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The Road Ahead
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The Road Ahead

3.66  ·  Rating Details ·  2,834 Ratings  ·  136 Reviews
The Harvard dropout who founded Microsoft based on his vision of a personal computer in every home and on every desk offers a clearly written, accessible book which describes how the tools of the future will change the way we make choices about everything, from what we buy to how we choose our friends to how we protect our families in an increasingly complicated world. Inc ...more
Hardcover, 286 pages
Published November 21st 1995 by Viking Books (first published January 1st 1995)
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Saeed Almazrouei
Jan 11, 2012 Saeed Almazrouei rated it it was amazing
This book is about The Road Ahead and it tells us new ideas and new ways of doing things. For more than 500 years people have used paper to hold ideas and information. There will still be paper in the future, but there will also be other new ways. As the book says the computer has already changed our lives. Also the computer offers faster communications. Computers are used for many things like part of business work for markets and money, Also it is used for education. It is a beginning for new t ...more
Mark Oppenlander
Written in 1995, "The Road Ahead" was Microsoft founder Bill Gates' attempt to describe for people what the much hyped "information superhighway" might look like. Building from his own knowledge of what had happened already, what was possible and what was in the pipeline, Gates first explains how we got to where we were in 1995 (e.g. the rise of the PC, the beginnings of the internet) and then explains what the next steps are likely to be in terms of connectivity, new wired devices and a variety ...more
Michael Fogleman
Mar 11, 2010 Michael Fogleman rated it really liked it
Shelves: non-fiction
I read this only a few years after it came out, as a little boy. It really stretched my mind and forced me to start thinking about the future.
Mar 31, 2014 Javi rated it it was amazing
Bill Gates’ “The Road Ahead” is non-fiction publication in which Gates writes about how we are on the brink of a complete cultural and technological revolution. He outlines major technological innovations of the past that have led to this and how we are being affected by it right now. He also shares his own theories regarding the innovations of the future and how they will affect the average American household. This book was written in 1995, a time in which Microsoft was still a developing compa ...more
Christopher Lewis Kozoriz
"...finding a job will be easier if you have embraced the computer as a tool." ~ Bill Gates, The Road Ahead, p. 258

I found this book like reading the prophets of the old testament and Bill Gates is the prophet and the things he is saying are predicting what will happen in the future of the technological highway.

Because this book was written in 1995, you begin to see that Bill Gates was not too far off from the mark. I believe that is why Microsoft has had tremendous success...that being the lead
Ahmad Sharabiani
در میدان هاروارد با دوستم پل آلن ایستاده بودیم، توضیح مربوط به یک کیت کامپیوتر را در مجله ی پاپیولار الکترونیکس میخواندیم، من و پل نمیدانستیم این ابزار چگونه به کار خواهد رفت، اما مطمئن بودیم دنیای کامپیوتر را تغییر خواهد داد. از متن کتاب با اصلاح
Bassel Damra
Nov 22, 2014 Bassel Damra rated it liked it
بالبداية يذكر لنا بيل غيتس بايجاز بدايات شركة مايكروسوفت و كيف بدأت في سوق الأعمال ثم يأخد الكتاب منحى تقني فيشير بيل غيتس الى تنبؤاته بما يخص تكنولوجيا المستقبل (التي نعيشها نحن الان) .
لم أكمل الكتاب , لم أر َ أي فائدة في أن أكمل كتاب صدر قبل 20 عاما يتحدث عن تكنولوجيا اصبحت ارثا من الماضي .
إيمان ملال
May 25, 2013 إيمان ملال rated it it was ok
في البداية كان الكتاب جميلاً. يحكي فيه بيل غيتس عن حياته وكيف تحدى الصعاب لتكون مايكروسوفت ما هي عليه الآن. لكن في النهاية بدأ يتحدث عن مسائل متخصصة جدا في التكنلوجيا وتفاصيل لم تكن تهمني على الإطلاق.
Feb 19, 2007 ali rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: i see thi book on the net
Shelves: aboutmywork
i learn i could get evrything from life that i want .but bill gates never learn to respect to other brain.
Apr 30, 2015 Lamis rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
لو قرأت الكتاب عند صدوره -أي في عام 95 - لربما ظننت أن بيل جيتس يتحدث عن شيء من الخيال العلمي أو ربما لن تفهم بعض ما ذكر فيه .. أما عندما تقرأ الكتاب اليوم بعد عشرين عاماً فأنت ترى أن معظم ما أخبرنا به جيتس حدث بالفعل وصار واقع بديهي لا نعتبره شيء غريب أبداً.. أما ما لم يحدث بعد فهي مسألة وقت لا أكثر حتى نراه أمامنا.. وهذا ما أشار إليه بالفعل في كتابه قائلاً:"فخلال السنوات العشرين القادمة سوف يصبح كل ما تحدثت عنه في الكتاب متاحاً على نطاق واسع، في البلدان المتقدمة وداخل الشركات والبلدان النامية" ...more
Senthil Kumaran
May 31, 2012 Senthil Kumaran rated it it was amazing
I had found this book very inspiring. I liked the vision Bill gates shares in this one, namely "A computer running Microsoft Windows on everyones desk". This book, I believe, from the early days of Microsoft and had really thought on future world with ubiquitous computing. I liked to so much that I inherited some of his thoughts on future home design and tried it at my house while building (wherein there would be phone on all rooms and only phone near the person would ring (this was before cell ...more
Johnny Galt
Apr 28, 2013 Johnny Galt rated it it was amazing
Written in 1995. I read it in 2013 and most of it is still relevant. It is relevant because Bill Gates was on on the forefront of computers back then and could see the many directions and ways computers would affect us in the future. This book is fascinating and also amusing in ways which the internet and technology did not go the way he predicted. A solid book. It is a keeper for me and I will probably read it again in a few years.
Chirag Gupta
May 03, 2014 Chirag Gupta rated it really liked it
A 1995 book being read in 2014. His idea and vision of information highway is way too awesome. He has already described what Google has been up to for past few years. Too bad, Microsoft couldnt catch up even though Bill Gates had the vision. As for the book, a good read. :)
Aug 23, 2016 Hamad rated it really liked it
Admirable !
Loved how many of those predictions he made about future of computer has come true !

