Project Everlasting: Two Bachelors Discover the Secrets of America's Greatest Marriages
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Project Everlasting: Two Bachelors Discover the Secrets of America's Greatest Marriages

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Jaded by his parents' divorce and the countless marriages unraveling around him, Mathew Boggs was a young man who'd lost all belief in lifelong love. Roped into chauffeuring his grandma and dying grandfather on weekly adventures, he realized that, sixty-three years later, they were still madly in love."Now, that's the marriage I want!" he said to himself.Fired up to find m...more
Hardcover, 264 pages
Published 2007 by Fireside Books
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Jan 07, 2013 Meredith rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: children of divorcees
So there IS hope for a lasting marriage in your future... We don't have to accept the same fate as our parents. I am not finished reading this book yet, but so far it's inspiring (with some humor), and it's not completely sappy. These are not necessarily the stories of couples with perfect marriages. These are the stories of couples with real - but successful/lasting - marriages. Many of these couples have faced some major challenges in their time together - but they had the strength and integri...more
This book is excellent! If you are cynical about the prospect of lifelong love, it will restore your faith. If you are a romantic at heart, you will be thrilled because, indeed, the secrets to a long, happy marriage are contained herein. If you're not sure, well, by the end you will be, or you're probably just not capable of making a decision. In sum, this imminently readable guide is at once piercingly insightful and reassuringly heartening.

The premise of the book - two lovelorn bachelors trave...more
I read relationship books frequently. Sometimes they have good information, sometimes there's nothing I can use, sometimes they give just plain bad advice. But they usually are based on therapists' education, scientific studies, and human behavior models. I've never read one quite like this. Two young bachelors decide to take a road trip and interview marriage masters. They defined marriage masters as couples who have been married 40 or more years. The advise and information these lifelong partn...more
The premise is simple. Two bachelors, scared of our nation’s high divorce rate, interview couples, “marriage masters,” who have been marriage 50+ years. The goal is to what great secrets the marriage masters possess about sustaining a successful relationship for a lifetime. The anecdotes of married couples are charming, emotional, and heartwarming but as the authors realize, there really are no “secrets,” just the few simple rules each of us already knows well. These include: preventing your par...more
Worth the read...especially in this time of discontent and giving up on marriage. Loved Mat's Grandma and her spunk and of my favorite quotes comes from her, "There's no such thing as a perfect marriage, just perfect moments. Those moments, stacked side by side, fill your life. God gives us a limited number of days. Don't take them for granted, because boy does life go by fast."

Despite the heartfelt and sometimes tearful topic, there is enough humor and hope to keep you reading and...more
Two bachelors, one a die-hard romantic, one not, decide to set out on a road trip to learn from the "marriage masters". What they learn is surprising only to them. Marriage takes communication, respect, diligence. The butterflies of infatuation don't (and can't) last forever. Each chapter is introduced by one of the coauthors, then several couple's stories are shared that illustrate that main theme. The stories themselves are beautiful, inspiring, and (at times) tearjerking. The writing is not....more
What could two twenty something men possible have to teach on the institution of marriage? Based on being open-minded and willing to listen, it's safe to say quite a bit. It's a very quick read, but I was impressed that the couples selected for the book (known as "Marriage Masters") really had very different stories. The authors grouped them in such a way that they worked as a hole, while chronicling very honestly the challenges associated with travelling across the country with one's best frien...more
October has been my month of weddings (3 in 5 weekends) and this sweet book was a pleasure to read while waiting for my husband to finish up at one of the rehearsals. The prose isn't difficult at all, and the authors come across as a bit doofy as they interject their own stories and lessons, but it is the stories of the many couples who have loved and struggled over 40+ years that made this worthwhile.

