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2.78  ·  Rating Details ·  515 Ratings  ·  91 Reviews
What if you had the chance to go back and change everything? The chance to alter one day, one evening, that would set the stage for your entire life? What about ten times? Ten times to take the same instant and mold it until you make it right, or horribly wrong...

Alice Hawkings was given that chance, to either ultimately save her own life or end it. In ten tries, she has
Nook, 133 pages
Published February 1st 2011 by Allison Liddelle, via Smashwords (first published 2010)
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Jun 26, 2013 Turtle rated it did not like it
Recommends it for: No One
Recommended to Turtle by: Nook
Lovely by Allison Liddelle is actually anything but. The first half of the book is disjointed and confusing. It reads like some mopey teenager's journal as she angrily writes out her revenge via suicide. But in truth, the effect is melodramatic. Alice dies so many times that I don't feel the loss. In fact, some of the deaths are so heavily over dramatic that they just don't seem real. In way, they aren't. As they are all supposed to be some weird psychedelic dream sequence.

Smashing mirrors, sta
Jan 19, 2013 Breanne rated it liked it
Shelves: i-didn-t-hate-it
I feel it to be pre-emptive to call this a book. A good short story? Yes. A good rough draft for a later final work? Yes. But as it stands right now? I wouldn't qualify it to be a book. The basic story is a good one. A good concept, and one that many of us wish we could do. Who wouldn't want to go back and redo a day in our lives differently, or even an hour or so? This book attempts to show one girls story of that very concept.

This is a dark book with a depressing almost gothic theme which mad
Dec 15, 2014 Aly rated it it was amazing
The book Lovely was focused on a girl named Alice. When you first begin to read Lovely, you think it is going to be a sweet story about a teenage girl. Well that though is wrong. Alice is this teenage girl who lives in a home that is not stable and she believes her parents have a hate for her. Throughout the book she is engaged in fights between her and her mother or her and her father. She is mistreated at her house by her father and is pretty much bullied by her mother. The only person she has ...more
Dec 27, 2012 Tracy rated it really liked it
Shelves: nook
This book was just... lovely!(:
At first I was sad because I don't like reading about suicide but with having deja vu's about her parents physically busing her, Alice has a change of mind. Alice has great friends that care for her more than ever and she let her fear get to her. But, I love how this story had twists towards the end. This is a great book if you like weird twists and knowing how someone is feeling during a very bad sitution.

I call this one of my favorites.
Holly (Holly's Reading Hollow)
Warning: My review for Lovely unintentionally ended up being a break down of the book. I was really confused as I read this book and I guess I tried to work out my thoughts by writing this review.

I hadn't heard the best reviews for this book prior to reading Lovely, but I really did start reading the book with a completely open mind and I even sort of like the "interesting" writing style in the beginning.

(view spoiler)
Dec 27, 2012 Mikayla rated it really liked it
(I urge readers to approach this piece of literature with an open mind and heart--preferably without the interference of any of the reviews listed here (including this one). However, if you must hear an honest opinion, please read on.)

After reading the plot blurb, I was immediately intrigued by the idea of living one day ten times over. I wondered: how can one day change a life? And even more importantly, can it change anything at all? So, I read, I processed, and I read again. Then, I felt a w
Amy Bailey
Mar 07, 2011 Amy Bailey rated it did not like it
I have to admit, I've always hated to see those scathing reviews seem to depict hatred for books that seems it could be unwarranted. And now I'm writing one, but I could never possibly give this book more than one star. I realize it is a self-published work. It did not go through an adequate mandatory editing process, so perhaps a few flaws would be understandable. But when an author clearly demonstrates that she doesn't know the difference between then and than (on multiple occasions!!!) and ...more
May 12, 2011 Tara rated it it was ok
This was a free e-book at so I figured "what the hay, I'll check it out". It's a self-published work by this author. Although the topic was interesting (being able to repeat one particular day in your life in the hopes of correcting it), I found the story itself pretty depressing. It seemed that the chapters jumped around a lot, and there were several times where I wasn't quite sure how the story got from one place to another. I rarely make comments about grammar and punctuation, but the ...more
Jan 05, 2014 Mea rated it liked it
Lovely is a self published work by Allison Liddelle.Yes the book had quite a few grammer mistakes as said in almost every review I have read of this book. The book was not all that well put together and it was extremly over dramatic. The author seemed to try to hard to capture the feelings of a depressed,abused teenager,although I did like the beginning how it did not start with the main character but with her friend talking for her as if she was dead and couldn't talk. Liddelle messed that up ...more
May 14, 2012 Inaara rated it really liked it
To the world, Alice was a beautiful, talented person. But behind that wall, Alice was abused physically and mentally by her parents, leaving her broken and unsatisfied. When she is given 10 chances to redo a day in her life, she must prove herself strong and lovely in her own eyes. With the help of her friends she is able to accomplish her goal.
This short story about child abuse gives us a sense that these things can happen anywhere, to anyone. We may see it and decide to ignore it, but knowing
Oct 16, 2011 April rated it liked it
Recommends it for: anyone young or old
I downloaded this book as an e-book. I actually liked it. However, the one criticism that I have is that it needs an editor. There were lots of minor spelling errors along with words that were missing or didn't need to actually be there.

