Yakuza Moon: The True Story of a Gangster's Daughter (The Manga Edition)
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Yakuza Moon: The True Story of a Gangster's Daughter (The Manga Edition)

3.54 of 5 stars 3.54  ·  rating details  ·  2,010 ratings  ·  269 reviews
In this lively and inspiring adaptation by a rising star in the manga world, and with illustrations by a leading artist, Shoko Tendo's powerful story has been recreated. Yakuza Moon is a heartrending and eye-opening account of her experiences growing up in Japan's gangster society.
Born into the family of a wealthy yakuza boss, Shoko Tendo lived her early years in luxury....more
Paperback, 192 pages
Published July 1st 2011 by Kodansha USA (first published 2004)
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Samir Rawas Sarayji
Under the title of this book is written Memoirs of a Gangster’s Daughter, so I figured I could now understand what a Yakuza is from someone within and, perhaps, I could finally separate fact from myth. However, early on, Tendo makes it clear that this book is about her and not the Yakuza. It would be harmful to the persons to divulge information about them, which she’ll avoid, or to talk about the workings of the Yakuza… right, I’m thinking the title is a marketing gimmick.

This is a first person...more
I was really intrigued to read this book- a woman's account of the inner workings of the Yakuza, the first of its kind. Unfortunately perhaps, the memoir doesn't touch so much on the actual Yakuza, but rather Shoko Tendo explains how her father's early affiliation with the syndicate shaped the path of her life. Tendo is shockingly stubborn and proud and the decisions she made were arguably quite terrible but the reader maintains an affection for her- she is unapologetic and blunt. She doesn't gl...more
Brigida Alexandra
Many speculations on life being a yakuza in Japan, but Shoko Tendo gives us the truth of Yakuza’s life, and especially on being a Yakuza head gang’s daughter. What you know and think about Yakuza and the overall of Japanese life and culture will change after you read this book.

This is an autobiography of Shoko Tendo who was born in the winter of 1968 in Japan. Though starting her life in a fabulous childhood, Shoko was treated her unfairly since she was a daughter of a yakuza father, in the comm...more
hidup adalah pilihan. begitu yang sering disebut. kebetulan belakangan saya juga sedang sering ditemani lantunan beberapa lagu dari album james blunt yang salah satunya menyebut sedikit soal itu. ...give me reason but don't give me choice.. cause i'll just make the same mistake...

meracau. tapi sudah bukan hal aneh kalau kita kerap kali dapat mengambil pilihan yang salah. terlepas dari benar salahnya pilihan itu sendiri, saya menganggap 'reasons', pertimbangan, dibalik tiap keputusan akan satu p...more
I read this book in one go; considering I have never done that before, it says a lot for the intensity and breathtaking reality of the memoir. Though relatively short, it packs a powerful punch, an amazing debut. I was drawn into her story until I felt I was a part of it. The essence of a good writer is to be able to make that connection between reader and character, and Shoko Tendo has certainly done that. Way out of my usual genres, I was completely absorbed in her heart-wrenching memoir, an e...more
Kejujuran, itulah yang dipilih Shoko Tendo untuk melukiskan kisah hidupnya melalui buku ini. Justru dengan kejujuran lah, membuat buku ini begitu mudah untuk dicerna dan dipahami. Bahkan di bagian-bagian yang vulgar atau penuh dengan adegan kekerasan, buku ini tetap seru untuk dinikmati.

Gaya bercerita Tendo-san yang lugas dan apa adanya, membuat kita menarik diri untuk ikut mengalami peristiwa demi peristiwa yang dialami oleh Shoko. Tulisannya yang sederhana dan apa adanya ini, tidak membuat ki...more
Stephan van der Linde
Personally I think this has barely anything to do with Yakuza.
Shoko is the daughter of a yakuza-boss, but I couldn't really conclude this from what she wrote about her father.

Just Seems to weak for me.

Tendo made some bad decisions in her life which brought her into problems.
In my opinion quite stupid decisions in drugs, bad boyfriends and this repeats a few times.

Tendo was looking for trouble, gets trouble and therefore this autobiography about her tough life.

