999 Tadpoles
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999 Tadpoles

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“We’ll have to move,” says Mother, after realizing the pond is too small. But moving a family of 999 young frogs is fraught with danger! Hungry snakes are crawling through the grass. Hungry hawks are flying through the sky.A young frog makes a mighty tasty morsel.

Never underestimate the quick wits of 999 young frogs!
Hardcover, 40 pages
Published May 1st 2011 by NorthSouth (first published 2003)
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999 Tadpoles is a hilarious book written by Ken Kimura. The story starts with 999 tadpoles growing up in a pond. As they get older, they need a place to live that has more room for all of the big frog family. So they start to explore the world beyond the pond for a bigger one to live in. As they make their travels, the frog family runs into many creatures such as snakes and hawks. One hawk helps the frog family reach their destination of their new large pond home. This book is a great read aloud...more
Both my boys LOVED this book..as did I. Recommended by a good resource. Makes you giggle and they love saying the "999!" part of the book. Who doesn't like tadpoles and frogs and their journey to find a home big enough for their family. Super cute.
999 tadpoles are born in a small pond but when they turn into frogs, they completely run out of room to even breathe! So mother and father frog decide they must find a new home to live in. All of the 999 tadpoles follow their father across a big field. He warns them about the dangers of snakes, just a moment before the little frogs come dragging a sleepy snake up to him. They escape that danger, but don’t notice the hawk circling above them. Down comes the hawk and grabs the father frog in his t...more
Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
I wish I'd read this before Christmas instead of after, as my 5-year-old great nephew loves frogs, and I'm sure he'd love this story. I'll have to get it for him for his birthday. It's a rather simple but fanciful tale of how Mother and Father Frog find a bigger pond for their 999 babies. It's also an educational story in that the reader learns that tadpoles become frogs and snakes and hawks eat frogs. Don't worry, the tadpoles and their parents all survive! I wasn't thrilled with the illustrati...more
Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance
Mother and Father Frog have 999 tadpole babies. Suddenly the pond is too crowded. On their way to a new pond, Father is snatched by a hawk, but the babies and Mother grab hold of Father as the hawk flies away with them all. They can just hold on for so long. When they fall, happily, they fall into an enormous pond where the family has plenty of room.

A nice narrative flow and inviting illustrations combine for a satisfying story.

“’Why is this frog getting so heavy?’ the hawk wondered and he looke...more
Ok, so it's not very realistic to think that 999 eggs would all hatch and that 999 tadpoles would all survive to grow up and become 999 frogs who would then travel with their 2 parents to a new pond - by way of a bird of prey. We'd have a serious population problem in our ponds if there were no frog casualties.

Although this is a bit fantastical, it's really cute. Yasunari Murakami's illustrations are simple and childlike and adorable, and Ken Kimura's story strikes just the right notes. Little...more
I enjoyed the illustrations of the darling tadpoles/frogs against the white background. It slows the pace of the book so that the text can be savored at each page turn. The title alone is intriguing. When the tadpoles outgrow their pond, where will they go? That's the question that begs to be answered. The story takes the readers on an adventure, which makes me want more. However, the adventure seemed short-lived and the ending left me unfulfilled. The plot lost its momentum when it cut short th...more
Too many off=spring so they need a new home and experience adventures along the way.
Karen A.
I love this book. Very funny and yet true to life:

