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Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity
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Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity (Wonder Woman)

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  2,724 ratings  ·  88 reviews
BATMAN/SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN: TRINITY tells the remarkable tale of the turbulent first encounter of the world's most iconic heroes. When Batman's greatest nemesis, Ra's al Ghul, recruits Bizarro and an Amazon warrior to aid him in his plan to create global chaos, the Darknight Detective suddenly finds himself working with the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess. Looking t ...more
Hardcover, 208 pages
Published June 1st 2004 by DC Comics (first published January 1st 2003)
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Sam Quixote
Ra’s Al-Ghul executes his latest dastardly plan of undoing human civilisation and the damage it’s wrought on the planet by wiping it out because Greenpeace aren’t hardcore enough! He defrosts Bizarro, who’s frozen in an iceberg for some reason, and then it’s up to Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to stop him. This is also the story of Superman and Batman’s first meeting with Wonder Woman.

The book starts well with Clark going about his routine of pretending to be clumsy and ditzy to throw off a
What's interesting about this book is Wagner's examination of environment and how it defines and drives its heroes. Batman breaks a dude's jaw because Gotham is a hard place, and when someone invades his turf, it is his responsibility to make sure the darkness doesn't swallow someone into the shadows before he can question them. Wonder Woman acts swiftly and silently because she lives in Paradise and has no reason to be underestimated or expect pain, though all the men around her do underestimat ...more
Kevin Fanning
I liked it. A lot of people are bothered by the ret-con-iness of it, but who cares, it's a good story. Some minor quibbles:

* Wonder Woman's hot pants are ridiculous. It's too bad her costume works so hard to undermine her coolness. Esp. since the other Amazonian is dressed like a kick-ass rock star.

* The rapidly switching omniscient POV was hard to track at times. It switches between Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and a narrator, often on the same page, often when more than one of those characte
Krishna *needs a pink katana*
It was an interesting take on the meeting of the Big Three.
As always, the prize goes to Batman for most interesting character.
What is with that pink hair though?
One of the best novels featuring DC's big three, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Matt Wagner breathes new life into their first mutual adventure. Each character is very much in character. As it begins, Diana has only just left Themiscyra for the world of men. She has never met Superman and has never heard of Batman. She is very much the royal princess in her attitudes and assumptions. Wagner returns Superman to his Kansas farm boy roots. He has seen the world and is comfortable there. But his ...more

-Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman and none for Robin and Aquaman.
-Watch as Supes and Bats show off the best flying positions.
-Fun with Lazarus Pits!
-Non-boring villains from Supes Gallery! Fun!
-Supes is not buying Batman's whole mysterious rep thing, he's like, "Bruce, you just ran behind that building, I can still see you."
-This comic is perfectly set up in that time where it was important to have your heroes look physically attractive and the text is positively large=print compared to what's
There was a point in the early 2000's when creatives involved with writing and drawing superhero comic books realized that Batman villain Ra's Al Ghul would make a fairly good foil for other DC superheroes as well. It's easy to understand why this would be an appealing thing to do- Ghul's a supervillain for sure, a sort of eco-terrorist with a creepy distinction thanks to his semi-immortality. He's also a villain who offers a bit more depth than your standard bad guy, in that many of his goals a ...more
Meh. The story wasn't bad, but the artwork was fugly. Also, Wonder Woman's weird shorts looked ridiculous.
John Yelverton
I liked the story, but I really wish that the art work had been better.
What starts off as an interesting premise for a superhero story, quickly deteriorates into something lackluster and flat. Wagner's characterizations are simplistic and dull. He needs to learn the first rule of good writing: "Show, don't tell." You'd think this would be obvious in a graphic novel. He also doesn't know how to write a convincing female character. His rendition of Wonder Woman, especially, really showcases all of the gender stereotypes and misogyny that the superhero genre is so wel ...more
Benjamin Featherston
Matt Wagner delivers a flashback to the first meeting of DC's Big Three, one which is equally rewarding for both veteran readers and newcomers to the DC universe.

