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Batman: Hush Returns
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Batman: Hush Returns (Batman)

3.32 of 5 stars 3.32  ·  rating details  ·  716 ratings  ·  46 reviews
Batman knew his deadliest new enemy Hush, who first appeared in the Jeph Loeb/Jim Lee hit storyline, was going to come back, but he never expected him to return so quickly! And with his reappearance come more questions about his true identity, origins and motivations. As the new battle of wits begins, the trail leads to Star City and an encounter with its protector, Green ...more
Paperback, 208 pages
Published January 4th 2006 by DC Comics
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Callie Rose Tyler

This started out decent and just got worse and worse.

First and foremost, CAN NO ONE STAY DEAD!?!

Second, what is up with the Joker? He acts completely out of character for the entire book.

The Joker is supposed to be predictably unpredictable, he is INSANE! I was like who is this guy dressed up like the Joker? He's terrible. Then it gets all sappy as I hear the "Red Hood" origin story for the umpteenth. Ugh! Boy do I hate that origin story. No I don't want some sob story about the man
A fast paced, shorter (6 issues) follow up to the Jeph Loeb penned Batman: Hush , Hush Returns is a breezy read. We have Hush, who was presumed dead (do any of them really die?) at the end of the first series, return to Gotham with a new plan to bring Batman down and take over Gotham. The Joker - self appointed king of the criminal underworld - does not take to this idea easily. Thus we have Batman, Joker and Hush in a three-way duel. Add to that, the Riddler with a secret of his own, and we ...more
Federiken Masters
No soy fanático de "Hush", la saga donde nace el personaje epónimo, ni mucho menos. Pero dentro de todo me parece una historia entretenida y bien llevada, con un retcon que no llega a contradecir historias de la continuidad de Batman. No es el caso de esta secuela, sobre todo cuando sus retcons entran en contradicción directa con una joya del noveno arte como "La broma asesina". No le pongo sólo una estrella porque los primeros capítulos no son malos y porque el dibujo, sin ser la octava maravil ...more
Oh boy, what a book. I haven't read this book in a long time (ten years) and I still remember this being a horrendously written book. Whatever happened to this writer? I remember Dan Didiot implored Liberman to be the hot new writer at the time. I do not want to call this book terrible due to its well-deserved criticism and its' overly usage, but it was terrible. I bought this book from Walder's (remember this store?) on a cool, azure Saturday afternoon, I was looking forward to reading the foll ...more
Arguably, it would very difficult to follow-up the stellar 'Hush' storylines and come out smelling like roses, but the creative team of A.J. Lieberman, Al Barrionuevo, and Javier Pina give it their best shot. Resurrecting Bruce Wayne's childhood chum, Tommy Elliot, to continue his crusade to bring down the Bat was a risky gamble that pays off in the first half of this graphic novel collection (originally appeared in serialized format in BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS), but, in the second half, the tale ...more
Justyn Rampa
This was the right price in one of the most awesome used bookstores in the USA, so I decided to give it a try.

I think it has gotten somewhat of a bum wrap for reasons that are not its own fault. The coloring is a bit off (as in sometimes the ethnicity of characters is hard to decipher or just plain confusing). Also, for some reason, they include Gotham Knights issues 50-55 and then randomly throw in issue 66. I was disappointed to learn that the remaining issues of the Gotham Knights line were n
Some books, like this one, have a terrible reputation: they are mostly hated, sometimes laughed out, or leave people holding their head, sobbing uncontrollably, not comprehending how something so akin to manure could ever be published (other examples of this are Ultimatum, Holy Terror, World War Hulks: Hulked-Out Heroes, to name just a few). You probably have your own list, and I'm sure this would make a great topic for a discussion, or even a sort of "To Avoid" List on Goodreads.

And then there'
Batman thought things would settle down now that Hush has been killed. While it was horrifying to learn that his childhood friend Tommy decided to take on the role of a supervillain to get revenge for the death of his father on the operating table of Bruce Wayne's father, Batman had to do what he could to stop Hush's reign of terror. The belief is that he can go back to bringing in the usual coterie of villains.

When the Riddler is thrown through a skylight of a museum during a major fundraiser,
I liked the first compilation of Hush a lot, but this didn’t have the same feel. It was very disjointed from the first set. I didn’t like much of the Hush storyline in this, which being the focus of the collection is pretty sad. I much preferred the Joker’s storyline. Lieberman reworked on a Joker back story that I didn’t like when I first read it (can‘t remember which series it was), there were a few subtle changes that made the story much better.
the conclusion to this feels like the hot panicked damage-control breath of an editor gasping: "just kill it quick and let's move on ~ maybe everyone will forget it ever happened if we start over with something else."

