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No, David!
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No, David! (David)

4.09 of 5 stars 4.09  ·  rating details  ·  27,449 ratings  ·  1,145 reviews
When author and artist David Shannon was five years old, he wrote a semi-autobiographical story of a little kid who broke all his mother's rules. He chewed with his mouth open (and full of food), he jumped on the furniture, and he broke his mother's vase! As a result, all David ever heard his mother say was "No, David!" Here is his story.
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published September 1st 1998 by Blue Sky Press
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Jun 21, 2009 David added it
Shelves: read-in-2009
Oh yes. I've read other people's reviews of this book. I understand that it's pure catnip to Jasons, Ethans and Rebeccas throughout the land. But until now, one perspective has been conspicuously absent. So let me try to rectify that.


Why? Let me count the ways:

1. The book's message is uniformly nihilistic throughout. Instead of being taught to embrace life in all its infinite variety, the feral, razor-toothed, wolf-child is subjected to a constant stream...more
“No, David!” is David Shannon’s first book of the “David” series and has won the Caldecott Honor Book Award, which it richly deserves that honor. This book details the adventures of David being bad while his mother continually tells him: “NO, DAVID!”

David Shannon’s first attempt at making the “David” series is truly a masterpiece to this very day. David Shannon’s writing style is memorable as he writes in a simple preschool format that is easy enough for readers at a young age could relate to a...more
I have to add this Caldecott award winner to our children's favorite books. Another wonderful David book, it had many things which both my 5 yr old and twin preschoolers could relate to. Almost every page had them wide-eyed with disbelief that there could be another kid out there that wants to get into the same trouble they do. The pictures were enchanting and colorful and were enjoyed by our entire family, including grandma today. By the end of the book, my twin 3 yr olds were all saying "No Da...more
Jun 09, 2009 Auntee rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anyone with rambunctious pre-schoolers
Shelves: children-s
Great series for 2-5 year olds. My nephews loved to hear (and see--terrific illustrations) the many ways naughty David got in trouble. But no matter how bad David was, by the end of the book he knows that Mommy still loves him.:)

Also consider the follow-ups David Goes To School, and David Gets in Trouble.
You'll cringe at David's antics, and be thankful that your child isn't that bad!:)
Sunny in Wonderland
My middle son's favorite book as a child. The little stinker - he especially loved the part when David ran naked down the street to avoid a bath. We giggled and giggled everytime we read this book together.

Man! I miss when my boys were little.
This is a story of a bald trouble-making boy named David. Babies to children aged 6 will be captivated by his bad decisions and countless misfortunes as David’s mother scolds him for his naughtiness page after page. Each vivid double-page illustration portrays a youthful childhood indiscretion that children will find hilarious. Readers will see David climbing up the counter to reach for the cookie jar, running naked down the street, and what happens when you play baseball in the house. Children...more
Leah Robinson
I know this is a widely popular book and to my surprise I was not to fond of it!
The story shows David, a young boy constantly getting in trouble and in the end shows his mother, hugging him and stating she loves him. I did not like this book for many reasons.
The first reason was that his mom just keeps saying no or stop it, or something of that form; there is never a reinforcer or punishment. The second reason was that in addition to him not getting in trouble his mom just says "yes David, I lo...more
Elizabeth Kysa Sedivy
This book by David Shannon had minimal text, but the illustrations fill in all the other details the reader/s may need. David, a boy who is consisting getting in trouble from his mom acts out and in the illustrations it shows what and where he is doing stuff. The images are unrealistic looking, but because of this is makes the book unique in the illustrator drew them adding to David’s character. David has a triangular nose and a few pointy teeth, he is not scary looking but more comical than any...more
I loved this book!!!! This is the first picture book I have read since probably fourth grade and oh my gosh it made my day!!!! When you get into middle school you always have to read classics and poems and novels. But I think if every once in a while you read a childrens book then it would put a smile on your face. I like this book because it reminds me of when I was a little girl and I would do weird things like David does and my mom would always tell me NO! or stop that right now but in the e...more
The reason I like this book is that children can relate to the story. David gets in trouble over and over and hears "No!". Every child can relate to this, whether the destruction is intentional or not. Children always enjoy this book, and I often see them sitting independently looking through it. This book is great for discussion on when we get in trouble, what we can do when we mess up, or other choices we can make that may keep us from getting into trouble.
I'm not a huge fan of illustrations that show children in an ugly light (pointy teeth, grotesque faces)--even if it is mimicing a child's artistic talent. It scares me when I see some of these pictures and I'm an adult! I acknowledge a great use of color, and the illustrations telling much of the story. Also that it is an aspect of life rambunctious children are probably very aware of. I like the ending is reassuring. I can see why some children may like this movie...if they can get past the sca...more
Barry Mchugh
No, David! By David Shannon
This story is about a young boy called David who is constantly being told the word NO! Each new page shows a picture of David doing something he should not be doing like writing on the wall, reaching the cookie jar, stepping in the mud etc. This story is amusing for children while reminding parents about what it is like to be a mischievous boy who is constantly being told no. David may not be your picture perfect child but will give you and the children you read it to...more
Love the colors, the drawings, love the reality of it!

