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Camwolf (Camwolf)

3.37 of 5 stars 3.37  ·  rating details  ·  406 ratings  ·  61 reviews
"To save his lover, he must become his own worst nightmare. "

Dr. Nick Sewell. Non-conformist. Werewolf. The first puts him at odds with his colleagues idea of how an All Saints College lecturer should behave. The second, bestowed upon him by an ex-boyfriend, puts him at odds with himself.

There s his tendency to change into a wolf on the full moon. And his visceral attracti...more
ebook, 267 pages
Published May 17th 2011 by Samhain Publishing (first published March 2nd 2011)
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A perfectly crafted story about an English college professor and a student who are both werewolves. J.L. Merrow's shifter books are a class above the rest. This book contains the usual themes of "mate" and "mine" but the author adds an intriguing, well written story, an English setting and a scary, ominous mood. I LOVE the cover! It should win an award. The pictures really suit the characters.
2,5 stars

What I liked in this book
* It's a long complex story, full of charming secondary characters
* Nick is a GREAT character, but it worries me A LOT about this tendency to be an abuser (what happened to his ex... it worried me a lot)
* I LOOOOOOOOOVE J.L. Merrow's writing and humor.

I struggle to end it, and decided it's a 2.5 stars because:
* It's too long. No, I never had problems reading long book... a book can be long, or it can look like the end should happen sooner. The second is the cas...more
3.5 stars

The more I read Merrow’s work the more I quite like her voice. Her latest, Camwolf, is an entertaining and enjoyable werewolf romance. The story takes a chance with a prominent female narrator but for the most part this works very well. The typical werewolf fight for dominance and animalistic behavior is handled well, contrasted beautifully against a mild mannered college of intelligent but reserved occupants. Some of this shift feels jarring and never quite hits an easy pace but the wr...more
I wanted to like this book. And on some level I loved it. I loved the description of Cambridge (which I know very well) and all those great little snide comments on the students/staff. Nadia, Tiff and Crack were fabulously real 3D characters, described extremely well (probably more interesting than the main characters), resulting in frequent giggles.

The German characters however, as is far too often the case in English language fiction, seem to have sprung straight from NS fanfiction. For exampl...more
This is a very complex book and not in a good way. This story would have been great if it had stayed focused on the romance because both main characters had a lot of issues to work through which were never really dealt with. I did like however that it was a lot darker than most werewolf stories, the wolves are very in touch with their inner animals, whether they want to or not.

The first part of the book is about Nick fighting his attraction to Julian, the reader hearing about how much of a slut...more
Tami (synchro from BL)
4,5 stars.
A werewolf m/m romance with some unusual twists.

"What the hell was so bloody fair about a fair fight anyhow? It didn't make you any more right if you won. It just meant you were bigger and could hit harder. Or, as if might be, had sharper teeth."

Nick is a professor and a werewolf - turned by an ex-boyfriend, without a pack and very few ideas what being a werewolf entails. He has a serious crush on one of the students, Julian, a beautiful young man, he admires from afar. The story unfol...more
A.B. Gayle
I don't normally post my ratings on GR unless they are 4 stars and over. Mainly because, as an author, I try not to do anything that will adversly affect another writer's career. Not that anyone pays attention to my reviews!!! Also, I understand that readers are all different. So what doesn't appeal to me may appeal to someone else.
However, I do post lower ratings if there is an aspect of the book that I don't mind opening for discussion. Perhaps readers who check my reviews can explain or find...more
Cole Riann
4.5 stars

A smartly written werewolf paranormal about two very different characters with different lives, but without the knowledge of how to move in a werewolf relationship in common. I liked that the POV was from a good man triumphing over his baser urges with no knowledge of what it is to be a werewolf. The setting of Cambridge was like a main character, even to someone who has never visited. The choice to limit the knowledge of Julian's past was an interesting one and I thought, smart one. De...more
Book Utopia
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I enjoy stories about werewolves and this was an interesting twist in that one was a recent convert and one had been born that way so understood how the whole system work. University Professor Nick feels awkward about his attraction to a young student, but eventually they manage to hook-up after some skirting around the issue, and Nick is stunned when Julian says he’s a werewolf too. He actually offers Nick some helpful hints, but it’s obvious Julian is deferring to Nick as the more alpha wolf a...more
My very favorite thing about this book was the atmosphere. It's set at Cambridge, and the descriptions of the college they're at and the town and surrounding lands are fantastically vivid and gothic and great.

