Ultimate Spider-Man, Vol. 11: Carnage
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Ultimate Spider-Man, Vol. 11: Carnage (Ultimate Spider-Man #11)

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The ULTIMATE titles are well-known for adding a unique twist to classic Marvel characters...and you better believe they're about to get a whole lot more twisted! One of the most ruthless villains in the history of the Marvel Universe, the fan-favorite Carnage, gets the Ultimate treatment! And though young Peter Parker has proven himself time and time again on the field of...more
Paperback, 144 pages
Published January 10th 2007 by Marvel
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A bit more mixed than some of the previous volumes, I admit. Carnage itself... Well, I've said that I'm not huge on main universe Spider-Man, so I honestly have no point of comparison or really any vested interest in how the Ultimate version shows up. That said, I was kind of underwhelmed. And it seemed to be over so fast. That said, the way that (view spoiler) was handled was realistic and effective. But like I keep saying, Bendis really excels at the out-of-costume...more
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Interesting volume! I loved the stuff with Dr Connor and so on, and obviously there's going to be more with this monster, Carnage, since there was that bit with the lab assistant...

I'm getting a bit tired of Peter's flip-flopping on the issue of being Spider-man. I'm starting not to really feel it anymore -- I can understand it, but I just feel... some of his boypain is really annoying. "They're portraying me badly in the media"? It's not that I don't get his frustration, but if he was just a bi...more
Another great chapter of the newly revitalized Spider-Man that was the flagship title for the Ultimate Marvel Universe.

This one gives another very interesting origin story to a fan favorite villain that's wholly different from regular Marvel continuity. That villain is the titular Carnage, a villain that was wildly popular in the regular Marvel U and, as I said, has a really interesting start in the Ultimate Marvel universe in this volume.

The volume also takes other classic Spider-Man turning po...more
So if I didn’t like the regular Marvel U version of Venom, how did I feel about Carnage? I never read that far, frankly. Ultimate Carnage, like Venom, is a product of science gone awry. A couple of nice bits in this trade: Peter’s fight with Carnage atop the smokestack reminds the longtime reader of Spider-man’s disposal of his clone in the Marvel U. Interesting since Ultimate Carnage is a clone, sorta, of Peter. Kind of surprised by the death of a major character, again echoing in a distorted w...more
Magic Mike
This volume introduces Carnage, who is very different from his Amazing Spider-Man counterpart. The Ultimate version is actually much creepier than the classic version and this volume overall has a good, dark, tone to match the introduction of this truly evil villain. This volume also introduces a lot of other elements that will be familiar from the Amazing Spider-Man stories that constantly inspire this Ultimate version of Spider-Man. This probably has some of the most radical changes from the A...more
Drian Nash
Ive been re-visiting the ultimate series and I like it alot more then I did the first time round. They did some clever things playing off the expectations of old spiderman fans a few times.
The actual carnage part of this I thought was pretty weak the same I thought ultimate venom wasn't dealt with very well. the origin of the two characters is a bit to convoluted and both seemed to be dealt with a bit too easy. so the reason i'm giving this 4 stars is the emotional side of spiderman is dealt wit...more
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David Lipely



Loved it! Just hated the new gwen death...
Axell Cid
his own father created the symbiote with his and son's DNA.
Craig Williams
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Saynt Malice
While a lot happens in this volume, plot wise, I felt it was underwhelming. Big things happen! A new villian is introduced (even if he is essentially Venom V.2)! And yet... I came away without any of the emotion. It was good, and the arc necessary for later issues but despite everything felt like it was setting up for something bigger, rather than making a huge thing of the events it does detail. We meet Doctor Conners again, and there's some nice character development there, but overall this vo...more
Really sad.

Ignoring the fact that Ultimate Carnage was an experiment born from the "Venom" arc and has no real human identity like the serial killer Cletus Cassidy, and ignoring that the climactic battle between Carnage and Spider-Man lasts only a few pages and doesn't give the rage Peter must be feeling due justice, Gwen's death feels placed; it's not natural, and it ignores the multitude of stories that could have been told with Gwen alive. And in subsequent volumes, her death goes almost unad...more
Read in single format.
Ryan Miller
The Carnage story is fine, but the gem in this collection is issue 65, which is nearly all dialogue during a day of high school detention. Bendis absolutely nails his characterizations of the bullies and bullied, and gets at the heart of why bullies do what they do. By doing this in the context of Peter Parker's identity crisis, he also shows us the flip side. This issue blew me away--without requiring a single super-villain or high-stakes punch-out.
I've noticed this same problem with a lot of the Ultimate Spider-Man runs: there's usually a pretty solid setup, some teen angst, and a new villain is introduced. But after all the setup, there's just a quick fight and the villain is defeated with little ado. This book follows pretty much the same outline. The new origin for Carnage is interesting, but more explanation would have been nice. Solid, but nothing really grabbing.
This contained some interesting takes on traditional 616 characters and events with well drawn (if a big) panels. It would lose its impact on those not familiar with the Spider-Man story and/or those not following the Ultimate universe (of which I can only claim moderate knowledge about the former and less of the latter). This was interesting but at times slow moving.
As the title suggests, this is the intro to the next supervillain, Ultimate Carnage. Web-slingin action aside, we get further exploration into the psyche of a teenage superhero, something giving this series substantial depth and staying power.

And a major character dies. Says a lot about Bendis' writing that it was so upsetting.
I felt the guilty Peter was feeling, and the hopelessness that embraced his life after the death of Gwen Stacey. I like the fact that it was a creature that was genetically part of Peter Parker that killed her. An interesting twist on the Death of Gwen Stacey.
this book was a quick read but it took everything the book stands for and places it in this one book and after a certain charcter dies but the next issue is the best thing I have read in A LONG TIME
This volume brings a sad end to one of the important characters, and it's really just too quick. I did enjoy the different take on Carnage. It think it's a lot better than the whole criminal origin.
There are significant changes to Carnage for the Ultimate world, which is kind of fun, but the real draw of this book is the heavy emotional weight, which is well done.
Easily the darkest and most brooding Ultimate Spider-Man volume yet. Loved it, one of my favorites so far. Carnage!!!!!!!!!
Frank Taranto
.A good quick story and I enjoyed the art. Poor Dr. Connors, nothing goes right for him.
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This is what Spider-Man should be...
just a great read.
Zach Danielson
The best Spider-Man stories have an element of tragedy.
i think the art was really good and the story was good too.
An emotionally good story.
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Though he started as a writer and artist of independent noir fiction series, he shot...more
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