Six Moon Summer (Seasons of the Moon, #1)
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Six Moon Summer (Seasons of the Moon #1)

3.83 of 5 stars 3.83  ·  rating details  ·  1,984 ratings  ·  247 reviews
Rylie's been bitten.

She's changing.

And now she has three months to find a cure before becoming a werewolf... forever.

Rylie Gresham hates everything about summer camp: the food, the fresh air, the dumb activities, and the other girls in her cabin. But the worst part is probably being bitten by a werewolf. Being a teenager is hard enough, but now she's craving raw flesh and...more
ebook, 198 pages
Published April 29th 2011
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Six Moon Summer is certainly better than the average freebie. In terms of formatting, there are relatively few errors and the text has obviously gone undergone a round or two of proofreading. I hope this next bit doesn't shock anyone, but not all indie authors take such care when prepping their babies for print. As a reader and supporter of self publishers I want to spotlight Reine. She takes obvious...more
C.C. Jackson
Six Moon Summer had me from the very beginning.

Riley is a girl who gets shipped off to camp for the summer to save her from the trauma of a messy divorce between her parents.

She immediately finds that she doesn't fit in with the rest of the campers and after a brutal night of dealing with her peers, she takes off.

Something terrible happens, but she has no recollection of what. Strange things start to happen to her that she can't explain, at least until a sexy boy comes to her rescue.

I loved th...more
E.J. Stevens
Just when Rylie thinks that things can't get any worse--her parents are getting divorced and have dumped her at a summer camp far from the city she calls home--something terrible happens in the forests of Gray Mountain.

Six Moon Summer is an amazing beginning to a new paranormal series. I was immediately drawn into this dark paranormal tale. Rylie is an outcast at the summer camp where her parents leave her while they finalize the messy details of their divorce. Cast aside by her family and her...more
Cheryl Landmark
This was a very enjoyable book about werewolves. It delivered a unique premise and take on the mythology of the shape-shifting creatures...namely, that it takes six moon cycles for a bitten person to fully transform into a werewolf. Hence, the wonderfully appropriate title.

Most of the action took place at a summer camp in a wilderness area that was rich in legend and folklore. That was one of the pluses for me with this book. All too often, young adult paranormal books deal with a highschool or...more
Aimee (Coffee Table Reviews)
I love werewolf books. I loved this one, go figure, but I also loved that it was completely different from other YA paranormal books I have read about wolves. This took on a completely different creation story. It's harder to find, where werewolves are the evil creatures in books, so I loved this. I also loved that there was hope for Rylie. That her fate wasn't fixed.

This had some romance to it, not enough to overpower the paranormal mystery that is going on, but enough to balance out some of th...more
(2.5 stars)
"Six Moon Summer" is a YA werewolf story. It features 16 year old, Ralie, who had been shipped off to summer camp while her parents finalize their divorce. Since Ralie is a city girl she is definitely not happy to be in the boonies where she cannot get any telephone reception. Additionally, the snobbish rich girls at camp have just declared open season on making her life miserable by reading her diary and going through her clothes.

After a vicious bullying session Ralie runs into the w...more
Kayleigh {K-Books}
I really enjoyed this book.
I was completely hooked right from the beginning. I read the short prologue and found myself going oh my god i need to know what's going to happen and how Riley got to this situation.
Riley is enrolled at summer camp while her parents are going through a divorce. She doesn't quite fit in and while there is attacked in the forest by a big furry predator. After this she meets Seth, a gorgeous and mysterious stranger who seems to know a lot more than he should about what s...more
Carmel (Rabid Reads)
Reviewed by: Rabid Reads

I was happy to see that S.M. Reine didn’t adopt too many of the overdone werewolf clichés in Six Moon Summer. I love shifter books but after you’ve read as many as I have often times the plots begin to overlap. Although this novel is quite predictable and the writing style is a little more simplistic than what I normally prefer; Six Moon Summer got the job done where it counts. The story line is fresh, the main character is charming and as a whole, this Young Adult read w...more
Six Moon Summer by S. M. Reine is unlike any werewolf story! (It is not like Twilight, but just as good!)

