Assassin's Creed
Oliver Bowden
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Assassin's Creed (Assassin's Creed #2)

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Assassins creed : la hermandad
Published (first published November 30th 2011)
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Anzu The Great Destroyer
Watch before reading. Techno kitty demands it!

Despite the amazing trailer, Brotherhood is my least favourite game from the Assassin’s Creed franchise. This is mainly because the events are kind of boring and the villain, even though venomous and ruthless, needs lots of improving.

Imagine if the game is neutral how the book will be.

Yep, you got it!

But the positive thing is the fact that Oliver Bowden improved the story’s consistency (and his writing, for that matter). The events were blending t...more

The story started when Ezio was seventeen years old and ended at forty eight years old. Even so! I still love Ezio.

The first book was much closer to the game than this one. I noticed one pattern in the book.... Why the books are so close to the game at the first part and towards the end the story were so different from the game? Like in this book, I don't remember in the game when Cesare was in prison after a new Pope was elected. Also, when the now three main (old) character, Ezio, Mach...more
Arnolds Kalniņš
Iepazinos ar Olivera Baudena vēsturiskās fantāzijas grāmatu "Slepkavu Reliģija", pirmo no 4 grāmatu sērijas. Izlasīt šo grāmatu man ieteica klasesbiedrs, uzsverot, ka tās stāsts esot unikāls un interesantuma ziņā pārspējot jebko, ko viņš ir lasījis. Man tas likās apšaubāmi, ņemot vērā savādo žanru salikumu, taču nolēmu pamēģināt. Par laimi, šaubas par grāmatas potenciālu pagaisa, izlasot ievadu.
Stāsts sākas 15. gadsimta Itālijas renesansē Itālijas pilsētā Florencē, kad karstasinīgs un viltīgs...more
This book had a better overall plot than "Assassin's Creed: Reneissance", on the other hand, Ezio got dumber with age. I mean, I know that Rodrigo, Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia and Micheletto were real historical figures and the author couldn't have just killed them when he wanted, but he could've written it so that their survival wouldn't make Ezio look like an incompetent idiot. Also, I never really understood the whole Apple thing. It was a part of the game, I get it, but then the author should...more
I have one word for everyone, and that's "Awesome". The book is so much better than the game. In the game they only showed the basic idea of what the book is, but the book it shows us what we missed out in the game. I guess being a gamer might have its disadvantages, but if you already know the story from the game then there are no surprises left for you. No matter which assassins creed it is, it always leaves you in the end saying " What the @#$% happened?). Oliver Bowden has done a amazing job...more
Asif Alli
A book that far exceeds the games plot and story. It goes more in to detail and simply floods your mind with great thoughts. Its one of those books where they don't get to the point very quickly and you have to be patient with it. Do not skip pages, or even chapters if you find it boring. And unless you play the game, or have read the first book, It might not be that easy to understand like the powers of the apple and how it plays in the story. But everything else in the story is pretty easy to...more
This Book grabbed my mind when i started reading it. Ezio sets his journey in Rome as he lost the 'Apple Of Eden' during the attack on Villa Auditore by the Borgia. Ezio soon finds himself at the heart of Roma, now known as Rome as he struggles to locate the Apple of Eden and as well as to take revenge on the Borgia. This book's action packed plot really hooks the reader on. Rome is a place which has fallen into ruin due to the corrupt rule of the Borgia papacy and the Templars. Ezio's stay in R...more
I'm always slightly dubious whenever I start a video game book adaptation. they're rarely anything special and they're often very forgettable reads. So I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed reading Brotherhood.

From the beginning, Bowden's style felt a little flat and a little unimaginative, add to that his sometimes clumsy structure. There were the occasional random changes in POV which just seemed awkward.
As I read through the first few chapters I felt like I was simply reading t...more
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Assassin's Creed, the title of a very popular game. The title just spoke to me, facing the 4 books of it's kind, spread out before me on the bookstore shelf. I've never played the game, I'm not into the whole 'beat-m-up-till-he-dies' genre computer games. But I do seem to love it in books. However, I did watch a few minutes of gameplay, generously provided by my brother. So, I can see the intrigue of the game, but it's not for me. But this is a review of the book and...more
What can I say?

Oliver Bowden tells a good tale insofar as he tells the story more or less verbatim as it was expressed in the game series. But that's basically all that he does; re-tell the story the game series did with little elaboration and none of the sense of adventure, excitement or discovery.