Mother and Father Frog have 999 babies. Suddenly their little pond is too small for the family. What to do? What to do? Move. How to move 999 babies? Hop. Hop. Hop. But watch out for snakes and hawks. A funny light take on the real life perils of finding a place to live for you family. Mr. Murakami's illustrations are wonderfully playful and compliment the text well. This is a fun and humorous story book. One more for the Frog themed story times....more
Jennifer Brown
Adorable kids book!
My favorite picture book of the year is 999 Tadpoles by Ken Kitamura. This book is full of charm - brimming! All parents of 2-5 year olds need to buy it to read for their little ones. The top-notch illustrations are so basic and yet so perfect; the simple story line is told with suspense and wit. This is a real treasure of children's book. The ECA Kindergarten students and I had a lively discussion about who loved it more, them or me. I was outnumbered a bit so I suppose they won....
My daughter got this book from her granny. Even though I don't read German myself, the illustration is clever (and oh-so-charming) enough to let me get what happened in the story. And then my daughter decided I need to REALLY know the exact story and start retelling them to me. Between the hilarious illustration and a lively 5-year-old way of telling the story, it had me in stitches. A favourite already in the house.
Frogs are evil and they need to all suddenly disappear off the face of the planet, otherwise I would have given this book five stars. Silly story about two proud parents and their 999 babies that are becoming squished in their small pond. Time to move! But how do you relocate that many children?? Carefully! Makes me think a care trip with my one kiddo isn't so bad.
I would recommend this picture book for Preschoolers or Kindergarteners. Mine wanted to read it over and over. The story feels familiar to me, like maybe it's based on an old legend that I've heard before. The dangers aren't too scary because the family sticks together. You have to exercise patience with your child while she COUNTS all the frogs.
More of a 3 1/2 stars but clever. I felt that the story lacked the "3" sequence (perhaps 3 predators) but the ideas and visualization of the story were very clever. I also think something more could have been done to strengthen the ending.

I loved the play on "Are we there yet?"

I'm keeping this one on my shelves for its creativity.
Sandy Brehl
Equally appealing in both text and images, this one will be a "read it again" choice for many young ones. The ability to convey intense emotion with the placement of a dot in the eye (times 999!) is evident throughout and reminds me of Mo Willems's use of Pigeon's "eyeball" (size, placement, direction) to tell so much of a story.
Andrea Estelle
I sound like a broken record, but another one the boys loved! The part where all the frogs grabbed on to their daddy frog who was being carried off by a hawk was very funny. Fun to read with different voices for the frog children and parents. A great one for a frog storytime. I want to read it again!
"Field-tested" this one with my kindergartners last week, and they loved it. The story lends itself very well to conversations about fiction vs nonfiction, and how reading a silly story like this one can inspire us to learn more about frogs (and with Nic Bishop's Frogs at the ready, they were hooked).
Kim Patton
I loved this story about a mother and father frog and their 999 tadpoles that grow into frogs and outgrow their small pond. As they leave the old home to search for a new place to live, they encounter the dangers of life in the wild. Great illustrations and story. (Not for BMJ--author lives in Japan)
Well. Yes. That was weird. But funny, too. With a couple of pictures that I really loved. And I thought the tiny frogs were adorable. It's "violent nature" would prevent me from doing this in a preschool storytime, but not in a lap-read or a read-alone. School-age storytime might like it. Maybe.
Colby Sharp
999 tadpole babies overcrowding their home and in need of a new body of water. This has got to be one of the greatest ideas ever for a picture book. LOVED the art, but I felt that the story fell a little short. With a better story I would have easily given this book 4 or 5 stars.
Danica Midlil
The illustrations very closely resemble pictures I made in the third grade. I liked the oddly round birds and how expressive the hawk is, but the rest is pretty lame. Not a fan of this illustrator (who apparently has his own museum in Japan, so what do I know!).
I was totally charmed by this! I loved the dry, dry text. ("'We have a situation here,' said Father.") I loved the round froggy eyes and the many, many jumpy froggy legs. Whimsical story with a just-right solution. Great for storytime!
Beth Chandler
Nothing wildly original or exceptional about this book, but the fun text and charming illustrations make this an enjoyable read. Good for storytimes if you don't have too large a crowd to see the art.
Couldn't decide between 3 and 4 stars. I liked it a lot and the I got a good message from it which was: "Stick together, hold on tight, and eventually, hopefully, you'll end up in just the right place."
I was a little nervous about this book. Not sure where they were going, but it was improbable and funny at the end. Too many tadpoles growing into frogs, so they have to move, but it's not a safe world.
Japanese psychedelia for children.

Mom and Pop frog have 999 tadpoles, so their pond is too small. They need to move, all 1001 of this family, and they do, with the unintended help of a hawk.
When 999 tadpoles become frogs and outgrow their pond, they must find another home. Children will enjoy seeing them outwit and out-luck the danger that awaits as they seek one out.
Edward Sullivan
In this Japanese import, 999 young frogs and their parents demonstrate amazing resourcefulness as they escape predators on their way to a new home. Totally delightful!
An adorable story of what happens when a mother and father frog find their pond is too small after the birth of 999 tadpoles.

The illustrations are simple but quirky!
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