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Halo (Halo #1)

3.68 of 5 stars 3.68  ·  rating details  ·  46,346 ratings  ·  3,698 reviews
Venus Cove is niet meer dan een slaperig stadje. Daar komt verandering in wanneer vanuit de hemel drie engelen naar het stadje worden gestuurd: Gabriel, de krijger, Ivy, de heler, en Bethany, de tiener. Zo onopvallend mogelijk maakt het drietal zich op voor een strijd tegen het Kwaad. Om zo min mogelijk op te vallen, proberen de engelen zich als een gewoon gezin voor te do ...more
Paperback, 367 pages
Published February 10th 2011 by Boekerij (first published 2010)
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May 27, 2012 K rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Preteens who like to read garbage
Shelves: stupid

WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN??? This has to be one of the WORST books ever written. Everything in this book annoyed me. It was terrible in every way: badly thought-out plot, hypocritically religious, with really (and I mean really) shallow characters. Did I mention it is was a hypocritical book? Can I emphasis on hypocritical? I'm not even a Catholic! But this book, it just... ARGGHHH!!!It is so frustrating, I cannot describe it in words.

To be honest, it was the Catholic's version of Twilight. I felt
Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!*
EDIT: Okay, okay. The troll situation on this review is just starting to get out of hand, so I think I should clarify a few things. First of all, if you're too immature to tolerate other people's opinions, just don't read this review and write your own. Please. I respect your opinion, and if you like this book, that's totally fine with me. I just don't like it. I'm entitled to my opinion just as you're entitled to yours.

Secondly ... if you create a second fake account so that you can agree with
After six days of reading this... form of devilry, I experienced a book coma for a while. This was me for only a day because, you know, life goes on.

The stages I went through before the coma:

What Halo finally did to me:

On that same day, I went through a severe case of PTJRARCBD. For those of you who don't know what that is: post traumatic just read a really crappy book disorder. It's very unfortunate. It's a sad experience to go through and it's happened to me before.

Symptoms include:
- Loss of
Kat Kennedy
Reading this book was like watching Sinbad or Atlantis or any other one of those rubbish Disney movies that wanted to be like their original Princess classics but also new and fresh and imaginative.

It's lame. It wants to be classic and awesome but also new and different (and I use the word "different" with all the superiorly quasi-amusement of someone trying to praise a child and has nothing more positive to say. "Yes, Jenny, I see that you've put glue in your hair. That's so...different...")

Honestly, I think when I read this book, my brain cells died a little bit.

First of all, Bethany is a total idiot and is so clueless that I don't know how she even remembered to breathe when she woke up every morning.

Bethany: *wakes up in the morning and starts turning blue and thinks, ohhhh what am I supposed to do? It's really important...... *

Me: yes! Die, Bethany, die!

Bethany: *body begins to spasm as it's deprived of air it's on the tip of my tongue.... *

Me: No you don't! It's all a dr
Halo is a truly epic tale. Set in a dystopian world which has been ravaged by war, it follows two people: Bethany, an angel sent to riot-torn Los Angeles to save as many of the remaining citizens as she can and Xavier, a damaged boy she struggles to befriend and heal of his emotional wounds. As she works, another war is brewing - this one highly localized and poised to set the city ablaze yet again, ruining all of her efforts.

Oh, no, wait, that's not it. Let me try again... oh, I've got it!

Edit: June 2011

Mac Mcclelland is a humanitaries journalist who experienced PTSD after working with rape survivors in Haiti. She was never sexually assaulted, but nevertheless experienced panic attacks, sickness, and got drunk every night in order to deal with it. Afterwards, she went through a tough period.