It was, for me, an "okay" novel. Bowden's previous work, "Assassin's Creed: Renaissance" was dry and unmoving but I thought I'd give him another chance in this sequel. Honestly, it didn't move me. I...more
This book recalls a more detailed of a ezio's journey as he continues the war that had started way before him. This had began as a game, but Assassins Creed is as much of a story as it is a game. I think that anyone who has played the game would find this a good extension for it. In it Ezio would go on his way to take revenge for his remaining family, but in this journey he will find new family in a brotherhood that would change his life.
Joshua A
Dec 14, 2011 Joshua A added it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: People who have played the game and want to patch up the missing links.
I got this book as a Christmas present after getting the game on the day it came out.

Believe me, at some points the book is better than the game. The book leads on throughout the whole story and even covers some of the details missed by the game. the story is extended passed the game and has some more "detailed" effects than the game.

I truly enjoyed reading this book, and I'm now reading the next book "Assassins Creed Revelations"
I actually bought this book for a class. I didn't really know what to get but then I found this little guy and since I looove playing Assassin's Creed, I figured out I'd like to know the whole story behind Brotherhood. It was really good, but sometimes it was a little slow, I was anxious to get on to the action and turn pages after pages. Except that, I loved it! Really well written, I recommend it to any gamer out there and even normal readers!
I've just finished this book and I have to admit, it wasn't one of the most captivating books that I've read. Sadly, I actually found it rather dull.

I should preface the rest of this review by saying I had quite high hopes for this book. I'd seen it was rated well and, being familiar with the video games, thought this looked promising. However, I do feel as though a couple of aspects really let it down.

I feel like the characters became idiots in AC: Brotherhood- I thought they became a lot more...more
The Assassins creed series as a whole is brilliant. The franchise is huge spanning over many different locations, mixing with lots of different characters and time periods.
My favourite Assassins has always been Ezio, although I have enjoyed reading (and playing as) all the other assassins.

Brotherhood (although one of my favourite games) as a book didn't work as well for me as the other assassin creed books. I felt this game was huge with such a huge story that fitting it into a book felt rushed...more
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Ezio is the coolest, most badass video game character of all time. I cannot imagine another protagonist better written than he. His complexity, moral fiber, and chaotic neutral personality is thoroughly enjoyable, and he is the reason I love the AC games so much. Connor and Kenway were awesome as well, as was Altair, but Ezio cannot be beat.

I really loved this audiobook. It was read masterfully by the narrator. I really enjoyed getting to know more of...more
Matteo Pellegrini

Torna in una nuova avventura Ezio Auditore, il mitico eroe solitario che in Assassin's Creed - Rinascimento ha raccolto l'eredità del Credo degli Assassini per battersi contro il malvagio Ordine dei Templari, controllato dalle potenti famiglie dei Borgia e dei Pazzi. Dopo l'incontro culminante nella Cripta, dove entità misteriose gli hanno dato il titolo di Profeta, Ezio ha abbandonato alla sua sorte il capo dell'Ordine, papa Alessandro VI, credendolo destinato a morte sicura. Il pontefice, però

Vijayan Haridas
It just gets better in the Brotherhood. Ezio becomes more than a assassin. Oliver Bowden again made a masterpiece in this #2 novel of the Assassin's Creed. Very detailed description of the fight and kill zone actions. With this completed now, I have gone on the the #3 installment "The Secret Crusade" which goes back to the time of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad (1165 – 1257) whom was a Syrian-born member of the Levantine Brotherhood of Assassins. Just by playing the game you ain't going to understand much o...more
Издателство ЕРА
Орденът на асасините. Братството
(заглавие на българското издание)

„Поемам към черното сърце на една корумпирана империя, за да залича моите врагове. Но Рим не е построен за един ден и няма да бъде разрушен от един единствен човек. Аз съм Ецио Аудиторе да Фиренце. Непобедим съм, защото съм посветен в традицията на асасините.”

