The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons (Light Dragons, #2)
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The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons (Light Dragons #2)

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Ysolde Bouchier is still coming to terms with the dragon part of her, while at the same time trying to free a friend of Baltic-her Black Dragon lover-from the weyr, get Baltic to meet with the dragons who want him dead, rescue a half-dragon damsel in over her head, raise the shade of the man everyone says killed her, and once and for all clear Baltic's name of the murder c...more
ebook, 352 pages
Published May 1st 2011 by Signet
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 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads)
3.5/5.0 stars. Considering this was the first book I've read by KM, and this is not the first dragon book, I think I did pretty well, although I was confused initially. It was a fun read, but it didn't blow me away. I think I would have enjoyed this more if the narrative didn't seem so disjointed. I'm not sure that 1st person POV lends itself well to this sort of story.

Full review will be posted in Affaire de Coeur magazine:
I loved the continuation of Baltic and Ysolde/Tully's story. The humor is great especially when you add it big bad dragon fighting like school children with Ysolde acting as the mother hen. I love how the wyvern mares stick together and those of us who a Katie Mac's dragons fans still get to see glimpse of what goes on in a characters life once their individual series has ended. I'm a big Aisling fan! I'm interested to see if once she is done with the light dragons she will move on to the black...more
I love Katie MacAlister's writing. She never fails to make me laugh.
This is straight fluff reading & it makes my heart feel good. If your not into over-the-top love, hot, manly, arrogant but absolutely devoted to their women, man/dragons, & women who are strong, obvious know better than their stubborn males, & have amazing talents of their own, then this isn't a book for you. Oh! Let's don't forget the smart mouthed, sex obsessed, laugh inducing, low level demon in dog form (well, m...more
So confusing. Sometimes I can overlook it and catch up, sometimes I just let it go and hope I will understand to some degree, later on.

Essentially I got this -
Baltic and mate got kicked out of weir. Ysolde wants back in, even though she really only had a very brief introduction to the club, in which they tried her for murders Baltic had been accused of. But ya know, she bonded with the girls when she was there for five minutes, and now she wuvs them and wants to hang out with them again.
So eve...more
As usual when MacAlister "puts pen to paper", hilarity ensues.

While not quite as humorous as the first in the Light Dragons series, this second book is quite funny but has much more intrigue and is much sexier (caramel is involved at one point and handcuffs at another - puuuurrrrrrr). Sexy alpha dragons, edicts from a quasi-god, rescues, a kidnapping attempt, a resurrection, a summoning, more visions, betrayal and serious romance - they may be arrogant bull-headed alpha males but they do romanc...more
I wanted so badly to like this one. I loved the first book in this series. I loved the characters. I loved the humor and found myself constantly laughing out loud. I loved Baltic even though everyone thought he was the bad guy in the beginning. I loved his and Ysoldes love story and flash backs to how they met. I was invested in these characters and I was disappointed.

The most interesting part of this book for me were the last couple of chapters. Everything started to pick up and things actuall...more
Lynsey   • The Demon Librarian
The beginning of this novel was extremely confusing. It had been around 6 months since I'd read the first one, so naturally I was a bit rusty on the details. But even with the recaps that were provided, there was just so much going on and so many different dragon colours that I couldn't remember which Septs liked each other and which didn't, or why. I very nearly gave up all together. There is quite a large cast and several different subplots, so this only added to my confusion. It took until ar...more
♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡
This is the second book in this series, & because I waited so long to read it, I got confused.

This is the ressurected (sp) from death story of the Black dragon Baltic & his half dragon mate Ysolde who are at war with the other dragon septs (Blue, Red, Green & Silver). Really it's by name only & all the wives are friends.