The lessons are pretty much what you'd expect, namely that marriage is hard work, but the hist...more
This was a romantic book, although it does not impart any truths that aren't universally known, even if everyone considered the advice to be a cliche. I enjoyed reading about all of the couples that had made it through some difficult times and how the enjoyable times really outnumbered the bad. The project was a cute idea by two bachelors as they toured the country interviewing couples who had been married for more than 40 years. I really did not enjoy reading about how difficult it is for peopl...more
I had heard about this book on the radio around the time we got engaged. I just found it so interesting that two 20-something guys would be interested in doing something like this! It intrigued me to consider nominating my grandparents, as they were married 60 years and sure could offer a lot of advice! It was fun to read all the accounts of grandparents just like mine and the fun they have and sometimes just the little bit of common sense advice that we so often forget in our relationships! It...more
Jun 05, 2008 Liddy rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: marriage saps ( :
Received this book for my 1-year wedding anniversary from my husband, came with a DVD. I'd skip the DVD, but the book was heartwarming and mind-boggling at the same time. To think that these couples have been through so much with each other in their 50+ years of marriage and are still together seems impossible. But then again, I love the challenge of "impossibles". Easy read. Cried my eyes out because of the last chapters. Like a chicken soup for the soul, although the fact that the stories are...more
I really enjoyed this book - much more than I anticipated. It's basically a compilation of love stories from dozens of couples who have been married for 40 years or more. The stories are heart-warming, sometimes tear-jerking, and always uplifting. The compilers of these stories are two 28 year old bachelors who went on a year long road trip to discover the secrets of lasting love. The interject their own stories at the beginning of each chapter. It was fun to see their views change as they went...more
I don't normally read non-fiction, unless it's a juicy memoir/biography, but I promised someone very special to me that I would give this one a try. If you are contemplating marriage or looking for ideas about how to recharge an existing relationship you might find some inspiration in Project Everlasting. The main message is to hang in there - which of course make sense as long as you are hanging with someone worth it.
I came across this at the library and I loved the concept: two bachelors perform case studies and interview couples to find the secret to success in marriage. The stories were the most poignant reminder that spouses are not perfect, but you learn how to appreciate one another and grow together.
My favorite story? Pg 66: "Learn Your Lesson, Then Teach It" Ruth and Eddie Elcott, Married 63 years. Absolutely touching...
I picked this up after Jesse & Tiger cheated. I don't usually pay much attention to celebrity business, but their scandals were so unexpected and icky--Tiger with his 50 porno stars and Jesse with his "I am so f**ked" tears at the Oscars--that my already failing interest in marriage clutched its chest and died.

Having read this, I'm still not sure. But at least it does what it says on the box.
This book has sweet stories but when the title says "Secrets of America's Greatest Marriages," I expected some more structured and concrete secrets, techniques or things couples have done they believe has helped them achieve such a long marriage. There were things here and there but not much. In the end, it goes back to the same old: everyone's different so their ways of keeping a marriage is different.
Conchita Matson
I really enjoyed this book. If you have been married for awhile I recommend you read this. It emphasized for me how important marriage is and how society has moved so far away from solid moral values. It also shows how far off the mark people's definition of marriage really is. I thought it was great that 2 bachelors took the time to listen to older people and want to be good husbands in the future.
I did not expect to like this as much as I did. Two young men tour the country interviewing senior couples to find the secrets of a marriage that lasts. For some reason, the stories really stuck with me. I was compelled to read, and interested. I made changes in the way I treated my spouse when I finished. Well worth the quick read.
May 06, 2008 Margaret rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: anyone thinking of marrying or married
This is such a wonderful book about the true essence of marriage - choosing to love no matter what and really living out the vows taken on a wedding day.

Parts of the book made me laugh, parts of it made me cry, but it was truly a joy overall to read about these couples most married 50+ years and the everlasting love they have for one another.
Rhiannon Lawrence
This was a cute look at many couples throughout the U.S. that have been married for many years. Two bachelors look at what makes couples last. I especially loved the couple who dance whenever they hear "their song" no matter what they are doing or where they are -- this inspired me and my lover and I have done the same.
Jan 12, 2008 Sarah rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: every married person and those of marrying age
Shelves: nonfiction
This book contains the true stories of many couples who have been married 40 years and above. I read this for a book review I did in my human development class, but it ended up really impacting me. It gives great wisdom and advice about having an everlasting marriage. I cried several times when I read this.
I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book.. normally, I pick these books up to read and then never get to them. With this one, I laughed, I cried, and I truly enjoyed hearing the "simple" revelations that the married couples express. I want to buy this book and read it every year around my anniversary...
alas, another no-go in my quest to ascertain whether my aversion to being called "mrs." is normal. the silver lining: many a pleasant minute spent pondering who the heck picked up the pitch and the tab for this book and how i can get in touch with them to pitch my insane idea/crazy themed road trip.
This was a really sweet, When Harry Met Sally-esque book. The short stories were quick and easy to read, and left you with a warm fuzzy feeling and a desire to go and hug your grandparents. I don't know if I really learned any secrets to marriage, but it was worth the read nonetheless.
This is a very sweet book filled with stories that will inspire the reader. A happy, loving marriage is a collage of happy, loving memories -- not one lifelong pleasure ride. These couples illuminate the power of being positive, connected, respectful, and loving toward your partner.
Annie Lee Sallee
This is a great book, written more in the form of short personal stories. I would recommend this to all newlyweds! In fact, I'm thinking of giving it as a gift to engaged friends! It has great insight into how people have survived 50+ years of marriage, happily!
Heather Fisher
Two bachelors interviewing "Marriage Masters" for their secrets to still being in love after decades of marriage. Fantastic. Heart warming. Reality check. Solid truths.

Best laugh out loud moment in the book has to do with a special interview at a swimmin' hole!
Cute travelogue by men in search of Marriage Masters. I wanted to like it a little more. It didn't feel necessary to read every single word, but I got through it quickly enough.
Written by two bachelors? How would they know? This
is an enjoyable book with lots of great stories about
marriages that have lasted at least 40 years.
Jun 15, 2009 Heidi added it
This was a great, feel good book full of wonderful advice. Easy to read, put down, and pick back up when I had time. I highly recommend it.
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