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Les Diamants Du Passé
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Les Diamants Du Passé

3.77 of 5 stars 3.77  ·  rating details  ·  3,839 ratings  ·  152 reviews
Laine Tavish tient une boutique d'antiquités à Angel Gap, dans le Maryland. Personne ne sait qu'elle est la fille d'un cambrioleur. Un vieil ami de celui-ci lui rend visite et se fait écraser par une voiture. La maison de Laine est mise à sac puis elle rencontre Max Gannon. Samantha, leur petite-fille, raconte, une cinquantaine d'années plus tard, sans deviner que l'histoi...more
413 pages
Published 2005 by Editions V.D.B.
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Jacob Proffitt
While I liked this book pretty well, little pieces of it would bother me enough to keep me from fully engaging with it. Laine is a delight, for example. She's tough, brave, and smart. But when she dips into her past, or does something reckless and illegal, it doesn't feel like it fits her character, very well. And I really disliked her support for her larcenous father.

Indeed, like the pieces from the perspective of the bad guy, this book has jarring bits dangling off of it that poke at me enough...more
HOT ROCKS is the first book in a two book series that covers aspects of the same crime but set 50 years apart. The first book, HOT ROCKS, is written by Nora Roberts and the second, BIG JACK, is written by her alter-ego J.D. Robb. The two books originally appeared under one title, ‘Remember When,’ and this is clearly written on the front cover of this volume.

HOT ROCKS is romantic mystery and is set in a small town called Angel Gap in Maryland. Laine Tavish runs an antique store called ‘Remember W...more
Alicia (is beyond tired of your *ish)
A serviceable romantic suspense that was mostly enjoyable to read. I liked the characters a lot. They were witty and fun. And we get a Heroine who basically (view spoiler). The biggest problem with the story was Laine and Max's insta-love on speed. They went from meeting each other to engaged in, literally, three days. Errr...

Still, though I continually scoffed at their declarations of love and excitement over their engagement, I still bought their relationship more...more
Living her own life, her own way was really all Laine Tavish wanted. When a stranger was hit by a car in front of her store, she found it was the man she used to call Uncle Willy. After his death she was confused by seeing him as much as by as she was by his final words to her. Arriving in Angel Gap Maryland too late to talk to Willy, Max Gannon had to figure out why he was there as well as what he had done with this portion of the $28 million in diamonds that he, Big Jack and Alex Crew had stol...more
Lisa Kay

★★★★✩ This one was fun ! Susan Ericksen does another wonderful job of narrating Ms. Roberts’ story of a missing share of a $28 million diamond heist. It has all the required characters: the unsuspecting heroine propelled into a mystery maelstrom, the location clue uttered by a dying man, the sinister mastermind who wants it all, the loyal – and very pregnant – friend and co-worker, the unrepentant charming professional con – who happens to be the heroine’s father, and **sigh** the hunky souther...more
I really hated the heroine at first, but then she smartened up enough for me to not hate her. Unfortunately, then I kinda hated everyone else. I wouldn't say there's anything wrong with this story, but I just didn't dig it much. I'm not sure why, but I'm just kinda "meh" about it.
By the age of ten, Elaine O’Hara was already an accomplished pickpocket and a well-trained beard for her con-man father, Big Jack O’Hara. Realizing that Elaine was on the same path to prison as her husband, her mother divorces Big Jack and flees. It takes years, but Elaine’s mother finally gets their lives straight.

Elaine, now legally known as Laine Tavish, has spent the last eighteen years trying to build for herself a stable and normal life, both personally and professionally. The owner of an...more
Duncan Mandel

When her notorious past catches up with Laine Tavish, proprietor of the antique shop Remember When, it's up to her and an enigmatic stranger named Max Gannon to find out who's chasing her-and why. The answer lies in a hidden fortune that will change Laine's life...


