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3.65 of 5 stars 3.65  ·  rating details  ·  2,949 ratings  ·  196 reviews
Lucy Merritt has always defined herself by her body, whether dancing in a small avant-garde company or posing for art. But she has always felt as if something is wrong with her, as if something is missing. She has never been in love. Suddenly, in the darkness of the theater wings, a strangely affecting man enters her life. Matthew Norris, rich, handsome patron of the dance ...more
Paperback, 226 pages
Published February 1st 2009 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Blacky *Romance Addict*

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This book is f*cking idiotic!

No actually, the characters are some of the most idiotic I've ever read!!!


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I grabbed this cause I wanted some kinky erotica, this has dancing in it, why the hell not.

The main guy is a sadist. Ok.
The main woman is a pain slut (I think that's the term). Ok.

Put both of them together and you have the stupidest couple ever to be written!

They actually deserve each other cause OMGGGGGGG they are such idiots i can't explain it in words.

Well actually, I can!

This book is crap. I tried really hard to get through it, but I couldn't. He rapes her, he beats her, he has his friends fuck her whether she wants it or not, he verbally and mentally abuses her, and she takes it. She loves it, actually. This book is sickening, and I'm seriously questioning Ms Joseph's sanity if she thinks any of the shit in this book could be called romantic. It's not romantic when a guy debases you and calls you a whore, or a slut, or a bitch. It's not romantic when he beats y ...more
Warning. Spoilers below.

25 pages left and there's no chance I'm finishing this book. When the other characters started encouraging Matthew's abusive behavior, I was fucking done with Mercy. Where in America would a doctor encourage a patient to return to her boyfriend after he nearly (view spoiler) her with rough sex? Where in America would a so-called friend encourage your boyfriend to (view spoiler) and then tell YOU to forgive HIM. I'll give y
Amber Rose
Simply amazing!!!

First off Annabel Joseph has yet to let me down. The cover is brilliant for this book. I loved it and made me think it fit perfectly.

I must say this book may not be for everyone. It has a darker approach, nothing vanilla what so ever. There is so many twisted things that happen. But still brilliant with every word. I love darker books so this is right up my alley. Just a warning though!!!

When you make your life by your body, it's actually better not to feel to much.

28 year
♆ BookAddict  ✒ La Crimson Femme
May 08, 2011 ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: into BDSM
Recommended to ♆ BookAddict by: Linda
Matthew is emotionally crippled, that is my psychoanalysis of the bastard. Lucy is a messed up little girl who is a masochist. This intense BDSM story from Ms. Joseph created fits of fury, frustration and rage for me. Matthew is not what I consider a healthy dom. To put it simply, he's one f-ed up mo-fo who perversions leads Lucy down a subversive and destructive path.

I couldn't relate to Lucy at all. I wanted to shake her several times and then slap some sense into her. Matthew's emotional blac
Could not finish for the life of me. The more i read the more i grew detached from the characters. It gave me the shivers. Lucy and Matthew are FU***D UP! He is an abusive asshole and she started of more then OK but then graduated to the position of a DOORMAT! Even that I could take, it's just a book, right?


She overdoses on painkillers, and she is unconscious!

He finds out she was raped!


WTF? I almost g
Verra mechanical, un-erotic scenes. So not sexy when told - not shown - thru 1st POV, long ass narrative. The author's voice just didn't work on so many levels. I was looking for a hardcore, spankalicious story but it turned out to be limp Bizkit. Ballerina got raped by stalkerific fan 3 years ago, but craves pain & degradation as therapy. Mutual insta luv between hypocritical H/h. Honorable mention : HEA is achieved after hero intentionally drops his potent li'l swimmers in heroine's canal ...more
*P*u*r*p*l*e* Masochist
This review is posted on Way Too Hot Books.

I thought this book would be something similar to the Fifty Shades Series and I liked the cover, so I decided to try it, but it was NOTHING like it.
This book was just too raw, brutal, vulgar and primitive, in short a "bit" too much for me-I guess not my cup of tea.

I didn't like the female protagonist, because I can't stand weak and whiny characters and this girl was too naive, immature and weak- she kept on crying and crying and feeling sorry for hersel
Wow - I just finished this book. I am normally pretty open to BDSM, D/s, controlling relationships, etc.. I've read a bunch of other books that fall into this category and have enjoyed them. I can honestly say, though, that I did not enjoy this book.

