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Red Riding Hood
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Red Riding Hood

3.52 of 5 stars 3.52  ·  rating details  ·  14,169 ratings  ·  1,725 reviews
The body of a young girl is discovered in a field of wheat. Her flesh mutilated by telltale claw marks. The Wolf has broken the peace.

When Valerie learns that her sister has been killed by the legendary creature, she finds herself at the center of a dark mystery, one that has plagued her village for generations. It is revealed that the werewolf lives among them, and every

ebook, 197 pages
Published January 25th 2011 by Poppy (first published January 1st 2011)
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Melissa Nicely No , basically there is a wolf that tries to kill the people of a village and everyone is trying to get rid of it (That's as specific as I could get…moreNo , basically there is a wolf that tries to kill the people of a village and everyone is trying to get rid of it (That's as specific as I could get it without any spoilers) but it's not scary :)(less)
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Jillian -always aspiring-
Red Riding Hood, a tie-in novel to the 2011 movie of the same name, tries to be many things: a love story, a fairy tale, a mystery, and a thriller. The trailer for the movie is beautiful and seductive -- but does the book hold that same allure? Frankly, I can't say it did. The movie trailer held the promises of danger, secrets, and seduction. . .but the novel held none of that for me.

Quite honestly, this book made me see red.

I usually give novels about one hundred pages to grab me before I set
For lovers of supernatural coming-of-age thrillers involving werewolves and hot, brooding guys...


Literally, this book has no ending. Internet rumors say that the ending will be released online when the movie is out. WTF!? We are teased with the identity of The Wolf and maybe it is this one person, but maybe... ? Honestly, this ending makes Charlaine Harris look like M. Night Shymalan (the Good Years).

Still, I am will
Sammi Walker
The book (from what I understan) is written by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright (Author), and David Leslie Johnson (Author). Hardwicke is responsible for the introduction...

I bought this book last night, and was unable to put it down. The writing is absolutely lovely, it does a great job of really capturing the fairytale feel of the world, and overall I just really loved this book. Just read the first chapter... you'll see. :)


So I finished it. And yes, there is no ending. Goes down a star just for
Okay, it was a quick and interesting read. But there was several things that hit my boiling point.

1) Peter + Valerie = NO CHEMSITRY. So, apparently, Peter was a creepy weird kid in the village and left and he came back liked a decade later and Valerie is all like, "OMG he's so hot. It's him. All my feelings I didnt know i had has appeared in less then two seconds blah blah blah," They hardly say two words to each other. Example would be when she first say him. The only said this, Valerie "Do you
Το βιβλίο ‘κοκκινοσκουφίτσα’ δεν είναι βασισμένο στη ταινία, είναι η ταινία!!! Από την αρχή μέχρι το τέλος ακουμπάει αυτολεξεί στο σενάριο. Κ εδώ είναι που έρχεται το πρόβλημα. Σε άλλες ανάγκες πατάει ένα σενάριο, το οποίο είναι γραμμένο έτσι ώστε να αφήνει χώρο στην αφήγηση να μιλήσει μέσω της εικόνας, κ άλλες ανάγκες καλύπτει η αφήγηση (τριτοπρόσωπη ή πρωτοπρόσωπη δεν έχει σημασία) ενός βιβλίου. Αυτό λοιπόν είναι το μεγάλο λάθος στο συγκεκριμένο ανάγνωσμα, δεν αφήνει χώρο στην ιστορία να εξελι ...more
Some Spoilers
(2.5 stars)

I really wanted to love Red Riding Hood since the movie looks really good and I'm looking forward to watching it, but the book...not so much.
While the writing is strong, almost poetic at times, I didn't like the style of writing.
I can live with the fact that the story is told in thrid person, but I don't think it was necessary and it only distracted me more then anything from an already slow moving pace.
In a nut shell? It felt like reading a very plot-driven scrip where e
Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there is a village much like other villages in the time of yore. In this village is a girl named Valerie, her older sister named Lucie, and their parents, Suzette with unrequited love for another, and Cesaire, the town drunk who carries sorrow in his heart. In a different house lives the grandmother who has been accused of being a witch.

The village has an agreement with a very big, very bad wolf. Full moon comes and a goat or some other poor creature is
The only reason she's really getting a 1 star is for effort...And I can't rate it any lower.
Just a warning, this has spoilers in it, but I figured no one would see it if I click the "has spoilers" button. I wasted my money on this book. Wish I hadn't. But me being me, I was too stubborn to give up.