Baltic Is accused of dkilling a mass of blue dragons & other crimes he didn't commit & Ysolde has 3 things she has to do for 3 different people to restore...more
Rawh! (In a sexy kind of purr!) Baltic and Ysolde breath new life in the dragon series by Katie MacAlister. The second book in the Light Dragon series has lots of fun adventures, hilarity and of course dragons being all dragon-y. (Again, rawh!) Only Ysolde can turn a demon into a man and harness the power of a banana all while trying to keep her family safe and fulfilling the request of the first dragon. And none of the dragon books would be the same without Jim, in human or doggie form the demo...more
This series is good, but if you haven't been reading from book 1 to book whatever, you can get lost in some of the references.
Ysolde has been raised from the dead with a severe memory loss, that she's slowly recovering. Her husband Baltic has also been raised from the dead. Baltic has also been accused of several acts of violence and murder that he says that he did not commit. Ysolde is bound and determined that she's going to get to the bottom of this no matter what the outcome is. She wants th...more
Getting tired of caveman dragons, you are my mate, do what I say, I will protect you, blah blah blah. Then there is Ysolde, who is dead, then not, then dead, then not, who can't remember her past life, then some, then not. Tired of Baltic saying "The old Ysolde...." I like strong women characters, but constantly going behind the backs of the guys to do it doesn't mean they are strong, just that they have disfunctional relationships. I did like parts of it, but it had too many problems to really...more
Gina Briganti
What do you expect from the middle book in a trilogy? Entertainment, always. It was definitely entertaining. There was also more plot building from the first book, “Love in the Time of Dragons.” There was at least a little bit of resolution, as well. I think the main thing I would ask from the middle book in a trilogy is that it drives me to want to read the final book. It did do that. I’ve got my copy of “Sparks Fly” right here and I'm reading it now. If you’re a fan of Katie MacAlister’s drago...more
As near as I can tell, Baltic's only redeeming characteristic is his willingness to accept a non-biologically related child as his own wholeheartedly.

Other than that, he's demanding, both emotionally and sexually, and constantly mocks and belittles his mate for her sexual preferences and not living up to the ideal image of her that is three hundred years out of date. She spends the entire time making cow eyes at her insufferable man, "melting with love" at every turn without any discernible prom...more
While there was still moments that made me laugh out loud, the book felt really disjointed to me, I got lost on the rambles.. and the pace seemed off.
And...the story just gets better and better! I can't get enough of the Light Dragons series. Baltic and Ysolde are arguably the most endearing MacAlister characters. Their love is legendary and their story epic. This series really brings together all of the dragon septs like never before. Instead of highlighting the differences between the septs and focusing on individuality, this series shows how the septs are really one tight knit family; their stories are intertwined to such an extent that th...more
May 27, 2011 Shay marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
May 2011

Chapter One on-line!!!
Stacey Kennedy
Sigh. This book is exactly why Katie is my favorite authors. Her characters are unforgettable.
Tally Sullivan alias Ysolde de Bouchier ist wieder mit ihrem Gefährten Baltic vereint, doch das ist auch das einzig Gute in ihrem Leben. Der Magier Dr. Kostich hat ihre Magie gebannt und alles was sie jetzt versucht zu zaubern gerät fürchterlich schief. Außerdem versucht sie noch immer ihre Erinnerungen vollständig zurückzubekommen und Baltic ist mit seiner Sturheit keine Hilfe. Die anderen Drachen haben ihnen den Krieg erklärt und sie aus dem Weyr ausgeschlossen, da sie Baltic für den Tod von e...more
Barbara ★
From other books in the Dragon series, Baltic is always shown as the bad guy. Of course, this series shows Baltic in the best light possible. He is a typical hero: strong and silent, sexy, loves his mate beyond measure and lets his woman get away with murder (well not literally). I really like Baltic and Ysolde together. They were married a couple hundred years ago until someone murdered them both. Baltic was resurrected by his second in command, a very strong necromancer and Ysolde was resurrec...more
Bleh. It's not fun to read a petulant male lead who is stubborn to a fault, but it's just as bad to read about a I-always-know-best heroine who feels the need to constantly try to correct said male lead. Not to mention gossipy female circles that try to be funny, but mostly end up kind of sad and annoying because all of their conversations revolve around how difficult their mates are being, and if said mates could just see it their way, the world would be an easier place to live. Which, admitted...more
i'm not even sure it deserved four stars....but Baltic has always been my favourite dragon....and even though Thala and Mauve seemed to distract alot from the actual was still good.

