Legacy (Legacy, #1)
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Legacy (Legacy #1)

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When her widowed father dumps 16-year-old Katy Jessevar in a boarding school in Whitfield, Massachusetts, she has no idea that fate has just opened the door to both her future and her past. Nearly everyone in Whitfield is a witch, as is Katy herself, although she has struggled all her life to hide her unusual talents. Stuck at a boarding school where her fellow students se...more
Hardcover, 432 pages
Published December 20th 2011 by Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books
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Legacy left me utterly neutral. I'm not clinging to my seat hoping for more but I'm not unhappy that I read this story. I was pretty excited to read this story for the paranormal element and I love stories steeped in rich character histories. In that aspect, this story did not disappoint but I felt it hard to connect with the characters and the story was really choppy at parts which definitely hindered my reading experience.

When I pick up a novel, I want to fall in love with the person telling m...more
I know a one is pretty harsh, but in my defense, I wanted to like this book. But I can honestly say that I just didn't. I read about half the book and then skimmed the rest of it because those who have read it rated it really well so I was hoping it would change my mind. It didn't.

I felt this book was very poorly written. I broke my rant up into sections because for someone who didn't thoroughly finish the book, I already have a lot to say about it. Overall, I felt it had a 1) cliche and faulty...more
You would think this author was a first time novelist. But I was horrified to open the back flap and read Molly Cochran has actually published several other books. Perhaps this was her first adventure into YA publishing, which would explain her use of just about every stereotype known to man in this book.

My first problem was that the pace in this book was off. Usually the problem is that the pace is too slow. Not with this book. Everything moves at a break neck pace. I can't say what, because th...more
Ravenous Biblioworm

Don't let the summary fool you. It's sounds all sorts of cool but the delivery was horrible, bad - worst than horrible. So bad, I really really wanted to hurt someone. Like all the characters in the book and I rooted for "The Darkness" to win. I'll be blunt here. This is the worst book I have read this year. Yes, the premise is more interesting than others but in writing respects, it is the worst.

Let's start with plot. There was a plot to the story only the focus of the story ran eve...more
Legacy is the kind of book that is usually totally me. Charming, quaint and mysterious atmosphere and boarding school setting with it's hidden secrets but sadly it just wasn't enough. The writing was okay, but it didn't quite have that spark that gives it the right flow. It felt either to rushed or to slow moving and while the characters were interesting enough I felt no connection to them or their situation.
Kate (Nomalicious Reads)
More reviews can be found at my blog: Nomalicious Reads

I was really excited to get my hands on Legacy, so I was really happy when I recieved the eARC via Net Galley!

I think that this is going to be a tough review to write, because although I really enjoyed Legacy, some parts in the book made me rage something chronic!

I'm partial to anything with a witchy tale and magic involved, so as soon as I read the synopsis and saw the intriguing cover, I fell in love.

Katy is our typical heroine, she's thro...more
Ummm.... how to review this book?... hmmm... well, the summary was interesting but once you start reading it, it turns out to be a Fail.

Not so much that I didn't like it, but there were a few situations that were just instant turn-off. Example: Katy - the main character - arrives to a new school, nobody talks to her and basically they want to steer clear from her, and she just lets it be. But then there's the King of the Jerks, meet Peter. who treats her like crap and actually, ACTUALLY SHOVES H...more
I honestly only picked this book up because my library just got it and the girl on the cover looks like Ginny Weasley. I was so disappointed in it, though.

For one, the 'girl goes to a boarding school, finds (forbidden) love and has a bad relationship with her parent or parents' has been done. Over and over and over again. Some fairly famous ones include the Evernight series by Claudia Gray (i think), the Hex Hall series by Rachel Hawkins, or the Immortal series by Gillian Shields. Neither of wh...more
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Via Love
Such a high rating rewarded to such a worthy book. This is the best book that I've read in a long time. It's rare that I find a good book these days, and I really lucked up when I received this one in the Galley Grab newsletter. Now of course, I didn't just jump into this right away, because that just wouldn't be me. No, I had to read the Goodreads reviews first. From the few reviews that I found, I discovered that there weren't really many fans of this book. Personally, I didn't see the problem...more
Branwen *Blaidd Drwg*
There are not alot of books that I have to force myself to finish. Usually I make sure I am going to like something before I start reading it. Unfortunately this turned out to be one of those books. I absolutely loved the first ten chapters. I liked the main female character and the premise seemed good. However the romance between her and her crush was just...let's just say that I didn't feel it. Most romances make me weak in the knees and giddy while this one just left me feeling rather...blah....more
What a waste of great writing talent! This book is difficult to rate. The writing is superb! It hooked me on the third page, and I just HAD to know what that "Fog" was all about. The story is excellently written, and I just loved all the interesting and various characters. I can't even say enough about how incredible these characters are! This book has it all- plot, character development, pacing, and writing style. BUT... Ah yes, there is a BIG BUT...

