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In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir
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In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir

3.72 of 5 stars 3.72  ·  rating details  ·  1,964 ratings  ·  191 reviews
In this eagerly anticipated memoir, former Vice President Dick Cheney delivers an unyielding portrait of American politics over nearly forty years and shares personal reflections on his role as one of the most steadfast and influential statesmen in the history of our country.

The public perception of Dick Cheney has long been something of a contradiction. He has been viewed
Hardcover, 576 pages
Published August 30th 2011 by Threshold Editions
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Did I like this book? Big Time! Too many great and insightful moments to cite here, but Cheney does a great job giving us a behind the scenes look at some of the most important and momentous events in American History. Of course, the MSM reviews tried to spin this as a vindictive assault on everyone by America's Dark Lord. I thought Cheney was very objective in his descriptions of the events and persons that he worked with during nearly 40 years in govt service. An honest man, giving an honest r ...more
Paul Heidebrecht
I deliberately try to read the memoirs or biographies of politicians I don't like just to see if my impressions are inaccurate. To some degree, my negative image of Cheney is off-base. He seems to be a fine man of great personal integrity. In fact, he's a fairly ordinary guy who got opportunities to serve in the federal government and though hard work and perseverance found himself as the vice president. He's not a particularly self-reflective person. He did seem to remember every criticism and ...more
Clara Roberts
Dick Cheney said it best "The path I had traveled was partly due to the circustances of my birth. Not that I had been born into a powerful or privilieged family; I wasn't. But I was born an American, a blessing surely among life's greatest. . .. I was privileged to have chance and second chances of the kind that may be posssible only in our great nation." I would say Cheney made good use of his chances and second chances. Cheney comes across a a man with strong feelings and ideas. He gives no ap ...more
I just finished reading "In My Time" by Dick Cheney. This is a great book! Whatever your politics (and mine are rarely the same as Mr. Cheney’s) there is no denying that Dick Cheney played a huge role in the American public leadership over two generations. From White House chief of staff to Congressional leader to Cabinet Secretary to corporate CEO to likely the most influential Vice President ...the USA has ever seen Cheney never shied away from expressing and defending his point of view.

Like a
This was a mildly interesting, albeit quite frustrating book.

Cheney himself now shows his humanity pretty well, with nice quotes, reminiscences, and little details about his life and mortality. He obviously is quite the family man.

Like many political memoirs, it doesn't completely change the whole perspective you see events - but it is informing, still. Also, like many political memoirs, it is also very self-serving. But this is not a vice unique to Cheney. Everybody there does this. They praise
Stephen Embry
Whatever one thinks about Dick Cheney, one has to admire his opaqueness. This book is perfectly titled, a story about a man who served in the center of power for a lifetime, and according to his version appears to be merely an observer, not an actor. He has sharp knives for others such as Sec. Rice and Colin Powell, but neither scalpel nor glass to examine his role in the multiple failures of his life. Not worth the read unless one wishes to learn to prevaricate.
Steve Schlutow
I really enjoyed this book.. All the various stories that he narrates through the book I could reflect where I was and what I was feeling when it was happening.. Also, whether I agreed or disagreed with the decisions made that he and the various administrations he served.. I loved the book--a great read for any American who enjoys history and current-affair reading..
Frank Kelly
Unlike many sanitized political memoirs, it is quite clear this is pretty much the real Dick Cheney talking here (with the assistance of his daughter, Liz). A smart, ambitious boy from the upper Midwest comes to Washington and, as so many other whiz kids have found, hard work and being at the right place at the right time can propel you into the political stratosphere. In Cheney's case, it was catching the eye of Congressman Donald Rumsfeld.

And here was the most remarkable revelation of the book
Brian Williams
This is a definitive memoir, written in a direct,no-nonsense almost blunt style. Any memoir is bound to be self-serving and biased and this one is no different. Most reviews of the book are of the subject of the book, not the book, so there's plenty of negative reviews. Some of them admitted to not having read the book (talk about a lack of credibility).

Mr. Cheney had an accomplished career before he became Vice-President (Chief of Staff to Prsident Ford, Congressman, Secretary of Defence, CEO
From the outset, let me admit two things; I am not an American, and I have long been anti-Bush and his administration. That said, I was quite pleased with Cheney's memoir and felt that I learned a great deal about the man, the Administration, and some of the inner workings, about which I knew little.