About the Author

Nora Roberts is the number-one New York Times-bestselling author of more than 190 novels, including The Search, Black Hills, Tribute, High Noon, and many more. She is also the author of the bestselling futuristic s

good. didn't realize this was part of book Remember When a Roberts/Robb duo from several years ago. but it was fun to reread (listen).
It didn't take me long to remember that I'd previously read "Remember When" by Nora Roberts, but as it had been so long I decided to continue with the re-read. Hot Rocks is a typical Roberts book, with the same Irish-roots characters and speaking patterns. It is interesting to look back and see the similarities between Max and Roarke because the follow-up to HR is Big Jack by J.D. Robb. The continuity between the two will be smooth.

Elaine O'Hara didn't want to bring any part of Big Jack, her con...more
This is my first Nora Roberts book. Maybe not my last, but I’m not going out of my way soon for more. There are too many other author and books I’m interested in pursuing.

I really was surprised to find myself liking the book as I started reading it. I wish I could describe how it seemed to me, but I don’t think I can. The writing just seemed to flow. The lead character is a complex woman, which intrigued me as well. While she has built a respectable life for herself, her early upbringing was an...more
Sarah Eiseman
Originally posted on

Nora Roberts is always a favorite author of mine, but I’ve found many of her books of late to be a little formulaic. I had pretty low expectations when I picked up this book, so I was pretty excited when it turned out to be one of my favorites. It’s actually a reissue of an earlier novel titled Remember When, named after the heroine’s store.

One of Roberts’s strengths as an author is to really bring you into the story and this book really does that. It’s a...more
Julie Barrett
Hot Rocks by Nora Roberts
Willy comes into Lane's shop gives her a card and leaves. He gets hit and dies but as she knelt down and covered the rain
from hitting him he whispered a few things to her that made no sense. She recalls him but not the name at all.
Max was trying to follow Willy and the $28 million but Willy had died in the car crash.
Lane and Max have dinner and she learned Willy was a jewel thief.
She returns after dinner with him and finds out her house has been burglarized but nothing i...more
Maria Fernanda  Gonzalez
The first part is a classic Nora Roberts' story, but then comes part two with Eve Dallas (from Nora's "In Death" series) trying to solve a crime left unsolved in the first part, which is a great bonus. Maybe is because I read a lot of Nora's books in a short period of time, but I really liked the way this book is composed, shakes the monotony out of the reading. Really, Nora combined with J.D. Robb is winning combination.

(my only problem with this book is: 1. the fact that the main characters i...more
I didn't realize I'd read this already. It was part of a hardback "dual" release with the first book by Nora and the second by J.D. Robb (who is Nora.) This is the first book, in which the heroine, who is the daughter of a small-time con artist and thief, is targeted by both a private investigator working for an insurance company looking for some stolen diamonds, and the bad guy who masterminded the theft. Her dad is involved. She's trying to hide her past, knows she shouldn't get involved with...more
Kelly Stine
I loved this story - and to think I originally wasn't going to read it. I've been reading my Mom's J.D. Robb books, and had found Big Jack in paperback, so I thought I didn't need to read the first part of the story (Big Jack and Hot Rocks make up the complete novel Remember When). But shortly after beginning to read Big Jack, I realized that it would probably make more sense if I read the first part.

I loved the characters and the story/plot. Laine and Max were great characters, and I liked the...more
Sabra Kurth
I wanted to read a Nora Roberts book and came across this at a library sale. It was mildly entertaining, with predictable twists and turns, some sex, not a lot of violence. It was a good plane read--don't know that I would read another, but it passed the time.
Again, this book was a book that was lent to me. If I had seen it on display somewhere I would have disregarded it completely. And I did for awhile as well on my own bookshelf until last weekend. And then I tore through the book in a couple of days. It was just what I needed. An intriguing story, romance, danger. . .it was like watching a Lifetime movie but with more (and better) sex scenes. Of course everything was tied up into a neat little package in the end but for a moment there was hope th...more
Am I the only one that got confused by the fact that this book was already published under a different name > "Remember When" Remember When by Nora Roberts only a few years earlier (2003)... Nowhere does it mention that this is a reprint of the SAME book... I was excited about "Hot Rocks" and started reading it with enthusiasm, only to realize that I have already read it under a different name - "Remember When"! Obviously - I returned the book!