Maybe a bitter review from me, a...more
Nov 19, 2008 Yudhipapap rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Yudhipapap by: Anna
Biografi yang enak dibaca menurutku adalah otobiografi yang mampu mendeskripsikan puluhan tahun perjalanan hidup seseorang kedalam (sebuah) buku. Dan Shoko Tendo berhasil merangkum perjalanan hidupnya dengan sangat manis pada buku pertamanya ini. Kepahitan hidupnya yang dipaparkan sungguh memberikan pemaknaan yang luar biasa indah, menyakitkan yang memuaskan..begitu pemahaman saya setelah membacanya.

Kekerasan fisik yang dialaminya serta ketergantungan dirinya akan seks, narkoba dan kehidupan ke...more
Imari Jade
A Book Review: Yakuza Moon: Memoirs of a Gangster’s Daughter


Imari Jade


Born to a wealthy and powerful yakuza boss, Shoko Tendo lived the early years of her life in luxury. However, when she was six, everything changed: her father was jailed, and the family fell into debt. Bullied by her classmates because of her father's activities, and terrorized at home by her father, who became a drunken, violent monster after his release from prison, Tendo rebelled. As a teenager she became a drug...more
Connie Wong
Kalau kau merasa hidupmu penuh dengan kesedihan, kau harus membaca buku ini, untuk sekedar tahu bahwa apapun penderitaanmu, itu bukan apa-apa.

Ada yang mengira kalau kehilangan orangtua ketika masih kecil itu hal yang pantas untuk diratapi. Padahal jauh lebih menyedihkan mempunyai kedua orangtua lengkap, tapi keduanya tidak berfungsi dan hidupmu tidak lebih baik dari anak-anak liar yang tidak punya orangtua.

Saya belajar dari buku ini bahwa jika surga ada di telapak kaki ibu, seperti kata banyak o...more
Christel Lim
The author has been through so much pain and suffering in life. She details them in her book well enough to get the reader to understand what she went through.

Towards the end of the book the I can infer that the author hopes of a better tommorrow. But at the same time, the spiritual bondages, soul ties and body ties have clearly not been broken. It seems that she still has these strong ties and bad memories that haunt her.

Unfortunately, what the author does not realise are that these soul ties,...more
Yakuza Moon/Shoko Tendo 2006

I'm going to err on the side of generosity and give this pretty short, but punchy 3.6 or 3.7 work the full 4.0. to some degree this is a question of rarity of experience, and then the whole "daring bad" rather than "boring good" tradeoff that I explore in the LADY AND THE MONK entry by Pico Iyer. finally if this crsed bluetooth keyboard hopefully doesn't completely joke out.... hmmm... that would be good

so this is the sort of thing. this isn't absolute perfection. Jun...more
Janet Ramirez-crespo
The book was pretty good, but it wasn't the greatest book I've read. Shoko had a past where it was sex,drugs, and rock n' roll. Everything ended when her dad got sick, and everything went down hill with her and her family. I think this book reminds me of the waitress by Atmosphere, because there's people that have always had a rough life, and as much and har you work there's never going to a day where you can catch your breath. The ending on the song ends " maybe i should of been a better father...more
Kerlip Bintang
Tadinya kupikir akan menemui banyak hal yang menakjubkan dalam buku ini selain: jaringan narkoba, kelompok yakuza, dan free sex di usia dini. Karena dari judulnya saja sudah dipastikan bahwa buku ini berkisah di seputaran itu. Jadinya alur cerita cepat menguap dari kepalaku dalam beberapa hari aja.

Aku kasih tambahan satu bintang (jadi 3 bintang), setelah membaca bab penutup yang dituturkan oleh penulisnya sendiri. Shoko Tendo. Salut karena dia berani untuk menuturkan aib masa lalunya dan berani...more
Viyanthi Silvana
Reading this book yesterday was slapping me on my face! This incredible woman named Shoko Tendo really brave to un-leash her darkest moments in life. Change into better person in age 32 years old to become a freelance writer.

She is a yakuza leader's 2nd daughter. Became a Yanki in 12, un-virgin on 13, Thinner addict, Heroin grabber on 14, become a slut since she was 16-17 and being Number 1 hostess in her 32 years old when she got retired...

