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3.89 of 5 stars 3.89  ·  rating details  ·  4,513 ratings  ·  528 reviews
For fans of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Thomas Harris...

Picture this: A landscape of American genocide...

5 Days Ago

A rash of bizarre murders swept the country…
Senseless. Brutal. Seemingly unconnected.
A cop walked into a nursing home and unloaded his weapons on elderly and staff alike.
A mass of school shootings.
Prison riots of unprecedented brutality.
Mind-boggling acts o
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Published February 24th 2011 by Smashwords Edition
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Matthew S.
Positively putrid. I have no idea how this book is garnering so many 5-star reviews. It was tedious and boring and poorly written and had cardboard characters, but the premise was intriguing, so I kept reading. I kept waiting for it to get better, to change, to become something different, something other than simply getting in the car and running from one hiding place to the next, but it didn't. It just kept on going that way, and then -- suddenly -- it ended. The problem sorted itself out. No e ...more
Nikki Wilde
Well damn. I don't think I can even put into words how much I enjoyed this book. I'm still reeling from it. All I have to say is that I'm so glad I started this on Saturday because had it been during the week I probably would not have made it into work.

This book has definitely usurped Intensity for the most intense book I've read. I swear my stomach was in knots from beginning until end. Even now after having finished it I'm still trying to settle. I think you can tell a good book from just an a
This is the first solo work and first novel I've read by Blake Crouch. He is a no-frills but effective action writer and he kept me interested in his novel about a family running from a apocalyptic-styled event and from the people affected by it. It is imaginative and fast-paced. I liked it mainly for the interaction between the family especially in the sense of how a disaster brings them together. I kept having flashbacks to the great Corman B-movie, Panic in the Year Zero with Ray Milland. Tak ...more
**Takes a HUGE drink of water; wipes sweat from brow**

Whew! THAT was an adventure! Those match my feelings exactly after blowing through the swift read, Run by Blake Crouch. As noted in my last book review on The Land of Painted Caves by Jean Auel, I spent much of the summer slogging through the entire Earth’s Children’s series. Run, was the PERFECT antidote to that exercise in perseverance.

The premise is simple, what would happen if for some inexplicable reason a large segment of the US popula
Blake Crouch writes really good scenery. Usually, descriptions of places just bore me, but he has some real talented at bringing landscapes to life, making them engaging and unique. I don't see that in many novels, and I quite enjoyed the passages about the various settings employed by this book.

That's the bulk of my praise. Otherwise, this book wasn't for me, and I found it unconvincing and unsophisticated. I'm trying to read more digitally self-published novels, and I chose this due to its pop
Wow. Been 2 or 3 months since my last five star read (a lot of solid 4 star ones though), but this one qualifies. started it last night, stayed up way too late, then finished it today when I should have been spending time with my family. I expected the book to be good - I didn't necessarily expect it to be great.

It's fast-paced, relentless, just the right balance of simple and rich writing. A compelling conflict, compelling characters, and numerous twists. Basically, a large portion of Americans

Full Review over at Fantasy Book Critic

ANALYSIS: Not only was I fascinated by RUN’s blurb, but previously I had read Serial Uncut which was a collaborative effort between Blake Crouch and Joe Konrath. I very much liked the book’s mix of horror and thriller genres and therefore contacted the author for a review copy. Mr. Crouch gladly obliged and I immediately dove in wondering how the book would measure up against such a tantalizing blurb.

RUN begins with an unnamed female arriving at an unknow
This is a story of a family on the run for survival where anarchy and mayhem has struck, end of days sort of stuff. I received this copy as an arc to review, it's my first reading of Crouch's solo work, I loved Draculas a collaborative work. I have not read but i think his other works like Abandon are better. There is some elements missing that make this on the run for survival story just a bit more thrilling. I suppose when I read these type of themed storis I try to par them alongside 'I am Le ...more
Clark Hallman
Run by Blake Crouch immerses the reader in a dystopian US society, where a large portion of the population suddenly begins to kill other people after viewing a cosmic event. The experience changed those people into murderous maniacs that are compelled to kill all people who did not witness the event and were not affected by it. The crazed killers can recognize those who were not changed by the event, and they work together to kill them all, even their neighbors, friends, and family members. The ...more
Lisa Eirene
Where do I start? This book was a wild ride from beginning to end. Heart pumping action.
I would describe this book as a combination of The Road and how I imagine The Walking Dead to start--the downfall, essential. No, this isn't a zombie book, but it's a book about society completely breaking down and what one family does to survive.

