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Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 6: Venom
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Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 6: Venom (Ultimate Spider-Man #6)

4.02  ·  Rating Details ·  2,171 Ratings  ·  68 Reviews
After reuniting with his childhood friend Eddie Brock, Peter Parker discovers a terrible secret about their fathers' past a secret which quickly results in a confrontation with Venom, Spider-Man's evil, dark twin.

Collecting: Ultimate Spider-Man 33-39
Paperback, 168 pages
Published September 6th 2006 by Marvel (first published January 1st 2004)
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Nov 25, 2013 Nikki rated it liked it
I think this was the first volume of Ultimate Spider-man that didn't really resolve at all in a single TPB -- at least monster-wise. I read spoilers for this one, so I can't really say that any of it surprised me, but I'm looking forward to seeing this storyline develop. I assume the stuff with Gwen Stacy's going somewhere, too, which should be fun.
I think I have a wee crush on the Bendis Spider-Man series. I've really enjoyed his interpretation of the character and he does an excellent job of showing the reader the story rather than simply telling it.

I like that Peter Parker is an extremely introspective character with easily recognizable personality quirks. Parker is written in such a way that any reader should be able to identify and sympathize with him, which means that it's easy to either imagine oneself into his shoes (or unitard) or
Sep 15, 2012 Nicole rated it it was ok
Shelves: graphic-novels
2 1/2 stars. I liked the scenes between Nick Fury and Peter and the continuation of the problem between Mary and Peter. I liked the guilt factor. But the carnivorous psycho suit known as Venom was disgusting and too weird; and not a lot really happened, since clearly we haven't seen the last of Eddie.
Apr 14, 2010 Sam rated it liked it
Yes, maybe the new twist on venom is interesting, and it sure ties everything together when Peter and Eddie were childhood friends and their dads created the venom suit, but I just couldn't get into this storyline like I have others. Not enough time with spidey in the black suit, venom might be a little overdone.
Jul 27, 2015 Lindsey.parks rated it it was amazing
There is no way Eddie and Gwen would ever be that excited about reggae.
Jul 21, 2016 Jedhua rated it liked it
Book Info: This collection contains Ultimate Spider-Man issues #33-39.

{2.5/5 stars} (Rounded Up)


Peter is in the process of coming to terms with his recent break-up with Mary Jane. One day, and quite by accident, Peter discovers an old video tape holding footage of a family picnic with his Aunt and Uncle, both his parents, and a childhood friend named Eddie Brock. Eager to investigate a forgotten link to his past, Peter reaches out to Eddie – now a college-aged bioengineering major – and he inf
B. Rule
Nov 23, 2016 B. Rule rated it liked it
I felt like this volume was a wobble from the usual quality of this run. A lot of the plot mechanics are kinda clumsy. Further, there is a weird racial tone-deafness (at best...) in juxtaposing scenes of a reggae concert and Peter being consumed by an evil, amorphous blackness. That was not a good choice. The interpersonal aspects of the book are still strong, and several of the set pieces have a real cinematic flair to them. But yeah, not my favorite volume.
Jan 25, 2017 Matej rated it liked it
I usually enjoy reading Ultimate Spider-Man, but this volume was missing something, maybe because there was not enough Venom, maybe because by the end of the volume basically nothing is resolved or maybe becuse there is not enough of the supporting cast, or not enough of the black suit, but something was lacking in this one.
One somewhat lacking volume is forgiveable, so I will be continuing this comic book series.
Paul Hamilton
Feb 04, 2013 Paul Hamilton rated it it was ok
Shelves: graphic-novel, comic
Apparently at around the three-year mark on Brian Michael Bendis's Ultimate Spider-Man run, it was decided that it was time to introduce one of the most popular Spidey villains, Venom. I have to say, even in light of the discussion in my review of Double Trouble that I'm not a Spider-Man scholar, I wasn't crazy about Bendis's heavy license with the Venom origin. Making Eddie Brock and Peter Parker childhood pals, using this to concoct some kind of suspension-of-disbelief crushing hokum about a c ...more
Johnny D
Oct 28, 2009 Johnny D rated it liked it
I am not that far in this book right now but so far I have learned alot of things from this book. I m used to watching the movies with their simplified and twisted up plots of the books. So far the book is actual different from the movies. It turns out that Edie Brock and peter where child hood friends and always spent time together playing and just being kids. In the movie Brock was this new guy at petres job and they had no history whatsoever. At this point in the book peter and Mary jane are ...more
Oct 20, 2014 Cindy rated it liked it
"Hobidooby!" Venom origin story in this takes on a lot of liberties... and I'm not completely sure how to feel about it. From my knowledge of the Spider-man universe, Venom is a symbiote from space and here, Bendis rules out the extraterrestrial nature of Venom.