It opens with Lucy basically saying that she is emotionally bankrupt (as in - no capacity to scream out her rage & anger and no ability to cry when she needs to). She meets this guy who makes her uncomfortable on a base level but decides to emba
Michael Dunellen
I've liked all of Annabel's books I have read and this one is no exception. I almost started it a couple of months ago but the negativity of some of the reviews scared me away at first. But I am glad I did take the time to read it.

So many of Ms. Joseph's submissives are so driven, their desire is so strong. Lucy certainly is right up there. But this time there are a couple of twists - the end of her dancing career and the "event" - that ratchet up the intensity level way higher than any I have s
After reading this I have discovered I do not like a Dominant male referring to his Submissive female as a slut or whore etc.

This is a BDSM story with minimal BDSM. He controls her without all the paraphernalia usually seen in these types of stories. He does control her well- up to a point.

You can feel her pain when her body and legs ache from her dancing and her punishments.

He betrays her terribly and I did have issues with this act.I am not sure if I would forgive him, but I guess it is what
Mercy is probably the most realistic BDSM story I have read so far. It was quite refreshing to read romantic book which was not so lovey-dovey. Moreover, the storyline was truly unexpected. Every coin has two sides and it is the same with this story. On the one side, I found their relationship disturbing and I had hard time to connect with characters. But on the other side, whole story was untraditional, interesting and it was hard to put down.

Lucy, main female character, has her dancing but ot
I wish it was possible to give a negative star.

For all of you who just happened to find this book and are planning to read it, please DON'T , DON'T , DON'T , Unless of course you don't mind being abused , beaten, raped, humiliated, insulted, called names, demeaned, used, and .....then I guess you can go ahead and buy the book.

For me the sharing part alone was the turn off point, however the point where I was truly and utterly disgusted was where (view spoiler)
This book wasn't for me. The heroine, Lucy, was a depressing character. She seemed so lonely and sad. The hero seemed to almost hate Lucy at times. He was almost borderline abusive to her. (view spoiler) I know this is a Dom/Sub relationship, but he still seemed excessively cruel and cold to her. This just wasn't ...more
I ♥ Bookie Nookie (
MERCY is one of those fantastic, but slightly twisted reads that leaves you feeling excited and a little confused about why you enjoyed it so much.

Millionaire Matthew and dancer Lucy begin their relationship as master and slave in a very business like fashion. Matthew explains what her role as his submissive would be like with such clinical detachment that it truly boggled my mind and it was obviously just as confusing to Lucy...but it was also very exciting. Watching their relationship grow was
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This is one of the first books in years that I nearly didn't finish. As an avid reader of BDSM fiction, I'm not particularly squeamish, open minded about texts containing dubious consent and I really enjoy reading various interpretations of the D/s dynamic. I was therefore shocked to find that this book honestly disgusted me and left me feeling rather empty and genuinely quite miserable.

The protagonists show very little ability to understand that their interactions amount to little more than abu
Amanda Ryan
This was the first time I've read anything by Annabel Joseph. It was recommended to me by a fellow Rauncher who had just begun to explore BDSM books. I picked up Mercy for a few reason: a) it was recommended b) the heroine was a dancer and I have a personal connection with dance and c) I was looking for something to follow up Fifty Shades of Grey in terms of a contractual BDSM relationship.

I had a hell of a time wrapping my head around this book. I was enjoying the ride for probably about the fi
Bree Cheese
Wow, I couldn't believe the plot device used in this book. It was actually disturbing and I have read some crazy stuff. Honestly, I don't mind non-consensual scenes in books, but when you through in something like (view spoiler) and (view spoiler) near the end of the book, out of nowhere, it was rather confusing. Not the (view spoiler) itself ...more
Pam Godwin
Erotic, arresting, and as deeply distressing as it is sensual, this story is brazen in its depiction of D/s. It gets to you through its uncomfortable intensity rather than complex plot twists, but Ms. Joseph has a magnetic talent with words.

Despite the heavy doses of rough sex, it is meaty for a peddler of its type. If the taboo explicitness was moved behind the curtain, the psychological elements alone could carry the story.

