The Saint
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The Saint (Gaunt's Ghosts #4-7)

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This omnibus edition follows the second cycle of the Gaunt's Ghost stories in a collection called, "The Saint". It includes the four novels, Honour Guard, The Guns of Tanith, Straight Silver and Sabbat Martyr. The story arc follows the First & Only from warzone to warzone of the Chaos-infested Sabbats World system fighting enemies in many guises and shapes.
Paperback, 1024 pages
Published August 28th 2007 by Black Library Publishing
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Tim Maidment
Hits hard and keeps hitting. The term 'gritty' is over-used these days, but you can feel the hard surfaces and ash-blown environments in his writing. He's particularly adept at building characters enough that when/if they die (and often in the typically senseless ways of war as an aside in a sentence) it really does shock.

It won't be to everyone's taste, but if you like a good shot of testosterone with your coffee, tempered with mysticism and half an eye on historical conflicts, this is a book t...more
Not as good as its predecessor, The Founding, but still enjoyable. The Guns of Tanith as a whole and bits of Straight Silver really stood out, and the pitched armor battles in Honour Guard are also very well done.

Sabbat Martyr is literally one long cityfight, with a small break between a skirmish at the beginning and the real battle about a third of the way in. It makes the book feel rather shorter than the previous three, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, and only fitting for the climax of t...more
Feb 10, 2014 Conor rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2013
This is the best book in the series so far.
At least, from what I can remember. The early books were great too, and subsequent novels missed the mark (Honour Guard in particular). This is a return to form.
Abnett explores issues of faith, as Chaos prepare to launch a massive attack on a tactically worthless world: why? Because Saint Sabbat has been reincarnated.
Gaunt is sceptical in the beginning. He knows in his heart the saint is an imposter, simply a pawn Lugo is attempting to use for his po...more
Derek Weese
I can't say too much, if anything, more than what has already been said about this book. So I'll keep the review brief.
This omnibus contains books IV-VII of Dan Abnett's amazingly good 'Gaunt's Ghosts' series detailing the exploits of a single regiment of the Imperial Guard during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. As I said, amazingly good. If you've not read these, even if you don't care for Warhammer 40,000, do so. They're among the best military science fiction EVER written (truly) and they all have...more
The 2nd omnibus in the Gaunt's Ghosts series collects books 4-7. At the end of the 3rd book, Necropolis, Warmaster Macaroth issued the Act of Consolation: with Vervunhive burnt to ashes, any survivors who didn't want to be relocated to a nearby hive were invited to join the Imperial Guard. The scratch companies of Verghast joined the Tanith First and Only, and why wouldn't they? There certainly wasn't anywhere else for them to go. These four books document Colonel-Commissar Gaunt's difficulties...more
The Black Library delivers a route into the 41st Millennium far beyond that of paintbrushes and dice. Producing literature to expand, elucidate and invigorate the darkly Gothic era is both a blessing and a curse: the world is so richly drawn, with a cornucopia of historical references, that one scarcely knows where to begin; the scope of eternal conflict, however, is restricted to the point of anaemia. It is this limited purview that forms the core of The Saint, Dan Abnett’s second omnibus of hi...more
Mary Catelli
The second Gaunt's Ghosts omnibus, after The Founding. I recommend reading that one first. As with that one, these works are military SF. Bad things happen in them. Good characters get killed. But they have very dramatic plots, and many vividly drawn characters. Filled with honor and friendship and valor. Ibram Gaunt is a deeply developed character, and at any time, a dozen or so Ghosts are major characters. He does a massively multi-POV that lets in him get in a large scope of the battles they...more
Ding Ong
Just when i thought the first omnibus was good enough, Dan Abnett outperforms himself with his second omnibus, The Saint. Once again the most interesting and fun story to read was the last in the book, Sabbat Martyr. The first two stories were mostly preoccupied with the in-rivalry between the Tanith and Verghast troopers nad i have to admit it adds a good flavour into the stories. The rivalry was a little too over-emphasized for a little too long though, as things were starting to get a little...more
Dan Abnett could spend an evening headbutting his keyboard and I'm still pretty confident he'd nut out a great story.

Fantastic omnibus. I'll admit I find it hard at times to adapt to the whole idea that, for all their awesomeness, the Ghosts aren't the heroes of the war (yet, anyway). Each book tends to end rather suddenly, usually with an epilogue that ties up the current conflict in a few pages, a conflict that's won by, well, everyone else.