The beginning was a little slow for me, however, when you get into the book, it picks up and it gets very exciting. I personally started to love werewolf stories and anything of the like. I think it is an interesting approach to add to YA because I usually read YA Contemporary, but I have broadened my reading genre.

Despite the beginning was a little slow, it picks up and gets exciting when Ry...more
Six Moon Summer is a book about werewolves and it is awesome. I am not really one to read many books about werewolves because I just don’t find them very interesting. However, when I read Six Moon Summer’s description I just knew it would be one I would enjoy and I did.
Six Moon Summer had me really interested from the beginning. The details given about everything were really vague which kept me reading because I just had to know what was going on. There were some subtle clues in there that I pic...more
Ashley Stoyanoff
Well, I backtracked a little. After reading New Moon Summer (The Cain Chronicles, #1), I was really confused about Rylie’s character, so I decided to start from the beginning and read the Season of the Moon series. (I hadn’t realized that the Seasons of the Moon series fell first, and was a build up to The Cain Chronicles) But I think I may be more confused now than I was before. I guess that’s what I get for starting in the middle.

This story starts off with Rylie getting dropped off at summer c...more
(Source: Downloaded for free from
Riley doesn’t want to go to camp for 3 months, especially as she’s still annoyed about her parent’s getting divorced.
Things get even worse though when she’s attacked by some kind of animal, and develops a stranger hunger for meat, when she is a vegetarian.
What is happening to Riley? Can tofu curb her hunger? And what animal was she attacked by?

This was an okay story, but I think the thing I appreciated most was the things that made me laugh, and tha...more
Although this is a debut novel, the reader truly will not be able to tell the difference from this author to a seasoned author. The novel explains the origin of werewolves. The main character, Rylie, is inevitably attacked and slowly changing into a werewolf throughout the novel. Although this novel is told in the third person, the main character will still appear as a personal friend to the reader. Rylie's experience as a wolf is told to the reader in intricate detail, nothing is left out. Alon...more
I loved Six Moon Summer! Now, I know I haven't read all of the werewolf books out there...there are tonnes, but I out of all the ones that I have read, I felt that Six Moon Summer was incredibly unique.
Also, I thought that the title was absolutely perfect for this book, seriously PERFECT! See, in Six Moon Summer, it takes a person who is transitioning into becoming a werewolf six moons to complete the entire transformation. The six moons refers to 3 full moons, and 3 new moons, so in all it equa...more
Anna McC
3.5 out of 5 stars.

I don't really know what to think of this book. It had great potential but a couple of little things let it down. The first thing which made this book have a lower rating is the fact the main character Rylie took a while to catch on to things and it made her seem a bit dumb even though she wasn't. Another thing which ruined the book is the little things the reader picks up on, for example when Rylie asks Seth if he swam across the river after she had just picked up his dry tow...more
J.A. Belfield
Started this yesterday. Finished this today.
When I come across a book that a) doesn't interest me b) is poorly written or c) has a badly-paced opening, it can take me hours to get past the beginning.
That wasn't the case with this tale.
Sure, I didn't quite get the whole admittance of Riley being in love with Seth. After all, they'd only spent X amount of hours together--and possibly less of them with her human than wolf--and they'd not really stopped to consider their 'relationship' until righ...more
"Six moon summer" was an okay read, but it was often predictable.
I found the thing with Seth to be the most predictable of all.

I didn't get along with Rylie.
She was so whiny! Okay, she got bit by a werewolf, but her whiny attitude started before that.
She said she hated her life, because her dad dropped her off at camp. I understand that her parents were getting a divorce, and that's another reason why she was upset, but it just really annoyed me.
There's people that go through things that are m...more
There is absolutely nothing wrong with this book. It is well written there is a story it does drag somewhat. Please bare in mind that this is my opinion and it's not because I don't want to write a review I just don't really know what to say. I did it all for the challenge.
I really liked this book. I finished it quickly and I enjoyed it. I love a good book about werewolves and I love that it was a different twist that I hadn't seen before on how they transform. There was also something that you learn about her obvious love interest, Seth, that is a pleasant shock to the whole plot. I honesty didn't see it coming. I thought I had him figured out and pegged the same as Rylie, and then he drops the truth on us and it was pretty shocking news to her and me. There's a...more
Six Moon Summer ( Seasons of the Moon #1) by R.M. Reine is a 2011 publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rylie's parents are divorcing and they think sending Rylie to summer camp is a good idea. Rylie hates it . She gets herself in trouble right away by walking in the woods and being attacked by a wild animal. She lost her backpack and journal is melee, but a nice young man found it and brought it to her. She finds a note in her journal from Seth, the gu...more
Six Moon Summer
I Was a Teenage Wolf Bride
Teenage Angst Is Scarier Than Werewolves
Do Summer Camps Actually Work Like This?