Cheney uses the memoir to paint a picture of his life pre-VP and into his 8 years as 'second in command'. He draws on some excellent stories and has a wonderful way with words. I knew so little of th
regardless of the views someone may have about dick Cheney and the bush administration, "in my time" offers a panoramic view into some of the most important and interesting events in modern history. whether they are recent like the Bush era or go back all the way to Watergate and the ford administration.
There a few living Americans that can boast of the experience and insight that Cheney has obtained over the last couple of decades as a Washington insider.
Given Cheney's personality is not surpri
There has not been a Vice President who contributed more to the success of his administration than Dick Cheney. Even before the election in 2000, he was instrumental in finding the most qualified VP available, himself, something few administrations have done, and none to greater effect. Although constitutionally, the VP doesn't wield much power, Cheney's experience in foreign policy, defense policy, and every other aspect of running the executive branch were continuously tapped by George W. Bush ...more
This book is meaty. No large text or nonsense filler. If Cheney wrote this book, he really sat
down and worked. It progresses nicely; occasionally jumping around, but generally in chronological order.

What I liked about the book:
- his beginnings in academia, going toward a PHD, and hesitation about going into politics
- when Ford was not re-elected, he went back to his home state of Wyoming and ran for house there, instead of moving to a more influential state
- he was honest about his early screw-
Underneath Dick Cheney's somber, deadly serious suits beats the heart of a conservative's conservative. It beats with some assistance from an elaborate system of ropes and pulleys of the medical variety but it beats nonetheless. Only you can't hear it over the clanging that, if I can mention it without seeming indelicate, comes from an area due south of the heart. Think big. Think brass. Think...well, I think you get the picture. Well, don't LITERALLY picture it. Geez. What is wrong with you? It ...more
Chase McCool
I decided to read this book because Dick Cheney is a very controversial political figure. I gave it four stars because I thought that the memoir was well written, historically/politically insightful and just generally interesting. What follows is a general overview of the book and my concluding thoughts.

Through "In My Time" we learn that Cheney's political roots stretch as far back as the Ford Administration where he was an an aid to, then, Chief-of-Staff ("COS") Donald Rumsfeld. This allowed Ch
I realize the name Dick Cheney will bring out a lot of emotion in people. I understand that I am in the minority with this statement, but I have a deep respect for Mr. Cheney and if his health wasn't so poor would be a strong supporter for him to run for President.

In the lead-up to this book, I expected Mr. Cheney to settle a lot of scores and write a much stronger political book. In my opinion, the book was very limited on settling scores. Jabs were taken at Colin Powel, John Edwards, John Kerr
Dick Cheney and the elements of happiness.

In My Time: A personal and political memoir (2011) Dick Cheney

This was a difficult book to finish because, after I understood who Dick Cheney was, and how he came to be who he was – I knew what he would say and why be said it. He said “It” because that is what happened.

First, what Dick Cheney is not. He is not an evil man, a dark man, a liar, an aggressive man, or a humorless man. He is a good man, a very honest man, an extremely hard-working man, a de
Land Murphy
Cheney's personal and political memoir answers many questions about his role during the administration of George W. Bush. His defense of the Bush administration interrogation policies and the decision to pursue regime change in Iraq are cogent and persuasive. Also of interest are Cheney's experiences through several administrations reaching back to Nixon and Ford, including his relationships with Rumsfeld, Powell, and others who would play roles in the Bush administration. Cheney's damning descr ...more
Dick Cheney is a Westerner. Eastern people and West coast cultures won't understand him or the book. To me it was like reading a memoir from one of my uncles. Mr. Cheney's deep conservatism makes him mainstream in Western culture and his decision making processes seem so down home, clear, and concise.

