Doctor Who: The Stone Rose
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Doctor Who: The Stone Rose (Doctor Who: New Series Adventures #7)

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Mickey is startled to find a statue of Rose in a museum a statue that is 2,000 years old. The Doctor realises that this means the TARDIS will shortly take them to Ancient Rome, but when it does, he and Rose soon have more on their minds than sculpture. While the Doctor searches for a missing boy, Rose befriends a girl who claims to know the future a girl whose predictions...more
Published August 2008 by Ebury Publishing (first published 2006)
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Andrea LeClair
I listened to the audio book and flailed around in my car for most of it. David Tennant is an astoundingly good reader, and there's something delightful about how pitch-perfect his character voices are (and how fun to have him actually sound like the Doctor.) Packed with Doctor-and-Rose moments, and with a fun plot twist and lots of close brushes with time paradoxes that make up for the seemingly interminable and gruesome time the Doctor spends in the Flavian Amphitheater.
Timey-wimey, wibbley-wobbley sort of thing.
I completely forgot that I'd read this book, given that I read it a long time ago now. Can I just take this tiny 'pocket of time' to mention how much I miss Doctor x Rose? I know this isn't the TV series, but I can't stress how much I miss the old Doctor Who. Personally I feel the stories and characters were beyond the standard of what it was made out to be (the twists had my family and I literally huddled around the TV screen either in a state of shock or sobbing uncontrollably). It was undenia...more
This had to be one of the cutest Doctor Who stories I've read/watched!

Jacqui Rayner has captured the essence of the 10th Doctor; quirky, manic, fiercely intelligent and prone to the occasional burst of terrible anger.

I listened to the audio book as well and was very impressed! David Tennant did a terrific job. He does wonderful character voices, and you can definitely hear the distinctions between Rose and her mother for example, it was also great hearing him as the Doctor!

Thoroughly recommend...more
Who cares about the plot? Doctor/Rose banter!
The Stone Rose is the book equivalent of cotton candy. It’s terrible for you, but dammit it’s so delicious and pretty and fun to eat that you can rationalize eating an entire bag without feeling too guilty.

Or that’s how it works for me, at least.

Rose and the Doctor have adventures in Rome. There are coliseum battles with tigers and “Fight as a team and you can do anything!!” and lots of Witty Doctor Banter. There is a goddess who grants wishes, but actually she’s a he, but actually he’s a scaly...more
The Stone Rose

Ah I miss Ten and Rose- that’s why I lept at the chance to listen to a, as yet, untold adventure of their’s on Audible. In this short story, (About 2 and ½ hrs listening time), part time Time-Traveling Doctor’s companion Mickey Smith shows The Doctor and Rose something odd at the museum- a perfect replica of Rose as the Goddess Fortuna in marble… from 1st Century Rome.

Realizing that’s Rome is their next trip, The Doctor takes Rose back in time with him to discover the creator of t...more
My first Tenth Doctor novel, recommended to me by LJ user eveshka, started off a bit slow--but picked up considerably in the second half. It also had the distinction of being the first Doctor story I can remember encountering that's set in actively ancient Earth history, which was a refreshing change of pace. Yet despite the historical setting, there's a nice twining in of futuristic technology as well, and I liked that the scope of this story was more of a "solving a time mystery" rather than "...more
Uh yeah. I think I may have officially reached a new level of geekdom -- Doctor Who TV show-based novelizations? The next thing you know I'll be attending Comic-Con as a Dalek. Not... that... there's anything wrong with that. *whispers confidentially* Between you and me, I think I'm just still coming to terms with true reality and scope of my nerdiness. Don't worry, I'll get there eventually. Maybe not dressed as a Dalek, but anyway...

David Tennant. DAVID TENNANT. The man is amazing, and he nar...more
Oh! Oh, oh, oh, OOOOOHHH!!!

I am squirming and bouncing in my seat! I can't help it!!! Giant, stupid grin plastered across my face... I have to admit... Ten & Rose? Mmmmmm happy place! ;D

I've read and listened to several Who books - mind, usually I only listen to David Tennant read. Acause?! Hello! I love me some gorgeous, pretty boy Scotsman. Yes, please! Ooops. Blush... That was a bit of a detour. Ahem. I'm good. Back to the review. Wait. I need another sec. Hmmmm David Yummy Tennant. Siii...more
Dec 09, 2007 Slither rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people who need firewood
When you find that the only enjoyment you are getting from a book is the thought of reviewing it on Goodreads, it is a bad sign.