The magic was too much like witchcraft. Creep...more
A moderately well realized world with an interesting villain. However, it has enough flaws that it is only slightly above "ok" in my estimation. I like the world well enough that I'll probably check out the second book, but I don't feel compelled to seek it out immediately.
I was sort of shocked to see at the very beginning that there were 46 chapters, oh, and an epilogue. And the book did seem to jump quickly from situation to situation at the end of each chapter. Peter hating Katy went pretty quickly to Peter loving Katy. Katy sassing and hating her dad makes a quick turn-around to forgiving him. But I enjoyed the story of Katy learning she comes from a long line of witches and has powers herself that need developing in order to combat the dark forces that are we...more
Saniya(Will Herondale is mine)
Is it just me who founds this plot very similar to Firespell by Chloe Neil + Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins or everyone else too?!
Still, gonna read it!^^
I don't even think I will finish this book.

So I decided to pick it up because I found it for a really good price on BookOutlet and the cover made it seem really interesting (even if I HATE covers with people on them... I'd rather just imagine what they look like), and I'm usually pretty good at giving books a shot even if they only have ok reviews on Goodreads... but this is the exception.

I have to admit the first 50 pages where kind of interesting, there is potential for a very good story build...more
This book was fine. It was an interesting story and I'll probably give the next one a shot if I find it at the library, but it wasn't anything stellar. Katy annoyed me a little and her relationship with Peter was just weird to me--first he hates her and then with no warning he's inexplicably drawn to her and head over heels for her? Meh. I needed to see a change happen over time, not a switch flip for no real reason. But it's certainly not the most annoying thing I've read in a book lately, so I...more
Okay at first I didn't want to read this book because of some of the bad reviews I was seeing for it. And another reason was because I've never read anything that has to deal with witches, okay except this one book, but other than that, never. The prospect of reading this book didn't appeal to me, until I read the description and found out that it had a romantic plot to it. I was way in by that time. All the books I love reading have to do with romance and stuff. I've never read anything that di...more
First off, I have to say that I do NOT understand why this book has been bashed so much in the reviews! Granted Molly Cochran is not JK Rowling, but neither is any other author on the planet. Cochran is, however, a good writer and she spins an excellent tale in Legacy! I should tell you that I do not believe a good story requires gore, extreme violence, sex, or nonsensical, teenage, gonna die without him/her quasi-sexual romance. If you, as a reader, require these elements to enjoy a story then...more
To be honest, I thought this book was messy. Half-formed characters and concepts thrown together with abrupt changes and insufficient background beyond knowledge of YA cliches. Main character arrives at a boarding school that seems to encourage special talents, which she may or may not possess. She is not at all taken aback to discover that she does in fact possess them and is soon wielding power as if she's always known she's a witch. Katy is remarkably blase about the whole witchcraft angle, s...more
Grace Fonseca
A solid book that just really knows how to hook you and keeps you guessing with all kinds of twists that were somewhat unexpected.

It started off somewhat typical for me, girl goes to boarding school and is immediately not liked, but Katy’s personality won me over early on in the book. She is somewhat of an outsider when she arrives at Whitfield. Not to mention there is a fog when she gets there. Such a typical plot device in paranormal stories, but the author makes it work to the story’s adva...more
Dark Faerie Tales
Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales

Quick and Dirty: Legacy had surprising depth and character development that kept me interested until the end.

Opening Sentence: I was sixteen years old when I discovered exactly who—and what—I was.

