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The Drops of God 1 (The Drops of God, #1-2)
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The Drops of God 1 (The Drops of God #1)

3.93 of 5 stars 3.93  ·  rating details  ·  445 ratings  ·  74 reviews
Few comics have ever exhibited such sway over the economics of an industry as the Drops of God. The legendary wine comic that dictates wine market prices worldwide is now available in English for the first time!
A wine critic and his adopted brother must compete against each other to determine who will inherit their father's estate--a wine collection featuring 13 heaven bl...more
Paperback, Collected English Edition, 416 pages
Published September 27th 2011 by Vertical (first published March 23rd 2005)
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Ahhhhh! Drops of God! It’s taken the English-speaking world a long enough time to catch up to this phenomenon. What’s Drops of God, you ask? It’s the megahit manga where instead of this:

[image error]

we have this:

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Yep. You got that right, folks! It’s Pokémon with wine instead of Pokémon. Which makes him:

Robert Parker


Mwa ha ha ha ha! <3 <3 <3

Phillip Kim
The world’s most influential wine writers: Robert Parker Jr., James Suckling, Jancis Robinson, Shin & Yuko Kibayashi... Who? Kibayashi?

You betcha. The Kibayashi’s are a veteran brother and sister manga writing team in Japan. Having established themselves writing thrillers and mystery comics, they hit it big writing about... wine. Who would have thought? Nevertheless, starting in 2004, the Kibayashi’s, together with illustrator Shu Okimoto, began to put out a weekly manga serial about the dri...more
I got volume 1 of this purely out of curiosity having already enjoyed reading food manga such as Oishinbo, and I also enjoy drinking wine (although I'm no expert on it). I was expecting to read volume 1, like it but probably not be particularly into the rest of the series. This is mainly because Drops of God is a very long-running series, and I felt like it would be practically impossible to follow it in its entirety.

Anyway, I was surprised by how much I liked this! Its a mixture of wine talk an...more
(This review covers Volumes 1 and 2 in the series. It's also filled with spoilers, but not ones that I think would ruin anyone's enjoyment of the books.)

Caveat: I know zilch about wine and I have quite the unrefined palate. (Much to the despair of my undergrad roommate who, bless her heart, actually spent several months trying to teach me to have discerning taste. One of our actual conversations: "What's this one taste like to you?" "Ummm, grapes? Other...fruit?" "You don't taste the chocolate?...more
John Spillane
This is the first manga I've read. I don't care if liking this series makes me an idiot, I think some could argue that it doesn't, and I don't exactly know why I'm so in its swell that I gave it five stars, when it should have probably only gotten four, but... Getting info about something you are interested in, but mostly ignorant of is intoxicating, and if it's delivered in a soap opera/50s serial medium, well then apparently the author's got something. Again as with other comics that I am just...more
Shizuku has never tasted wine, an act of defiance against his father, world renowned wine critic Yukata Kanzaki and all of the strange things he had Shizuku do as a child "for the sake of wine." When Yakata passes away, his will reveals a challenge to be undertaken by Shizuku and a young wine critic named Issei Tomine: identify twelve wines chosen and described by Yakata, as well as the legendary "Drops of God." The one who does with inherit Yakata's extensive wine collection. Shizuku has little...more
Jan 25, 2012 James rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Slice of Life readers, manga readers, wine entusiasts
Todays manga is Drops of God, a manga I picked up on chance on the newly-opened Books a Million. The last time I bought a manga that cost me fifteen dollars...well those who have read my review of Children of the Sea know how that went. But was my money well spent on this one? Be forewarned they'll be major spoilers, mostly for the first chapter only though.
We open to a very vivid description of someone trying a glass of wine...I assure you it's more exciting than it sounds. Actually, I really...more
I picked this up at the library because the cover looked interesting, then I read the back: "Arguably the most influential wine publication for the past 20 years." - Decanter Magazine. And under that: "Winner: Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2009"
And this is a manga? Okay then, I'm reading this one.
Now I think I can say that this is definitely the most I've ever learned from reading a manga. I didn't really know anything about wine before, and so far I haven't tasted one I like, but the descriptions of...more
BIPL Reads
This graphic novel completely hit the spot. Charming, instructive, poetic, and with a nice little plot. A famous wine critic dies and his prodigal son is instructed to taste and identify twelve wines in order to inherit the critic's legendary, exquisitely curated collection of rare vino. If he fails, he loses everything to a mercenary infante terrible of the wine world. In this volume, the young man tries wine for the first time, and the tasting returns to him potent lost childhood memories of h...more
Aug 27, 2014 Eric rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: comics
A fantastic take on the often seen in comics story of a man who has a natural ability that surpasses even those who have trained for years. In this case, the ability is for tasting wine though to be fair he did undergo training by his father when he was younger. That training comes into play when his father dies and stipulates as part of the will that to get an inheritance, the son must complete a series of challenges that involve tasting wine so that he might find the Drops of God and the 12 Ap...more
A very entertaining story centred on wine, deliberately overdramatic with and a maturity to its writing only found in seinen - it takes itself seriously but not too much so. The art is clean and very technically strong, with any frills well reserved for the mental images the protagonist experiences on tasting very good wine.

