The New Avengers, Vol. 1: Breakout
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The New Avengers, Vol. 1: Breakout (The New Avengers #1)

4.01 of 5 stars 4.01  ·  rating details  ·  6,039 ratings  ·  96 reviews
First Printing 2005 by Marvel Comics in Hardback.
Hardcover, 160 pages
Published August 17th 2005 by Marvel Comics
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Dirk Grobbelaar

Ranty Review

OK. I really, really, really wanted to like this more. I hadn’t read anything featuring The Avengers for ages, and Breakout received such glowing reviews. The premise also appealed to me. An Avengers team featuring the likes of Daredevil and Wolverine? Yes please!

Well, despite some name dropping and featuring Matt Murdock early in the story, Daredevil isn’t actually part of the New Avengers team (not at this stage, anyway, I don’t know what happens in future issues).

Spiderman – doesn...more
Apr 29, 2014 Eric rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Fans of super hero mash-ups
Shelves: graphic-novels
I loved the premise of the super-villain prison break, and the early introduction of Electro, where he asks himself, "Costume or no costume?" and answers himself in this panel: description
But I had trouble getting over the fact that the assembled team of Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, and, later, Wolverine (also possibly Daredevil in the future?), while both interesting in some cases and popular in others, is not well balanced as a superhero group from a tactical standpoint...more
I'll admit, while I love comic books, I haven't read a huge amount of these collected anthologies. With that being said, this has probably been my favorite one to date! Taking place after the end of the Avengers and before the events chronicled in House of M, a dire situation at Ryker's Island has brought together an unlikely group of heroes to continue on as the New Avengers. Breakout stars Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man and Luke Cage as the New Avengers and the fight takes...more
Robert Wright
Don't get me wrong, Bendis is one of the most talented writers around. If nothing else, Powers will stand as a testament to that. David Finch does nice work with the art.

My essential problem, which started in the Avengers Disassembled storyline and continues here, is what I call "Brian Michael Bendis Destroys the Marvel Universe."

I grew up with and loved the Marvel characters and concept in my childhood, teens, and a large chunk of adulthood, going back to the 1970s. The work that starts here an...more
Matty Roche
A problem with fans of the genre and Marvel die-hards is that they are loath to provide an honest review that may run the risk and wrath of being branded with disloyalty to the golden fleece of Marvel Lamb. Being an honest Scouser though, as rare as it may sound, I shall endeavour to do this sheepskin it's fair due.

It is indeed, a fleece. For £10.99 and the time that will never be given back, this was a dull and painful read, with milestones and events dropped in haphazardly like cheap hunks of...more
On second reading, I think I enjoyed it even more. Bendis sure does write some snappy, funny dialog. Of course, nothing is resolved in this book, but it's a good, solid adventure, and a nice setup for future storylines. I really appreciate that Bendis can fully utilize the wide Marvel universe, but without losing readers who aren't steeped in the whole mythology. At least, my wife (who doesn't read mainstream nor superhero comics much) enjoyed it, and wasn't lost.
I wanted to read an Avengers graphic novel after watching the movie on cable last week. I went to my local library and grabbed this from the shelves. You can finish reading this book from cover-to-cover in a little over one hour.

I would rate the art/illustrations on this book 5-Stars, and I would rate the story 2.5-Stars. Therefore the overall rating is 3-Stars.

Since I enjoyed the art more than the story, I will review this book based on the illustrator, David Finch. Perhaps after re-reading the...more
I initially started reading New Avengers because it had Iron Fist in it, and I love Iron Fist. He does not appear in this collection, but I wanted to see how it started. Coincidentally, it happens to take place shortly after the events of House of M, which I just read, and is an interesting coincidence. Having also just read Civil War, it ties well together, since it starts with the Raft, a superhuman prison, having a jail break, and the fallout from that, and a not-quite-trustworthy SHIELD at o...more
David Caldwell
A graphic novel collection of issues 1 through 6. The Avengers broke up after the Scarlet Witch had a breakdown that resulted in the death of several Avengers. But fate brings together a new team when there is a breakout at the Raft, a prison of super powered criminals. They decide to stay together to try and recapture the criminals who got away.

