "not a good sign!".

I'll agree with what other reviewers have stated as the book being an absolute bore. A whole lot of nothing happens through 98% of the book, only to have the climax and the denoument be covered in a rapid and rushed fi
This book was a lot different than the first 2. It took me awhile to get past the change in perspective - this book is not written in day-by-day journal format like the others, and that was something I really liked about those books. I listened to the audio format, which I liked for the first 2 books, but for this one, I probably would have preferred the written format. I had to go back several times to check confusing facts. I found it hard to keep track of all the locations, the characters, th ...more
Book 1 was awesome. Book 2 was almost as good, but far from being the disappointment that most sequels usually are. I loved the first two books. Off the top of my head, I can honestly say that I've re-read/listen to those books at least ten times each. (I'm an aspiring writer and I like to study authors who's styles that I feel will help improve my own writing.)

But book 3 was bad. The biggest problem I had was the change in format. Stylistically, I can understand why J.L. Bourne changed the form
This is the concluding book in the Day by Day Armageddon series. Once again, it is pure fun - but nothing particularly special. The first two books in the series were written in a diary format by the main character, but this third book throws that format away and moves to a more conventional narration of different characters in different locations. This appears to be required to tie up the story as it moves around the world (the other two books are much more localized).

The story remains fun, but
Having read the first two books I could tell this author would be a new favorite. I read both the previous books in single settings and right away paid the full MSRP price for Shattered Hourglass which is something I rarely do because I am a cheapo and know somewhere out there the book is on amazon or ebay for $1 with 3.99 shipping.

But I hate this book.. its terrible. What made the first two novels great were the following through a diary of a single persons struggle. Every page you would turn w
Samantha Cheney
I'm giving this book a 3.5. I really thought I would fall in love with it, but it was nothing like the first two books unfortunately... I'm not saying it wasn't good, but I couldn't get into it like the others which surprises me considering my favorite genre is zombies. However it did succeed in giving me a mild nightmare lol. I just hate that is was all military based. The characters however were very well developed.
A very pleasant surprise. I actually debated not reading this one due to the poor reviews, but took a chance. I really enjoyed it, and don't understand the complaints at all. Yes, the book changes from the journal approach. However, this enables the author to cover multiple simultaneous scenes, which was necessary to bring the story to a reasonable conclusion. I don't think this couldn't be accomplished otherwise.

I didn't even notice an increased use of "jargon". I've never been in the military
Peter Sjöström Ahlqvist
Kul men kanske lite snabbt slut där en del plot-frågor som jag haft med mig sen början inte blev så grundligt besvarade som jag hade hoppats. 3:e boken är inte beskriven i dagboksform heller utan man får följa en massa olika personer, på gott och ont. En del korta passager kunde antagligen tagits bort.

Hoppas på fler böcker från J.L. Bourne!
I was a huge fan of the first two books in this series. I could not wait to see what kind of zombie messes the crew would be seeing in this book. But toward the end of the second book, I could tell what direction the third would be going in. Nonetheless, I was excited. It took me nearly three weeks to get through this book. I finished the other two in a day. I just felt as though there were too many missions going on. I didn't understand the involvement from some of the groups that were in the s ...more
Disappointing after first 2 books. No longer a journal written by Kil in fact not much from him at all in this book.
Jodi Ralston
Probably actually a 4.5. Change in format from diary to everyone's pov was off-putting at first, costing the story a star. All the info gained somewhat made up for it. Still a nail-bitter, especially toward the last few chapters. I was confused by one zombie incident and the ending, but it was still good overall.

These three books remind me of how Lost had a fundamental shift on the nature of the Island and Jacob and the Losties all that. This series underwent the same. Mixed emotions (positive
Two stars might be a little low for this. But the shift in writing style and changing the protagonists name was kind of jarring. I understand that Bourne probably wanted to expand the story. Which is fine, but why not just start fresh?

The pacing was pretty good (in the beginning and middle) and it was a pretty easy read. I've seen others on here complain about some of the plot points, saying that things got too absurd and it took them out of the story. I will agree that I was somewhat disappoint
I was very disappointed when I read this book. I loved the first 2 books in the series, but I couldn't even make it through this whole book. I stopped about 2/3 of the way in and ended up just reading the epilogue to know what happened.

The story was very slow going and jumped all over the place. It was also extremely repetitive. The authour would stop the main story line to add in a paragraph of information that was pointless to the story and then reiterate what had been said before going off t
Dan Burris
Bourne changed formats somewhat in this one. The book is not entirely comprised of the journal of Kilroy as the first two are. This is a little bit of a good thing in that it frees the author up to tell a bigger story involving multiple groups of characters located in very different and distant locations. However, it's also a bad thing in that it makes the series a little like all the other zombie fiction out there. The first person only point of view the journal form of narrative forced was uni ...more
Eric Wingo
Overall, a satisfying end to the trilogy. The end of the 2nd book made it pretty clear which direction this one would be going in story wise. The one big change in this book is the author finally and (almost) completely does away with the "journal format" of writing. I felt like the 2nd book suffered from sticking to that format even though it was a big part of what made the 1st book so unique and interesting, the story has outgrown the format at this point and it was good to have those restrain ...more
All that I can say is "what happened?" I am not totally against Bourne's departure from the journal format, but I am against the way it was executed. Instead of getting a detailed look into the mind of Kil once again, we get a brief look at a bunch of new characters. I have no problem with adding new characters if had Bourne bothered to develop any of them or even make us care about them a little bit.

The ending is a cop-out in my opinion. We start of with this guy trying to survive on his own wi
Kelanth, numquam risit ubi dracones vivunt
Terza ed ultima tappa della trilogia zombesca di Bourne. Per fortuna vostra, mia e degli zombi. Se fossi un morto che cammina, andrei a cercare Bourne a casa sua. Vorrei divorarlo. Per la noia che mi ha attanagliato nella lettura di questo libro. Per ripagarlo, per fare in modo che smetta di scrivere.

Abbandonata la struttura in forma di diario, ci troviamo a seguire più storie contemporaneamente: laportaerei George Washington(con la sua linea di comando ed il gruppo dei sopravvissuti incontrati
Lettori e lettrici di scrittevolmente bentrovati! Ancora una volta si apre l’appuntamento con le recensioni di casa! Quest’oggi andremo a concludere la saga del sopravvissuto, l’eroe senza (quasi) nome che ci ha accompagnato in una trilogia davvero esaltante. Se vi siete persi i capitoli precedenti ecco le recensioni: Diario di un sopravvissuto agli zombie; Oltre l’esilio.

Partiamo subito dal principio, ovvero dalla parte tecnica, come sempre. Questa volta ho impiegato un po’ più d
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Welcome to the Official J.L. Bourne Goodreads page.

J.L. Bourne is an active duty military officer and the author of Day by Day Armageddon, and the the sequels, Day by Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile, and Day by Day Armageddon: Shattered Hourglass.

His latest short story in the saga, Day by Day Armageddon: Grey Fox is now available.

Pick up your copy today, but first:

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