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Beautiful Nightmare
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Beautiful Nightmare

3.9 of 5 stars 3.90  ·  rating details  ·  246 ratings  ·  35 reviews
Who would think nightmares have anything to do with love? Or that a nightmare could ever be beautiful. But when your world has fallen apart, is a beautiful nightmare all you can look forward to?

When seventeen year old, Trystessa's parents die in an accident, she is forced to move to chilly New England, with the only people who would take her, to a town where the best looki
Kindle Edition
Published (first published January 13th 2011)
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Pretty sultry for a ya book. No sex, but a whole lot of um ... shall we say foreplay. It was kind of a fun read, although I was rather disapointed with Trystie, the main character...

...She was kind of tramp. I mean if my mother had told me the perfect man for you will look such and such, with purple eyes, and then you meet this guy who looks just like she describes, with purple eyes no less and you both have this tangible physical reaction everytime you touch. He is everything the tee
This is by far one of my favorite YA paranormal books I have read. Trystessa, or "Trystie", has just uprooted from everything she has known because her parents have died and she has to move in wiith their best friends in Connecticut. Used to being the plain jane, she is very surprised to find that she is the shiny new toy at her new school and the object of everyone's affection. We meet Jayson, who although is her neighbor and becomes her best friend, develops stronger feelings then she ever tho ...more
Ugh!!! Where to begin? This is probably just my problem but I do not like love triangles. So when 5 (five)male characters all fell in love with the lead, I almost threw my kindle across the room, then I came to my senses and lovingly laid it on the table. Wait, that's not all. She is confused, she doesn't know what to do since she got naked with most of them, but supposedly nothing happened except a little neck biting with 2 of them. REALLY!!!! I am about as far from a prude as you can get and I ...more
Okay, I'm only on page 82 of this 283 page book and I'm having a very hard time getting past the copious amount of grammatical errors. This author desperately needed someone to edit this book!!! I've lost count of how many times she has used the word "than" when it should have been "then" and vice versa. Also "trader" for "traitor". I'm sorry, but for me, this is just lazy, lazy, lazy writing and quite frankly, it is so bad it is now just making me mad. (Yes, in another life, I should have been ...more