I also really enjoyed that the story was told both from Nick's POV and from Tiffany's. I know that some other reviewers didn't like this, either for the perspective shifts, or for the vastly different views that the two had. I actually liked the perspective shifts (I could only handle being...more
2.5 stars.

After reading J.L. Merrow's Muscling Through and Pricks and Pragmatism, both of which are a bit outside-the-box, I picked up Camwolf in hopes that it would have the same fresh, unexpected feel. Instead, it turned out to be a very standard m/m werewolf book in which instinct and a mating bond replace actual relationship development between the main characters. I never felt a real, emotional connection between Nick and Julian, and I was frustrated by how much of the book they spend apart...more
This review was originally published on my blog Joyfully Jay.

Cambridge professor Nick Sewell has found himself obsessed with student Julian Lauder. Something about the young man just calls to Nick, but he doesn't dare hope Julian will have any interest in him. Yet when he comes across Julian having a back alley encounter with another man, Nick's instincts kick in and he can't help but intervene, scaring off the suitor and tipping off Julian to what Nick really is... a werewolf.

Nick is shocked wh...more
Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
Grad student teachers are never supposed to have a crush on their students, even if the cute boy isn’t technically *his* student. That’s the dilemma haunting Nick. Not only is he a werewolf, which cuts down on potential boyfriends to begin with, but he’s got a terrible crush on freshman Julian. Knowing that Julian is too young and likely not interested Nick tries to put his feelings behind him. But when Julian reveals he’s also a werewolf but with a dangerous past, Nick is torn between wanting t...more
Tiya Rosa
I didn't fall in love with the story or get invested in the characters - except Tiff and Nadia - but Merrow is a strong storyteller, so I kind of had to give a fuck. There was a bit much going on with the werewolves and the age gap and how I still couldn't figure one character out even after the book's finished, but the ride was nice and Merrow has gift for humor, so there was always a big grin moment.
Margaret Foxe
Ugh. I broke my vow to steer clear of werewolf stories. And angsty stories. And rapey stories. Pretty much I ignored all of my hard limits when I decided to give this book a chance. Because it's J. L. Merrow and I was going through J. L. Merrow withdrawal after reading pretty much everything else by this author. And I must say it captivated my attention, if nothing else. I stayed up half the night reading this, unable to put it down. That is the sign of a good read for me, even if a lot of the s...more
Marsha Spence
This was a great story and I really enjoyed the English college setting. Also, it was nice to have a fun and engaging female supporting character in Tiffany. She was fun and entertaining and there was none of that "evil female character" stuff you see in some M/M writing. Great story!!
4.5 stars. Very good paranormal m/m romance about a Cambridge fellow who becomes fascinated by one of the students - a student with secrets and a past darker and more painful than his own.
Barb ~rede-2-read~
Jan 19, 2014 Barb ~rede-2-read~ rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to Barb ~rede-2-read~ by: Christine
This was on my TBR for quite a while before the Bingo challenge finally prodded me to pick it up. Why? Well, I don't care for the cover. Neither male is appealing and the overall muted tones were just boring to me. It turns out the story matched the cover-- it was just average.

It took me quite some time to warm up to Julian-- most of the book, in fact. And Nick, while somewhat likeable in a geeky college prof kind of way, was a bit too self-pitying about having been turned to a werewolf and clu...more
As usual with this author I loved the writing. However, I feel like the emphasis is on the wrong thing in this book. In order to have a balanced book you must spend the largest part of the book on what is the most important. I would have wanted that part to be the relationship between Nick and Julian, but instead it’s all the other things around them. I also felt that some things were left a bit unresolved at the end of the story.

Nick is a College Lecturer with a secret. Not that he’s gay, most...more
I wanted to really like this book. I love paranormal stories. This had some of the typical themes of a werewolf story as mate and mine but it’s not a fated mate or the like. It had some dark elements at play too, abuse being the biggest. Everything was there for a wonderful story. Problem was that it didn’t deliver.