But, having said that, I would read it again. It deals with an issue that many people are afraid to talk about. SUICIDE. While it may seem weird that the main character was given 10 chances to decide whether to live or die, it was realistic. Without actually havi
Katy H
Aug 03, 2012 Katy H rated it really liked it
Shelves: nook, 2012, ya
Got this as a free nook book and it was REALLY not what I expected. It certainly has a message and a very important one though!

The synopsis given on Goodreads is much better than the one that came as a "Description" w/ the nook book version...I actually liked this, though I wouldn't say it's a favorite. The main characters were relatable (at least to me they were) and there were surprisingly few typos, etc. given that it is self-published. I found myself crying or mildly confused throughout mos
Mar 25, 2013 Kiirsten rated it liked it
A heavy and dramatic read.

This short novel deals with a very intense subject matter; teenage suicide.

The main character, Alice, attempts to kill herself repeatedly. No one knows that she is unhappy or suffering. Everyone outside of her house uses the term 'lovely' to describe her and she seems to excel in many things.

Her home life is astonishing and makes you very angry for her in the course of reading the short work.

Now, you may be asking, what makes this a short novel and not "BlogFiction"? Th
Jan 04, 2013 Holly rated it did not like it
This book was a huge disappointment. I read the blurb for it, and it sounded like it would be great. The concept of living the same day over and over until you got it right seemed really fascinating. Then I actually read the book. Alice's suicide attempts were unrealistic and overly dramatic. The plot was fragmented and hard to follow at times. The characters were also generic and I found myself not really caring if Alice lived or died. I actually don't even remember any of the other so called ...more
Jul 18, 2015 Kayla rated it liked it
Decently short story/book and it is in my opinion an interesting read even if not a completely earth shattering piece of work. The story is about a girl named Alice that has less than ideal conditions with her home life. She's self destructive and wants a way out, but then realizes life is giving her a different chance to turn it around. The way the story is written is different but confusing at times and can take a while to figure out exactly what is happening within the story. Some of the way ...more
Shannon Stevenson
Aug 16, 2011 Shannon Stevenson rated it it was ok
I read this book before i read the reviews here. I can see where some wouldn't care for it. I can also see where some would love it. In a time where most teen fiction follows a general plot (enjoyable as that plot can be), i found it to be refreshingly unique. A bit dark. A bit hard to follow the jumps. But i almost think that was the whole point! You don't know what's happening anymore than the character does. I think would be a great discussion piece during book club. If you are considering ...more
Jessica Buike
Aug 04, 2011 Jessica Buike rated it liked it
Honestly, the book blurb didn't really match what was going on in the story. As has been pointed out, the story jumps around a lot, and there are numerous grammatical errors - I'm surprised Barnes and Noble let this be posted to their online store, even if it was free!!