This is a new mix of heroes with a new mission. It is interesting to see a team with an actual mission beyond just catching the latest villain to pop ou...more
I loved it! Can't wait to read Vol 2!
Holden Attradies
Holy hell what a solid read. I picked up the New Avengers line mostly because I wanted more Jessica Jones and this is apparently where her character wandered off to after The Pulse ended. I was expecting normal Avengers, but DAMN this was great!

I think that Brian Michael Bendis has got to be my all around favorite super hero author. And Authors are something I rarely pay attention to, but I've noticed that if I really, REALLY dig a modern Marvel comic if I look at the author chances are it will...more
Andrew Christman
I know I didn't HAVE to play catch-up before starting Hickman's (who I got a big writer's crush on after finishing his Fantastic Four "Council of Reeds" Arc) new Avengers titles, but I decided to do it anyways.

I have only read Bendis' best work on Ultimate Spider-man, so I didn't really know how much to expect of him on such an incredibly different title... especially when his reputation has always bee a solid, if not unspectacular, writer.

Well, so far anyways, I'm not disappointed.

Bendis gets...more
Michelle (In Libris Veritas)
So with the conclusion of Avengers Disassembled (Review here) and House of M (Review here), I was really curious to see how things picked up for the motley team.

It starts out with a mass riot/breakout at the Raft, a supervillian prison, caused by Electro. Our heroes are once again forced together as they all respond to the danger. I think overall it’s a pretty interesting team set up: Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America, Luke Cage, Spiderwoman, and…Wolverine. Who I think will probably be grumpy...more
Theddy Blanc
Many take for granted the precision adventure writing requires. It revolves around a careful balance of elements from suspense, to character development, to conflict and desire and the often forgotten occasional comedic relief and more. Brian Michael Bendis proves that the formula is still alive in his writing of the graphic novel “The New Avengers”. In wake of the destruction of earth’s most revered superhero team, Captain America and Iron Man seek to rebuild what the world so desperately need....more
Phillip Berrie
This was a good read and a fitting sequel to 'Avengers Disassembled'.

There were a few things I didn't like, such as I wasn't too sure about the some of the heroes forming the new group and what they might bring to the Avengers. For example, Spider-Man is a great character in his own book, but all he seemed to do here is provide background chat and be the newbie that needed to have things explained to him (for the reader's benefit as well, no doubt). Luke Cage also seemed to be very much a backg...more
Collecting the first six issues of the ongoing New Avengers series, this book was written by Marvel mainstay Brian Michael Bendis with pencils by Canadian artist David Finch. Bendis has had long runs on many of Marvel's top books including Daredevil, The Avengers, Ultimate Spider-man and has written the lead story on a number of Marvel's crossover events including House of M. I have come across Fincher's art before on Volume 2 of Moon Knight.

I liked this book a lot. It had a bit of something for...more
Well, I haven't read an Avengers comic in quite some time. Ok, I did read that horrible Ultimates thing but I'm trying to forget about it. I pretty much buy any graphic novel that falls below the $5 mark for my kindle, and this was something I picked up that way. I really liked it. There were several sub plots going on that were really interesting. I'm actually thinking I might go ahead a pick up the next volume in this run and see how it goes.
The first two issues of this series are great. Beautiful artwork, cinematic storytelling, genuinely suspenseful, and just generally good fun for fans of Marvel superheroes. Unfortunately, it all kind of fell apart for me as soon as they went to Dino Island (yeah, yeah, I know that in the Marvel Universe it's called "the savage land," it's somewhere in Antartica, and S.H.I.E.L.D. has an outpost there, but whenever there's a "lost world" full of dinosaurs, I refer to it as "Dino Island," because t...more
Bendis starts out strong with the traditional 'team is formed as a bad thing happens and a bunch of heroes just happen to show up at the same time'.
He also adds a hundred super villains for them to fight.