No offense to the author, but this was the WORST book I have ever read. I'm gonna address each problem. While the plot sounded good, there were holes and inconsistencies everywhere in the story, and it
First thing's first, I'll admit I didn't finish this book. So those of you out there who take pleasure in going to different one-star DNF reviews and yelling at the reviewers, stating that they have no right reviewing a book they didn't finish, you can back off now. Because while I admitted to not finishing this book, I did skim the remaining 50 pages I had left. I am fully aware of the events that occur within this book, and therefore am not basing my opinions with no support.

The biggest fault
Simply put, don't read this book.

I know I promised myself I was going to stop reading so much Young Adult Fiction, but how could I resist this book after seeing that gorgeous preview for the film with Amanda Seyfried gliding across the snow with that bright red, velvet cloak trailing behind her in the billowing wind?

I only wish the book lived up to that scene.

I actually purchased the book first for a friend as a gift, not realizing that the book itself was not an original novel but a novelized
This review appears in full at

I can't remember the last time a book made me feel so stabby.

Last Friday afternoon I was facing a two-hour train journey and had two books in my bag: A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and this little sucker (the red theme was pure coincidence). I first reached for Scarlet because I've been meaning to read it for awhile, but one sentence in and my Friday-arvo brain-mush was ready to fall asleep. So I turned instead to R
Stephanie (Stepping out of the Page)
This book was okay. It wasn't terribly bad, but it wasn't great either and yes, I feel as though the movie would probably be better. I didn't feel as though this book was as effective as it could've been - this was just so bland. The characters were flat, they could've been so much better developed. I didn't feel much towards anything, really. I think that the idea is good but to me, I kept feeling as though I'd missed out on things - the book could've easily been double the length. The lack of ...more
I enjoyed this book. It was a fun and easy read ... I pretty much read it in one day. Couldn't put it down! I felt like I was thrown into a magical, fantasy world, and it was so cool! I liked the concept of this story, and the interesting twist it has when compared to the original story.

I do feel like certain aspects of the story could have been a little bit better detailed. In some ways it felt rushed, passing up opportunities to further expand on the story. But overall I enjoyed it and would r
This story is completely different from the original one.
Meanwhile the original is a nice fairy tale for children this story is dark. It is a story that shoud be read at night next to the fireplace.
It is dark and gloomy and yet enchanting. A gothic fairy tale.

Although I know the original story I can say that this one is not predictible. It is filled with surprises and turning points that are absolutely exciting!
The write style is simply magical and all the characters feel real and in an encha
I can't really decide whether I liked this book or not. It was well written and had a great suspense theme throughout the entire novel.

However, I felt this read was unexpectedly super dark and gory, and the constant religious references made me a bit uncomfortable (the constant talk about witchcraft and the devil etc...). And I just wasn't satisfied with the ending to be honest. The book had great potential but it seemed like the writer was trying too hard to scare the reader with unnecessary d
Well I only got about 100 pages in. It's hard to explain why I am not finishing this book. You know the saying the book is always better than the movie? Well I don't think that -ism really counts when the book is written based off a movie and not the other way around.

From the beginning it is painfully obvious that the author of the book is not entirely knowledgeable about the characters, their motivations, or the plot.The writing seemed clunky, as if she was working from an outline. But her lac
Jahlia ((thing 10 Evil 1))
[ This review contains spoilers and passionate hatred. Do not read if you love this book or if you don't want spoilers]

The title of this book is wrong, it shouldn't be called red riding hood, it should be called the village of f*cktards. Almost everyone of these characters are ignorant weakminded bastards. And i am serious but lets not get into that right now *angelic smile*, right now i am going to temporairly push away my anger and give the author her props.

Okay, despite the fact th
Fast read, but still pretty much a waste of time.

I was sucked in by the cool cover art, as well as the fact that I regret to admit that I did enjoy the literary ounterpart to Hardwicke's last foray into the supernatural young adult film world. But this book lacked Twilight's guilty pleasure / pop culure phenomenon factor.

