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In the remote Texas town of Inferno, a creature of evil beyond anything the world has ever encountered descends. He traps the town and ravages the land with grisly executions and horrible mutations . . . until the people rise up in a final, desperate battle. From the author of Swan Song. Original.
Paperback, First Edition, 538 pages
Published April 1st 1988 by Pocket Books (first published 1987)
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Dan Schwent
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Dirk Grobbelaar
Deep down, in the centre of the blackness, something might have shifted—a cautious, slow stirring; an ancient thing, contemplating the shine of light that touched it through the murk. Then it was still again, pondering and gathering strength.

McCammon takes some time to set up his story and his characters. This is one of the aspects I enjoy about Horror novels like these; it’s quite the immersive experience. On the other hand, I didn’t care much for the whole Renegades vs Rattlesnakes gang war th...more
I'm pretty sure I read this as a teenager, but if I did, I sure don't remember it, so this book was entirely new to me. And what a great book it was!
I'm a HUGE fan of Robert McCammon and have slowly been reading and re-reading all of his books. By doing so I've been treated to to the birth and growth of an incredible author, and a damn fine good time.
Stinger has everything a horror fan could want, great characters, a great setting, humor, wit, and downright creepiness. Oh, and nasty monsters,...more
First published back in 1988, Robert McCammon’s sci-fi horror novel ‘Stinger’ followed on from the successful novels ‘They thirst!’ and ‘Swan Song’. Already with quite a well respected name for himself within the horror world, McCammon’s ‘Stinger’ was a widely anticipated release for this author.

Set in the not too distant future within a dusty Texas town named Inferno, the books starts off setting the scene in this scorching hot dying town. Work is hard to come by and life is hard for the reside...more
Robert McCammon is quite gifted at taking old ideas and infusing them with new life. He also tends to write like he is writing with the movies in mind. He wrote Stinger like he had a TV movie in mind. The idea of good alien being chased by bad alien while endangering the human race is somewhat of a standard idea. The author does manage to write some excellent action segments and the ending moves like a runaway train ablaze. Yet his characters are cardboard cutouts. McCammon uses every small town...more
Trev Twinem
Lets face it some people love a certain story...others just cannot or do not enjoy. Now there are a lot of McCammon fans out there and I rate Wolf's Hour and Boy's Life as superb novels....but I could not enjoy Stinger and had great trouble finishing. I'ts basically the story of an alien invasion on a small community and the effect that this has on the day to day life of the residents. I did quite enjoy the first 200 pages (before the baddies arrived) and found some likeable characters and looke...more
Re-read remains a solid 5 stars!
For the most part, Stinger was a fun read. I love a good mixture of horror and sci-fi, and this tale of an extraterrestrial on the run was an okay one.
I liked the concept of Daufin, and her pursuer, and I liked the relationship between Rick and Cody. Apart from that, though, I don't much else to say about it.
I think the story could easily have survived with 200 less pages. By the time I was 400 pages in, it seemed action was just a little too drawn on, and I was getting to the point of, okay, ca...more
Stinger is a very straightforward book that doesn’t leave you guessing in any way. McCammon even tends to go out of his way at points to explain things to you. The characters are given some back story but I found them to be mostly two dimensional. The rivalry between Cody and Rick as the big bad gang leaders felt ridiculous and poorly written. I attribute this to the fact that it was written in the 80′s and not that McCammon is a bad writer, the decade just called out for cheesy rivalries like...more
Carl I.
Yup, I'm giving this one the ol' "5 Star" rating!
Basic premise: Alien shows up on earth, takes over the body of little girl, another alien shows to bring back the other alien who we find out is an escaped "prisoner".
The power within this book is 100% the characters. McCammon gives us such string characters that we have no choice but to get wrapped up in the story. His whole book could have been about the stuggle between the two gangs, or the relationship between Cody and Curt (son and drunk da...more
Rob Bliss
First Stephen King came up with the idea of putting a dome over a town with fun and horror ensuing. Then The Simpsons copied him, putting a dome over Springfield, and comedy and horror ensued. Then Robert McCammon put a dome-web of electricity or something over a town and horror ensued.