The Review:

The novel starts with Katy arriving at her new boarding school after being uprooted from everything she knew after her dad gets married. If that isn’t troubling enough, she finds out that her mother’s family, who founded her new school, already has a reputa...more
Jessie  (Ageless Pages Reviews)
2.5 out of 5

Legacy is sadly one of those books I wanted to like more than I actually liked in the end. Legacy can be, and very often is, dry, slightly boring and stilted in its execution. With so much of the novel reminiscent of other novels like the boarding school a la Harry Potter, Strange Angels, Vampire Academy, Hex Hall, etc., or the two love interests that have to be kept apart for someone's safety a la Twilight, The Clann or really almost every vampire young-adult novel ever, it is quite...more
Shannon (aka Readergirl)
Let me start by saying I've read lots of stories about witches. I've also read many, many stories set in a boarding school. There's something about a boarding school that I just love. Perhaps it's because it is so different from my own school experience growing up that I'm just really fascinated by it. Whatever the reason, I love boarding school stories. I've read several that pairs the boarding school and witches elements together, as this one does. So, you would think this would be old to me....more
Emma (BelleBooks)
Firstly, massive thank you to the S&S Galley Grab for drawing my attention to this book. I had never heard about Legacy before, after reading the blurb I decided to go ahead and download the ARC. I ended up reading this book in one day.

Legacy has been getting some mixed reviews from what I've seen so far, but honestly I really enjoyed this book.
The story itself follows 16 year old Katy whose father and step-mother ship her off to an exclusive boarding school in Massachusetts. While Katy firs...more
Ms. Yingling
Katy isn't happy when her father moves to New York City to be with his evil girlfriend "Mim", who is an executive at Wonderland, a store that has odd connections to Katy's past. Because of the move, Katy is sent to a boarding school nearby, Ainsworth Preparatory. From the time she arrives in the small New England town, everyone around her is weird. Cab driver calls her another name. Hot guy Peter practically spits at her. People talk behind her back about her mother, who apparently tried to kill...more
Tammy Dahle
My Thoughts:
Although Molly Cochran is credited for writing 26 previous books, Legacy is her first Young Adult title. This tale combines magic, romance and relationships in a story I found interesting and entertaining but also sometimes confusing.
The plot speeds along as Katy is abandoned at a boarding school by her cold, distant father who is more interested in his girlfriend than the needs of his teenage daughter. She meets love interest Peter who is also cold and distant in the beginning but s...more
Claire Dawn
First the bad news. I don't remember how long ago I got this off Galley Grab, but this book has been sitting on my computer for eons, and I never so much as opened it. The cover screamed stereotypical girl meets paranormal boy and twilights off into the happily ever after. There's nothing wrong with that, but I was looking for a little less romance and lot more plot.

Turns out the cover lied.

When Katy Jessevar gets dropped off at boarding school courtesy of her distant father and his new girlfr...more
Kelsea Dawn Hume
Sent to a boarding school in insular Whitfield, Massachusetts, Katy Jessevar is confused by the locals' customs, and their extreme dislike of her. As she uncovers her family's past, she also comes into conflict with dark forces... and her father.

Katy is a pretty typical YA heroine, and I feel neutral about her. My pet peeves for this book revolved around two things: 1)the old plot excuse of "we can't tell you about something because we just can't" and 2) eternal love for teenagers (dear teens,...more
In this book, Serenity Katherine Ainsworth, who goes by “Katy Jessevar,” is sent to Ainsworth Preparatory School in Whitfield, Massachusetts after her father moved to New York when he got a job there. When Katy starts the new school, she meets Peter Shaw at the library. He instantly knows that she is an Ainsworth and dislikes her. Every new student at Ainsworth School gets invited to have lunch at Hattie’s Kitchen, where she finds a book that belongs to Peter. Hattie asks Katy to return it to hi...more
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aka Dev Stryker

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Molly Cochran lived in Europe and was educated at the University of Pittsburgh and the Sorbonne in France. She has written 26 books, including 12 ghosted novels, and the non-fiction bestseller, Dressing Thin, before her own first novel, Grandmaster, was a New York Times Bestseller.

Since then, she has written almost a dozen other suspense and fantasy thrillers,...more
More about Molly Cochran...
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