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De sprookjes van Grimm
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De sprookjes van Grimm

4.29 of 5 stars 4.29  ·  rating details  ·  110,954 ratings  ·  1,951 reviews
Volledige uitgave van alle (tweehonderd) sprookjes die verzameld zijn door de gebroeders Grimm. De sprookjes zijn op uitstekende wijze opnieuw vertaald op basis van de oorspronkelijke uitgave van de sprookjes en er is dus geen sprake van bewerkingen. De vertaling levert uitermate goed leesbare teksten op, die zich eveneens goed laten voorlezen. Bij elk sprookje zijn een of...more
Hardcover, 558 pages
Published by Lemniscaat (first published 1812)
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If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.
― Albert Einstein

After being gifted this beautiful edition of Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales, I decided to be a good and proper Auntie and read them to my niece (6). What better way to end the day and send her off to slumberland?

These children’s tales are very short - perfect for bedtime reading - and are full of valuable lessons:

1. Step-mothers are evil bitche...more
I was originally was going to give this a 3 because it is uneven strange, and sometimes surprisingly amoral, but then i realized how much I acutally had to say about it, and just how much I enjoyed reading these goofy stories. So bear with me while i recount some of the best and worst stories and some of the strange themes of grimm's fairy tales. (I have to admit, I write these reviews almost entirely for myself)

Some themes/things you should know:
-If you are an evil stepmother or witch, and you...more

I'm thrilled that this book contains the nasty version of Cinderella, where the stepsisters not only cut off parts of their feet in an attempt to wear the slipper, but also get their eyes pecked out by birds during the royal wedding.

That'll learn 'em.

These "children's classics" are fairly dripping with blood - particularly the evil blood of those who seek to keep true love from running its natural, ho-hum course.

These were dark and scary times to be a stepmother.
Even though Snow White is stupi...more
Huda Yahya
ألتقط أنفاسي قليلاً
أعود إلى سحر الطفولة المفقود في عالمي
وأرخي أعصابي بين دفتي كتاب حكايات كبير

أتذكّر أمي حين كنتُ في العاشرة .. السابعة .. الخامسة
ورأسي على ذراعها الممدود قبل النوم ، تحكي لي كل ما توارثته عن أمها من حكايات عجيبة ‏كانت تثير خيالي النهم إلى عوالم كل شيء فيها ممكن

أتذكر سقف غرفتنا المهدم
كنت أرى في النتوءات الغريبة التي تركها الجير والأسمنت عالماً بأكمله
وبينها تشكّلتْ أبطال القصص
فكنتُ أصنع وجوهاً معبرة بخيالي تبتسم .. تصرخ .. تبكي
وأذرع مفتوحة أو ضاربة أو ملوحة بالوداع
وسيوف وملابس وأد
May 30, 2008 Maureen rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everyone
Recommended to Maureen by: my dad
Shelves: children
The original Grimm's Brothers fairy tales were a far cry from the Perrault collection of many of the same stories, the Green Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, or, God forbid, Walt Disney. The Brothers Grimm told stories with meat on their bones, where the good people were heroes and the bad people were really, really bad. The outcome of a particular story rose and fell on the consequences of the actions of the characters. The evil stepsisters in Cinderella, for example, did not go to the wedding of Cin...more
Do you know kids today don't know how gory fairy tales are? This is a travesty and will not stand while I am a teacher. While we were discussing Paul Bunyan this week I got sidetracked and started talking about how everything in fairy tales happens in threes. Like how in the original Cinderella the stepmother tries to trick the prince by cutting of portions of her stepdaughters feet to fit the shoe. The kids were all riveted and many asked "Where's that book with all the gross stories in it?" du...more
The Lessons of the Brothers Grimm

The Golden Bird -- If you are the “Chosen One” you can eschew all advice, screw up constantly, and still come out on top.

Hans in Luck -- Half-wits can be happy with anything.

Jorinda and Jorindel -- You can trespass unreservedly, so long as “the Other” owns the land.

The Traveling Musicians -- Robbing the rich to give to yourself is fine if your victim is a robber.

Old Sultan -- Obey your master to the detriment of your friends, especially if your friends threaten...more
I listened to these and this is what I've learnt:

Things you really need to know if you ever end up in fairy tale land.

Don’t rely on the love of your father if he is hungry and has a nagging second wife.

Cutting off bits of your toes or your heals is not the most effective way to win the prince. But if you do find this necessary, remember to cauterise the wound.

Always chew your food, Mr Wolf.