Some of the other people in the administration were really well defined by him in the course of events that he describes. I still personally like Colin Powell but I now realize that he was a better
Fred Forbes
Surprised that I would give this 4 stars since Cheney and I would rarely agree on policy issues - "The US is still enjoying the tax cuts we passed back in 2001 and 2003." Oh, really? Maybe if you are one of the millionaires who benefited from them but the rest of us only see deficits into forever. Combined with the needless Iraq war and the excursions into Afghanistan, we are going to be paying for his and Bush's judgments for a long time to come. And, as expected, he spends a good portion of hi ...more
Don Stanton
Surprisingly, I enjoyed this book. I normally do not read books concerning the era in which I live. This attracted my attention because so little has been written from the 'other-side' of the aisle.
The candid comments, the framing of each decision point was well done. The detailing of circumstances that developed inside the Bush administration made it a fascinating read. To be noted, never once did I see any blaming or finger pointing to counter the heaps of negativeness of the press about him o
There are some good reveals in this book. Dick's from an old school. The part I like best is thinking of him bivouacked in the Wyoming countryside reading Churchill's The Second World War at night by lantern while by day working to install power lines after dropping out of (being kicked out of) Yale. Dick Cheney is a lot of things and this book shows a bunch of them. Almost all of my friends think it is fashionable to bash Cheney. And who could blame them in a way, he's an easy target, if a lazy ...more
Carrie Abigail
Everyone knows I love reading political biographies and the latest one I listened to on audio was very interesting. First, it was actually read by Dick Cheney and Edward Herriman (sp?). For those of you who don't know him, he was the grandpa on Gilmore Girls AND FDR in Annie. Second,I love political memoirs that focus on more than just the politics. Dick Cheney did an excellent job combining his personal and political life. He is a great storyteller and he explains all of the heavy political stu ...more
Contrary to Mr. Cheney's claim, this book did not "make heads explode." If anything, it was simply an account of his time as a politician and his viewpoints on controversial topics. For the most part, none of the information revealed was new. It's exactly as I remember things happening, how the various crises played out and rationales of decisions made. The media over-exaggerated its controversy, especially as it relates to Mr. Cheney's relationship with President Bush.
This book was a general di
I really enjoyed this book. I distinctly remember George Bush Sr time in office (I was in high school) and it was the beginning of my interest in politics. It was fascinating to read from his own words things that took place during that time. Dick Cheney has been around for a lot of serious changes in America and he was willing to answer the call to serve many times, from his years under Ford, to being the Secretary of Defense under Bush Sr to the Vice Presidency. He knows and understands Washin ...more
Despite the fact I really don't like him I truly enjoyed reading the book it is very well written.
If you’ve already read George W. Bush and Don Rumsfeld’s post White House biographies, this “personal and political memoir” from Number 43’s second-in- command will fill in some of the gaps for you. It’s Dick Cheney’s take on what happened behind-the-scenes inside the Beltway prior to the Obama administration.

“Always a bridesmaid, never a bride,” Cheney worked in the White House or served in the cabinet of three presidents and represented Wyoming in Congress during the Reagan years. His resume a
Paul Roach
Just finished this one too. He comes off exactly as you might expect (!) I was especially curious to hear about his explanation for entering into Iraq. After having been critical of the decision ever since even before it was made, I have to confess he (and George, in his book) made good arguments for why to go: Iraq had the combination of a crazy, terrorizing leader plus plenty of money and connections with radical elements. They were a potential threat. He sort of totally glossed over the fact ...more
As a Moderate-Conservative I have to be honest. I always found Cheney to be a very well spoken, blunt, entertaining figure - particularly during the Edwards Cheney debates, but what I was expecting was pretty much an ideological tome on conservatism from the view of the hard right similar to what might come from Rush Limbaugh, but that is not at all who Cheney is.

I found the man behind the narration of this book to be a realist who put the substance of policy before politics - what a rare conce
Out of all the recent political memoirs, Cheney's book stands very tall. The strength of the work is it's all inclusive nature of covering every aspect of his involvement in government, without digressing too much into reasoning, and pondering, like certain other memoirs do (eg Decision Points). Rather, Cheney keeps solidly to the point, and keeps the pace very lively, making the book a true page turner.
The structure of the book is also in a pretty straightforward, chronological narrative. It do
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Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney served as the 46th Vice President of the United States (2001-2009), under George W. Bush.

Cheney was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, but was primarily raised in Sumner, Nebraska and Casper, Wyoming. He began his political career as an intern for Congressman William A. Steiger, eventually working his way into the White House during the Nixon and Ford administrations, where he
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