...or maybe that was all in reverse order.

McCammon came up with the idea first? Published in 1988, before The Simpsons existed. Good ideas are sometimes flagrantly stolen, it seems.

Well-written, lots of nice horro...more
Randolph Carter
Pretty fun monster fest. The plot is all formula disaster: take a bunch of people, throw them together in an isolated disaster, Inferno, TX, and no matter how much they love or hate each other they are going to have to work together to overcome the threat, here the alien Stinger. People die, loves and lasting friendships are made, there are tons of heroics and new frights and lots get killed.

What saves McCammon's better efforts like this are characterization. His characters at least start out b...more
The premise of two aliens races suddenly arriving on Earth and creating havoc is a great idea. One alien is a peacekeeper, trying to find a way back to it's own world. The other is a hunter that leaves destruction in its wake. Add to that the writer of Swan Song and Boy's Life, and this should be an enjoyable read. However, weak characters with absolutely no likeability really drag this story down. The setting is a town on the Texas/Mexico border that is rapidly becoming a financial ghost town....more
I was going to rate this 3 stars, because you can't do 3.5 on goodreads, but I really enjoyed it, so I'll give it the 4. This was my first experience with McCammon and I look forward to reading more of his work. The only gripe I have with this book is that it takes a very long time to get going, but by the halfway point its a fast moving, frenzied affair until the end. McCammon really impressed me with his pacing, characterization and also the sheer descriptive quality of the writing. The premis...more
Kyle David Jelle
I cracked open Robert R. McCammon’s Stinger with a great deal of trepidation. I first read it when I was in high school, a very long time ago. I consider it a formative work, one of the books that inspired me to write in the first place. Based strictly on hazy memories, I would have given it five stars and declared it a masterpiece. But I couldn’t do that. I look back at my own work from that age—work I was perfectly satisfied with at the time—and it’s appallingly bad. Some of the movies I loved...more
W zachwycie nad “Chłopięcymi latami” natychmiast sięgnąłem po kolejną książkę Roberta McCammona, pierwszą, jaka się trafiła. Padło na “Stinger”, tym razem już nie tyle powieść z elementami grozy, ale horror w stu procentach.

“Stinger” jest trochę trudny w ocenie. Z jednej strony pisarz nie idzie na łatwiznę, jego bohaterowie mają mocne fundamenty, mamy do czynienia z postaciami co najmniej interesującymi. Historie ich żywotów potrafią wciągnąć, a zależności między mieszkańcami miasteczka to kawał...more
As some others have already commented, STINGER, Robert R. McCammon's first novel after the award-winning SWAN SONG, reads something like a Hollywood B- movie complete with not one but two different aliens showing up in a small, dying Texas town. Clichés abound, from the rival Latino vs. good ol' boys teen gangs, each with a handsome, brave charismatic leader, an instant love at first sight straight out of "West Side Story, a drunk and an abusive father who comes through at the end, and lots of b...more
A friend of mine at work found out that I liked McCammon, and gave me his copy of Stinger. While it's no Swans' Song, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Read Swan and Wolf's Hour first, but don't pass this one by if you like sci-fi horror.
Really enjoyed this. I haven't read a McCammon novel for about 25 years and this was the only one from that era that i had not read. I used to devour the likes of King, Herbert, Koontz & McCammon as a teenager so I was curious if this kind of book would still do it for me and i'm not sure what it says about my personal growth in reading that i can still get such a kick out of an old fashioned horror story! The story is simple enough: an alien crashes near a small town while being pursued by...more
Oct 23, 2008 Mark rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everyone
My second ever McCammon book ... and recall loving every second of it. As with all other McCammon books .. i recomend them to anyone and especailly sci-fi lovers.
Jaime Contreras
This is one of my favorite alien monster novels written by a master storyteller. Set in the Texas desert, this is an alien with an attitude.
Jaime Contreras
McCammon's alien predator has a bad attitude. The horror and shocks come rapid fire in this excellent science fiction-horror novel.
Sean McBride
Not his best effort. If you're gonna read one of his read Swan Song
I know the rule is to not judge a book by its cover.

