Scones and Sensibility
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Scones and Sensibility

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Polly Madassa mungkin gadis 12 tahun paling romantis di dunia. Dia lebih suka lilin daripada lampu, memilih mesin tik daripada komputer, dan berbicara seperti tokoh-tokoh dalam buku klasik. Terlebih lagi, setelah berulang-ulang membaca Pride and Prejudice karya Jane Austen, Polly merasa dirinya paling paham urusan asmara dan bertekad untuk menjodohkan orang-orang di sekeli...more
Paperback, 308 pages
Published March 21st 2011 by Penerbit Atria (first published December 22nd 2009)
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Jennifer Estepp
i'm such a sucker for a pretty book cover, and i still think that this one is a beauty. but it also raised expectations, already somewhat elevated by some advanced praise i read of the book. alas, it didn't quite live up to either. which is a darn shame, because i still think the idea is solid and that polly has the makings of a good character. but ...

the word "annoying" has been bandied about a lot on these other goodreads reviws and i'm going to agree with them. and it isn't just the trying-t...more
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Polly Madassa is quite the winsome character, and I adore her. She takes her favorite novels very seriously, allowing them to inspire the way she dresses, talks, and interacts with others. With books as her guide, she tends to get lost in whimsical fantasies and has a flair for the dramatic. But her heart is in the right place.

Though she sometimes slips up and talks like a modern girl, her narration is very much like reading novels by Jane Austen and Lucy Maud Montgomery. It was refreshing. And...more
JG (The Introverted Reader)
At the tender age of 12, Polly Madassa has discovered Jane Austen and fallen hopelessly in love. Convinced that she's an Austen heroine born in the wrong time, Polly walks around her modern town speaking in Austen's flowery prose. She's only read Pride and Prejudice, and so has not learned Emma's lesson about meddling. Polly goes about delivering baked goods from her family's bakery and trying to spread happiness and love among her neighbors by matchmaking. Of course, as we all know, the course...more
Ia lebih menyukai lilin daripada lampu, lebih suka suara mesin tik daripada komputer, dan sangat menyukai gaun berhias renda dan kerutan. Ia bicara dalam bahasa berbunga-bunga, senang bersepeda sambil menikmati wangi garam di udara (karena ia tinggal dekat laut), dan mengawali tiap pagi dengan harum roti dan gula karena kedua orang tuanya memiliki toko roti.

Namanya Polly Madassa, usia 12 tahun. Novel kesukaan: Anne of The Green Gables dan Pride and Prejudice. Berbekal kedua novel romantis itu da...more
Kimberly Derting
Polly Madasa is darn near one of the cutest protagonists I've read. I fell hard for her quirky ways! A lover of all things quaint and romantic, Polly is like a fish-out-water in the rough-and-tumble 21st Century. She prefers candlelight to electric lamps, carriages to cars, and good old fashioned courting to today's internet dating. When she decides to take her town's romantic interests into her own hands, silly matchmaking (and hilarity) ensues!

Funny, sweet, and charming, Scones & Sensibil...more
Carmela Coyle
Lucy Maud Montgomery and Jane Austen book fans will enjoy this modern day middle grade story. I did!! It's breezy and fun. Wittingly, twelve old Polly Madassa "channels" revered literary idols, Anne Shirley and Elizabeth Bennett, as she goes about her business (and that of many others) in a dreamy coastal town. Her self-proclaimed sole purpose is to devise ways to assist townsfolk in finding true love. She speaks with the lilt of bygone days and thus the story unfolds with triumphs and troubles....more
12 year-old Polly Madassa dreams of the days when Elizabeth Bennet walked the halls of Pemberley with Mr. Darcy and Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables) rambled down Lover's Lane. Polly lives and breathes her two favorite novels, even attempting to speak like a 19th century heroine. In the small seaside town where her parents own a bakery, Polly searches for real life Elizabeths, Darcys, Annes and Gilberts for her nearest and dearest. She also wants to regain the affections of...more
Brandy Painter
Review originally posted here.