5* because I really liked the book the first time around, but "booooo" for t...more
Laine is running from her past. Her Father is a thief and when she was little he taught her how to be a thief. Her mother saw the road she was headed down and left and took Elaine with her. Since then Elaine changed her name to Laine and her and her mom have lived a straight life ever since. Laine thought her life was normal but her past found her. Her father hit a big score and somehow Laine has gotten caught in the middle.

This is not one of my favorite Nora Roberts book but I still enjoyed it...more
This book was pretty good. I really like Nora Roberts books and they're a nice change from the vampire/werewolf/witch/etc...books I usually read. This one added some nice variety with a diamond heist, but it was pretty standard Nora Roberts...very formulaic and predictable as far as the romance and conclusions go. The details change, but the story stays the same. However I happen to like her "story" so I keep reading these books. There was a preview for the "next" book in this story-line, but it...more
Just a warning -- This is actually a reprint of the first half of "Remember When," which was a two part story, the first part written as Nora Roberts, the second part continuing the story in the future written as J.D. Robb featuring Eve Dallas. While I didn't mind re-reading the story, I didn't realize until I actually started reading that it was a reprint. I had just placed a hold on the book at the library since it looked like a new Nora Roberts title. The second part of the story has been rep...more
Nora Roberts writes as herself (romance) and as J.D. Robb (murder/suspense)
This book, Hot Rocks, is by Nora Roberts. There is a companion volume, Big Jack, by J.D. Robb. The story told in Hot Rocks is continued and finished in Big Jack.

An antique dealer hides her past until an old family friend winds up dead outside her store. Seems her con man father has gotten her mixed up in a diamond heist. Enter an insurance investigator and the sparks fly. One fourth of the stones are not recovered. Enter...more
Barbara Brien
Standard romantic mystery... the characters are engaging, the plot is straightforward, and there is a happy ending.
Unexpected plot but found it enjoyable
Amy Cox
Read this as part of Remember when.
Buku pertama dari 'Remember When'.
With the time periode around 2003, and will be continued with the second book: Big Jack with the time periode around 2060.

So in this first book we knew about Laine and Max. Max was an private investigator who worked on the missing of precious stones for insurance company, while Laine was an only daughter of Jack O Hara who actually a member of that robbing.

It supposed to be a fun read, two books with the gap for 1 generation. I hope the second book will be as sa...more
Somehow I missed this book when it was originally published in 2003; it is probably a good thing I did. I was just about to read Big Jack after learning it is #17.5 in the "... in Death" series when I discovered this book is a prequel to that tale.

I enjoyed this book, though I felt it was a bit rushed, particularly the romance. I did appreciate that not every "villain" was all bad, nor the "heroes" all good, though.

Now I can move on and discover how Eve is going to wrap up the crime many years...more
Intriguing story about stolen diamonds and love. Now on to the follow up story: Big Jack
この "Hot Rocks" の続きが "Big Jack" であり、その2作品を1冊にまとめて出版したのが "Remember When" となる。
"Hot Rocks" は Nora Roberts 名義で書かれ、主人公は アンティークショップを営む Laine。その後 Laine の孫が事件に巻き込まれる "Big Jack" は J.D.Robb 名義で書かれ、主人公は In Death シリーズでお馴染みの警部補 Eve Daras。
これらは Big Jack たちによって盗まれた総額 $28,400,000 のダイヤをめぐる事件であり、発端の "Hot Rocks" だけでも一応の解決を見ることができるが、真の幕は "Big Jack" で閉じられる。 で、"Hot Rocks" の評価が Nora Roberts にしては低かったので、内容が悪いのかと気になったのだが、理由は2作品まとめた "Remember When" とこの "Hot Rocks" がほぼ同額で売られていたからであるらしい。しかし私が購入した時は半額でリーズナブルだったし、内容も良...more
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  • Big Jack (In Death, #17.5)
Jill March
J.D. Robb
Sarah Hardesty

Eleanor Marie Robertson was born on October 10, 1950 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. She was the youngest of five children, also the only girl, of a marriage with Irish ancestors. Her family were avid readers, so books were always important in her life. She attended a Catholic school and credits the nuns with instilling in her a sense of discipline. During her...more
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