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Forty Love
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Forty Love

2.79 of 5 stars 2.79  ·  rating details  ·  2,536 ratings  ·  314 reviews

Everyone wins this game of literary tennis, a comedy of manners about envy in which Wickham skewers the nouveau riche. At their country estate, Patrick Chance and his wife host a weekend tennis party. As four couples gather on the sunny terrace, it seems obvious who among them is succeeding, and who is falling behind. But by the end of the party, nothing will be quite as
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Published August 30th 2011 by Macmillan Audio (first published 1995)
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Oh Madeleine Wickham, how you continue to disappoint me, even as your pseudonym generally leaves me happy. While "Sophie Kinsella" epitomizes all that is right with chick lit--the frothy story lines, the witty one-liners, the pratfalls, the likable naivete of the main characters--in her books, Madeleine Wickham does the opposite. The word that always rises to the forefront of my consciousness when I read Wickham is "SPITE." Characters are so SPITEFUL. Also, as opposed to naivete, characters are ...more
Ehhhh. Too many characters introduced right off gets confusing. And maybe I should know, but what the hell is "Lloyd's Name"? Kinda pivotal, and I have no clue.
Il successo di questo libro la ha portata a scriverne altri nove, di cui ben cinque con protagonista la celeberrima Becky Bloomwood.

Ma menomale che hai cambiato stile, cara mia!
E "libro" d'esordio 'sta grandissima cippa! Chiamalo libro.
Ma che è? Un manuale su come farsi venire la depressione.
Quel brio, quell'atmosfera divertente e rilassata nonostante tutto vada a rotoli, tipico dei romanzi firmati Kinsella, è ancora lontano anni luce.
E' proprio vero, i libri firmati Madeline Wickham non hanno
terrible! I normally enjoy her books, but this was utter crap!
I always wait for Ms. Wickham's latest novel with baited breath, so when I saw that her book the Tennis Party was being released stateside with the title 40 Love, I was elated! Unfortunately 40 Love turned out to be one of my least favorite books by Ms. Wickham. It's obvious the book was written early on in her career and she was still working on her writer's voice. That is not to say I didn't enjoy this book, it just wasn't my favorite by this author. 40 Love is the story of several couples who ...more
I love Sophie Kinsella, but have yet to find a Madeleine Wickham book that I've enjoyed. Odd, since they're one in the same. This book had empty and confusing characters gathering together around a match of Tennis, which felt more like an afterthought by the time the book was done. The arguments and conflicts in the book made no sense. The children appeared and disappeared as though they were hardly there at all. The pages kept turning, but I'm still not sure what I read.
Luanne Ollivier
The name Sophie Kinsella is immediately recognizable as the author of the hugely successful Shopaholic chick lit series. How about the name Madeleine Wickham? No? Well, they're one and the same.

The Tennis Party, originally published in 1995, was Wickham's first book. It has been re-released in North America as 40 Love.

Four couples gather for a weekend tennis party. - but the host believes it should be a tournament instead. And although tennis is ostensibly the reason for being there, each of the
I love the Shopaholic series and Sophie Kinsella's other stand-alones I enjoy too. I've read one other Madeleine Wickham, Sleeping Arrangements and liked that as well. So I was prepared to really enjoy this book. And instead...I was not impressed. This book seemed utterly pointless. You know, if I hated this book, at least I'd feel something about it. But I feel nothing about this book.
I really enjoy Wickham’s writing as Sophie Kinsella, so I was looking forward to reading this. However, most of the characters are unlikeable and their obsession with money and each other’s financial situation, while the heart of the story, is beyond unpleasant.

With a title like “40 love”, I came in expecting at least a bit of romance. There is nothing like it in this book. There is a bit of ‘we’ve been married forever and we’ll make it work’ love but nothing particularly romantic.

One thing I di
Fitria Mayrani
Saya gak tahu kenapa Sophie Kinsella mengganti nama penanya dengan nama asli. Sebagai penggemar karya-karya beliau, saya tidak mempermasalahkan apa pun namanya. Sejauh ini, saya selalu menikmati cerita-cerita yang disajikan dalam setiap novelnya.