That aside, I think it takes a lot of guts to post about such raw emotions and such a difficult life experience. Surviving abuse is difficult, and I'm sure the author relived some of it as she wrote this book. That's why I think
Nov 03, 2011 707ChelseaH rated it liked it
I have to say that I did enjoy the plot of book, but it was really horribly written and there were many grammar mistakes. The book is about a girl named Allison, and she's portrayed a girl who is seen as lovely, but is emotionally and physically scarred. Allison lives a hard life with drunken parents who insult her and beat her brutally daily. I have to admit that although some parents in the world are like this, Allison's parent's seemed a little unreal. I couldn't believe that they were ...more
Arielle Bair
Aug 02, 2011 Arielle Bair rated it it was ok
Not very well written. I don't think this person has a good grasp on the English language or realistic dialogue. It was okay and free on iBooks which is how I came across it. The subject matter was not the problem as I understand what the author was trying to portray... But there were so many typos and mistakes that it was unenjoyable. As someone with an English degree I couldn't read this without cringing. I hate to give a bad review, but I like to be honest.
Jolie Corral
May 31, 2011 Jolie Corral rated it it was ok
Not what I expected from a book titled Lovely. It was a downer and I'm glad that it was a short story and not a full novel. While the premise seemed interesting (getting a do-over), I wasn't drawn in to care about the girl who's parents abused her physically and emotionally and who self mutilated. And am I really to believe she ended up where she did in the end? Given what she had been through there's no way CPS would have allowed it.
Jul 25, 2012 Sarah rated it liked it
I liked the book but it was really depressing. I still liked it in a way but the only thing that was holding me back from giving this book a five star rank was the ending. In my mind I was hoping that she would meet the love of her life and then move in with him(I like romance). I also didn't understand why her parents did that to Alice. Other than those two things I liked the book. Read it if you don't mind depressing books.:)
Oct 13, 2011 Samira rated it liked it
A girl name Alice, has dreams. But her parents doesnt encourage her. They do the opposite. The father beats her and the mother watches. People call her names and she only has two friends. But they dont even understand her. God gives her a chance to change her life, instead of coming sucidal. She gets it right the several time. She goes to this grown up Eric and she tells him everything. He takes her in, and take custody of her. Her dreams are back but determined to be made.
Mar 06, 2012 Tila rated it it was ok
As a self published free e-book I did not have high expectations. The author has guts writing about teen suicide in the depths she took this story to, but I had a hard time figuring out where and when I was in the story. The transitions were undefined and I never really felt like I had an idea of where the story was headed but I do believe this author has an immense amount of promise and look forward to seeing her future work.
Kathryn Richmond
Aug 19, 2012 Kathryn Richmond rated it did not like it
I could not even finish it...I make it a point to try and finish ALL books that I pick up, even if they are bad. However, this one I just couldn't do. This was too depressing, hard to follow, and redundant. She wants to die, the next page...she wants to die, and so on. I just wouldn't recommend it.
Emma Galvin
Apr 30, 2012 Emma Galvin rated it liked it
I really did like it. It made me realize how awful people can be to others. It also made me feel for Alice. I was never in this situation but the book made me feel her pain and it captured my attention greatly. I enjoyed this book the only draw back was that it was way to short! I wish Allison Liddelle wrote more about Alice.
Oct 03, 2011 Josie rated it really liked it
Shelves: e-books-i-own
I liked this book. It is a depressing story. I felt that the layout of the story was done well. It really shows what someone who is extremely depressed is going through. Anyone who knows someone and has been extremely depressed may appreciate this book. I appreciate books that explores the mind of how someone is thinking.
May 02, 2011 Brianne rated it did not like it
Shelves: 2011
Book # 28 of 2011 - TERRIBLE. What a horribly written and just, unenjoyable book. This was free on my nook and now I know why. The writing is terrible. The story is horrible - a young teenage girl who is beaten by her parents and want to kill herself over and over - is not developed, but just rehashes her killing herself in 10-11 different ways. Don't even bother.
Sep 23, 2011 Arburtha rated it liked it
I really do not know what or how to rate this book? The story line was very depressing but accurate, I suppose? I have never really thought about this subject matter seriously enough to attempt it much less carry it out! If, however, this book can help other's who feel this way then it has some worth. Not a very good story otherwise.
Aug 27, 2015 Rainbow rated it it was ok
Shelves: ya, supernatural
This book was disjointed. Bad spelling, bad grammar, bad punctuation, and the sorry was hard to follow for the first two thirds of the book.

That being said, the author has promise. I hope she doesn't give up on writing. I can see a good story buried in this. I would read something else of hers in the future. I just hope that it's better. Good luck to you, Allison Liddelle.
Jun 22, 2011 Haaleyy95 rated it liked it
Im kind of supprised at myselff ffor likingbthis book. i wasnt expecting much because of the abad reviews that i now realize are only because the book is depressing.
well, it is.
but i liked it. it was different from what i usually read. ive never had any understanding of that kind of depression. that kind of abuse. and i liked learning it. it is nowhere near being a fvorite but its decent
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