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Vampire High
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Vampire High (Vampire High #1)

3.63 of 5 stars 3.63  ·  rating details  ·  1,543 ratings  ·  149 reviews
It doesn’t take long for Cody Elliot to realize that his new high school is a little different. The other students are supernaturally strong, don’t like the sunlight, and are always placing orders at the local blood bank. When his new friend shows him his fangs, Cody doesn’t need any more clues—these kids are vampires! As Cody struggles to fit into this secretive community ...more
Kindle Edition, 242 pages
Published (first published September 9th 2003)
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Oct 03, 2009 Cait rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people who don't get all emo over vampires
This is a thoroughly charming YA book with a fabulous world and cast of characters. Cody and his peers are very much teenagers and deal with the supernatural not as heroes but as high school students. There are only a few places in the book where I cringe in sympathetic embarrassment, and the triumphant ending is delightful.
Vampire High is about a boy named Cody Elliot who does bad in school. His parents decide to transfer him to a different school. His parents tried to get him into Vlad Dracul, a school for students with high grades. Cody gets into this school, and gets good grades just because he joins an extracurricular activity. He finds out that he is in a school for vampires and also finds out why he has been getting good grades (because vampires can’t join sports that involve water, believing that they woul ...more
Although written simply, this young adult (or perhaps even children's) novel was bright, charming and a refreshing take on the whole "teenage vampires" phenomena.

Cody is one of your typical teenage hero's: he has ideals and desires and he will pursue them to the end, even if it means embarrassment, penalties or other negative rewards. But what the main character was lacking in personality, Rees made up in writing style, primarily the use of humor.

I really enjoyed this book, although it was writ
Cody's family moved from CA to New Sodom MA and he hates it here. He got all Fs on his report card (even homeroom) and hopes they will go back. Instead, his parents send him to Vlad Dracul High. Where, as it turns out, the school is full of vampires )or Jenti as they prefer). They keep a few non=vamps such as Cody (or Gadje) in order for them to be on the water polo team to keep the schools accrediation. Those who do, get a free ride. Only Cody finds that he wants to earn his grades after all. A ...more
Nadine Maigatter
Codys neue Schule, die Vlad Dracul Highschool, ist altehrwrdig, elitr und hchst unheimlich. Der Schuldirektor hlt einen Wolf als Haustier, seine Mitschler tragen im Winter Sonnenbrillen. Sie alle sind Vampire - genauer gesagt Jenti. Sie sind bernatrlich stark und klug und sie behandeln Cody wie Luft, weil er zu den wenigen Nicht-Jenti an der Schule gehrt. Als Cody sich in eine echte Vampir-Prinzessin verliebt, berschlagen sich die Ereignisse in dieser schaurig-schnen Highschool-Komdie mit
Sarah Miles
LOVED! I haven't really enjoyed books with male leads in them since high school, so I was very pleasantly surprised when I started this book and got sucked in from the get go. Cody's a teen in his freshman year of college, acting out because of his family moving from Cali to New Sodom, Massachusetts. His first semester, he manages to pull in all F's (even homeroom!) Fed up, his dad looks into transferring him to another school, one religious and not what Cody wants at all. When they go to check ...more
This book called "Vampire High" by Douglas Rees was a great book to read to start off its series. The main character in the book, Cody Elliot, has just found out at his new school are filled with vampires. Their weakness is the water. The state requires water sports so they have to other students that are human get enrolled there. These students get straight As even if they suck at a subject. Now Cody wants to try to everything a vampire does. This could change the school forever. This novel ta ...more
Lanie Sanders
This was surprisingly good for a teen paranormal fiction book, and I really liked it. Certainly better than twilight and the house of night. But then again, most everything is. :D the writing was ok. Nothing to gush about, but I did think it sounded pretting teenagerish.

Well? What to say about "vampire high"? Its all about this boy who goes to a school for vampires and starts making waves in the culture. Certainly not a new idea. There hundreds of books out there with a high school setting with
Codys neue Schule, die Vlad Dracul Highschool, ist altehrwürdig, elitär und höchst unheimlich. Der Schuldirektor hält einen Wolf als Haustier, seine Mitschüler tragen im Winter Sonnenbrillen. Sie alle sind Vampire - genauer gesagt Jenti. Sie sind übernatürlich stark und klug und sie behandeln Cody wie Luft, weil er zu den wenigen Nicht-Jenti an der Schule gehört. Als Cody sich in eine echte Vampir-Prinzessin verliebt, überschlagen sich die Ereignisse in dieser schaurig-schönen Highschool-
Alyce E
I've been attempting to exercise, which here at my parents' house involves me going on my parents' stationary bike in our creepy basement. There's an old TV down there, but I get pretty bored, so I usually bring a book too (to be totally honest, sometimes I play Temple Run 2). Basically, I have to distract myself in as many ways as possible to make my legs pedal. Unsurprisingly, this environment is not conducive to books that actually require focus. So, today I grabbed Vampire High by Douglas Re ...more
Belle ♥
Sometimes it takes something different and frightning, to make you realize your true potential.
A good read.
Aimed towards younger readers although a few curse words.