Ada udang di balik batu. Ada bisnis terselubung di balik pertandingan tenis. Patrick si OKB perlu tambahan modal agar bisa mendongkrak bisnisnya yang sedang terpuruk. Untuk itulah ia mengadakan pesta tenis dan mengumpulkan beberapa temannya dengan tujuan
Wickham scores again...this time with a fun, highly biting commentary on the social strata in England. Not unlike my favorite author Edith Wharton (who wrote about society in early 1900s New York), Wickham here uses her fine writing skills to make sweeping and also pointed gestures about the differences and familiarities between the middle and upper classes. Not that I would compare Wickham's writing or plots to Wharton, but Wickham's finger is definitely on the pulse of what makes society both ...more
Helene Harrison
ISBN? - 9780552776691

Genre? - Chic Lit / Romance / Drama

Characters? - Caroline Chance / Georgina Chance / Patrick Chance / Charles Mobyn / Cressida Mobyn / Nicola Fairweather / Stephen Fairweather / Annie Fairweather / Don Roper / Valerie Roper

Setting? - England

Series? - N/A

Title? - Literally a party where they play tennis.

Character Analysis? - The characters seem to be two-dimensional rather than people you can step into the shoes of.

General Comments? - This story, like Swimming Pool Sunday se
Sophie Kinsella's books are like marshmallows -- fun but fluffy. Her books under the name of Madeline Wickham (her real name) tend to be a little more serious and a bit more dull. This story about four couples enjoying a weekend holiday together takes a long time to get started but, once it gets going, it's a fast read with an Kinsella-esque crazy ending.
I don't get it. I gave this 4 stars instead of 3 to balance all the hate for this book. This is the first novel by Madeleine Wickham/Sophie Kinsella, and all of her skills are on display here. She writes women's fiction with always above average depth, even in some of her Shopaholic series. And no matter what, she is fun. In her Wickham books she is less funny, and maybe that's why readers are disappointed. But she is a great novelist of manners, gentle ironist, and storyteller in the British tr ...more
It’s hard to believe that ‘The Tennis Party’ is written by Sophie Kinsella (using her real name Madeleine Wickham). At best, it was boring. At worst, it was pointless, annoying and mediocre.

There really isn’t much of a plot. A bunch of characters spend a few days at the Chance couple’s house. They play tennis a few times but the matches were boring and didn’t serve any purpose. Throughout the book, they were constantly eating and talking or being mean to one another. In Patrick’s case, (view spo
Andrea de Vries
oh, madeleine wickham, how you continue to disappoint me.

I have to say I really enjoy her books written as Sophie kinsella, but as Madeleine it's as if she can only write about rich people having struggles. Which, of course, isn't that relatable. The financial terms aren't interesting to the story at all, yet they are still in there. Not the best idea.

40 love started really slow, and it was very hard to get into. Though, in the middle of the book there started happening things (finally) and you
I found the story full of insights into social distinctions, the fragility of friendship and the weakness inherent in pretension.

The Daily Mail review quote on the back cover said it was,' ...(a) sort of bright, hilarious novel.. which is misleading. There are few jokes, just an uncomfortable feeling that pride comes before a fall and there are no winners in this Tennis Party. If you read Madeleine Wickham expecting fluffy heroines and escapist romance, try her writing as Sophie Kinsella. The p
I didn't even finish- got about 25 pages in and just knew it wasn't worth my time. I had read some pretty bad reviews, so perhaps I was tainted, but it didn't grab me at all right away.
I normally love madeleine Wickham's books. I had a hard time with this book. It isn't a difficult read. I found it difficult to keep the characters straight. Which one was rich? Who was the investment broker? What was the name of the guy working on his doctorate? All the characters, male and female, seemed to blend in together into one giant British person. I couldn't even keep the children straight. I am not sure I would recommend this book to anyone.

The best thing I can say about this book is
Alisha Dunaway
So boring that I couldn't even get half way through.
Liked it a lot... much better than her Sophie Kinsella novels.
Central theme - a tennis party organized by a nouveau riche couple, inviting their rich as well as not-so-rich friends, who end up being an odd bunch. Tennis is of course, played, but more than that various hurts and strives and secrets simmer out and explode. I love delving into the lives of (fictional) people rather than just know superficial details about them. This book helped me to indulge in my voyeurism. There are a couple of c
Tammy Rahmasari
Patrick dan Caroline Chance pindah dari Seymour Road ke daerah pedesaan di Bindon. Bersama putri mereka, Georgina mereka menikmati hari-hari mereka sebagai orang kaya baru dengan bahagia. Saat musim panas tiba, Patrick memiliki rencana untuk menghabiskan hari sabtunya. Ia dan istrinya, Caroline mengundang 3 pasangan tetangganya dulu di Seymour Road untuk sebuah Pesta Tenis.