This is a Doctor Who book. Now, if I were an author, before writing a book in a television series that has had 737 episodes, I would attempt to watch at least one. Clearly, I am not Jaqueline Rayner, the author. Ahem, the Doctor is not just a dude with a time machine! And, before having your characters talk about the "laws of time", it would be nice if you actually knew...more
I'll be honest here, I bought this audio book simply because I seen it was read by David Tennant and it was Doctor Who. I mean, it's pretty impossible not to like anything that involves those two, am I right? I've read TV-to-Book's before when I was younger, so I had an idea of what I was getting into. If you're expecting extensive character development, don't look here.

BUT, if you're like me, and looking for something entertaining to listen to on your way to work, then go for it! David's voices...more
Lani Hannah
Listening to this book was just- amazing. I started it and was hooked, finished it in just a day because I couldn't stop. David Tennant is a wonderful voice actor, and I was constantly impressed with how quickly he switched between his Scottish accent (for narration) and his Doctor voice. His Jackie voice was PERFECT and hilarious, and his Mickey voice just made me laugh.
His acting though. He conveyed the emotion as the Doctor exactly as he would on the show. I'd be listening and enjoying and la...more
It's definitely the "shippiest" of all the Ten/Rose DW books. I really liked it.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
The Stone Rose is my second Doctor Who read by Jacqueline Rayner (following Winner Takes All featuring the ninth Doctor). Rayner takes the Doctor (as played by David Tennant) and Rose (Billie Piper) to ancient Rome following Mickey’s discovery that a statue of the goddess Fortuna, modeled after Rose, is on display in the British Museum. When the two arrive in Rome, they discover that a nobleman’s son has disappeared after modeling for an unlikely sculptor who’s all the rage for the lifelike qual...more
Эта книга содержит в себе ключевые ингредиенты успешной whoniverse-истории: нежные отношения Роуз и Доктора, timey-wimey замут, затерявшуюся в чужом времени и пространстве девочку, древний Рим, мораль и достойный конец. Читает Теннант, а это всегда в плюс любой книге.

Аннотация верна: Микки (давно о нем не слышала, кстати) гуляет по музею и натыкается на древнеримскую статую богини, причем лицом та – вылитая его симпатия Роуз Тайлер. Недолго думая, он тащит туда Доктора, Роуз и Джеки, дабы те оце...more
Marishka Valentine
Although I very, very much enjoyed this book, I think it could have been so much more. The first half and most of the middle were very slow, verging on boring almost, and, as the first Doctor Who book I’d read, I was quite disappointed by this. Of course, the books won’t be as good as the show, and they can’t capture the expressions and movements of the characters like a video could, but still, I wish I had been able to enjoy this book a bit more.

As said, although the first/middle bit of the boo...more
Christopher Buchanan
If you're a big fan of David Tennant, and you think Twilight was great, and your favorite part about Doctor Who is when Rose and the 10th Doctor make puppy eyes at each other and you're a twelve-year-old girl then grab your My Little Ponies and Giddyup! This book is for you!

This book is crap. No bones about it. Crap. There's a whole lot of the aforementioned puppy eyes business going on, a bunch of condemning ancient cultures by modern morality (a personal pet peeve), a convoluted story line th...more
Jules Jones
Seventh of the tie-in novels to go with New Who, and the first featuring the Tenth Doctor. Mickey finds a Roman-era statue of Rose in the British Museum, so Ten and Rose go on a trip to make sure she's around to act as the model. But the first thing that happens when they arrive is getting mixed up in a missing persons case. A wealthy man is searching for his son, who was last seen going for a appointment to put the finishing touches on a statue of him.[return][return]It's not hard for the reade...more
Stephanie A.
Approximate translation of my headspace after I finished this: "Aslkdjaslkjfasldfkasdf DOCTOR/ROSE." This was the first Doctor Who tie-in I ever read, and while I don't regret that for one second, it also means that this book is to Doctor Who novels what "Ruins" was to the X-Files novels: despite a mundane setting and storyline [although that part's not actually a problem in Ruins], the indulgently shippy stuff will be forever unparalleled.

On another note: I bought the audiobook version after r...more
Sean Homrig
In the postscript of this novel, it says Jacqueline Rayner wanted to write a story that mixed her love of "Doctor Who" with her knowledge of ancient history. The first 2/3 of this novel is just that, with a great little mystery set in Ancient Rome involving people turning into statutes.