Cody Elliot's new school, Vlad Dracul, is a little weird. The principal is seven feet tall and has a pet wolf. The students are tall and silent and wear sunglasses in the winter. When he sees a kid's fangs, the truth sinks in: Cody's classmates are vampires. The vampires--or jenti, as they call themselves--have lived in New Sodom, Mass., for centuries. They are superstrong and supersmart, but water is dangerous for them. They n
Nov 10, 2008 Linden rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Linden by: The California Young Reader Medal Nominee list
Due to his father's new job, Cody Elliot's family has moved to New Sodom, Massachusetts, from California. By way of protest to the move, Cody can't be bothered doing much of any work in his new high school. He achieves an F in science, math, social studies, physical education, and English. His father demands to know how he even managed to get an F in homeroom, and is not happy to discover that it was because he didn't bother to show up.

In answer to this poor attitude, Cody's parents decide that
Edit Ostrom
I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed this book. I gave it three stars as a reference to the very last chapter, in which it turns out that the main character, Cody submitted this book as an English assignment and his teacher gave it a "well earned C" - which is a huge compliment from this particular (jenti) teacher. The story is, of course, another take on vampires. What sets this book apart is its humor, and the many references to Eastern Europe. I, being from Hungary myself, particularly ...more
Petra Sýkorová
Douglas Reese se narodil roku 1947 v Kalifornii. Jeho otec sloužil při druhé světové válce na Filipínách jako mechanik. Po válce byl na rehabilitace poslán do nemocnice, kde se seznámil s Douglasovou matkou, která tam pracovala jako sestřička. Do patnácti let se spolu s rodiči stěhoval mezi leteckými základnami po celém světě jak v Americe, tak v Německu. Do šesti let chtěl být hasičem. Mezi šesti a dvanácti paleontologem. Ve dvanácti se rozhodl, že bude spisovatelem a ze svého snu dosud nevyros ...more
Alles beginnt damit, dass Cody mit mehreren Sechsen nach Hause kommt und von der Schule verwiesen wird. Durch die schlechten Noten hofft er, dass es nun endlich wieder in seine Heimat Kalifornien geht, doch seine Eltern bleiben bei der Meinung, dass Massachusettes für die Familie besser ist und so muss Cody die Schule wechseln.

Wenige Stunden später findet sich Cody im Büro des Direktors der Vlad-Dracul-Magnet-School wieder und spürt, dass diesmal alles anders ist.
Der Direktor nimmt Cody quasi mi
Alles beginnt damit, dass Cody mit mehreren Sechsen nach Hause kommt und von der Schule verwiesen wird. Durch die schlechten Noten hofft er, dass es nun endlich wieder in seine Heimat Kalifornien geht, doch seine Eltern bleiben bei der Meinung, dass Massachusettes für die Familie besser ist und so muss Cody die Schule wechseln.

Wenige Stunden später findet sich Cody im Büro des Direktors der Vlad-Dracul-Magnet-School wieder und spürt, dass diesmal alles anders ist.
Der Direktor nimmt Cody quasi mi
Cody Eliot did not approve of his parents move from California to Massachusetts. He missed the water and his old life. When he flunks out of Cotton Mather his dad decides it's time for a change, and enrolls him into Vlad Dracul. Cody gets accepted very quickly on the terms that he is will try out for the Water Polo team. After noticing how odd everyone is and rescuing one of his classmates, he is let on to a secret; everyone in the school is a vampire. The only non-vampires are his water polo te ...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Michaela Pallante aka "Mickey" for

Cody Elliot has just moved to Massachusetts from California. He hates his new town of New Sodom and is proud of his report card full of F's (even in homeroom). His dad, not so proud. Cody gets sent to a new school, Vlad Dracul.

It doesn't take long for Cody to realize that something is different about his fellow students. They wear sunglasses inside, they are strangely silent, and seem to be super-smart. After he sees someone's fangs
When I grabbed this book I really wasn't expecting much more than a silly story aimed at kids; I'm so happy I was disappointed in that respect. This is a story with something for every age level; the premise is wacky enough to draw in the children, and yet there are just enough adult concepts wrapped up in the story to keep older readers intrigued.