I love survival type stories like this. I constantly think, what would I do in this situation? And I also constantly remind myself that I need to take some basic s
This book grabbed me by the throat and held on. Wow! About 1/4 quarter I felt that icy cold sensation of fear along my spine. This book is that good!

This is a story of one family's race against madness, fighting to stay alive as they face brutality, extreme deprivation, and isolation. Crouch doesn't provide much backstory for the events that cause neighbors, relatives, and friends to suddenly turn on each, but people become horrifically violent to those who are not like them.

I liked all the ma
Giovanni Gelati
I like my sleep, but some of this horror stuff has been intruding on it. Take this novel for instance, Run, by Blake Crouch. I found it hard to put down; it was an intense, taunt read. This is my first read on a Crouch novel (as a solo author), I read Draculas a collaboration with a few of his buddies, check the archives), and I was totally mesmerized from the get go. People keep asking me to read horror novels; I never thought I would like it, but hey, the Kindle is fully charged and the virtua ...more
Epic {n}: an episode in the lives of men in which heroic deeds are performed or attempted

Don’t look into the light…..but if you didn’t…..RUN!

Good thing the kid was in school and the house was reasonably clean, and my work was caught up..I wasn’t getting to anything else until I finished.
RUN is more than a horror/thriller story, it’s what happens to a family when all hell has broken loose in their environment. Some people are affected by the lights and others aren’t..the unaffected are the ones w
Well there went my day, blew off everything and finished the book.
Blake Crouch is good when he writes the thrillers. When he joins up with his partner in crime J.A. Conrath/Jack Kilborn the resulting stories are dark and horrible beyond all imagination.
Crouch writes this book on his own and it is a page turning thriller about a family that escapes Albuquerque and flees a populace that has become over run with mass murderers acting out terrible acts of violence against people who haven't been eff
Edward Lorn
Many people have a problem with Crouch's stilted half sentences. I take it for what it is, just the author's style. With that being said, this was one of my favorite books of the past five years.

The plot is unlike anything else I've ever read. Crouch is brutal and unapologetic in this book. The scenery is always changing and you never know where you'll end up next.

I've heard complaints from people that some of the last minute rescues in the story got on their nerves. I didn't mind so much. Crou
Apr 17, 2011 William rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Tressa
I think this is the best book I have read this year. It is one of those stories that you hate to put down and then itch to return to once you do stop. WARNING: THIS IS A VIOLENT BOOK. That said, I think the story is well told. There is a new group of authors out there that I am really starting to appreciate. Blake Crouch is one of those!
Upon finishing the book, "Run," I took the time to read the interview with the author that followed. During this interview, Blake Crouch, was quoted as saying something like, he hoped people would put down this book and exclaim, "Wow! what a story!" Well, I'll do you one better Blake and state, "Holy shit! that was an insane ride!" Pardon my french, but that is really the only type of exclamation that will do this novel justice.
I have read a lot of fairly intense novels. I am no stranger to pl
Neal Kristopher
Reviews Of Unusual Size

Re: Something is changing people. Something that makes people violent, murderous towards their neighbors, friends and beloved family. Across the nation people are being hunted down, maimed and murdered horribly. All you can do is run.

Outstanding: Blake Crouch is a smooth operator, melding horror, despair and a bit of humor deftly. The killers in this are scary and unrelenting. The children are written like real children and you come to care about the main characters. There
Rachel Whitley
What if you woke up one day, to news of mass violence everywhere?
What if, the next day, it got worse?
And what if, a few days later, the power went out for good, and the world went dark?
And what if . . as you listened to a battery-powered radio, you started to hear names and addresses being read over the airwaves? Names and addresses of the future victims of this inexplicable wave of violence?
And what if . . you heard your name?
Then I guess . . all you could do . . . is

All I could thin
I don't do a lot of book reviews (for exceptions, see my Goodreads page), and usually I'm out looking for reviewers for my own book - but the author asked me to consider writing one for his new book. No, I don't personally know him, so this review isn't tainted.