I would give it zero stars if I could. What kind of crap is this?? Hello, am I the only one seeing what a piece of dog crap is book is? To begin, Trystie (however you spell that tramps name) is a total slut!!! Ok? Who in the world makes out with three. THREE different guys while you are dating someone?? Let's start with Jason. I liked him for one chapter and then he just got flat out annyoing. Coming over to her house all the time, wanting to walk her to every single class. I know he li
Candace (Lovey Dovey Books)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Despite all the spelling errors, and use of words in the wrong tense; I really enjoyed this book. It was well formed, the relationships were built beautifully. There are MANY spelling areas and the use of "threw" rather than "through" and would annoy you if you were a grammar and punctuation nazi, but if you can look past all of that then this a great book. I am constantly searching for books to download on my kindle, and came across this one. I wasn't disappointed! Although I believe the edito ...more
O.M.G This book was awful. I wanted to stop more than a few times, but I paid .99 for this thing. Basically this book is about a girl named Trystie her parents die in an accident so she moves to live with some guardians. She meets this guy Jayson right off the plane and he gets annoying really fast. Then she meets Kamdyn and falls in love-ish with him, then theres Halo and she makes out with him randomly too, THEN Devlin ..ugh! This girl is a supernatural whore and maybe she has a competition wi ...more
I'm torn between a two star or one. It had some positives that I did like but the negatives were so great I hardly remember the good! This book is all about foreplay! The girl is a straight up tramp! Skinny diving, sleeping in a bed with these guys (no sex,but no clothing!) come on she is like 16. I think I would have liked it better if maybe she was in collage or something I would never, never let my daughter read this book! I can not believe this is a young adults book! I can not believe someo ...more
Alexandria Sides
Now , I wouldn't say this was a love triangle , because in the end there were 4 BOYS falling over her and one crazy king. So that sums it up to 5 guys falling for her .I see all theses comments saying they hates love triangles and stuff but this book was AMAZING how many books do you come acroos that are like this?! Please someone tell me this book was so unique that itblew my mind away. Yes she was kinda a whore with all this kissing and stuff but that's what alive triangle is and I adore them! ...more
Honey Palmer
This book desperatly needed an editor!!!!!
I didn't feel like I was reading anything new or refreshing. There were so many grammer and punctuation mistakes that I wanted to start screaming! I do not recommend this book.
HOWEVER, there is ton of potential to this story. The author's writing skills are good but they need to be stronger.
Miss Stotz, don't give up! Keep writing and get yourself an editor.
I shouldn't even give 1 star... One advice for your next book... Keep it to one guy.. Or even two is ok.. You made your lead girl turned to be a slut.. This book is worst than Twilight and I thought nothing could be worst than that but I was wrong. This is not a beautiful nightmare.. It's just plain nightmare!!.....
WOOOHOOO!!!! loved, loved, loved this book!! I dont know any other way to put this, but Trystie is a hussy and I love her for it! So many twists and turns. I never got lost, but I was always trying to guess where it was going and never could. I really hope there are many more sequels to this!!
I loved this bk. I'm all for the 4 guys falling for the 1 girl. I can see hw it would be hard for her to choose only one they all have characteristics that would make one perfect guy. I really hope that there is a second bk. U can't leave a cliff hanger like that.
Jade Miller
This is the second time I've read this book I really love it I can't wait for the series to be finished!
I'm almost done with this book. Page 213 of 289. At first I was into it although it did remind me of Twilight. You know, a girl, who thinks she is ugly, going to a new school, every guy wanting her. Her liking the "abnormal" hot guy who doesn't really date. You know where I'm going with this. There is a best friend element in here, along with a crazy ex-girlfriend of the hot guy, and now a brother to the hot guy who may actually be hotter, and the hot guy doesn't know he has a brother... oh and ...more
I liked this story even though it is sort of a cliché. A new girl moves to a northern town after her parents die to live with her new guardians and she meets the handsome boy next door who is her best friend but wants to be so much more. Then she falls in love with his best friend because they have a mystical connection. However, the lead character "Trystie" is kind of a whore. She has a boyfriend, yet she kisses and sleeps next to her "best friend", then she has sex dreams about another dude an ...more
Okay, so this book is really messed up. As much as I don't like them, I can usually deal with love triangles, but a Love Pentagon? Hexagon? I don't even know!!!! And usually with love triangles I can choose one person that the main character should end up with (rooting for them throughout the whole book/series), but really, multiple possibilities? This is just too much!!! Especially since the majority of them have even seen her really close to, if not completely naked, the majority of them are n ...more
this is not a very bad story to begin with. it is different. totally. at first i was getting tired of the same thing happening just with different characters. but at the end i told myself, maybe the author has something more to offer on the 2nd book. i did not ecpect to be giddy once or twice, and then thrilled, and then all of sudden irritated because it became too much. but i am not a spoiler. all i am saying is that i didn't expect much from the book to begin with but i am very glad that i di ...more
I really loved the book but that may be because I don't have too much trouble rewriting the book as I go. In this book you start out in past tense. You continually have to change what you're reading from present to past even in the same sentence. Also the author really needs to learn different spellings and meanings of similar words. Throughout the ENTIRE book she used threw in place of through and vice versa. As in a sentence would say something like - He through the ball threw the window. So, ...more
Lisa Falls
wonderful story but really needs to be a series with more books out... the book ends at a cliffhanger with no word if there will be any more books to it... the main character Trystie is by all rights... well she's very 'easy' in the sense that she goes from loving one to loving 4 by the end of the book and does everything BUT sleep with all of them. Otherwise, the story line itself is pretty good and puts a decent twist on things... just don't expect to finish the story because the book ends bef ...more
2 stars for an interesting premise, and the potential this book had to be SO much more. Minus 3 stars for a twit of a protagonist, absentee boyfriends, and oblivious adults. An editor, and an unbiased review before the release of this novel, could have netted 5 stars. I would totally be willing to read a fully reviewed, and edited rewrite and perhaps follow-up novel.
Lori Zimmerman
This could have been a really good book, but all these guys? Really? It would have been believable and a great book
had she stopped at just the 2 guys. I would like to write books but I don't and won't because this is how I'm sure it
would sound, lol. I will admit I couldn't stop reading, I'm glad it was only 99 cents
I started reading this book at 4am just to keep myself busy while the kids were sleeping. A strange thing happened I fell in love with this book. Although I got very annoyed that all these great guys kept getting their feelings hurt but what a good book.
I liked this book, there were a lot of errors but I got passed those without an issue, I really hope there is a sequel. I would like to see where the author intends for this story to go.
No. Just no.

Horrible editing... Or lack thereof, & a bad storyline.

A good reminder to me, why some free nook books, ARE free nook books.

Don't waste your time.
Donna Seigerman
This book captured me the instant I started reading it. If you like something with mystery, hot romance, and love <3 this is definitely a great book to read!
For some reason I love this book. The female character is kinda skanky and annoying at times, but you fall in love with all the guys in the book.
good story, there are a lot of typos as it is a self publish... but once you overlook that the story is really easy to get lost in
Lady Catl
I first read some of the revieuws of this book and it made me curious.

So i start to read it and i really liked it.
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