I needed an inpiration for programming and this did the trick !

Also provided quite useful business tactics !
مروان المريسي
Aug 26, 2009 مروان المريسي rated it it was amazing
i learned that Bill Gates was a great man !
and.. Microsoft was a wanderful company, but it gone!
welcome to google and googling
Glenn Gray
Jul 07, 2017 Glenn Gray rated it liked it
While I have the advantage of 20 years of hindsight, I found this to be an interesting read of Bill Gates' prophetic view of the technology environment and his projection for how technology would impact the world we live in. Since I lived through that twenty year period employed by other key players in the tech world, it is easy for me to challenge certain of his visions, but, without question, a very enjoyable retrospective read.
Jul 18, 2017 Daryl rated it really liked it
I read this a number of years ago when it was published. Looking back on it now it is more of a history book than anything else. It is interesting to look where IT was heading at the time. Some aspects turned out completely incorrect and other aspects turned out to be accurate, but well before the technology could support it (i.e. Clippy being an embryonic Siri?).

As a snapshot of the times this would still be an interesting read, but I daresay of limited appeal
Kwang Wei Long
Mar 09, 2017 Kwang Wei Long rated it really liked it
Book was published in 1996 and i was surprised by Bill's accuracy of prediction into the future at that time.
Some of his insights are also timeless.
Worth a read to understand how the richest man of earth thinks.
Yauheni Dakuka
Apr 17, 2014 Yauheni Dakuka rated it liked it
Поражает на сколько ясно Билл Гейтс смотрел в будущее, которое стало обыденностью. Разумеется, он задавал курс этого будущего и владел большей информацией, чем рядовой гражданин, но все же.
Теперь эта книга выглядит как пособие по современному информационному миру.

"Телевидение существует менее шестидесяти лет, но за этот период практически во всех развитых странах оно превратилось в главный фактор, определяющий общественное мнение." Постепенно и интернет захватывает роль главного фактора, но в не
Henry Ji
Jan 08, 2017 Henry Ji rated it it was amazing
A short yet insightful book, Bill Gates shares his vision for how computers and the internet will shape the future. Written in 1995, Gates argued correctly that computers, so long as they are still programmed to perform specific functions, will only serve to help humans, and not replace them. Gates also argues that the age of the internet was just starting, and while many were disappointed by the early limitations, Gates correctly describes several scenarios that have surfaced since (social, mob ...more
Aug 03, 2010 Karen rated it really liked it
I got this at a library book sale. It was written by Bill Gates in 1995 who predicted how computers, and especially the internet, would change the world. When I think about the state of the internet at that time, I am impressed at how well Gates anticipated many of the ways it changed my life.