This book is an overload of sad, sad teenage angst. Our protagonist feels much of the book feeling sorry for herself and/or being completely anti-social. She is mopey, she is whiny, she is unbearably teenage. And while she is a (mostly) believable portrait of a teenager, if I wanted to spend my day with believable teens, I'd volunteer at a high school. The drama levels w...more
It was a little bit predictable, but not bad at all. The main character, Rylie, is a spoiled brat and makes out as if divorce gives her a reason to remain so, but she somewhat grows as the book goes on and by the end I least liked her more than I disliked her. It was a nice interesting take on the werewolf transformations and it gave it a new little twist that I liked. It was a little boring at parts, but it wasn't your typical super action-filled werewolf story. It was about the beginnings of t...more
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Wow it's exactly like Romeo and Juliet but more mythical. It seemed really short to me but it's only because the story was so well written. Everything just flew by, making it easy to read and enjoy. This is the beginning of a beautiful werewolf series!
Carolyn F.
Did not love this book. It took me forever to get through it and that may be because I'm not a young adult. There's a kind of romance and a doesn't make sense teenage love. I don't know. It wasn't horrible, but not my cup of tea.
I was super skeptical to read this because honestly, I'm not a big fan of werewolves. I read waaaay too many were wolf stories on Wattpad so I'm not too motivated to read "published" werewolf books. Does that make any sense? But, of course being the cheapie Asian that I am, I found out the entire quartet was FREE on Amazon which is pretty darn awesome. So I thought I'd check it out.

From the reviews I've read, this is S.M. Reine's debut series? I don't know if it's true, but if it is, she did a p...more
Riley's life certainly changed, since Summer camp began. I hope at the end of all the stories she and Seth find each other again <3
Rylie absolutely did not want to go to camp for the summer. She was a city girl, she liked art and museums and her friends – IN THE CITY. Even if her parents were in the middle of a divorce why shouldn’t she get to stay home?
When you’re not 16 yet the parents make your choices, even if they aren’t the best. Spending her first week playing sick, staying away from her shrewish roomies and writing in her diary doesn’t prepare Rylie for what happens to her the night she tries to run away. Nothing wo...more
Story: ★★★★★

Being stuck between divorcing parents isn’t fun, but Rylie sure would prefer that instead of the summer camp she’s sent to. Little did she know, that the camp would change her life forever.

Rylie is being picked on by her cabin mates, and one night she escapes to the woods, wishing to get away. She blacks out, not remembering much, but wakes up in her own cot, back in the camp. Soon she realises something has changed, and she doesn’t know what to make out of it.

When Seth gets in conta...more
Thomas Amo
May 23, 2011 Thomas Amo rated it 5 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Everyone!
Recommended to Thomas by: The author
S.M. Reine, without a doubt has become immediately one of my favorite authors. She tells a story with a superb finesse that takes you into the story right from the very first page.

To be honest I'm a burnt out on the whole vampire/werewolf gene, but "Six Moon Summer" is easily the exception to my feeling that way. I cared about Rylie from the very moment I met her. There is a truth and honesty that comes from her situation. Reine has created an exceptional main character that has all the sympath...more
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Hi everyone! My name is Sara, and I write urban fantasy and paranormal novels as SM Reine. I collect swords, cat hair, and typewriters (which I do use for writing!). It's a good day when those three things have nothing to do with each other.

If you would like to know the instant my next book is available, you should enlist in my Army of Evil! We have a wicked cool secret handshake, but you'll have...more
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