Рим е под властта на коварния род на Борджиите. Някога могъщ, сега градът е в разруха, потънал в кръв, политически интриги и религиозни вражди. Чезаре Борджия, по-подъл и опас...more
Much better than Renaissance. I don't think it's just the game's storyline--it seemed as though Bowden was improving his writing as he went along. I am reading Revelations as we speak and I can tell it is going to be better than this one. I like the way Bowden adds to the already existing narrative--(and I will elaborate more on this when I finish Revelations)--though at times it bugs me when he writes something that is entirely different from the game. Nothing essential, just little bits differ...more
I enjoyed this almost as much as I did the first one. I found the author's writing a bit clumsier at times (I am not a big fan of random POV changes simply to move on with the plot - either use alternating POVs right away or stick to the ones you start with, otherwise it feels lazy to me), but it was an enjoyable retelling of the story of the game, with some bonus content near the end, where we learn what happened after Cesare was captured and before he was finally killed. That could have been e...more
This book is based on my favorite video game series of all time. I enjoyed reading the book because it gives a lot more back story and detailed dialogue that adds to the adventure. Unfortunately, this author had a tendency to bend the main character's personality a bit. This may be considered a spoiler to some so heads up if you don't want any info. Ezio, the main assassin in this story, has almost a different personality than the character you play in the games. In this book he is more volatile...more
Thibaut Nicodème
Full review on my blog, the Snark Theater.

This is a case of a bad adaptation. The book tries its best to recreate the game's feeling of freedom, which is completely pointless because this is a book, which, by essence, is linear. Instead, it ends up feeling very confused, where plot lines are started, then given up on, then taken back, on a regular basis. At the same time, the pacing feels a little forced sometimes: while a game can outright tell the player where to go to progress the story, a bo...more
I had a lot of problems with this book. The biggest one was the fact that Bowden really got his Ezio obsessed over Caterina Sforza. I was rolling my eyes by the end of the book, he had Ezio's heart still skipping beats over her.

Another thing was Bowden's overuse of certain words, like "vouchsafed" and "rejoined". He didn't use them in previous books, so I'm assuming he discovered them while or before writing this and sort of fell in love with them.

Also, I know Ezio is a very skilled fighter an...more
During Italian Renaissance, Ezio Auditore, Master Assassin, seeks revenge for his Uncle, the name who raised him like he were his own. The man responsible for Ezio's Uncles Death is Rodrigo Borgia, also known as Pope Alexander VI. The devious Pope has a tight grip on control of Rome. He wants more though. He sends his son Ceasere out to do his biding, and to gain control over all of Italy. Ezio, along with the rest of the Brotherhood of Assassins, step in to take prevent an overall take over fro...more
Ami M.
I really loved all of the other assassins creed books and I loved this one too, but only after I'd read a few chapters. The beginning was very confusing and didn't really grab my attention. I actually started the book 3 times before I actually read it. But once I got into it I really enjoyed it :D I could hardly put it down!!
Better than the first book as there is more to learn about Ezio as a person and his family and friends. It was a bit in inconsistent as some parts are detailed and other parts of the book skim over the details and give a very broad description. Still a good book and close to the game
Based on a PC game which looks amazing, I adore reading this serie. Following the story of Ezio through the years, is like following the life of someone who wants to enjoy the normal things in life but was chosen to protect something in the world that is more important than his own life.
You can only adore Ezio. He is a good person, fighting for the people he loves and for what he stands for while being vulnerable to every day things too.

The stories shave been maily taking place in Italy (Venice,...more
Jason Krakauer
This is the story of a brotherhood of powerful sneaky assassins that seek vengeance to who dare oppose or betray them. The main character, Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, has to stop an evil and even more powerful man named, Cesare Borgia from conquering all of Italy.While Cesare has the help of the Pope, and the Borgia trynnay.

Along the way, Ezio will face many challenges and he will need help from a few old friends of his such as: Leonardo Da Vinci and also from his uncle Mario.

Let the amazing and...more
I wanted to like this book since because it has an interesting premise. I'm not a gamer, but I have heard of the game series on which this book is based. However, it started off so slowly - and this is with fighting scenes on just about every page for the first 1/5th of the book. That's actually why it's slow. It begins to pick up after a while when it focuses more on letting the plot unravel. Of course, the battles and fighting continue, but the characters are also developed just a bit more. Th...more
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Anton Gill (aka Oliver Bowden) has been a full-time professional writer since 1984, and in the course of the last 27 years he has published 35 books. Gill was born in Ilford, Essex, the son of a German father and an English mother, and grew up in London. He is an acclaimed novelist and Renaissance historian currently living in Paris, France. Bowden has written novelizations of several of the Assas...more
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