Polly is a very quirky 12 year old. She is a precocious young reader who read Anne of Green Gables in fourth grade and at 12 has just read Pride and Prejudice for the first time. She has requested that her computer be replaced with an old fashioned typewriter, learned calligraphy, embroiders and wears frilly dresses. She also talks like Anne at her most flowery and melodramatic. The book is a first person narrative from Polly's POV so the entire thing is written in...more
Mia Queen
Polly Madasa, gadis kecil berusia 12 tahun mungkin bisa kita anugrahkan predikat gadis paling romantis yang ada di muka bumi. Bagaimana tidak, buku favoritnya Pride and Predudice and Anne of Green Gables yang dibaca berulang kali. Ia lebih menyukai menulis dengan lilin dibanding mengetik di internet. Bahasa sehari-hari Pollypun sama persis dengan kalimat jadul ala Anne ditambah Polly juga pengkhayal kelas berat, sering kali orang tua dan teman-temannya dibuat bingung oleh tingkah laku Polly yang...more
Eland's protagonist, a middle schooler newly obsessed with Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice after a childhood of Anne of Green Gables, is written with quirky charm as she takes up calligraphy, wears dresses and bonnets, and otherwise does her best to live up to the example of her literary heroes. She has even schooled herself to speak (and think!) in an approximation of the proper English of centuries ago. It is the perfect hook.

Unfortunately, the protagonist is blind to the real-world needs of...more
Miss Clark
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
The Original Review - Here!

The narrator of the story, Polly, is a charming girl who enjoys classic stuff. In the summer the story’s narrated, Polly finds herself at a new job; making deliveries for her parent’s bakery while remembering her matchmaking gift at a singular situation she decides to find an “true love” to her Dearest Fran father. This is where the adventure starts since Polly already feels confident about her gift that she decides to take her town’s romantic interests into her own...more
To be perfectly honest, I picked up this book because I loved the cover...that and I like Jane Austen. It was a cute, fun, silly, and quick read. I enjoyed it.

12 year old Polly Madessa has just finished reading "Pride and Prejudice" and has decided that she has a new goal for the make people fall in love. In between delivering pastries for her parents' bakery she works to push people together and pull people apart (when she doesn't think they are well suited). In general she makes on...more
Steph Su
SCONES AND SENSIBILITY, Lindsay Eland’s debut novel, introduces to us a quirky yet endearing heroine who will probably remind us all too well of ourselves, especially if you are, too, a fan of Anne Shirley and Elizabeth Bronte. Its romantic affectations may make it appeal more to older readers instead of its intended middle-grade audience, but readers of all age will be able to laugh at Polly’s misconceptions and mistakes, and smile as she grows up and discovers the difference between fiction an...more
A romantic book for tweenage readers who love Anne of Green Gables and Mr. Darcy?! That was all I needed to hear before delving into this charming tale of twelve-year-old Polly Madassa, who decides to play matchmaker (ála Austen’s Emma) in her small beach town, often with disastrous and comical results. The language is hilariously overwrought and the chapter titles adorable, as in “In Which My Family Is Introduced and My Bosom Friend Gives Me Distressing News.” I happily embraced my “30 going on...more
Cute and sugary story of a young girl, Polly, who is equal parts Emma Woodhouse (Austen's "Emma") and Anne Shirley (Montgomery's "Anne of Green Gables").

Polly is a matchmaker wannabe in the modern world, desperately trying to keep her bosom friend Fran from hating her when her matchmaking skillz go rabidly wrong for her father. Polly's also doomed at trying to find Mr. Right for her sister. Will she get it right? Or wallow in the pits of despair at being the ultimate busybody and failure?

Mix th...more
How adorable is this book? I mean really, it's so cute and I fell in love with it immediately. Polly is 12 and has just read Pride and Prejudice and it has changed her life. She is transformed into a well bred elegant lady who must become a matchmaker for all the love starved people in her little town. Unfortunately, Polly's matchmaking turns disastrous and she has to learn the hard way that books are very different than real life. I loved the cover, the title, and all of the characters. I laugh...more

3.5 Stars...

This book was really cute. In fact, it went overboard on the cuteness factor. That was the main issue I had with the book. It became so cloyingly sweet that I didn't know what to do. Everything was saturated in pure sugar, and not in a good way. Overall, though, it wasn't bad. Eland is highly talented, as shown by the creation of Polly's highly stylized voice. The plot wasn't the most original concept, but it was less predictable, particularly the ending, than I thought it would be....more
So stinkin' cute! Polly's like a little mini Emma Woodhouse who tries to help her friends and neighbors find love with disastrous results.
Spell check is not enough. Pray, get thee a proofreader!