Venom in this re-imagining is a product of science created by Peter and Eddie Brock's fathers. I don't mind the change in the origin of Venom because it allows opportunity to get to know more about Richard Parker as a scientist and a fat
Wing Kee
May 03, 2016 Wing Kee rated it it was amazing
Well that was intense!

Wow this is a Spidey arc firing on all cylinders, it's intense, it's emotional, it's character driven.

World: Not gonna comment on the art it's the same as the other arcs. The world building here on the other hand is amazing. It's dense, steeped in history and emotions and character development. It's just a great introduction to the Ultimate Universe's version of Eddie and Venom it's great.

Story: The pacing was spectacular. The writing, the dialog and the characters were f
Nov 13, 2015 carol rated it it was amazing
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Feb 18, 2012 Kevin rated it it was amazing
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jun 08, 2012 Patrick rated it it was amazing
Enter heartbreak and lost tapes and Eddie Brock. Eddie Brock. Eddie Brock used to mean the angry roided out ginger guy in the Spider-Man cartoon. They he meant bane of my existence, Topher Grace. This is a really nice compromise of those two characters. And in it, this series hits a real high-note to me.

Peter's found his 'inheritance' nice and tidy and a in bit of a too contrived way, but that doesn't matter. Not his suspicions over what happened to his parents or any of it. Not that there was a
Aug 24, 2008 Stacey rated it liked it
This one is interesting because Peter isn't in the classic Spider-Man outfit for most of the story. In fact, he appears more often in a stolen pair of pants and a hoody.

Venom is another character that I'm not that familiar with. I like that in the Ultimate universe Bendis made Eddie a friend rather than a rival and connects the story to Peter's father and his work as a scientist. The art in this one really lent a lot to the story as so much of it takes place in the rain and at night.

I guess I wa
Nov 06, 2013 James rated it really liked it
Shelves: comics
A solid Ultimate-universe reinvention of the "Venom" concept. Peter runs into an old, forgotten friend, the son of his late father's business partner. The two orphans bond, and Eddie shows Peter their scientific inheritance--a "super suit" their dads were working on to cure cancer.

If you read any Marvel comics in the 90s, you can guess where things go from there. The conflict is handled reasonably well, although it might have been refreshing to have Peter's new buddy be less of a jerk from the g
For those reading through the Ultimate Spider-Man series, at last we've come to the first appearance of Ultimate Eddie Brock and Ultimate Venom.

An interesting take on the whole Venom origin, as, in this universe, the black Spider-Man costume is not a symbiotic creature from another world, but something that Peter Parker and Eddie Brock's fathers (both scientists) created as a type of suit to help heal the body, primarily as a cancer treatment.

This volume is missing some of the suspense and int
Malice De'Ath
May 30, 2014 Malice De'Ath rated it really liked it
I enjoyed this volume, but, despite being introduced to Spider-Man's most notorious villian (Venom) I felt that, so far, it has been the weakest one. This is perhaps because it is the first volume to leave an enemy arc complete unfinished (although other 'defeated' enemies are revisited throughout the series, in this one Venom is encountered and then vanishes). It is also likely because a great deal of time was spent on the Venom origins, more so than any previous villian. This is not necessaril ...more
I know that a lot of people don't like the Ultimate versions of Marvel characters because they don't like the changes. I happen to like the Ultimate Venom more than the alien from the 616. The linking of the symbiote and Richard Parker makes for a slightly more compelling story. Usually this kind of change comes off as silly (see the Amazing Spider-Man films).