But this really felt like a marketing ploy and nothing else. I'll probably still see the movie, mainly to find out if the ending is even slightly more satisfying than the book's
This is the retelling of Red Riding Hood. It's a retelling I enjoyed. Hm... but what to tell? What not to tell? I will say that after reading the book and since it was based first on the screenplay, the snippets I've seen of the movie seem to follow closely the story with the exception of Father Solomon (played by Gary Oldman). Solomon is supposed to have been someone who was from Moorish decent... so that blew that image out of my head, but I can see Mr. Oldman play the character who tended to ...more
This is based on the movie of the same name, and it was the trailer for that which originally caught my interest. Then I saw the book repeatedly in stores, and, curious, I picked it up to read the summary. I was immediately hooked. I knew I had to read it, so I ended up buying it instead of waiting to get it via a library.
The characters of this story are all very well done. I completely fell in love with Valerie, Lucie, Peter, and even Henry. Valerie was such a wild, potentially dark character t
Jessica (a GREAT read)
So I've been more than curious about the new movie Red Riding Hood, since the wolf is obviously a werewolf and there's going to be some sort of romance with Red...or Valerie as the case may be, so I decided to read the book Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright. And it was pretty interesting.

I'll admit what grabbed at my heart right away was when Valerie saw that Peter, her friend from 10 years ago returns to her town to help with the fieldwork or whatever. She feels immediately drawn to h
Annabelle Marie Veronica

I didn't even give it a full star. I rarely do this. Even Juliet Immortal was gifted with more than one star. But this book was so awful that I don't even know where to begin. I really, really, really, really disliked this book, unfortunately. I don't enjoy writing negative reviews, and I don't write them very often. But I am going to get through this review nonetheless.

Valerie was insipid, whiny, and annoying. She never did anything vaguel
Let's be very frank here, this book is one hell of a disaster. If I can give it zero star, I would have done this. If you don't want to feel disappointed and cheated, stay the hell away from it. If you think Twilight is bad, then you can try this one in order to see what lowest of the lows looks like. I don't know how this Red Riding Hood manages to outdo Twilight at being silly and bad. But trust me, it does.

Looks like Red Riding Hood is its author first ever novel, but I only saw the name of C
Savannah (Books With Bite)
I had been waiting for this book for a while excited about the release of the movie. Once I read it, I found myself slightly disappointed in it. While I enjoyed the plot, I just wish there was something more.

Valerie character is unique. She is not the same as the other girls in the village. She is strong-minded and always speaks her mind, which in turn get her into trouble. She doesn't think much about herself, which leaves her to be always lonely. She also is very caring for the ones that she l
I would probably give this book 3.5 stars, I struggled between 3 and 4 stars. I saw the movie before I read the book, and I'm glad I did because the book leaves out the last chapter or so of the story, so you don't know who the wolf is unless you've seen the movie. I know they did that because the book came out first and they didn't want to ruin it for people that were planning to see the movie, or as a way to get people to see the movie. Normally I like the books better than the movie but in th ...more
I honestly don't see why this is getting so many bad reviews. I loved this story to no end. From Velrie's point of view, you really got to meet everybody. It was like I was actually in the village, being introduced to each villager personally. Valerie's quirky ideas and fascinating views really added to the story, and made it more individual than most other books I've read.

And why does it matter if there was really an ending? Doesn't anyone have an imagination anymore?

I honestly can't understand
Even though I liked this book I'm deducting 1 star because this version has the final chapter missing. Apparently the book released before the movie didn't want to give away the ending so they didn't include it in this version and the last page referenced a "bonus chapter" that would be made available online after the movie's release.

I think this is deceptive as there is no warning given on the cover to indicate that the book ending isn't included.

So if you want to read this book make sure you
I just finished the book It's addicting! A modern twist from the fairy tale, you become attached to the three main characters: Valerie, Henry and Peter. There's romance, drama and action too. I can't wait to see the film this March! Seductive and enigmatic, this book is a must-read.
However, the ending leaves in a cliffhange, who is the beast?!
I'm upset because the website the book offers doesnt seem to work....its supposed to tell us the ending....
And just because the director who f
Wow!!!! I just finished this book in less than 24 hours! It is a must read!. I was hooked from the start and couldn't get enough of it as I was sucked into the story line & the 3 main characters. The love triangle tug-o-war sure does pull on your heart strings.

The author is new & fantastic. I truly enjoyed her style of writing and hope that the movie can pull it off. The intro by Catherine Hardwicke clearly states that the movie is not capable of the complete characterization of Valerie
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
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Sarah Blakley-Cartwright is the recipient of the 2009 Mary Gordon Fiction Scholarship Award and the 2010 Lenore Marshall Barnard Prize for Prose. She splits her time between New York and Los Angeles.
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