Nick after becoming a werewolf never really tried to learn anything about it and just fought it. It makes sense that if he could become one there would be others so doing SOME resear...more
I rather liked Merrows Muscling through and had rather big expectations for this novel. Unfortunately I got dissapointed.
I didn't like either Nick nor Justin. In the beginning I was positively surprised to find positive references to Germany and Germans by and English author only to get disappointed again by the same old same old. Anhéow, that's not the main point - I thought the character of Nick inconsistent and rather unpleasant. As well I was wondering, why he, while beeing a natural Alpha,...more
This book was a fun lark. Gay werewolves, one a hunky dominant academic and the other a lithe submissive Twink with a German accent. There's the tension of recognizing each other as members of the tribe (both gay and shapeshifting), there's the difficulty of navigating an attraction and developing a relationship with a person who should be off-limits because of the work relationship, and then there's the jealous ex-lover angle that provides the meat of the mystery/thriller side of the story. And...more
Josephine Myles
I certainly can’t claim to be able to give an objective review of JL Merrow’s first novel, as she’s a good friend and I helped to beta read it. However, I still wanted to share my thoughts about Camwolf and hopefully help readers to decide whether it’s the right story for them.

When Jamie first sent me the manuscript of Camwolf, I was a little perturbed. I’m not particularly interested in werewolves and never intended to read a novel about them, but she asked so nicely I didn’t feel I could refus...more
A wolf story with good writing and a bit of originality

Warning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS.

Rating: 7/10

- Merrow creates a nicely rounded picture of academic life at Cambridge without relying on too many physical descriptions of the city or the colleges. The depiction of Cambridge in this book is atmospheric, not just visual.
- There are a few interesting details about Julian’s werewolf life that are unusual and creative.
- Merrow’s writing typically has a s...more
Samantha Blair
Werewolves on a whole new level. I have been working my way through J.L. Merrow's works, and they just get better and better. She writes the complicated m/m relationship in a way that feels really genuine. Her characters are all loveable but still very complex, and she expresses the uncertainty that occurs in all new relationships with true eloquence.

My one complaint with this book was that the Alpha male lead character did not strike me as particularly dominant. I believe that this was done to...more
This books fits several of my favorite book categories. It's fantasy, better even urban fantasy, it's an M/M novel and it takes place in a city I actually now and have been, which makes the whole story more real (if you can say this about a fantasy book). The story is well written. I was a bit annoyed by Julian's inconsequent behavior in the beginning of the book. I got drawn into the book as the story evolved though I was a little unhappy how Julian's behavior changed. The spontaneous outbreaks...more
I was tempted to give it three stars, but just couldn't due the fact that it was missing something.

The characters were interesting and I liked the supporting cast, but everybody seemed to be a little flat or a caricature of some sort of "type-character." ( Tiffany and Nick's lady BFF seemed like a younger/older version of one character. )

The writing was interesting and funny so I was entertained though the whole story. I was a bit disappointed over the werewolf part of the book and wish it was m...more
What I liked - the strong sense of place. A lot of m/m to me have a generic feel regarding their location - which seem to be either big city or small town anywhere-USA. So I really enjoyed Camwolf in regard to its British feel. And also I could not find any fault with the German used - a big plus, as I have encountered other books where someone was supposed to speak German fluently - but just didn´t.

What did not quite work for me was the relationship aspect. While I commend the author for deali...more
Justin Piercey
Having matriculated from Cambridge J.L. Merrow imbues the work with a setting and ambiance that oozes familiarity and gives the reader the sense of belonging to the setting without instilling a bevy of bewilderment through over-indulgent name dropping. I could go into detail about the mechanics and elements I found so well crafted, but I believe that I can merely tell you this is far more pithy than any "shifter" romance novel I have read. If you like your reading not overly sacharined yet light...more
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JL Merrow is a very English writer of (mainly) m/m fiction who finds writing the only way to stay sane, except of course when a plot is driving her crazy. Having grown up on an island, she can’t remember a time before she could swim and prefers to remain close to water at all times. Luckily, the weather in her native land being as it generally is, this is not difficult.

She enjoys reading, martial...more
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