She and her fellow journalists who go to 'hot zones' like Haiti, Egypt, Syria and Lybia are under enormous pressure and are reluctant to report cases of sexual and physical abuse because of t
There was a time in my life when I was super impressed with authors like Christopher Paolini got published at a young age. Of course, I didn't know anything about his publishing connections, but reading Eragon for the first time when I was 13 made me wonder if I actually could start writing and also get a book out there. I wrote all sorts of tawdry crap, and looking back on it now is absolutely painful. I only had a vague understanding of how to build worlds and create characters, I over-utilise ...more
Wendy Darling
Given some practice in character and plot development, experience with real relationships, and some life perspective, it's possible this 18-year-old author might produce an interesting book at some point. As it stands, however, it's unreasonable to expect the average teenager to tackle such weighty subjects as love and evil and faith and redemption with any convincing measure of depth or insight.
Disclaimer: There are no SPOILERS in this review, because you can't spoil a book in which nothing actually happens. However, in the interest of forestalling any screeching and whining on the matter, consider this your SPOILER warning. Screech and whine at your own peril. I am cranky, and I bite.

There are bad books. There are awful books. There are books you want to hurl across the room or light on fire. There are books that make you want to cry and scream, claw your own eyes out, and/or stab som
sunset shimmer
My GOD, how could anyone possibly finish this piece of crap? x_x I gave up after several chapters because it was just so bad. Not even the funny kind of bad. Just plain bad. It took a while for my brain cells to heal fully.

I'll continue this book once giant unicorns poop out chocolate-flavored rainbows from the sky while wearing tutus and singing "Born This Way".

Morgan F
[image error]
Bridget R.
Please God, tell me your angels aren't like this!

You know how a song plays through your head when you read a book, and the lyrics remind you of the story? Well, the song was "Angel Of Light" by Dark Lay Still, and one line in particular stuck with me.

"Haunting beauty masks your ill intent."

The cover of this book is beautiful. What's inside is ugly.

The message I got from this book was: be a good Christian, go to church every Sunday, and if you’re different in any way, you can’t express it; you'r
This book has me raging like you wouldn't believe.

First of all, the pacing of this book was extremely, *extreeeeeeeeemely* slow. I bet watching the faucet run would be more exciting than this. And why is this? The insane massive amounts of info-dumping in the beginning. Like, seriously, you get the WHOLE deals about EVERYTHING you needed to know in the angel history and on and on and onnnnn. Then there's PAGES and PAGES where there consists of actually NOTHING happening and it's mainly just "let
Disappointment was hiding behind that pretty cover. I couldn't finish Halo. I usually love stories about angels and the cover is beautiful (I'm a bit of a cover slut) but I found this book boring, so in the end I gave up. I felt like I had to force myself to read on. There has been so many angel books out recently that I was looking for that something special and unfortunately this wasn't it for me. I don't know if I gave it a fair chance reading only 100 pages so maybe one day I'll come back an ...more

Yep, that was me while reading this book. Sad, no?

Oh, and before I forget:

Dear Alexandra Adornetto,



*There are spoilers somewhere. Whatever.*

I don’t have enough snark on Goodreads. Granted, snark has been around and around and around this site and my addition of snark into the Halo series will drown in the other snark-filled reviews that will have clearly better points than me. Even so, I felt that I had to read this so I could join the Snark Army and contribute to the world and try to save fellow readers from this big, fat, ugly mess.


“Mess” doesn’t quite do it for me. I could go with
(Originally posted on Read All Over Reviews)

I was so excited when I landed a spot on Good Golly Miss Holly’s ARC Tour for Halo. I’m all about some angels and the premise for this book sounded promising. And then I actually read it.

I seriously worry about the future of women (and feminism) when there’s things like this and Twilight guiding our youth … and adults. I know that may be harsh, but I’m losing my patience. Halo was practically Twilight, but with wings.

First, you’d think that a book bord
Oh goody, it’s angels again. My track record with angels in YA is dark to say the least. We’ve had one book thrown against a wall and another book so awful I couldn’t help but wonder if it was part of some Richard Dawkins style orchestrated plot to prove how awful religion is (not that any of these terrible books are in any way connected to religion beyond bastardising some of the most interesting elements of Christian mythology, but I digress.) I never swore to not review another angel orientat ...more
Taneika (Flipping Through The Pages...)
More of my reviews can be found at Flipping Through the Pages!