It's more about the soldiers than the war, how the ac...more
Charlie Chute
Yes it is fantasy and yes you probably want to have some knowledge of the warhammer theme's to understand some of the references, however. As a piece if writing it is fantastic, as a war themed book it delivers and makes you want to keep reading..

Very good, would recommend..
I have jjust bought the next series, the Lost and was laughed at a lot by my wife who noticed the 'Geek chic' sign right above the books...ok yes I may have got involved with the warhammer world about 20 years ago and am now...more
Locked Out
The second installment in this warhammer sega finds Gaunt and his ghosts once again called into aciton during the Sabbat world crusade. In these three installments Gaunts ghosts find themselves in a trench war, involved in an air operation, finally leading to a desperate defence of the holy Saint Sabbat's city. These adventures are a blast and the action is adrenaline fueled as well! The twists and turns keep you guessing throughout and by the end of it you feel the need to keep reading! I enjoy...more
Wrong Way
If you are a fan of World War Two novels you might want to give this book a try. The world it is set in is far in the future, but it has a very real and accurate take on military tactics. That said if you are a fan of character interaction this is also a good book to read. Some of the main characters die later in the series, but for a reason. This book kicked off a multi book series that stunned me with the author's ability to sacrifice his characters on the alter of war.
John Scott
The saint was just awesome as the first omnibus, full of twists and turns not even nostradamus could predict! Honour Guard and Sabbat Martyr, the first and last of the omnibus, are my favourites, mostly for the armour action in Honour Guard, and the sheer scope of the battle to protect herodor and the saint in Sabbat Martyr. Also, Honour Guard begins the Lijah Cuu/Larkin storyline with its heartbreaking conclusion in Martyr (I'll never forgive Abnett for that one *sniff*).
Johannes Marks
Though I still like Mr. Abnetts style and stories even years after I´ve first read them and even thought myself maybe to old for them, the only thing not quite satisfying about his novels is his urge to always plot his works to be self-contained (if that´s the word called for here). In my opinion, it reduces significantly the fun of reading them all in succession because they feel like a collection of single novels and not like an ongoing story.
Excellent book. Dan Abnett utilizes a very intense and engaging universe to hook you in and keep you there until the final page turns. Using a lot of different characters, at first it may seem overwhelming, but they all develop rather deeply and you'll find yourself wondering whats going to happen to all your favorites. This is the second omnibus in the series and only adds to the engaging story the first one began.
An amazing book, my first from the Black Library. It's the 2nd Omnibus (a collection of three books in the same story line) of three, so after getting hooked on the characters you have to buy 5-6 more of these books. There is really nothing I don't like about this book (except the end: it has one) and it is not a bad book (as in PG-13) and is by far the most "kid-friendly" of all the Dan Abnett books.
Mhoram Freeman
The massive tank-battle in Honour Guard makes me want to start an Imperial Guard mechanized company... Too bad I cannot currently afford to.
Wondering if Dan Abnett has spent time in New Zealand - some of the language he uses certainly seems to indicate as much.
Bloody good novel thus far, anyway. Now up to Straight Silver.
Great book, love his work. He's very detail and injects so much action into his writing that I cannot put down his books. I literally spend nights reading until I finish the book. Does an amazing job of balancing detailed descriptions as not to over exaggerate or make things dull and cheesy
While darker than the first omnibus (and that is saying something in the Warhammer 40,000 universe) this is a more involved series of books with well-developed characters (even the ones who only appear briefly.)
Bruce Robertson
Keeps up the brilliant character development of the first trilogy. Abnett's style is so immersive I felt myself in the presence of Sabbat herself! Unbelievable!
Richard B.
Another solid book from Dan Abnett but with more mature and hated Characters....Damn Liga Cuu, Damn him...
Melody Harrison Hanson
Entertaining. Intelligent writing. Too much of the same thing, for me -- Blood and guts and evil vs. good.
Jan 07, 2008 Jay rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: sci-fi
More Gaunt's Ghosts, strange new worlds and a saint to boot, great war and still pretty good writing.
Non stop action but not as good as Necropolis or Traitor General but awesome read all the same.
James Jones
Awesome set of books. Love the character Lijah "gakking" Cuu. Hlaine Larkin Rules.
Aventuras ligeras para leer en metro o bus de la guardia imperial de warhammer 40.000
Bill Loth
A good continuation of the Gaunt's Ghosts series. Definitely worth reading.
Yousef Shweihat
Bloody awesome. Great sci-fi, very moving story telling, totally engrossing.
Mark Horner
I am proud to say I have read the entire series & have enjoyed the journey
Awesome tales of the tanith firt]st and onlys battle against chaos!
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