Comics today are full of reboots and do-overs, trying to capture new audiences by retracting the established continuity and history which is so rewarding to long-time fans. Wagner has taken a far wiser approach; he has crafted a story which presumes no special knowledge of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, but does not sweep away the
I usually like comic books with an old-school or retro feel, and while Trinity certainly fills that category, it wasn't near as much fun as it would have hope it would be.

Matt Wagner's art is old-fashioned and simplistic but elegant and clean. It's a joy to look at. His writing is also very clean and simplistic. Unfortunately, I think this approach to the story is to the determent of the book. It follows the basic comic book formula of superheroes teaming up to fight a common foe. The superhe
J.M. Hushour
Matt Wagner is one of those comic stalwarts who seems to simply refuse to bend to any whim but his own. Everyone knows 'Grendel' and his work on other books. My personal experience of Wagner is through his meddlings with Batman, the 'Mad Monk' and 'Monster Men', two books which were entertaining, challenging to continuity, but mostly nothing special. I feel the same way towards 'Trinity'. In many ways, this is a story that really, really needs to be told, expanded upon, made awesome: the first m ...more
Not always a big fan of 'retcon' mini series’; but I can appreciate them. You have Bats and Supes meeting Diana for the first time. It's cool stuff if you're a fan of DCU’s big three; my only beef is, of course, the ‘foe’ choices. The device in the story in regard to the villains seems to be: let’s bring in three 'memorable' characters from each of the trio's past stories. Why Artemis was chosen, I have no clue. Why she was made an angry teen...NO CLUE. I'm still scratching my head as to why Ra' ...more
Mar 21, 2008 Jace rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people who need a primer on the major players of the DC universe
Shelves: comics
This is a good book if you know nothing about the pantheon of DC superheores. But to fans of Superman, Batman and/or Wonder Woman, this book comes off as a clearly RETCONned story about the trio's first team-up. That is to say, it's fine as a stand-alone, but doesn't mesh well with the rest of the continuity. [Any such first meeting would have happened 50 years ago, at least, but this book takes places in modern day, judging by the use of computers and other technology in the story.]

Wagner does
Michelle Cristiani
I liked this mostly because Wagner's art was fun. It's not particularly intricate, which compared to most comic art of the day, makes it look juvenile. There are no ripped muscles, or fine-lined landscapes. There's a simplicity that I find utterly appealing. For example, when Superman flies downwards, he looks like a "V" with red at the top and blue at the bottom. It's endearing, and complemented rather than distracted from the story. So kudos for that. Wonder Woman did look a little more mascul ...more
Indika De Silva
The following comic contains the first ever adventure between The Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman and they go up against Ra's al Ghul, Bizarro (Who calls Ra's al Ghul as "Racer cool") and very young formidable Amazon warrior.

What I really liked about the whole book could be attributed for it's simplistic nature and for the excellent story. Nothing is over the top and it is quite easy to follow. Therefore I recommend it to anyone who is beginning to read DC comics. The graphics is very good and
I thought this captured each character's voice fairly accurately, though I could have done without the Batman-as-Peeping-Tom during a Diana bathing scene. No need for her to be naked at all - that scene and what Paradise means to Bruce could have been approached in different and less offensive way.

You have Superman in a nutshell:

Batman being Batman:

And Diana, having just left Themyscira, learning the ways of man while still being true to her own values:

Tom Lyle
Pretty damn good! This is a good reimagining of how the Big Three first met up. It would have been more interesting if Batman and Superman hadn't already known each other before this, and the implication that Ra's Al Ghul is a rapist makes me uncomfortable because I always saw Ra's Al Ghul as somebody who thinks he's doing the right thing and therefore has some redeeming qualities, and here he's just nasty. Bizarro's childish "Hulk smash" kind of dialogue is also a bit weird - if it was left to ...more
Mohamed Alwakeel
Not a bad book, enjoyed the storyline and the battles, even though they always seemed one-sided, but it was nice. Wished the drawing was just a little bit better.
It was a fun and enjoyable read. The story itself could be stronger but the character dynamics hold the book together nicely. I decided to read the book because it was available to me and I wanted to read something with Wonder Woman as a central character. In that regard I was not disappointed. Although the relationship with Batman and Wonder Woman was more explored than that with Wonder Woman and Superman and Batman and Superman, although these were fairly written about and the material was wel ...more
I really love this story. I read I a few yelled back and picked it up again. The art style is unique, at times a little too undefined. The interactions between the big three really make the story for me. Batman's arrogance and Wonder Woman's mistrust of men make for great confrontations between the two. Superman is as great, always watching out for everyone and the all around American Hero he is known for. R'as, Bizarro, and Artemis are great foils for the main three and good antagonists overall ...more
It's hard to imagine the big three meeting in such an astonishingly boring way. I nearly gave this a 1 star rating because it was so awful. But there were a few scenes that were good and not to mention Clark Kent/Superman was the only character that wasn't poorly written.

Batman was so crazy in this story that he should be sitting in Arkham and Wonder Woman was portrayed as a weak little damsel-in-distress at times that it didn't make any sense.

Was anyone else annoyed by those confusing thought
Obaid Haroon
Having been a fan of superheroes, especially Batman, since I was a child it was amazing watching these three interact together for the first time.

B and S already knew each other but WW added a whole new dynamic to the mix. Her interest with Superman and his interest with her echoed the happenings in New 52. Or rather New 52 echoed this.

Batman kissing Wonder Woman then getting punched?? To damn hilarious.

S telling WW how B is braver than people realise. Telling her how it really is. Priceless.
I found this very refreshing. It's a fairly brief and easy read, and in my opinion is well worth it even if just for some of the initial reactions when Batman and Wonder Woman meet. Batman: "Aren't you a little under dressed?". Wonder Woman: "Why do you hide your face? Ashamed of your methods?" Superman: A cross between "Can't we all just get along?" and "Children, play nice".

The internal thought processes of each character are very enlightening but aren't always portrayed clearly enough. Most
Matt Wagner reimagines the meeting of DC's big three, pitting them against a scheme by Ra's al Ghul to control Paradise Island. Hot on the trail of of a mysterious group that has freed Bizarro, Superman runs across the Amazonian Wonder Woman following the same group. Bringing it before Batman, the trio realizes that al Ghul is behind both Bizarro and the young warrior Artemis. Forced into an uneasy alliance to save her home, the Big Three discover more in common than they would ever admit.
Jorge Figueroa
En el último par de años he visto estos intentos de explicar ¿cómo es que se conocieron y decidieron cooperar? estos grandes personajes. (y el resultado siempre es cutre, pero puede ser que yo este ya muy iejo, la JLA de finales de los 90, vaya que me gustaba)

Hay una razón para que Batman sea el más popular en DC, y es que es más fácil hacer grandes historias con algunas limitantes, Superman y Wonder woman no sufren de ellas, son demasiado poderosos.

Batman es "súper cool" porque está entre seres
Batman... Superman... Wonder Woman
DC's Trinity! written and drawn by Matt Wagner.
The chosen villains are easily forgettable (who were they again?) but the story is a very good one of the early days of our three main characters. The interaction between the three is believable as well as their overall potrayal.
I didn't like that Wonder Woman was potrayed as the damsel in distress, but she does make up for it by being a badass overall.
Favorite scene... the Aquaman encounter.
It was ok but could have been better. I gotta give them credit because it's not easy jugling multiple characters in one book, especially these three. Sometimes they are a little overpowered, weaker or act out of character when it comes to team ups. The justice league cartoon had that problem and on occasions it happens here too. I just wish they coloured in the thought boxes because it's really hard to tell who's thoughts your reading sometimes.
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Matt Wagner is an American comic book writer and artist. In addition to his creator-owned series' Mage and Grendel, he has also worked on comics featuring The Demon and Batman as well as such titles as Sandman Mystery Theatre and Trinity, a DC Comics limited series featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.
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