A taxi I caught recently had the craziest driver I have ever met. The minute I got in the taxi, he asked me if I was interested in politics, I said yes, I've studied it and I still try to keep up with the latest... He took that as an invitation to start preaching to me about the political party that he supports. He gave me the party's newspaper in which this political party compares the QUEEN to HITLER. They also have the nerve to say
When I first saw the cover to Halo I was immediately drawn to it, what a beautiful cover! My instant thoughts were beautiful cover, beautiful story too right? This wasn’t entirely true. I had several issues with this book, hopefully my review won’t come across as a rant but explain the reasons behind me giving Halo only 1 star.

For what its worth Halo did start off pretty well, it told the story of three angels sent on a mission to “perform good deeds, acts of charity and kindness, to lead by ex
Reading Halo was like drinking straight from the syrup bottle. This book has got to be the most self-indulgent, overworked drivel I've read in a long time. I'm no literary snob, but this book was unbelievably sacchrine and cliche (and this is coming from someone who liked Twilight).

Please, give Alexandra Adornetto a word limit for the next book. There is no reason for this book to be almost 500 pages long. Where was the editor? I think we have a new purple prose queen. This book drips with page
Enna Isilee (Squeaky Books)
Review first posted (8-26-10) on

Review: The little evil voice inside of me was really hoping this book would be badly written. Why? Because the author is younger than me. Yup. I was jealous. I'm gonna have to come to terms with the fact that I'm growing up. (ew.)

And it was well written, very well written. This wasn't well written "for a seventeen year old" this was just well written. So why only 2 stars? Three reasons:

It's the same story we've read a mill
I . . . I'm speechless.
I don't have words to describe how terrible this book was.
Wait, I know.
Halo made me have an ongoing war between my neurons, each of them battling each to the front of the "fry zone", so every time I read a terrible passage (and believe me, there were plenty of those!), thousands of my neurons got murdered in a undignified way to that "fry zone". Now my neurons are kicking my mind for receiving a very undeserving punishment.
That feeling of hollowness on my forehead? Halo di
[So, after completing this book, I sat down and thought to myself "How the fuck should I start this review?" Then, I decided I'm going to do it in my own, always classy way: ]


Just... What.


This book was so, so freaking stupid that I could feel my brain cells dying with every page I read. And trust me, it wasn't quiet, painless, they just fell asleep and never opened their eyes kind of death, oh no. I
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Aug 18, 2014 Aly∞ marked it as wouldn-t-touch-with-barge-pole  ·  review of another edition
Let me vomit on your 4+ rating, Halo.

And let me vomit on all the 5 stars.

And let me vomit all over preachy books with no logical sense or plot or likeable characters or even substance.


Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
Zero vi Britannia
Everything I'm reading now
Is filled with stupid crap
And it was the same with Halo
I fell for Utter-shitto's trap
Everything that you said was true
This book was such a waste of time
After getting through with Halo
I want to commit a crime
Reading Halo. Halo. Halo.
Reading Halo. Halo. Halooooooo

Sorry, I couldn't resist.
It's sad that a book can be so bad that it doesn't even piss you off. I'm sorry, but I cannot take this book seriously. I gave it one hundred pages. More details later.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
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Alexandra Adornetto is the pen name of Alexandra Grace, born on April 18 1993 in Melbourne, Australia. She penned her first series, The Strangest Adventures at thirteen, after being inspired by Lewis Carroll, J.M Barrie and Enid Blyton.

She is now a New York Times bestselling author with seven books behind her. After the release of the Halo series, she left Australia to relocate to Oxford, Mississ
More about Alexandra Adornetto...
Hades (Halo, #2) Heaven (Halo, #3) Ghost House The Shadow Thief (The Strangest Adventures, #1) The Lampo Circus (The Strangest Adventures, #2)

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So much meaning attached to this one little word. People bandied it about freely, using it to
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