woof ~ there's so much wrong here it's not even worth enumerating, but some of the highlights include totally idiotic characterizations (seriously, i couldn't recognize a single character here and i'm not talking about the artwork), numerous plot threads that never get resolved, a l
Michael Kelley
from start to finish this was the first time I never wanted to be batman. Hush is to put kindly a physco maniac. determined to track down the riddler at all costs. Given his expertise he's saves prometheus from the grave TWICE. Lots of villans in this and a chance to get to know the Joker better. all in all very happy with this read. puss fart
Alex Brown
I feel like they didnt focus on the impact of hush returning enough, it was good but didnt have much emotion or impact on anything really. It wasnt too bad but not that good either, the part i really hated though is literally nothing is explained by the end, its a big a$$ cliffhanger.
ART: 6.5
(out of ten)
This one is really cool. Batman goes to Starling City, Green Arrow's turf, Hush and The Joker battle for control of the Gotham underworld, and other Batman villains are also involved. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is, I'm not crazy about the very end. The last few pages are kind of a let down.
Hannah Givens
An unsatisfying follow-up to my beloved Batman: Hush. It doesn't add anything to the original, the end just trickles off, the art is harder to follow, it's not so lavish with the villains, the Joker seems evil rather than insane, and there's no Catwoman.
Dean liapis
Wasn't too thrilled with this one. Seems like no one can handle Hush except the author that introduced the character. I felt like Joker was mishandled as well, even for a "rational" joker portrayal, as some writers prefer to write him.

Story kind of meandered, Prometheus was ok as the guest villain, but the story of Joker and Hush fighting for control of Gotham (with batman in the middle of course) seemed like such a great idea, but the execution left me wanting.

The action is pretty so-so, the p
Stefan Mullinax
Needs a conclusion. Builds the story but doesn't end up anywhere.
I didn't like this. I only kept reading it because Hush is an interesting villain with an odd relationship to Bruce Wayne.

This follows some of the same grievances I've had before with people who delve into the Joker's backstory. I think that doing so negates his menace. Furthermore, the Joker we see here is absolutely sane. He's cold and calculating, and if I didn't see his image I'd think I was reading The Penguin. The Joker shouldn't be a mob boss, but an anarchist. He shouldn't care about a
Variaciones Enrojo
May 03, 2015 Variaciones Enrojo marked it as to-read
Tomo que recopila el innecesario regreso de Hush.
Not a complete story so left frustrated at the end.
I did not enjoy how Lieberman writes any of these heroes or villains, the Joker in particular. Lackluster story and the way this trade paperback was compiled it left too many plot gaps in its exclusion of certain issues. Enjoyable art, but the bad dialogue and the implausibility of the way these villains interact according to every other canon story left a bad taste in my mouth. Also includes a lousy retread of the version of Joker's origin told in Alan Moore's superior The Killing Joke.
Jake Hugenroth
One of the worst Batman stories I've ever read. The Joker and Riddler act completely out of character, the art is not good, and the story goes absolutely nowhere.
Cassandra Stapleton
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Derek Royal
What started as an interesting story, a follow up to HUSH, developed into a fizzle. The rivalry between Hush and Joker was one of the strands carrying this narrative, and I even appreciated the story up to the final Joker scene, when he is beaten and wanders to the carnival. And I can appreciate a cliffhanger, but the story that concludes the book--originally Gotham Knights #66--just seemed out of place...too detached from the main HUSH RETURNS storyline to be cohesive.
Dec 24, 2013 AMS rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: comics
Right off the bat, I'll warn you this is not Loeb's Hush. There were some cool parts to the story and it can be considered a sequel since there are parts from Loeb's Hush story that are referenced to in this collection but the story was a bit lackluster. And it jumped in parts which could be confusing to some. However, it is a Batman story so its not that bad.
Nothing really happens here. Hush is one of my favorite Batman baddies, and this basically all has to set up something because there's really no resolution, just a cliffhanger, which I don't mind, but there are so many things going on I'd like something to resolve itself. Hush's character is masterfully written though.
good story....I liked Hush teaming with Prometheus because both are pretty much 'unknowns.' However, for a graphic novel, the story wasn't complete. It left me wanting to know what happens next, which is great for a story. But graphic novels should be a complete storyline.

What book comes next in this story?
Mister Future [formerly known as 'Pizzle']
I enjoyed the Hush follow up story. But it was the definition of mediocrity. There wasn't a lot of Batman but there were a lot of plot holes and a weak ending that didn't provide any sort of conclusion or resolution.

2.75/5 Stars
Dean Olson
I remember loving this the first time I read when I was new to comics. It doesn't stand up over time. I liked the idea of villains fighting each other but the uncharacteristic portrayal of The Joker is really strange.
The writing style changes I'm this book. I really didn't like the illustration and how many characters looked very similar. This book did make the joker seem more human though and I liked that.
As a collection, this does a very poor job of feeling complete. The beginning has a nice buildup, but this fails to deliver, as it seems the only point to bring Hush back is to bring Hush back.
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