Stephen dan Annie Fairweather merupakan keluarga yang biasa-biasa saja. Stephen tidak memiliki pekerjaan karena seluruh wakt
Ashley Cox
Alls well that ends well? I was excited to find this book on the bargain bin at Barnes & Noble one day as it was one of the last books by Wickham that I had yet to read. It's one of the earliest published books by her (and was originally published in the UK under a different title) and clearly shows how far she has come as a writer. The ending of the book, at least the last 100 pages, were where I finally got into the characters. Up to that point I didn't like a single character minus the ch ...more
YAY! CHICKLIT! I really didn't organize my books to well this batch as I read so many boring books till I got to something trashy. And unfortunately, this book, even for trash, wasn't super great. Too many characters and I think like half the characters names started with a C, which always throws me off. For most of the book, I couldn't keep track on who was married to who. This book was about a Tennis Party (shocker!). A rich couple invites some friends over for the weekend. One couple is a fat ...more
Copyright Madeleine Wickham 1995
Penerbit : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Alih Bahasa : Nurkinanti Laraskusuma
Cover by Marcel A.W.
Cetakan I : Juli 2013 ; 352 hlm
Rate : 3,5 of 5

Ini adalah sebuah kisah ‘pendek’ yang penuh dengan adegan dramatis, intrik serta konflik seru hingga tak terasa waktu berlalu sedemikian cepat. Bagaikan sebuah ‘kotak pandora’ yang terbuka, rahasia-rahasia kelam yang tersimpan dalam benak masing-masing karakter, terbuka lebar dan m
The story takes place over a weekend in the summer. The wealthy entrepreneur Patrick and his not-so-upwardly mobile wife Caroline are hosting three couples for a sort of house party, ostensibly to hold a tennis tournament.

The guests are quite a mixed bunch, as are the five children who are also part of the weekend. The book is really about the ways these different people interact, and the characterisation is good, on the whole. I liked a few of them but found others intensely annoying.

The tenn
Gemma Feltham
The Tennis Party is much like many of Kinsella/ Wickham’s novels- well written, well –paced and consistent, three things all good books should be. Add funny to the mix and you’ve got a perfect read for all seasons. Although this is definitely the perfect novel for reading at the beach or on a sun-lounger, I enjoyed it just as much on a cold December night, tucked up in bed; reminiscing about the sunny days of July and August.

The novel’s opening chapter introduces the reader immediately to three
This book was terrible.

I love Sophie Kinsella and her books, so I thought I'd her series as Madeleine Wickham a try. I read the other ones and they were okay - but this was absolute trash.

This book is about a bunch of rich people constantly comparing what they have and how much of it they have to everyone else and trying to impress each other - when they're supposed to be friends. There are real issues in this book - marriage troubles, betrayal, broken friendships, lying, intentionally hurting
Beth Deschamp
It took me about three chapters to really get into this book, which was surprising because Sophie Kinsella/Madeleine Wickham usually has me hooked before I reach the bottom of the first page. I wouldn't say that I loved the book, but I did like it. I loved how perfectly Kinsella transitioned from character to character. Usually we see each chapter presented from one character's point of view. But in this book the characters bounced back and forth from each other within the chapter, much like a t ...more
Premessa: anche se è arrivato in italia solo ora questo è il primissimo libro scritto da Madeleine Wickham aka Sophie Kinsella quando aveva 24 anni ed è uscito per la prima volta nel 1995. Sono passati quasi 20 anni da quando è stato scritto. Chiusa questa parentesi passo subito a parlarvi di questo simpatico libro. Caroline e Patrick invitano alcuni amici nella loro bella residenza di campagna per passare un week end in compagnia a giocare a tennis. Tra di loro ci sono ci sono Annie e Stephen, ...more
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Madeleine Wickham (born 12 December 1969) is a bestselling British author under her pseudonym, Sophie Kinsella. Educated at New College, Oxford, she worked as a financial journalist before turning to fiction. She is best known for writing a popular series of chick-lit novels. The Shopaholic novels series focuses on the misadventures of Becky Bloomwood, a financial journalist who cannot manage her ...more
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