For me, the almost ridiculous drama of the plot (essentially ,"search, my one-fake-and-one-real sons, for the twelve apostles of the wine world and the Drops of God, and you...more
Sakura Yue Michaelis
The art resembles more to a comic than a manga. Shizuku, the main character, looks a lot like damn Yagami Light...

Once more I am grateful to the making of dorama; otherwise I probably would not know the existence of this manga. Ever since I watched the movie "Sideways" I've been interested in wince tasting, the methods, the art itself. I myself am completely ignorant about the subject; I do not even like drinking wine. But it is fabulous to watch connoisseurs of wine enjoy the before, during and...more
11 May 2013

The Drops of God 1 is a wine geek's wet dream. It gives extremely detailed history on mostly French vintages. You'll undoubtedly salivate with the extravagant explanations on the complex notes of each wine. Admittedly, I used to be a lot more into wine before than I am now. I found the research of the wine to be very interesting. However, I thought the visions of being transported to strawberry fields or the Salome opera was a bit ridonkulous. But, hey, if there is a wine out there th...more
This graphic novel completely hit the spot. Charming, instructive, poetic, and with a nice little plot. A famous wine critic dies and his prodigal son is instructed to taste and identify twelve wines in order to inherit the critic's legendary, exquisitely curated collection of rare vino. If he fails, he loses everything to a mercenary infante terrible of the wine world. In this volume, the young man tries wine for the first time, and the tasting returns to him potent lost childhood memories of h...more
Y'know, when I first heard about this title, I thought the authors must 1) just want to show off their knowledge of wine, and/or 2) want to drink all the wine possible and be able to write it off as "research."
At the end of v.1, I find a little of both comes through. There is a lot of wineology in this book the way Moby Dick possesses a lot of whaleology. But even though The Drops of God mentions tons of labels and terms and facts, it minimizes the haughtiness by having one savant newbie and on...more
When Japanese comic artists, Manga-ka for those in the know, started running out of original sci-fi/fantasy adventures that had driven their industry since the 1950s, a strange trend started cropping up. Writers and artists started conceiving very ordinary sorts of stories with painstaking detail about an unusual facet of everyday life. Manga about bread making, Go players and even middle management had a lot of appeal to individuals who were in those fields, but they were also popular with laym...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Kim Pallister
I don't read too many graphic novels, but based on a friend's recommendation, I picked up Drops of God, Volume 01 , the first in Tadashi Agi's series about the son of a famous wine critic that must beat an up and coming wine critic at his own game in order to inherit his father's estate and priceless wine collection.

It was an entertaining read, and an interesting take on making the subject of wine tasting accessible to the average reader. That said, I don't think I'll continue with the series. T...more
The Drops of God is a manga series written by Tadashi Agi with artwork by Shu Okimoto. It’s an over-the-top, fast paced adventure following the wine pursuits of oenophiles.

Shizuku Kanzaki is the son of a world-renowned wine critic, and in defiance of his father’s “hobby,” has never tasted wine. The series opens with the death of Shizuku’s father, and the introduction of a will that decrees in order to inherit his father’s two billion yen wine collection, Shizuku must find and identify the “Drops...more
Adrian Nieto
Lo que llamo mi atencion este manga de el enorme estante, fue el hecho de que tenia marcas y comentarios de organizaciones que nada tienen que ver con el mundo del manga. Algo que tambien me llmo la atencion, es que habian unos numeros en la seccion de manga, y otros en la de comidas...
The Drops of God es un manga del tipo "Voy a ser el mejor del mundo" (si quieren un ejemplo mas popular, pokemon seria uno). Shizuku Kanzaki es el heredero de un famoso catador japones de vinos, famoso a nivel mu...more
World renowned wine critic Yutaka Kanzaki’s last will and testament states that his collection of finest and rarest wines should go to the person who is able to identify all twelve wines he named “Twelve Apostles” and that one rare wine “Drops of God”. In the race to find these rare wines are Kanzaki’s only son Shizuku and his recently adopted son, the wine critic – Issei Tomine.