Let me preface by saying that I really like this book. Its characters are charming and the plot was easy to sink into. However, its spelling and grammatical errors slightly detracted from my enjoyment of the novel. I find it hard to turn off my brain and not notice errors when reading books, newspapers, magazines, Web sites, etc. How can a mistake like "As I road to Fran's house" (last paragraph of Chapter 19) get through to final printing...more
Recently I read to Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. It wasn't my favorite Jane Austen book, but it was decent and charming in that wonderful Jane Austen sort of way. With all the visions of England fresh in mind, I felt compelled to read Scones and Sensibility by Lindsay Eland. It is a modern Middle Grade book and not set in England at all, but based on the title alone it seemed like a book that deserved a chance.

Scones and Sensibility is actually set along the New Jersey shoreline. Twelve-...more
The Winter Rose
What a refreshing breath a fresh air this book is!
There is nothing spectacularly creative or amazing about it, but it is honest, simple and sweet. The author is not attempting to be clever or edgy. What we get is a very down to earth, adorable tale perfect for any romantic, young or old alike. In an industry plagued with poorly written, sensationalized supernatural romances, this story was such a welcomed relief.

The writing is good. There is nothing stand out about it, but the dialogue is fun an...more
Jasmine Ko
For a full review, please check out my review at the bookish mama

I chose to read this book because of the beautiful artwork on the cover. The story sounded intriguing from the recipe on the back and I was sold. Unfortunately, the story itself wasn't as great as I was expecting.

The main character, Polly is a very bookish young lady of 12 years. She loves Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice in particular) and Anne of Green Gables. She loves all the romance of the books - the language, the relationshi...more
Becky R.
I really wanted to like this book, with its cute premise of a young girl infatuated with all things Jane Austen, the pastry shop, and multiple courtships, but I just didn't. While it might be because the 12 year old character Polly grated on my nerves with her endless talking as if she somehow was a Romantic period character, I simply couldn't shake my annoyance over her behavior. Yes, Polly was cute, the way a 12-year old is supposed to be cute, but I didn't really believe her either. I couldn'...more
Plot: This book was cute, cute, cute! It actually seemed to be a bit more middle-grade than YA, but that shouldn't stop you from reading it. Polly is a hopeless romantic, and this trait has gotten her into quite a bit of trouble. After her parents give her the job of making deliveries for their bakery, Polly decides that it is up to her to help her lonely neighbors find romance. She thwarts any chance that her best friend's father has at connecting with a woman he meets online, sets up her neigh...more
I have never read anything by Jane Austen. I am writing a research paper on her and her writings, but I have never read any of her books. I have both Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice in my To-Read pile, but I haven’t had the chance to read either of them.
Now that I have read this book, though, I have to.
Scones & Sensibility is Lindsay Eland’s debut novel. It is a Middle Grade book, a genre I have never really explored, but it could easily double as a YA novel.
First off, I wi...more
Books and Literature for Teens
Sconces and Sensibility was a fun book to read. It might seem a little juvenile to older teens, but I thought it was a great story for pretty much any age. Polly, the main character, is a true romantic. She brings out the best and the worst in people. During this particular summer, Polly decides to take matters of love into her own hands had find suitable matches for her sister, Mr. Nighquist, Miss Wiskerton, and Mr. Fisk. The results were predicable, but I enjoyed watching Polly’s schemes unfol...more
In Scones and Sensibility, Polly Madassa reads authors like Jane Austen and Lucy Maud Montgomery and wishes she were born in a more romantic time. A time when noble gentlemen roamed the moors, searching for intelligent women of beauty and charm. Like the heroines she idolizes in Pride & Prejudice or Anne of Green Gables, Polly longs to be swept away in old fashioned tales of true love and romance. Our heroine prefers good old fashioned wooing to internet dating, ink quills to typewriters and...more
Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
3.5 stars!

Polly is quite the romantic 12 year old day dreamer. She wants to bring to life the characters and their love stories from her favorite classic novels, and enforce it upon those around her. Not realizing the harm this will cause them, Polly takes it upon herself to bring love to those she feels needs it. While she has the best intentions, she will soon learn that real life love isn't always like the love that's in the best novels.

Polly is definitely born a 21st century Elizabeth Benn...more
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Lindsay Eland knew she wanted to be a writer ever since fifth grade, when she won an honorable mention for her book “What Can You Learn From a Giflyaroo.” The book received rave reviews and was highly acclaimed among her family members. Sadly, with only ten hard-bound copies produced, the book is now out of print. In high school and early college, Lindsay traveled to India and had the privilege o...more
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