Then the story takes a strange and unwelcome turn, but for reasons I cannot reveal without spoiling it. In the end, there is no ridiculous plot to save the universe again, but there also is no real antagonist, and...more
Rosa Folgar
I'm currently in the middle of a Dr Who obsession and having seen all the seasons from 1-6 in less than a week, I needed more while I wait for season 7 to start. I didn't even know these books existed and typed it in as a joke. I'm glad I bought it tho. It's no Shakespeare, so if that's what ur expecting........too bad. But it is entertaining and very Rey short. Gave me my Doctor fix and had one of my a orbit companions, Rose. Will probably read more in the series since they work so well as stan...more
Adam Graham
Mickey is volunteering at a museum and sees a statue of the goddess Fortuna which looks exactly like Rose Tyler. When Rose and the Doctor see the statue, they decide the only thing to do is to go back to Ancient Rome, so Rose can model the statue. However, Rose is turned into stone and it's up to the Doctor to find her and save her and all the other victims of this practice.

While the story was written for younger readers, it really is just a geat romp for Doctor Who Fans of all ages as we're giv...more
Laura Hughes
I loved this book, it was my favourite of the set I had as it was the least scary to me! I love the relationship between Rose and the Doctor and the storyline is just great.

I love the natural way in which Rose and the Doctor interact and the Doctor's genuine concern for Rose-the way the story is split means that they sped a majority of it apart but they still seem to have the same connection of on-screen Rose and the Doctor.

I also love the traditional wibly-wobbly timey-wimey elements of the sto...more
Emily Ramirez
This was a lovely story! It was like reading a fanfiction except that this one is well written, zero grammar mistakes, and endorsed by the BBC! My OTP lives on through these books. I wonder where in the timelines it occurred...
Nice story, some plot points I've figured out before they were explained but it worked really nice with all the twist and turns time travel sometimes involves.
Hearing David Tennant read was great fun, he did a good job in trying to capture the voices of the characters we already know (Rose, Mickey, Jackie) and giving voices to new characters (especially the G.E.N.I.E.). But the most fun was when he actually read the Doctor. :)
ϟ Jess ϟ
If you can't tell, I miss Doctor Who. I love these adventures that seem like they could have been episodes. This has been my favorite so far, because of all the Doctor/Rose moments. They are so amazing together I want to squish them. It also had a crazy, time-twisting plot and featured some of that tenderness that appears in many episodes, in contrast with the ever inventive but ever evil aliens of Whoverse.
Natnicha Nealy
The Stone Rose was the first Doctor Who book for me. Because I loved Rose and Ten together so much, I decided to give it a try. The book was a quick read and it was definitely entertaining. I always wanted more of the ancient Greece or ancient Rome setting in Doctor Who, and this book provided just that. The author said that she was an avid fan of Doctor Who herself, and I could see that reflecting in the characters, even though her version of the characters did not sit well with many people, I...more
Allison Rockwell
I liked this one better than "The Price of Paradise" by a long shot. Fun in Ancient Rome, good Dr./Rose banter. Several moments made me laugh out loud-- always a good sign in a light-reading book. The explanation of how everything happened was a bit mind-boggling in the end, but it kind of worked. Fun explanation of how a lot of mythology and folklore got started.
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Jacqueline Rayner is a best selling British author, best known for her work with the licensed fiction based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

Her first professional writing credit came when she adapted Paul Cornell's Virgin New Adventure novel Oh No It Isn't! for the audio format, the first release by Big Finish. (The novel featured the character of Bernice S...more
More about Jacqueline Rayner...
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“He took her by the hand and led her out of the control room and into a little side room. There, amid a lot of sculpting paraphernalia, was her statue. The statue from the museum. The statue of Fortuna. New and gleaming.

Rose gaped. 'But I never posed for this.'

'No need,' said the Doctor, patting it on the arm -- an arm which still had a hand attached.

'What d'you mean?'

'I mean,' he explained, 'that you won't have to pose for it. As Mickey said -' the Doctor smiled to himself - 'it was sculpted by someone who knew you pretty well.'

He ran a hand through his hair and looked as though he was expecting applause.

Rose walked round the statue. 'Is my bum really that--'

'Yes,' the Doctor interrupted testily. 'This statue is accurate in every detail. Bum. Arms. Legs. Nose. Broken fingernail on your right hand.'

* * *

Rose stood looking at the statue for a bit longer. 'It is perfect,' she said at last.

'I was inspired.'

They smiled at each other. All was right with the world again.”
“Because she deserved more than me. She deserved someone who could give her the whole universe.” 26 likes
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