Jim as always...with his whining about demon abuse and food, made me laugh....though im not sure it was as much as he normally does!

Poor Kostya! after Baltic he's my sweetie too. i was never a Cyrene fan....but not i really do hate her. hopefully since she's no a true mate...something can do done for Kost...more
Ms MacAlister has a recurring personality in this series. In the first part - the Aisling Grey series - it was a ghost. In the second part - the silver dragons - it was a demon lord. In this one, it's both our H, and, near the end, a ghost of a former suitor. Essentially, the character is this over the top, drama queen (or is that king) personality who is obsessed with the heroine, and who speaks with butchered english. It was funny in its first incarnation, but it's getting old. Add to that, th...more
Katie MacAlister is one of my absolute FAVORITE authors, and I have been in love with the Aisling Gray, the Dark Ones and the various Dragon Series. But this one of all of them fell a bit short for me. The first 25% of it was all dialogue.

Ususally in reading, if there is too much thought or narration, I find my self skimming down the page looking for conversation to break it up. But this one was ALL conversation, and some being quite long-winded for the first quarter of the book. So this time i...more
Als erst einmal muss ich sagen, ich bin mit gemischten Gefühlen an das Buch gegangen. Ich hatte bereits eine Rezension im LoveLetter (Literaturzeitschrift) gelesen, die davon sprach, dass in diesem Band kaum etwas passiert. Also ich kann das nicht bestätigen und frage mich ob die Rezensentin dann bei der Silver Dragon Reihe eingeschlafen ist. Die war nämlich wirklich etwas langatmig und stellenweise langweilig. Aber ich bin ja kein Maß für das Spannungsempfinden und es zeigte mir nur w...more
Janis Hill
This was quite different from the other dragon books so far and, to be honest, I did find myself wondering if it was going to get to the point and get the real story started when I was just over half way through. Still, it's not as if this 'lack of a point' was boring as I didn't stop reading. It just had a lot to say and only one book to squeeze it in to. It was more trying to get some really good story threads weaved together to lead on to greater things (I hope) in the third and final book. I...more
Mistress of the Dark Path
Ysolde Bouchier has returned in Katie Macaliser's second Light Dragons novel (or ninth Dragon novel series)with just as many obstacles to face as ever. In the last book she renewed her relationship with Baltic after centuries of separation. Due to her memory being erased and only coming back in pieces, she still has a lot to catch up on. Baltic is helping her but he is still holding a lot back (as dragons tend to do). Some information she needs is vital, but his desire to protect her makes for s...more
Katie is starting to lose me. I really don't want to have to think when I read my "fluff" books and this one is starting to make me think. How cruel! lol. My head has been full of all kinds of things right now so trying to remember who is a blue dragon and who is a green dragon etc (and hey, why aren't there any purple dragons? I'd totally be the wyvern of that sept!). is just a tiny bit too much for me. This book brought in even more characters when I can't even wrap my tiny brain around the ol...more
I normally love Katie Mac but this book was tough to finish. This book lacked her humor and wit that she infuses in most of her books.

The second book of the Light Dragon series, this book was difficult to read. I found myself wondering when I would get to the good part. The secondary characters (those from the initial dragon books) made the book more palatable with the usual humor and characteristics that made me love Katie Mac.

The story seemed to unfold in the last two or three chapters. Most...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I loved this book alot more than the previous book. It was still as funny and adventurous as the previous book but found this one more interesting witb the first dragon and all the other characters. Cannot wait to read the next one and see what happens next xxx
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For as long as she can remember, Katie MacAlister has loved reading. Growing up in a family where a weekly visit to the library was a given, Katie spent much of her time with her nose buried in a book. Despite her love for novels, she didn't think of writing them until she was contracted to write a non-fiction book about software. Since her editor refused to allow her to include either witty dialo...more
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