The fact that Brock was a weak character before he joined with the symbiote is more convincing for his hate of Parker. His need for susten
Feb 13, 2013 Daryl rated it really liked it
Shelves: graphic-novels
I never really liked the character of Venom. An alien symbiote disguised as Spider-man's costume? Give me a break. I rather liked the Ultimate re-telling of the Venom story. Bendis brings it down to earth by making the Venom suit a product of science, created by Peter Parker's father, along with his partner, Eddie Brock, Sr. A nice twist. One of the things I've been enjoying about the Ultimate storyline is the amount of "screen time" Peter Parker gets. There were a number of "chapters" (or origi ...more
Rebecca Davies
I have never really been a fan of spiderman and this comic did very little improve my opinion. First of all I really didn't enjoy the writing style, the slang and spiderman's jokes fell flat with me. Secondly, there was too much teenage angst for my liking. I don't care if MJ is his true love, standing outside her window in the rain at night is simultaneously pathetic and creepy. Thirdly, the fight with what is considered one of the greatest villains in spiderman was underwhelming. He only brief ...more
Jul 30, 2011 M rated it really liked it
The alien costume saga gets a reboot for the Ultimate Universe. Throwing out aliens for a scientific explanation, the new Venom becomes even more of a nightmare than originally concieved. Peter runs across notes on an experimental bio-suit being created by his father. Uncovering the secret, Peter takes the new togs for a whirl - before realizing that the mass is unstable. When Eddie Brock, son of Eddie Brock Senior, falls into both his father's notation and the suit, the result in a new, violent ...more
Tarique Ejaz
Feb 21, 2015 Tarique Ejaz rated it really liked it
The debut of venom.

This is an origin story of the symbiote menace that will forever remain etched in my memory. The sins of the father comes back to haunt the child and the very story being designed on that primal concept gives it a feel like no other. Venom is a dangerous enemy and so he turned out to be. Just the way it ended was a bit of a let down but the fight sequence and particularly the "all curing" suit concept gave it a majestic glaze.

One should not miss this one if he is indee
Jordan Taronji
Nov 01, 2007 Jordan Taronji rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: spidey fans
Shelves: jtt-s-book-shelf
Spider-man is back. But with a new costume. After meeting his childhood friend eddie brock. They start hanging out.After eddie tells him the secret to there parents work, a cure to cancer, peter tries to finish the work there parents started but instead gets controled by the black liquid giving him his new costume but after trying to get rid of the evil suit, his buddy tries on the suit becoming one of his enemys...VENOM!! Can he survive the bloodthirsty monster? Find out in Spider-man vol. 6!!
Nov 28, 2016 Jerome rated it really liked it
An accessible and original volume. The art is great and the dialogue, as usual for Bendis, is sharp, witty and authentic. The characters are as wonderful as usual. Venom’s origin is well done, Parker as a character gets a bit more complex, and the story of Peter and Eddie’s fathers is interesting. Nick Fury’s cameo is also a great bonus; the Ultimate version of Fury is still one of the best.

The story has only a few quibbles: Lizard’s origin is never really explained, nor is the connection betwee
Val Nwosu
Jan 18, 2013 Val Nwosu rated it really liked it
This was actually a very good retelling of the venom saga! The thing I liked the most about it was the fact that instead of the suit being completely freaking random i.e. literally falling from the sky or whatever, it was developed as a way to cure serious diseases! There is this really cool element that the writers explored which is the idea of Brock and Peter actually being related! This was wonderfully done and I almost couldn't put this one down. The ending kinda left me wanting more.
Matthew Ledrew
Venom has been a character that, for me, has never stood up to the hype. The original story was far too simple, the anti-hero faze was ham-handed, and he was too over-exposed to ever be scary. This version was perfect. It worked as a horror story and as a story of brother-vs-brother, of family legacy. It was the perfect reversal of the "great power, great responsibility" trope.

A perfection of a lackluster story/character.
Jan 10, 2013 Shaun rated it really liked it
Venom is one of my favorite Spider-Man villains and I love seeing this character re-imagined in the Ultimate Universe. Bendis and Bagley do a wonderful job personalizing the suit and Eddie. Peter has never been so connected to the suit before. Making this experiment his father's legacy almost makes the suit and Venom a greater failure and challenge than in the original universe. I only wish the readers could see more black suit Spider-Man and more appearances of Brock as Venom.
Oct 28, 2010 Andrew rated it really liked it
Ultimate Spider man Venom
By Brian Michael Bendis

It takes place in New York City. It is about how Venom was born in the Ultimate series. Eddie Broch, Peter Parker’s childhood friend, had found something that their fathers had been working on before they died. It was a black liquid that when Spiderman touched it his costume became black, and he became more powerful. It almost took over him completely, but he was able to fight it.
I recommend this for people that are Spiderman fans.
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