If you are female then men may well complain that you talk too much – but remaining silent for seven years...more
The copy that I owned as a child had Anderson's stories on the reverse - UPSIDE-MOTHERFUCKING-DOWN. I know, right? Too rad for words? Why don't I own it anymore? I presume it just fell apart from the heady love affair that I had with it. I was besotted. Rapaciously smitten. If rapacious means what I think it does. I just wanted to climb in between the covers and love it good. With or without its consent. Maybe rapacious simply means greedy, which does just as good because I was greedy for it, li...more
Lauren Smith
I'm glad to have read this, simply because fairy tale plots and themes are used so often in modern literature that it felt good to become acquainted with old versions of the tales and get closer to the original folklore. I also enjoyed picking up on some of the values of the time that come across in the stories.

That said, most of them are terribly boring. The method of storytelling is something I just could not get comfortable with - rapid, perfunctory, repetitive, bizarrely irrational. It was...more
This was a chore to read, I thought it would be brilliant and dark. Sadly, it was anything but, there was the odd moment of slight creepiness but that was about it. Out of the two hundred or so stories, there were only a few that stood out — the rest were all repetitive, it felt like I was reading the same story over and over. I was getting sick of the same themes, characterizations and dynamics used. The message throughout was that:

-All stepmothers are bitter, jealous, evil, immoral, lazy and g...more
Christopher Storjohann
I’ve been meaning to read this one for a while. It is fascinating to see how all of the fairy tales which we have grown up with in a sanitized Disnified form, originally came to take their shape. The tales are in as enjoyable a form as any cheerful animation. Whatever translation was done is seamless and there are no ridiculous schisms between the meanings and implications of terms that have different connotations in German (a common trait when words do not match exactly in two different languag...more

تعودت أن أسمع ومن بعد ذلك أن استخدم تلك النهاية لكل حدوتة تم حكيها لي او حكيتها

توتة ... توتة ... خلصت الحدوتة ... حلوة ولا ملتوتة؟؟

هنا لا أستطيع أن أحدد كم عدد الحكايات التي كانت حلوة ولا الملتوتة

في الحقيقة، لقد شاهدت منذ فترة طويلة فيلما مفزعا عن الأخوين جريم وكأنهما يعيشا حكاياتهما المفزعة، واختلط علي الأمر وظننتهما شخصيتين وهميتين، إلى أن أتى على ذكرهما الجميل د. أحمد خالد توفيق وقد ترجم أحد أعمالهما المفزعة

وقبل موعد معرض الكتاب بقليل أمسك ابني الأصغر بكتاب ملون بالإنجليزية وصادر عن دار نشر ه
I love fairy tales. I grew up with Disney's cute, timeless renditions of them. I think it's important to point out, though, that Disney definitely made the majority of these stories much more palatable. For example, in the original Sleeping Beauty, the prince basically rapes the princess while she's asleep and by the time she wakes up it turns out she's already had kids by him. In the original The Little Mermaid, the mermaid kills herself after seeing the prince marry a human girl. In the origin...more
Even though I like some of the Disney movies they're mostly watered down and fluffy versions of these incredibly imaginative, dark and grim folk tales that the brothers Grimm collected. Even though not all the tales are interesting I would happily get this to my bookshelf anyway.

And finally, I would like to thank you my Finnish teacher who introduced the morbid world of the Grimms to my class when we were 13. She read the most memorable fairy tales to us under a red lamp and it made me travel ba...more
L11_Nick Mamula
The original collection of tales, that encompasses the foundation of what we base the majority of our present day lessons upon. In particular, Rumpelstiltskin was a story that struck me as very intense and dark for being a children story. The idea that Rumpelstiltskin is portrayed in a devil like fashion, and is the essence of evil, scares even me. In addition, the story contrasts normal gender roles, where the man is wise and the woman is weak and insignificant. Within Rumpelstiltskin, the role...more
I think this is an absolutely important book for everyone to read. The story tropes are important for appreciation of other later works in all forms of entertainment.

So why did I give it three stars?

Because so many of the stories in here are not ones that you have heard before, and for good reason, they are either boring, a copy of an earlier story in the same work (there about seven stories of Clever So-and-So that all follow nearly the same story path), or don’t really teach anything. Also, h...more
Very interesting, but I can't say I particularly enjoyed the stories themselves all that much. I found the history, context and discussion fascinating and I'm really pleased we read this collection as a group.

