Lost in the Solar System (The Magic School Bus)
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Lost in the Solar System (The Magic School Bus #4)

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On a special field trip in the magic school bus, Ms. Frizzle's class goes into outer space and visits each planet in the solar system.
Audiobook, 1 page
Published July 14th 2010 by Scholastic Audio (first published October 1st 1990)
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OK, so a book that starts this conversation is GREAT!!

Sitting at traffic light in car, looking at the sunset:
5 yr old: Mommy did you know, the sun is a giant ball of gas?
Me: Why, yes it is...[thus ensues a conversation on the size of the sun compared to the earth, other planets in the solar system, etc.)

When I asked her if they were talking about the sun/solar system in preschool, she said no, she was reading about it in the Magic School Bus book.

Can I just say - AWESOME!!!! = )
Doesn't hurt that...more
The Magic School Bus books are always a great way to get your student/child to read and enjoy non fiction. There are tons of facts about the solar system! How big planets are, how far away, what you'd weigh in space etc. However, this book does still have Pluto listed as a planet-that is the only thing I can say that is no longer correct. Ms. Frizzle starts with the inner planets and then moves to the outer planets, the sequence is easy to follow. The design of these books can be overwhelming to...more
Brigid Sullivan
Most students are familiar with Ms. Frizzle and her class "field trips" to wild places. Many have seen the Magic School bus show on PBS or seen episodes in class. This particular book is one that I think is better as a book than the show. Other books (Magic School Bus Goes into the Human Body; Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor) are good to watch as a show because the movement adds to the visuals. For the planets, however, movement and video is not necessary. In this book, Ms. Frizzle and her c...more
Tonya Nelson
I love this author! Her books and the shows that have been produced out of them are awesome! Last summer at Explorers, we read this book during our week about Joanna Cole. This author does a great job of bringing fun into science!

Summary: Ms. Frizzle and her class learn about the solar system in the classroom, and find out that their field trip isn’t going to happen since the planetarium is closed. Ms. Frizzle once again decides to take her students on another wacky field trip to explore the sol...more
Brittany Tatum
The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar Dystem is about Ms. Frizzle's class field trip to the solar system. They stop at all the planets and the sun, as they learn interesting facts about the planets. While on their adventure, the students cannot find Ms. Frizzle, they eventually find her in an asteroid belt and they head back to earth.

I loved the Magic School Bus growing up and I absolutely loved this book. Ms. Frizzle's class has the best adventures, which are very informative. The illustration...more
The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System is a book about Ms. Frizzle's class trip to the solar system. As they go through the different parts, Ms. Frizzle and class learn all about it. Their trip takes a turn to the strange side and they find themselves in an adventure that most people would never believe.

The book is accurate and authentic in conveying factual, documented material. There is a lot of factual information in the book. For example, there is a chart of the planets, how big acros...more
In my favorite book in The Magic School Bus series, Ms. Frizzle's class field trip to the planetarium turns into a trip through the solar system. In each Magic School Bus adventure, their faithful school bus transforms to take the class into the heart of their eccentric teacher's lesson plan. In this volume, their bus becomes a space shuttle, blasting into the solar system, where they journey to the moon, sun, through the asteroid belt where they lose Ms. Frizzle (!) and to each planet (and plan...more
Katie Williams
Fun and engaging as always, this book is a great introduction for learning about the solar system. It provides great vocabulary as well as definitions; there is also a video that goes along with the book which would be a good way to follow up any astrological lesson on our solar system. The book is based on the premise of the students going on a field trip to a planetarium that turns out to be closed, so they board the magic school bus and visit the actual solar system instead. A great and inter...more
Adam Stukey
EDCI Author Study
Book Review

The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System
Background information, Joanne Cole is a well-known children’s book author. She has written myriad books in a variety of formats. From picture books to small short stories, she has done it all. She is famous for her Magic School Bus series. It even has its own television show. Miss. Frizzle is an icon in today’s modern classroom. But Miss. Frizzle was not the first fictional character that Cole developed. Cole f...more
Grade/Interest Level: Primary/ Upper Elementary (2nd-4th)
Reading Level: Lexile, 480L
Genre: Picture Book, Informational Book

Main Characters: Ms. Frizzle and her class
Setting: Outer Space
POV: Third Person

Summary: Ms. Frizzle's class has a field trip to the planetarium, but finds out that it's closed for repairs. Ms. Frizzle, the teacher, saves the day by having a field trip to outer space instead. On the way, they stop at the sun and each planet to learn interesting facts. At one point, the studen...more
Shelby Winstead
This Magic School Bus book is about the lovely Ms. Frizzle and her classroom field trip to the actual solar system. A guided tour, if you will, Ms. Frizzle helps her students learn all about the different parts of the solar system. As their trip takes a weird turn, the kids and Ms. Frizzle go on an adventure that is out of this world. Literally. The book does a great job in presenting the information about the solar system in a fun, yet still completely accurate way. The pictures of the differen...more
The Magic School Bus is as important to a child's education as Bill Nye the Science Guy. There is just something about The Magic School Bus that strikes a cord with the soul. It gets students interested in science, math, etc. It is series like the Magic School Bus that excite learners to not only imagine themselves as becoming something bigger, but also to dream and imagine the most whimsical ideas. I do not think I could find a student that does not like The Magic School Bus. It has everything...more
Timothy Luken
Such a great and informative picture book just as it should be. I enjoyed this series very much when I was growing up and still think this a very good series for kids.
The story is of course of Ms. Frizzle and her class traveling to outer space on their school bus and learning about the different planets in our solar system. However at one point they get lost and must find their way through the other planets and back to home. On the way they stop at all the terrestrial planets and swoop by the ga...more
I am indifferent on the Magic School Bus. We didn't hate it, but we weren't encouraged to read more. I think some kids will enjoy the frame and others will prefer their nonfiction more straight-up. (I've got one who didn't care for nonfiction at all, unless it was about words, and another who was pretty hardcore in her nonfiction love)