This weekend I asked a guy if he'd read this book to his son and he informed that no, he hadn't because it was too violent or scary or something.
David has jagged teeth that's true but, violent? scary? not so much.

so I'm kind of giving this book 5 stars because when ever I see it I'll think wow there's is actually a parent out there somewhere that is even more neurotic than me. And let's face it feeling superior in parenting for a ch...more
Katie Hanrahan
Follow young David through his shenanigans in David Shannon's No, David! Shannon wrote this book as a child and rewrote it in adulthood. Readers get to witness David's misbehavior along with the words (usually) saying "No, David!" Through David's playing with his food, jumping on the bed, and running down the street naked, readers learn what behavior constitutes as inappropriate.

This book can be classified as a wordless picturebook because the story is told through the pictures with minimal text...more
In this book, the story is quite of the ordinary. It is about a boy named David. David is up to no good through out the book. His mother is always telling him no or to not do that. But David never seems to listen. He either writes on walls, plays with his food, or picks his nose when he is not suppose to. It makes him seem like a very mischievous little boy. In the end, he gets in trouble and goes to time out. He gets sad and asks for a hug and his mother hug him and loves him.

In the book, the a...more
"No, David" is a great children's book. It's the story of a child named David who does everything and absolutely anything that he's not supposed to do. Each page is of David doing something bad and his mother scolding him and disapproving. At the very end his mother gives him a hug and assures him that she does in fact love in (in spite of all the times she has yelled at him in the book).
When reading this book, I enjoyed the illustrations. They were full of vibrant colors and were rough looking...more
Madison Jones
This book was actually inspired by a small book that David Shannon wrote when he was just five years old, entitled No David. Each page had a picture of David, himself, doing things that he was not supposed to be doing along with the words no and David on the top of the page. The things he was not supposed to be doing included things like writing and drawing on the wall, reaching the cookie jar, stepping into mud, dressed as a soldier playing with a big spoon and a pam, playing with the food at t...more
In the story No David! David isn’t exactly the best behaved child. He likes to go about his own ways and making messes and causing trouble just as any other child boy. His mom throughout the story although never pictures constantly screams No David! Toward the end of the story she tell David she finally says “yes David” and tells David that she loves him.
This childhood story seems to be directed at boys. Boys tend to be messier and not always well behaved as a child. Children after being discipl...more
Heather Langendorff
This is a really cute story that the author actually wrote about himseld when he was a young boy. It is about all the things we as kids think that we do wrong. Kids just have so much energy and have a large imagination, they want to explore everything. Some examples David gave where he gets in trouble were taking cookies from the cookie jar, playing and splashing everywhere in the bathtub, and accidentally knocking over a vase and breaking it. Sometimes as a kid it feels like the only thing your...more
April Poulter
A lot of people probably like this book because it hits home for them. Anybody who has been the parent, caretaker, or babysitter of a toddler knows what it's like to have to constantly be on the lookout for mischievous behavior. I've been there! I have a niece who used to have a shirt that said, "I only look nice." That about summed it up! I also have a nephew who has torn apart his parents' closet, stomped blueberries on the kitchen table, and put roller skates in a washing machine and started...more
Diana Garcia
I liked this book because it's something children can really relate to. It showed a lot of emotion and just excitement coming from David. He just wanted to explore new things and had a curiosity that seemed to always get him in trouble. Although there wasn't a lot off vocabulary used the illustrations definitely showed everything clearly. They did a good job in portraying the details behind what he was doing in each drawing. As a class we could discuss why the pictures weren't okay with what he...more
Samantha Mcdowell
"No David!" is vividly illustrated showing how David gets in trouble during the day. His mother always telling him no to whatever he happens to be doing in the pictures (playing with food, tracking in mud, jumping on the bed, etc). The pictures tell the story so well that if there were no words at all you would still be able to figure out the story. I think kids would enjoy this book because of its brightly illustrated 2 page pictures and because they can relate to it and being told no when they...more
Morgan Carter

