How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf (Naked Werewolf, #1)
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How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf (Naked Werewolf #1)

4.02 of 5 stars 4.02  ·  rating details  ·  9,852 ratings  ·  1,026 reviews
Even in Grundy, Alaska, its unusual to find a naked guy with a bear trap clamped to his ankle on your porch. But when said guy turns into a wolf, recent southern transplant Mo Wenstein has no difficulty identifying the problem. Her surly neighbor Cooper Graham,who has been openly critical of Mo's ability to adapt to life in Alaska, has trouble of his own. Werewolf trouble....more
Audiobook, Unabridged - Audible Download, 10 pages
Published February 22nd 2011 by Audible, Inc.
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Greta is Erikasbuddy
Was this book a little predictable?
At times

Was this book a little too fast in the brown chicken brown cow department?
A tad bit

Were the wolves well hung?
You bet your coke can they were

Did you learn any new words or phrases while reading this book?
You bet your mighty morphin power penis I did!

Is this book a fluffernutter?
Yes, but that's what I liked about it. It was an easy mindless read for someone who was about to go stir crazy due April's Fury and no electrical gizmos to keep her attention at...more
When you have the image of Joe Manganiello in your head as you read about the werewolf and hero named, "Cooper," it makes for quite an enjoyable read! "Mo," the heroine has just moved from Mississippi to Alaska, if nothing else than to escape her "hippie"-eat-organic-don't-kill-animals-for-meat; free-love-unmarried parents. (I'd have left skidmarks!) Mo, who has the sarcasm and wit to keep you laughing outloud, is fresh meat in the small town of Grundy, where men out number women 20 to 1. Fortun...more
I had a fun time reading this humorous cute story of a southern woman who moves to nowhere Alaska to start a new life away from her overly attentive super hippie parents and ends up falling for a hot, slightly cantankerous local man who just happens to be a werewolf. The story was written in first person but I didn't really mind because I really liked our heroine, Mo (short for Moonflower Freedom Refreshing Breeze Joplin Duvall-Wenstein - her parents were really free spirits). We get to come alo...more
UniquelyMoi ... So I Can Shine...

How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf is the first book in the Naked Werewolf series and another great story by Molly Harper.

Oh, how I love the characters and this world Ms. Harper has created! She's got such a talent for giving strong voices to her heroines, and Mo (wait til you find out what Mo is the nickname for) is definitely a female force to be reckoned with! The dry humor and witty banter throughout the book, along with a very sexy, reluctantly Alpha werewolf named Cooper, make this a truly...more

4.5 Stars! I want a werewolf of my own...Grundy, I come!

I haven't read a Molly Harper book that I didn't like. Her reads are always engaging, loads of fun, with countless quirky characters and this one was no different. There was lots of hot steamy werewolf lovin', entertaining dialogue, and some witty one- liners! Once again, Amanda Ronconi rocked the narration. I have come to associate her voice with Molly Harper’s book. Ms. Ronconi gets the author’s humor, understands the natu...more
Feb 03, 2014 ♥Rachel♥ rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to ♥Rachel♥ by: ♡Karlyn P♡
Shelves: audio-book
How to Flirt with A Naked Werewolf was a sexy romance filled with quirky characters, and laugh-out-loud moments. Set in a small Alaskan town, this was sort of like Northern Exposure with werewolves. Loved it!

Twenty-nine year old Mo Duvall-Wenstein (I won’t tell you what Mo is short for, but it is funny) moves to Grundy, Alaska to get away from her crazy, hippy parents, Ash and Saffron. Seriously, if these two were my parents, I’d run for the hills, too! So she moves up there to figure out what...more
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Fun. Escapism. Light. Funny. Steamy. For me, these words describe How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf perfectly. This book is to paranormal and shifter books what Stephanie Plus is to crime thrillers, but the heroine is more skilled, sane and adept than Stephanie Plum. “Mo”, the heroine, has the crazy family she is ambivalent about, a funny female side kick, lots of men attracted to her, a former failed relationship, two men...more
4 Stars - well written with funny characters, some steamy sweet love, a naked man (werewolf) and a wonderful dialogue (banters) at best Chick Lit style

A delight to read - so many wonderful witty comments and thoughts from this exuberant, quick-witted and a survivor and, based on this measurement, also a pretty tough heroine Mo. She is a 30 years old woman, who after a flown boyfriend, nagging parents and a boring job requires a change of scenery, and moves from the warm south to a small cabin in...more
For all of my friends looking for something cute, sweet and funny to read, look no further! I loved every moment I spent with the folks in Grundy, Alaska and can’t wait to continue on with the series. Did I mention there are smokin’ hot werewolves involved?
Carol [Goodreads addict]
How To Flirt With A Naked Werewolf is book one in The Naked Werewolf series by Molly Harper. First, I want my first statement to be this: I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! Okay, there, I got that out of my system. Now let me tell you about this book.