But with "Stinger" it is hard. The cover looks pretty stupid-goofy and the back cover description is a ton of over-dramatic crappy cheese. The e-book cover is even worse! (All the McCammon e-book covers are pretty lame, which is a shame because it ends up hiding a pretty wonderful piece of horror sci-fi.)

Here is what you need to know.
Robert McCammon is pretty freaking awesome, but few fans of horror fiction seem to know his name. He is often ov...more
Бранимир Събев
Добре дошли в Пъкъл - малко миньорско градче от 2000 души, разположено близо до мексиканската граница. Добри дошли и в Бордъртаун - предградие на Пъкъл, населено изключително от мексиканци, население 500 души. Жега, прах и смрад - ужас. Наесен училището затваря, хората се изнасят масово оттук - медната мина, давала хляб на почти целия град вече е изчерпана. Внезапно пада разрушен космически кораб недалеч от града и от него излиза доброто извънземно Дофин, което обсебва тялото на малко момиченце...more
Felix Zilich
В пограничном городке Инферно уже много лет не найти нормальной работы. Из года в год здесь хорошо живут только наркодилеры, алкаши и прочая маргинальная шушера, у которой нет никаких нормальных видов на будущее. У детей городка Инферно будущего тоже нет. Единственная федеральная школа была закрыта два дня назад, поэтому юные техасцы и латиносы не прекращают кровавые разборки за сферы влияния.

Но именно этот городок Инферно становится местом Первого Контакта. И именно сюда прилетает сбежавший из...more
Adam J.
Being a big fan of McCammon, I'm always definitely excited to start up one of his novels. He's the kind of writer that keeps you entertained with action and creates great characters you instantly fall for.

Unfortunately, I don't believe it's the same case with Stinger. Sure, there are some memorable characters, and the explosive action segments really are exciting. But there's one too many filler characters, the town of Inferno is very bland, and the horror aspect is nil and void.

I did find the c...more
Andy H
I had read perhaps half of Robert R. McCammon's horror novels in paperback when I happened to begin this one. Now, don't get me wrong; his books are all good. Boy's Life and Gone South in particular stood out to me at the time, as well as the apocalyptic epic Swan Song, and I recall They Thirst being one of the few horror novels that made me jump a few times and actually scared me at others. And perhaps this shouldn't enter into it, but Mr. McCammon is apparently one hell of a nice human being;...more
Nate Dennis
I didn't know what to think, at first. I found this book at a used book store here in town and I was intrigued by the cover art... and then it sat on my shelf like a picture on a wall for several months until I decided I might as well start the dang book. When I first started it, it kind of seemed like your average "Creature of the Week" book. Not much to it, but it wasn't bad. As far as my personal reading goes, I have noticed that it is somewhat fitting to compare reading to driving. Many of t...more
Dave Pope
Exceptional Sci-Fi / Horror novel that has its characters battling an alien being intent on the destruction of human kind. The characters are very well set up and explored throughout this adrenalin rush of a novel. As I've said previously, Robert McCammon doesn't seem capable of writing a book that I won't enjoy. This one has one of the most frightening "monsters" that I've encountered through my extensive journey through the world of horror novels and movies.
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Robert Rick McCammon was a full-time horror writer for many years. After taking a hiatus for his family, he returned to writing with an interest in historical fiction.

A new contemporary novel, The Five, was published in May 2011 by Subterranean Press.

The Hunter from the Woods, a collection of novellas and stories featuring Michael Gallatin, the main character from The Wolf's Hour, was published as...more
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