I was expecting the tales to be darker than they were, although I did think the punishment handed out to the "bad guys" was mostly fairly hardcore. I thought the distress would be worse in the meat of the story as I'd been told that the original fairy tales were far more severe than the Di...more
The Golden Bird-
why about the golden cages? in this tale, whatever looks good isn't.
This story is like the nightmare of the German; no one can properly follow simple instructions. And the moral of the story: if somebody asks fervently to be killed and mutilated do follow through immediately, he might be a prince. :P

Hans in Luck-
The nightmare of the Businessman. A person working hard for seven years, and eventually throwing away the accumulated wealth of years and years of hard work.
It does expr...more
Kristin Schmidt
Ein famoses Werk vom Null Papier Verlag.
Ich muss gestehen, ich kannte den Verlag gar nicht. Kein Wunder, nomen est omen, verlegt der doch erst seit Beginn der E-Book-Ära. Und ich lese E-Books erst seit ca. 2 Wochen. Natürlich lag es nahe, am Anfang nicht soviel zu investieren und sich auf Klassiker zu konzentrieren. Damit kann man ja nicht soviel falsch machen. Und auf der Website des Verlages findet man noch so einiges, was sich zu lesen lohnt. Der Verlag verspricht nicht zu viel, für ein digit...more
Juliane Baer
Wer kennt sie nicht? Die Geschichten...
Die Brüder Grimm haben mit ihren Werken den Quell geschaffen (neben Luther) für die deutsche Sprache. Und hier ist es auch noch angenehmer verpackt als in der Bibel. Kleiner Tipp an alle Omis wie mich. Vor dem Vorlesen erstmal kurz im stillen Kämmerlein probelesen, denn diese Märchen sind sprachlich zwar leicht verdaubar aber dennoch nicht entschärft.
Andreas Schmid
Es war einmal ein Zauberbuch
Es war einmal ein sicherlich schon etwas älterer Märchenleser, der ob einer Sendung von des RTL Herrn Jauch gefragt wurde des Namens einer Märchenfigur.
Und, pardauz, dieser Name fiel ihm nicht ein. Daher, gar nicht dumm, machte er sich auf, in seinem kleveren Telefon nach einer Einser-Nullen-Lektüre darob zu suchen.
Und er fand diese jenige hier...
Sei der Verlag gedankt für diese übersichtliche geballte Zusammenstellungen aller Märchen der Brüder Grimm derselbst... dan...more
I love the stories... but dislike the edition. I bought it because it is a nice hardback that looks good on the shelf. Unfortunately, Barnes & Noble doesn't include any forward, afterward or footnotes ~ just presents the stories. Again, I love the stories, but would have also liked a little more information about their origin, etc. But I suppose this is how Barnes & Noble is able to publish such a pretty book for such a low price.
Knowing what we do now, I guess it shouldn't be surprising that 18th-century Germans had a really twisted sense of morality and justice. Still, some of the stuff in this book is shocking.
"... and then everyone died."

Those Grimm brothers sure are a pair of trolls.

As a child, I was never much exposed to fairy tales, only a tiny selection of them. I read (almost) all of them many years later as a part of my cultural anthropology studies, and we compared them to earlier versions (Charles Perrault and others), which were much more explicit and occasionally had sexual content that doesn't appear in the Grimm versions at all. Originally, fairy tales weren't necessarily aimed at children; often the contrary was the case.

There's still a lot of pretty gruesome v...more
Note: I am reading a kindle version of the 1922 publication of this collection titled Grimm's Fairy Stories. It is equal to 144 pages long and has 28 of the Grim Brother's tales. The Kindle version does not have the illustrations so obviously I can not comment on them.

This is the first time I've actually read Grimm's fairy tales. I know a lot of them, as does everyone else, but only through the watered down Disney version, various children TV shows (Does anyone remember Shirley Temple Theater?)...more
Jason Gusman
Obviously, there are timeless stories in this book that everyone has heard of like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, etc. And the premise of the book is to capture ALL of the Grimm brother stories. But I had a very serious problem with this book. Many (about 4/5 the book) were repeated stories. For example, it doesn't matter if a fairy, angel, the devil, your mother, a begger, a dwarf, etc. give you three wishes or three things which will eventually be a dress the...more
Mike (the Paladin)
I couldn't find the edition I had so I went with one that was closest in date.

Why only 4 stars for the tails we all remember "fondly" from childhood? Think about it. These are "Grimm's" fairy tales and they certainly are "grim". Still there are tales we remember and love so...4. Their at least not as "grim" as Andersen's fairy tales!
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Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm, German philologist, jurist and mythologist, was born at Hanau, in Hesse-Kassel (or Hesse-Cassel). He is best known as the discoverer of Grimm's Law, the author of the monumental German Dictionary, his Deutsche Mythologie and more popularly, with his brother Wilhelm, as one of the Brothers Grimm, as the editor of Grimm's Fairy Tales.

(From Wikipedia.)

More about Jacob Grimm...
The Annotated Brothers Grimm (Annotated Books) The Complete Fairy Tales of Brothers Grimm, Volume 1 Grimm's Grimmest Household Stories by the Brothers Grimm Snow White

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