Mo, or as her parents named her, Moonflower, has to escape. Her upbringing was anything but normal. Her parents are hippies and even after she left home, her mother continued to meddle in her life in the most embarrassing of ways. So Mo is nearly 30 years old, h...more

3.9 stars
Rating: 4.5 Stars

I feel like I always pick up a paranormal adult romance novel thinking that I cannot possibly give it more than three stars and sometimes, I just do. It's not that these books are thought-provoking or deep, it's not that they make you cry or scream, it's not even that they are books that change your life. Instead, they're novels that offer some perfect fun and put a smile on your face when you're down and sometimes, that's even harder to do than write a story that touches your h...more
It was a nice enough read. Heroine's name was Mo so that piqued my interest.

Sort of skimmed to the end. Not sure if I will be checking out the rest of the series. Not really too into PNR and werewolves so it was probably just me.

♡Karlyn P♡
I think this is the best 4-star book I've read in a long time. It was an easy, breezy kind of read with a lot of predictable parts (thus only 4-stars), yet I still didn't want it to end.
Erika  Badass
When I read a Molly Harper Novel, I know these things:

1) I will be entertained
2) I will Laugh
3) I will be invested in her characters happiness
4) I will love all the characters
5) There will be some type of light mystery

Now, I'm not saying these novels are formulaic, I'm just saying that I know what to expect, as far as quality of writing, and enjoyment factors.

Mo, our leading lady, is running away (at 29 years old LOL) from her over-bearing and pushy parents, and is intent on "Finding Herself"

I liked this! It's a cross between chick-lit and PNR. I chuckled several times (but it's not always lighthearted). It's alternatively witty, sexy, sad, gritty, and suspenseful, with a wonderful cast of secondary characters and a fun sense of community. The ending chapters were a bit grim, and had a slightly different feel..

PLOT with NO MAJOR SPOILERS : Mo (her full name is such a kick!!) moves all the way from Mississippi to Grundy, Alaska to escape her meddling hippie parents. Cooper moves acro...more
After reading this book I have to admit I want to pack up my belongings and move to a remote Alaskan town, I mean who wouldn't when you are having issues in your life. But then again if I did decide to do that I sure as heck wouldn't be a good looking guy around for me, I would be left with a town filled with the old guy that kept upping his offer and the one everyone ran from.

Mo is one of those characters you can't help but to love form the first minute you meet her. I loved hearing about her u...more
My second Molly Harper book and as expected, it was awesome.

I must say that the shape-shifting bit was never my cuppa, and thankfully the exact details about Cooper changing from human to wolf form was not mentioned. I so did not want to know how the bones snapped into places or how the face altered. Simply speaking I am not a MANIMAL fan. I was in only for MH's humor and witty characters.

I had a blast time reading this. I even sneaked it in between another book that I had a very hard time fin...more
Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
**3.5 stars**

This was a fun audiobook. Amanda Ronconi did a spot-on narration of the character of Mo and provided a nice range of distinct voices, even if her male voices sounded like hoarse, slightly constipated females.

The paranormal aspect of this book was pretty light with much of the interesting action focusing on Mo's journey and experiences in Grundy, Alaska. I loved the setting of the small-town Alaskan village and the characters that inhabit the town. The whole ambiance of the book was...more
Penny Watson
How To Flirt With A Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

Oh boy! I forgot how much I love this author. Her humor, her writing, her cute first person POV heroine with the great one-liners. This book was just what the doctor ordered to erase the disturbing bearotica images from my traumatized brain.

First of all, the cover is adorable and original in the world of romance novels. Love it! Second of all, this story is set in Alaska, home of many big, burly, hairy guys. And bears.

(Hmmm. I didn't realize how...more
Tori  smexys_sidekick
Originally posted at

Favorite Quote: “It was my fantasy come true. A Stuckey’s that served shots.”

Mo Wenstein has moved to Grundy, Alaska to escape her over bearing but well meaning mother and an ended engagement. While she expects the snow, the cold, and the eccentric population, she never expected a werewolf. A sexy werewolf at that.