Many breakthroughs like eBay developed as predicted, but it’s almost as interesting to see what things didn’t develop the way he thought they would. Some were attempted but haven’t really caught on (reviews
Dec 28, 2015 Leonardo marked it as to-keep-ref
Las redes de información también liberan a la producción de límites territoriales en tanto tienden a colocar al producto en contacto directo con el consumidor, sin importar la distancia que haya entre ambos. Bill Gates, cofundador de Microsoft Corporation, lleva esta tendencia al extremo cuando predice un futuro en el que las redes derribarán a las barreras a la circulación, posibilitando la emergencia de un capitalismo ideal, “sin fricciones”: “La autopista informática extenderá el mercado elec ...more
Jim Razinha
Jun 02, 2014 Jim Razinha rated it really liked it
It took me a while to get to this book...had it on my shelf for 15 years before the library was lost last year...but in this case, the lateness afforded a hindsight check on his predictions. Unlike Ray Kurzweil's wild imaginings, Gates was pretty spot on. He didn't anticipate the power of the smartphone, but he hinted at corollaries.

I've read three books by three of the big four (Jobs, Gates, Woz & Allen), and Isaacson's bio of Jobs, and Jobs was by far the least of them all - in intellect a
J. Ewbank
Mar 07, 2010 J. Ewbank rated it really liked it
Bill Gates is always an interesting character and read just because of who he is.

In this book he tackles what he thinks will be the future of the internew and what he calls the "information highway." This he believes is the future.

He is highly optomistic about what the future has in store for us on this highway.

He believes we are at the crossroads of this highway and what it will become and he offers suggestions as to what it should be and how we should get there.

Anyone interested in computers a
Naoya Minobe
Nov 05, 2012 Naoya Minobe rated it liked it
7word summary rich successuful method history computer device Internet

Q1 In the book, Bill gates tells something connected to Internet, and talk about the computer device that connected to our life, so How often do you use Internet and what for??

A1 I always use Internet use some online shops such as zozotown. I especially use Amazon. When I was using the site, I sometimes have some goods in the basket witout noticing.

Q2 As you know, Bill gates is one rich man in the world, so if you have a lot o
Ankit Goyal
Mar 27, 2016 Ankit Goyal rated it it was amazing
The sheer range and breadth of Mr. Gates' ideas was mind blowing . His grasp on the myriad ways in which computers could be used and would evolve speaks a lot about his vision.Written in mid 1990s , it's amazing how Bill could think of tablets and mobile wallets back then . Bill comes out as a technologist-manager , in stark contrast with his great contemporary , Steve Jobs who stands out on the managerial side with a strong pulse on the artistic vision of the product. Brilliant read throughout ...more
Dane Rodriguez
Feb 08, 2016 Dane Rodriguez rated it it was ok
Shelves: computer-science
Valuable book for learning about the perspectives of the pre 2000 era on the future of technology and software. As someone born on the cusp of the new millennia I found it interesting to read about the birth of computers and their early uses and applications. The first few chapters is useful for learning basics of computers for those who are ignorant to them like I was. A lot of the book is largely irrelevant now though. Interesting to read a visionaries projections for the future I inhabit as h ...more
May 05, 2013 Nicholas added it
Shelves: 2012-2013
Interesting book about one of the most influential figures in America. Bill Gates, the software mogul is probably the most intelligent man. The way he's advanced our technology these past decades is amazing. Also the way he sees our future is very bright because our future will only get better with technology.Talks about his struggles but how he overcomes them to create a software giant in Microsoft.
Sukan Sethi
Mar 06, 2014 Sukan Sethi rated it really liked it
When I read it in 1996, just a few days after I installed Windows 95 on my computer, I felt that Gates was writing science fiction.
His prediction of a tablet computer back then sounded like something from Star Trek.
But look at today, it's tablets everywhere and one has to take a tablet for headache to decide which tablet computer to buy.
I read it again, this time to understand how his genius mind works, and for other clues and visions that have not showed up yet.
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William Henry Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is an American entrepreneur, software executive, philanthropist and chairman of Microsoft, the software company he founded with Paul Allen. During his career at Microsoft he has held the positions of CEO and chief software architect, and he remains the largest individual shareholder with more than 8% of the common stock.
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