The book, No David , by David Shannon is an almost wordless book about a young boy who always gets told "no" by his mother. Throughout the entire book, David keeps doing bad things and his mother cant seem to control him. Although, at the end of the book, David and his mom are shown hugging. This shows that no matter how bad children can be, they are still loved by their parents.

The illustrations in this book are very creative. The story starts out when David is writing on the wall and in big

Katherine Bryant
The title of "No, David!" basically summarizes what this entire story is about. Through the use of illustrations, David gets into a lot of mischief and is told by his mother "No!" After getting in trouble several times. David finally gives his mother a hug and hears "Yes" and his mother tells him that she loves him.

This book is a great choice for emergent readers, as it one could literally read seventy-five percent of this story as long as they can recognize the word "no." Mos...more
Michaela George
This is a really cute story that the author actually wrote when he was a young boy. It is about all the things we as kids think that we do wrong. Kids just have so much energy and have a large imagination, they want to explore everything. Some examples David gave where he gets in trouble were taking cookies from the cookie jar, playing and splashing everywhere in the bathtub, and accidentally knocking over a vase and breaking it. Sometimes as a kid it feel like the only thing your parents tell y...more
Hannah Rich
LOVE 'No, David!' “No, David!” is David Shannon’s first book of this series and Shannon received the Caldecott Honor Book Award, which I totally agree with. This book details the adventures of David being bad while his mother continually tells him: “NO, DAVID!” I can remember reading this book to my younger brother (he is four years younger than me) because his name is, David as well! As I'm sure this book appeals to more boys, especially those who are named David, the fun storyline of this diso...more
Emily Scott
No, David is a cute story about a boy named David who always seems to be doing something wrong. He plays baseball in the house, breaks his mothers vase, eats with his mouth open, overflows the bath tub and just does lots of mischievous things. It seems as though his mother never approves of what he is doing. Every page basically has the words "No, David" for this is what his mom is always saying to him. One day he is put in the corner for timeout and his mother comes and holds him in her arms an...more
I thought that this book was really great for the illustrations to tell the story, which I think that young children would really enjoy.
The book starts with David and he is doing all the things that you shouldn't do. For example when David is chewing his food with his mouth open and he gets the response, "THAT IS ENOUGH!" But finally when David has to sit in the corner, he has that saddest look on his face. But then his mother sees this and tells David to come to her and she tells him that, "Yes...more
Yarima Morfin
NO, David! by David Shannon was one of my child hood favorites. Its a relatable and funny book. The author wrote this book after his mother sent him a small book he wrote when he was younger. It was the bad stuff he did and something his mother always said to him which was NO!. The book will be fun to read to any child, because it is relatable. I remember reading it and laughing because I used to do these things too! The book is mostly just a picture book. The pictures are self explanatory, he i...more
Romanus Elangwe
The story of mother always saying No! to David is that of a loving mother who directs her child and wants him to do the right things. Another positive side of the story is that David did not repeat the same things his mother had refused him to do. This shows that David followed directions. He was a good listener and a curious learner by always trying new things.

Again, looking at the illustrations, David's mother restricted him from playing baseball in the living room, playing with his food, goin...more
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David Shannon is the author and illustrator of many highly praised books for children. Born in Washington, D.C., he grew up in Spokane, Washington. He graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, with a fine arts degree, and then moved to New York City. His editorial illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, Time, and Rolling Stone, and his artwork has appeared...more
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