Cooper Graham is an Alpha werewolf living in self exile from his clan. It’s love at first sniff for Cooper, but something i...more
Let me just say it, if there was a Grundy Alaska and naked werewolves like Cooper around... I'm moving! However, I don't have Mo's magic touch in cooking to get a whole town to take me in. *sigh* I loved this PNR and laughed quite frequently while reading it. Mo is a great character and I loved her sense of humor. Loved the way she quipped with the other characters in this book. No matter the situation, she was able to find some sort of humor within it. Oh, if I had her mouth... well, I'd be in...more
I enjoyed the Jane Jameson books, but ending up not finishing this one. It's a quick, easy to read bit of fluff. It's marked as Paranormal Romance and while it has two people coming together and one was a werewolf, it didn't have much of either the paranormal or romance. It was more of a chick lit type read about how the main character felt, her job and her interactions with the town folk.

I didn't care about Mo or her relationship with Cooper. There is a mystery involving missing and killed hik...more
Jane Stewart
3 ½ stars. Good humor. Witty and sarcastic dialogue. I enjoyed it. The weakness was plot development.

The first half was the most fun. I was chuckling and smiling several times. The quirky humor worked for me. But the second half was less original. It was typical romance plotting and not well developed.

Mo guessed Cooper was a werewolf too quickly and without reason. She didn’t see him shift or anything unusual. She saw a wolf and thought his eyes were similar to Cooper’s eyes. That was a stretch....more
This is my first book by Molly Harper and I feel that I should have been reading her work for awhile, talk about not jumping on the Harper Bandwagon...

“I have to tell you, Miss Wenstein, I hope you’re happy here in Grundy,” he said, smiling beatifically. I didn’t bother correcting his mispronouncing my name. Mo Duvall-Wenstein is a bit of a mouthful. And after nearly thirty years as a hyphenate, I was used to people thinking that Duvall was my middle name and not my mother’s refusal to conform
“You’re a little sick.”
“I’m living with a werewolf. I have to be a little sick.”

Mo is so busy rebelling against her hippiest-hippie, vegan, green, and mercilessly organic parents that she is not aware of her own purposes in life. So she leaves hot Mississippi and travels to Alaska to find herself.
“Mom was always telling me I needed to be more unpredictable.”

Mo is spirited and kind, sometimes irritating and outspoken, other times she is determined, but also happens to be insecure. She has...more
Really enjoyed this shifter story. It was basically light hearted but was not farcical or trying too hard to be funny. I liked the way the wolf culture was set up. I liked that there were only shifters in the story. No vampires or fae or demons or witches. No battle to save the world. There was a rogue werewolf so it wasn't all fun and games. The story took place over about nine months so the development of Cooper and Mo's relationship was believable. I liked the amount of heat and friendship in...more
Eli Easton
Those who follow my reviews know I have a special place in my heart (funny bone?) for writers who can combine romance and humor. It's not an easy skill, though being clever seems to come naturally to some people. (For the rest of us mere mortals, it's a spotty affair.)

Though I normally read m/m, the cover for one of these "werewolf" books passed my GR homepage and I was intrigued. I decided to try the first in the series. I really loved this book. The humor isn't constant or trying too hard or g...more
Oh come on, a naked werewolf? How could I resist? Despite the embarrassment of having to ask the guy at the bookstore to help me find a copy, I just had to read this latest series starter from 'Nice Girls' author Molly Harper. It was well worth the blushes (his and mine) because Harper delivers a cute, chuckle-filled adventure as Southerner and former hippies' child Mo relocates to a small remote Alaskan town to 'find herself' and I even though I've read a lot of great stuff this year How to Fli...more
Jetches  (My Not So Vacant Shelf)
View more of my review and others at my blog:
I love Cooper. He sure knows how to make an entrance and sweep a girl right off her feet. Cooper is probably one of the surliest, most pain-in the butt, sexiest werewolves I’ve come across; he makes me bite my bottom lip. And then there is Mo: a girl who has overcome her crazy past and made a name for herself. She’s nice, but stands up for herself and the people she loves when needed. My kind of girl. And here is wh...more
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My mother remembers an 8-year-old me setting up my “writing office” in our living room by putting her old manual typewriter on the couch next to a toy phone. And I (very slowly) pecked out the story of my third-grade class taking a trip around the world and losing a kid in each city.

I had a dark sense of humor, even then.

In high school, when other girls my age were writing poems about dying unicor...more
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