Library copy.
A good accompaniment to the Magic School Bus series, this one offers plenty of information about the solar system. In addition to the eight planets, the book provides interesting facts, drawings, and illustrations of comets, meteors, asteroids, among other elements associated with space and space explorations. This book is perfect for browsing.
Aaron Alexander
This is a fun magic school bus book in which Ms Frizzle's class takes a trip to space. On their trip, the class learned many things about space. A few of the things they learn about are the order of the planets, the effect of less or more gravity on an object, and the various geographic features that can be observed on planets such as Mars. While this is a very content heavy book, it is still presented in a way that is fun and engaging for students to read and learn from. There are many activiti...more
The solar system is huge, dark, vast, and has a red headed teacher guiding her class through it on a magical school bus. This sounds like a wild dream, but for Mrs. Frizzles class, this is just another field trip! In this edition of The Magic School Bus, we find ourselves lost in space. Sure, this may sound like a horror story, but in fact we learn a lot along the way. Like, did you know Saturn's rings are actually made up of dust and ice? Or that Venus once had an atmosphere like us on Earth? W...more
Julianne Frye
When Ms. Frizzle’s class tries to take a field trip to the planetarium and find that it’s closed for repairs, they blast off for a field trip in outer space instead. On their journey, they stop at the sun and each planet and learn interesting facts. Suddenly, the students’ tether to the bus snaps and the bus zooms far away. The students continue their journey through the planets while searching for Ms. Frizzle. They find Ms. Frizzle in the asteroid belt and are soon able to return to Earth. Magi...more
Leah Robinson
This classic Magic School Bus book is a wonderful information book. Growing up I cannot say I remember reading this book or really reading all the way through any magical school bus book, but I do remember watching the videos.
This engaging book about the planets and our solar system is a sure way to introduce and get your students interested in this topic/ unit. This book is complete with a story and plot, as well as engaging pictures to make your students feel they are going on the journey too...more
Crisanto J. Jorda
Jun 12, 2014 Crisanto J. Jorda rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: astrophysicists, science buffs
My favorite of the series, MSB Lost in the Solar System is a nod to space, a subject that will always captivate my imagination. Join Miss Frizzle as she endangers students lives in a school district that permits planetary exploration without the need for insurance nor consent.
Kelly Sommers
I love the magic school bus still to this very day. Even though it is meant for 4-8 year olds, I feel like kids of all ages love the magic school bus; it is a classic. There is something so much fun about a bus that can morph and do all of these exciting new things. This particular book is about how a fieldtrip to the planetarium is foiled when the museum turns out to be closed, but Ms. Frizzle saves the day. The Magic School Bus turns into a spaceship and takes the class on a trip zooming throu...more
Nausheen Ukani
The Magic School Bus books and episodes are always a must in my classroom! I love that these stories can be used throughout all subjects, not just for literacy! I would use this book in particular to introduce students to new concepts and vocabulary, and I would most definitely lead all this into science as well. Students could watch the corresponding episode as a follow-up activity along with several other scientific activities. It helps teachers talk about various things that exist in our sola...more
Keely Shannon
This would be a perfect book if it were updated to eliminate Pluto or identify it as a dwarf planet. I hope it gets republished!
Brenda Kahn
Nice overview of the solar system for middle grade readers. Plenty of photos and fast facts. Busy layout but fun.
Sarah Adamson
Good book about the magic school bus going off to explore the solar system. Fun and informative book presented in a very appealing way. Only problem is in this edition Pluto is still a planet.
I'm not a huge Magic School Bus fan. It is so fanciful, and that's not my thing. The books are written with much clutter, which does not appeal to me. Instead of a straight story, there are notes all about and multiple stories on the page.

Having said that, this is okay in learning about the solar system. For a book written in 1990, it even discusses Pluto's state as a planet or not. I learned that Pluto has a moon, which I did not know.

If you're into this kind of children's book, it is just like...more
Children's Literature Project
Grade Level Equivalent: 3.9

Summary: The classic magic school bus is on another adventure! Ms. Frizzle's class planned a field-trip to the museum, but unexpectedly it was closed. However, the magic school bus can do better than that! It turns into a space shuttle and the class zooms throughout outer space exploring the planets and parts of our solar system.

Lesson Integration: This book is an interesting guide for students to learn about the solar system. This book can be used in science class to...more
Catharine Keeffe
A very fun way for kids to learn about the solar system and it's all true facts!
My generic review of the Magic School Bus books -

This is the older style book which has lots of dialouge asides on each page. It makes it a little more awkward to read aloud, but my kids like the interaction between the characters and the silly puns.

These books clearly explain a certain topic. There are often additional activities at the end of the book for further learning.

We read these for 'fun' during picture book time and we read them when learning about a certain subject.

Most of the books...more
Heather Dowell
Very good book for teaching, especially first graders.
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Joanna Cole who also writes under the pseudonym B. J. Barnet is an author of children’s books who teaches science.

She is most famous as the author of The Magic School Bus series of children's books. Joanna Cole has written over 250 books ranging from her first book Cockroach to her famous series Magic School Bus.

Cole was born in Newark, New Jersey, and grew up in nearby East Orange. She loved scie...more
More about Joanna Cole...
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