Shizuku and his father did not have the warmest of the father-son relationships and neither does he show any inclinati...more
David Schaafsma
This is supposedly one of a few manga mega-hits in Japan, this one about the world of wine... and it is part educational about the best of the best French wines and makes it look like these people are obsessed with ultra expensive, rare wines, especially French and all things French... a kind of wanna be book for High Culture, a sort of class envy project... where two wine geniuses compete (in the first volume, anyway) and are both gorgeous and women and girls everywhere just lust afer them beca...more
Shizuku Kanzaki works in sales for a beer company and has never tasted so much as a sip of wine in his life. This was his act of rebellion against his famous wine critic father, Yutaka Kanzaki. When his father unexpectedly passes away, Shizuku finds that his estate and world-renowned wine collection will not pass to him as a matter of course. To inherit, he must compete against a young wine critic prodigy to identify twelve wines described in rich detail in Yutaka Kanzaki's will, as well as a wi...more
Rachel C.
I'm not so much for the savant tasting abilities of the protagonist, but I do like the writer's use of metaphor for the tastes of different wines - the music of Queen; a merry-go-round; a mysterious maiden in a field of strawberries. (Though I can't say I've ever had a comparable experience myself. Which is not to say that I don't enjoy wine - I really, really do. Oh yeah.)

Sucker that I am, I also really like the mini-love story with the Cros-Parantoux.
Let's face it, wine criticism can be really boring. But when you turn it into a Japanese manga and add in an epic inheritance fight over a valuable wine collection, things get much more interesting. This is a great introduction to grand French wines, with enough dramatic plot flourishes to keep things entertaining. Plus, all of the wines referenced in this are real, so you'll come away a little more prepared for your next chat with the sommelier.
There is a manga about nearly everything, including, it turns out, fine wine. While the creators weave in lots of information about wine making, the heart of this story is really the classic plot of a son overcoming his father's legend to claim his birthright as his own man. Appealing art and just the right blend of comedy and melodrama. Excellent subway reading.
Nyie Rombeng
sangat jarang ditemui komik berkonsepkan bisnis usaha seperti the drops of god ini,biasanya komok bertemakan seperti itu akan membosankan&susah disimak ceritanya.
the drops of god bagiku menarik sekali apalagi ini mengenai wine government yang dianggap lux,expensive&prestise dikalangan kaum elite.
mungkin agak sedikit hedonis,readers.dimana kanzaki sipewaris wine product milik keluarganya bersaing dengan issei,kompetitornya untuk meraih gelar"the best of the best"dari para ahlinya wine.yan...more
The format was somewhat difficult for me, and the dialogue felt unrealistic and off-putting (could be either translations or just the style) but it was very interesting and ultimately enjoyable.
Wow. I don't know much of anything about wine, but this seinen manga series really makes me want to learn. I doubt many wine connoisseurs actually describe wines as imagined sort of cinematic scenes (like coming across a secret cove where butterflies mingle in the crisp morning air), but I think all wine drinkers SHOULD use this method of describing their wines :) And it helps that I'm partial to the art work in the series as well (i.e., the characters are drawn in a way that is personally very...more
Whoah this is fantastic! I put off reading it because I'm not that familiar with wine, and not so fond of it. But I did write a book about wine, and during research my editor mentioned this manga and how good it was. I still passed it up, but yesterday I got it free during my manga shopping and finally got to read it. What an adventure. It provided details and elaborate wine descriptions, but by taking us on a great journey instead of being a walking encyclopedia. I find the main character charm...more
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Tadashi Agi, 亜樹直, is the penname of Yuko and Shin Kibayashi, a sister and brother team of Japanese manga storywriters. Shin Kibayashi also uses the pseudonyms Seimaru Amagi and Yuya Aoki.
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