Cody, unhappy with his family's move from warm sunny California to drab and cold New Sodom, Massachusetts, deliberately starts flunking out in school,
Cody musí chodit do prestižní střední školy Vlada Draculy v městečku New Sodom a brzy zjistí, že se ocitl mezi jentii – upíry. Jemu samotnému říkají gadje – obyčejný člověk. Codyho jentiovský kamarád Justin ale brzy hlavnímu hrdinovi osvětlí skutečný důvod, proč byl na školu přijat – podle stanov musí mít každá střední škola tým pro vodní sporty. Jentiové ale do vody nemohou, a proto přijímají gadje, aby za ně hráli. Codyho zapíší do školního týmu vodního póla a za svou účast má slíbené jedničk ...more
Cathleen Ash
Cody flunked out of just about every school in town. He even failed homeroom this last time. Straight F's in all his classes. There aren't that many choices left for Cody - in fact - there are only two. One of them is just out of the question. Our Lady of Perpetual Homework would not appreciate Cody's talent for homework avoidance. The other school, Vlad Dracul, is just weird. But there Cody is, sitting with his father in the principal's office of Vlad Dracul, talking with a seven-foot tall, pal ...more
Nov 12, 2007 Kimberli rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: 9th grade & up
Cody Elliot is a self-destructive flunk out who is quickly on his way to becoming a high school drop out. His Father is sick and tired of his smart mouth and ridiculous tactics and gives him the choice of going to Our Lady of Perpetual Homework or Vlad Dracul Magnet School. Cody decides to go Vlad Dracul because the idea of perpetual homework just does not sit well with him. Maybe he should have thought his decision over a little better. What ever do you think the Dracul stands for? Cody finds o ...more
I don't read lots of vampire books so my knowledge on vampire customs and traditions is very minimum. No, I don't watch True Blood either . Sad, I know but that's how I am. I tried Sookie in form of books but she was too promiscuous for my reading taste . Seriously, she was. If you thought Bella had trouble with handling paranormal guys you definitely need to meet Miss Sookie. She could teach Bella a thing or two about guys . I mean vampire guys and others. And before anybody asks me this , we d ...more
I'll have to purchase this cute, fluffy vampire young adult novel for my collection. Students will love it. First, it has vampires in it. And, because of the Twilight popularity, anything will vampires flies off the shelves. Secondly, the main character, Cody Elliot, is one sarcastic teenager, even when faced with a school full of vampires. That's right. After he tries to anger his parents into moving back to California by failing school, his dad places him at Vlad Dracul, where everyone is smar ...more
Libros en el Sótano
Cuando leí la trama, me esperaba un libro lleno de drama y, quizás, un poco de suspenso (admito que esos no son mis temas preferidos y me daba algo de paja leer el libro). En cambio me encontré con una novela que me hizo reír en la primera hoja, lo cuales difícil, porque pueden decir un montón de idioteces en la primera página, pero son pocos los que realmente te atrapan a partir de entonces.

Cody es un chico... común. Esperaba algo de desesperación cuando se enterara de los vampiros.

Pero nooo, s
When Cody Elliot comes home with a report card replete with F's (even in homeroom), Dad decides a private school is in order. There are two choices: Our Lady of Perpetual Homework or Vlad Dracul Magnet School. Vlad Dracul really wants Cody so he can participate on the water polo team. If he will do that one thing, his future will be golden - all A's for no work, a college of his choice, a job later. What more could a gadje want? Things gets strange when a Canadian timber wolf named Charon is Cod ...more
A fun read, a new twist to vampires yet again, and a new look at small town New England life. Interesting to set this in an area where witch trials were predominate in the 1600's and this was even then a community of vampires from the old country.

Cody thought funking school would solve all his problems, and yet being enrolled in Vlad Dracul Magnet School only sank him into more interesting, life changing problems. His first problems was trying to integrate himself into a school community were he
Amanda D.
A vampire book for young high schoolers as opposed to Juniors/Seniors. This book would be appropriate for an advanced middle grade reader. This book takes a very different approach than your standard Twilight/Twilight imitator. The romance, blood, and life or death aspects are played way down (there's still a little, I mean, it is a vampire novel).

What's left is a really fresh and almost innocent take on the trope. Parts of the book are slightly tongue in cheek, like the name of Cody's father's
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I was born on October 19th, 1947 in the hospital at March Air Force Base just outside Riverside, California. My father, Norman, was a career sergeant who'd served as an aircraft mechanic and infantryman in the Philippines campaign early in the war and was taken prisoner on Bataan. My mother, Agnes, was a nurse at the hospital where he was sent to recuperate after the war was over.

Until I was fift
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“I'd heard of Vlad Dracul, but only the name. The kids at Cotton Maher never said much except things like "The football team's up against Vlad this Saturday. Pray for them."
When I'd heard that, I'd asked the kid who'd said it what the big deal was.
"Shut up," he'd explained.”
Dear Mr. Gibbon. Sorry I was absent. Here is some salted food. Please grade it the way you would a jenti piece of beef jerky. 2 likes
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