Here goes:

RUN is a frenetically paced chase that explodes out of the blocks like a sprinter on steroids. Within just a few pages, a mild-mannered college professor from New Mexico and his wife and children are rousted from their home by a
My first impression while reading this book was that a bit of editing would have been a great improvement. There were awkward transitions, ambiguous speakers, and places where it was just dialogue when it would have been nice to know what was going on outside of the bare bones words. Once it got to the middle of the book, it did exactly what I didn't want it to: the whole banding together, surviving in the wilderness borefest that always lasts too long. It got better after the whole "bonding" th ...more
Andrew McAllister
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Plenty of tension and uncertainty to keep the pages turning.

I'm picky about which fiction I choose to read these days. My Kindle is full of books I've picked up during free promotions or because they were recommended. In many cases I'll start reading and fail to finish, often because the writing is simply not up to par or because the story doesn't hang together for me. I'm happy to say that the exact opposite happened when I started reading RUN by Blake Crouch. The writing st
Your Need To Read
Full review here

I have had this on my kindle for months. I am a severe cult member of J.A. Konrath's Jack Daniels series. Mr. Crouch has occasionally joined in on this series.
In fact, my favorite books in the series are the Konrath/Crouch books.

I notice that these these books tend to be slightly scarier. I am a closeted pansy. I admit it. Vampires, zombies, ghosts and ghouls, bring 'em. Serial murderers?
Stay behind the yellow line...preferably behind b
Adam Light
Another mile a minute, face melting, pulse-pounding action suspense novel from Crouch. I was glued to my Kindle from the first page to the end. This one was my second from him after reading Pines and, while I loved the non-stop breakneck pacing of the plot, it was not quite as cohesive. Some reviewers are dettered by the unbelievable scenarios that are presented in Crouch's novels but he executes these impossible scenes with bravado and style which, for me anyway, means hellaciously fun reading. ...more
Aug 22, 2014 Coral rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: thriller, horror, psychological, apocalypse
Recommended to Coral by: Konrath Blog
Wow, I would have read this in one day had I had the time. But it only took me two. This was a pedal to the metal ride from start to finish but still managed to through in the humanity of a family trying to survive an apocalypse. I had no idea what to expect when I picked it up but it was worth the quick read. There wasn't a lot of horror in it and more thriller/psychological to me. I would say I'd put him on the list to read all his books but I'm afraid the rest would be too much on the horror ...more
Angel Gelique
I don't know what made me decide to read this book from my very lengthy "to-read" list, but wow...I'm so, so glad that I did. This book was amazing--well written and suspenseful. It's the story of a family of four trying to survive in the midst of chaos and danger following a bizarre cosmic phenomenon. I read this book in two days, neglecting my responsibilities just so I could find out what would happen next. I would love to see this book made into a movie.
Aly Kerr
I loved this book from beginning to end. It was nonstop intensity....and it was one of those books I just couldn't put down. I thought the pacing was great as well. I seldom give 5 star reviews but this was worth the read!
Maryann Breedlove
The author took my hand from page one and pulled me through the nightmare only allowing me to breathe at the end. I felt all the terror, emotional turmoil, desperation and disbelief this family stumbled through. The anxiety is palatable, the anguish heartbreaking and the torment the parents endure is formidable.
The way this author chooses his words and phrases is like poetry... I felt like I was flowing along the middle of a swiftly moving stream, always tense and breathless but unable to reach
suspenseful, exciting, edge of your seat riveting. this was a good read and it was in the words of James Patterson "unputdownable"
April Hesler
This is the second Blake Crouch book I've read.. I definitely enjoyed it, and will continue reading his work. With the way he writes, you have to be patient... while this book is pretty much the same thing through out its entirety, you still experienced multiple emotions. Fear, horror, sorrow, pleasure... everything. I feel as though that's what makes a book good.

His wife is having an affair and he knows it, she even told him.. what he didn't expect was for it to come back and haunt them when th
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Blake Crouch was born near the piedmont town of Statesville, North Carolina in 1978. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 2000 with degrees in English and Creative Writing. Blake lives with his family in southwest Colorado, where he is at work on a new book
More about Blake Crouch...
Pines (Wayward Pines #1) The Last Town (Wayward Pines, #3) Wayward (Wayward Pines #2) Abandon Draculas

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