He then completely kills it by writing Spider man as an annoying idiot that can only speak in one liners, puts Sentry on the cover and then doesn't actually have him join the team for about ten issues, tries too hard at making all the dialogue clever and ignores a plot point he created for the '...more
Nicolas Berrios
Really great. I loved every page of it. Explains how the old avengers were split and how the new avengers came together. There is lots of action and a lot of intrigue. Great for any fan of Marvel or the Avengers. Also for fans of Spider man, Iron man, and Cap America. Besides ending in a really weird spot in my opinion it still holds its own as a great graphic novel.
I really enjoyed the New Avengers. To be honest, I really wasn't sure if I'd like it since it sounded as though it might get so meta that I would have absolutely no idea what was going on, who anyone was talking about, or what events were being referenced.

Because my lack of knowledge was something of a concern, I picked up a picture book from the superhero display in my library's children's department called "The Avengers: The World's Mightiest Super Hero Team." (No, seriously, I did. Thanks, DK...more
I love super heroes, and while my favorite comic book character will always be Batman, I can't resist the Avengers. I will say this is the first comic I've read and I definitely felt a little lost on some of the characters. I'll have to get the next one soon to find out what happens!
Mar 04, 2013 Soňa rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: every comic fan :-)
Recommended to Soňa by: Boris

Once upon a time, there was a friend with obsession for collecting comics in super state :-)

When friend gave me this book I was hooked up. Honestly, not typical for girl to love comics and adventure but that's me. Even tho got soft spot for X-Men so lucky me I got Wolverine here.... when I lost my Hawkeye straight on begining but received Spidey on other hand....

It's really hard to write any review about this.... would still say awesome. Liked the story, liked the painting (ok, some more...more
Maxwell Heath
This is a good example of the sort of superhero comic I like to read. There's good moments for all the characters, especially Spider-Man and Spider-Woman (the bit with the donuts was hilarious). The plot is good, and it does a lot to provide plot hooks for future story arcs. While there is the possibility of the heroes killing, it's contained to Wolverine, and the team is definitely split over his murderous tendencies. Also, I feel like the theme of working with but not really trusting S.H.I.E.L...more
I can't LOVE this enough. There are some dark overtones, but characters remain true to themselves. Spidey's humor and Wolverine's tough guy pragmatism in the same book? Yes, please. Violence has a REASON and isn't just egregious. Cap insists on the Avengers behaving as heroes. He acts as a moral compass for the rest. Thank you. That's the Avengers. Page turning action and mystery. What's up with Spider-woman? What's the deal with Sentry? Are SHIELD bad guys now? Makes me feel a lot less generous...more
Daniel Sepúlveda
Si me preguntan, esta es la mejor alineación de los Vengadores.
Solo piensenlo, esta Spider-Man, Wolverine, Luke Cage, el irremplazable Capitán América, Iron-Man, Sentry y Spider-Woman! Que más se puede pedir?

Este nuevo grupo de Vengadores se une luego de que todos, por pura coincidencia, estuvieran en el lugar y en el momento adecuado. Una fuga de supervillanos de una prisión hace que se forme este nuevo equipo cuyo objetivo será devolverlos a sus celdas. Pero... Un equipo tan dispar podría logr...more
Obaid Haroon
This isn't a 4 star because it's not perfect. It's a solid 4. Not as great as AvsX by Bendis but it's still good. I will definitely be readings vol 2.

Interesting story, good action and funny writing. What more can you ask for?
3.6? 3.7? Something like that. It was actually pretty enjoyable.
Fucking pterodactyl people. I can't hang. Just nope...
Interesting revamp of the team.
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A comic book writer and erstwhile artist. He has won critical acclaim (including five Eisner Awards) and is one of the most successful writers working in mainstream comics. For over eight years Bendis’s books have consistently sat in the top five best sellers on the nationwide comic and graphic novel sales charts.

Though he started as a writer and artist of independent noir fiction series, he shot...more
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