There aren't any breath-catching moments of sappy relief for the reade

Realmente me preocupa lo que pasa en la cabeza de la escritora de este libro porque es un libro terrible, donde el protagonista masculino es sumamente inescrupuloso, donde lo único que importa es su placer que está conectado con la humillación de la protagonista femenina.
Es una relación totalmente enfermiza, realmente nunca llegué a entender porque ella se ve tan atrapada en algo que le hace tan mal, no sé dónde es que gana algo.
Además está el amigo de ella que ve que aparece golpeda y no hace n
LipSmackin' GoodBooks Bloggin' Bitches
I'm exactly like all of you other's out there with inner smut whores or kinky bitches buried below the surface of our "I'm a good mommy, and of course I love vanilla sex, I'm a mommy" facades. Yeah, sure, tell your inner slut or kinky bitch that while you read "Fifty Shades of Grey", "Bared to You", or "This Man Trilogy" I'm sure she'll be listening, no, I'm totally effing with you, she won't hear a word you say. Lmao.
However, KUDOS to us! Pat yourself on the back! Even though we've carried and
This I would classify as S&M and some of it horrified me - when they were 'playing' with frank and byron and she was gagged she couldn't say her safe word like she wanted - I don't even think she knew hand signals to be used when gagged! I couldn't read past the part where he beat/whipped her for no apparent reason and she cried out her safe word...

Rules are there for a reason and weren't consistent in this book it gives a bad portrayal of the BDSM... I wouldn't trust any of those men with
Sibylla Matilde
Feeling the need to be topped.... Some Annabel Joseph usually satisfies that desire...

And OMFG she did. I loved this book. It was dark and dirty and one of those books that makes you feel horrified and aroused and horrified that you're aroused. Some pretty heavy S&M that makes FSOG look rather mild, so, if you're not into that, this probably isn't the book for you. But I loved every uncomfortable moment, even the parts that twisted my stomach and made me feel kinda ill. Loved it all!
SassyAsby (A.K.A. Mrs. Charlie Hunnam)
Well, I kinda hated this book. Not because of the writing or the actual story being told, but because I absolutely HATED the heroine and the hero! The Heroine-- Lucy who is a ballerina in a New York dance company was a weak, weepy, crying, sobbing mess! She cried in almost every chapter of the damn book. She cried over absolutely everything! She cried if she was happy, sad, confused, dancing, on the phone, off the phone, having an orgasm, getting beaten (sexually). Hell, she cried if it was rain ...more
Alma (aka Mrs. Rhaw)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Rose May
Note: This review, and all my reviews, comes from my blog - Romantic Rose's Bookshelf (

So this week I decided to review a book that could get me in trouble with feminists and non-kinky romance lovers. Mercy, by Annabel Joseph, is really one of the kinkiest BDSM books out there. Behold, the following list of the kinkiness of Mercy:

Kinks: explicit scenes of dominance and submission, discipline & training, bondage, group sex, oral sex, anal sex & doubl
Fallon Blake
I'm very sorry that it took me so long to read Mercy and I'm not even sure why I hesitated. I absolutely love Ms. Joseph's writing. Her voice in Mercy, and her other self published work, has an almost literary feel to it. Words flow seamlessly, allowing the reader to experience the story.

And I think it would be correct to say that Mercy is an experience. Despite the lack of BDSM props, this is not a light tale of dominance and submission. It's a detailed account of a deeply intimate and often h
I may have rated this book higher if it had ended differently (view spoiler). Instead this book had a HEA, which I could not justify. It was a story of physical and psychological abuse. The relationship was unhealthy and disturbing, and the ending validated every wrong thing that he did to her. I know there is an aspect of controlled pain and to some extent, abuse in a bdsm relationship, but this portrayed too much pain and abuse. It was ...more
Loved it!
Loved Matthew and his kinky f****d up ways. Loved his obsession for the truth, for ownership, for her.
*currently having an unhealthy obsession for a Matthew-like character in real life*
Loved Lucy and her meek and quiet strength. She seems to be always crying, and I see why she does.
Loved the dynamics of their relationship. Loved they way they fit in every way.
Loved the writing..easy, smooth, but deep and intense when it needs to be.
The sex scenes are not for the faint of heart, and at t
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Annabel Joseph is a NYT and USA Today bestselling BDSM erotic romance author. She writes mainly contemporary romance, although she has been known to dabble in the medieval and Regency eras. She is recognized for writing emotionally intense BDSM storylines, and strives to create characters that seem real--even flawed--so readers are better able to relate to them.

Annabel publishes with Ellora's Cav
More about Annabel Joseph...
Comfort Object (Comfort, #1) Club Mephisto (Club Mephisto, #1) Burn for You (Club Mephisto, #2) Waking Kiss (BDSM Ballet, #1) Odalisque (Comfort, #3)

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