All the abusive loves, the blood, the misery, the usele...more
Easy read, the translation was well done I thought, although I'm sure there are many details that were lost in it.
I loved the idea of looking inside the yakuza world through the eyes of one of the daughters rather than having an ex yakuza talk about his life. Things were much more detailed and raw I felt. Being able to explore how harmful a lifestyle is for the family that is born from it was also very interesting.
Shoko is charming in her honesty and integrity to keeping the details right. Eve...more
Yakuza Moon by Shoko Tendo is the memoir of a Japanese gangster's daughter.
I enjoyed this book since it was interesting and since the narrator was very straightforward about the decisions she made, which were very unwise at times. I enjoyed this even though it made the book sad; reading about the consequences of her decisions was difficult as they became increasingly harsh. It was also interesting for me to see her viewpoint on her relationship with her family as well as her other relationships,...more
Mary Langley
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Yes there were some flaws but overall it was a touching story that resulted in a few tears, particularly towards the end. The author, Shoko Tendo, grew up in a loving but sometimes troubled home led by her father, a Yakuza. Due to being an 'outcast' in her community and particularly school life, she quickly turned to drugs, violence and sex. From here, much of her early adult years are spent dealing with violent men and troubling financial problems, both her own a...more
Jepang, tempat yang suatu saat pingin aku datangi. Dengan kulturnya yang kelihatan ribet banget, akhirnya aku baca buku ini, biografikah? Nggak tahu juga, yang pasti alasan awalku membaca buku ini untuk mengetahui lebih tentang kehidupan gangster ala Jepang tanpa bosen. Pokoknya yang penusannya nggak berat-berat banget.

Nggak usah review dalemnya deh takutnya nanti saya nggak sengaja spoiler isi buku. Yang pasti nggak nyesel baca buku ini, penceritaannya detil walau kupikir ada detil-detil yang n...more
Kenya Wright
This just wasn't that good. It was written pretty badly because she's not a writer. I wanted to learn about her life and living in Japan. Instead I get a laundry list of crappy things that have happened to her and the people around her. Additionally with so much bad shit happening and no relief, it ended up being a BORRRRRING read.

Like many have said, the summary to this book is mis-leading. It does not give the reader much insight at all into the Yakuza world, so if you pick it up out of an interest in that subject, you will be disappointed. What you will instead be reading is the story of a woman who's childhood was affected by her father's criminal activities, of the path this warped childhood eventually lead her down, and of the strength she exhibited in righting her life. Although I wasn't impressed with her writing...more
I read the graphic novel of Yakuza Moon. The author Yoko remained sympathetic throughout, despite the depictions of rape, drug addiction and violent. Her blunt voice and unwillingness to glamorize her life came through strongly in the comic text. My only criticism is that many of the male characters looked remarkably similar (all slim with chiseled jawlines and a cropped haircut) meaning they were easy to mix-up. I'm unsure whether they were intended to look like Yoko's dad, but it might have he...more
This book somehow wasn't what I expected. Even if it gives you an insightful vision about how it is to grow up in the yakuza world, for someone who already has investigated a bit about the subject, doesn't give you anything new or shocking.

However, while I continued on my reading, I realized that Yakuza Moon it's not about knowing about how this world works, it's about to realize that there's more realities that, even if they're so unknown for us, doesn't mean that doesn't exist .They might be...more
Although the book never really gave anymore information on the actual yakuza than I already know, I think it was a well written one.

Tendo-san took the readers on a journey of her life and how it was to be the daughter of a yakuza boss. Though such a thing was looked down on, she lived a better life than when her father's jobs started to fail. The book did exactly as the title says. Gave a memoir.

Tendo-san went through so much starting at such a young age and fought her way through abuse &...more
Sally Boyer
I read this book a couple months ago now and while the details are not fresh, I do retain a strong impression. The author is honest and doesn't glamorize her descent into the world of abusive sexual relationships and drug addiction. It's ugly and she illustrates that clearly. Coming from Japan, this shocked me.

Japan, as seen through the eyes of a Westerner, is a place of cleanness, even sterility. It's orderly and free of crime. It's safe and everyone is happy. Although I don't completely subscr...more
Going into YAKUZA MOON I had envisioned a rich and provocative look at the raw and uninhabited side of the inner trappings of the Yakuza. Instead, what I got was a memoir of a young woman who has had to endure torment, trials and tribulations throughout her teenage years - some of which due to her father’s long-time association and subsequent departure from the Yakuza.

Despite not delivering what I had perceived to be the books focus, I still enjoyed YAKUZA MOON. Author Shoko Tendo bleeds her lif...more
Helvry Sinaga
Yakuza Moon
Oleh Shoko Tendo
Penerbit: Gagas Media
cetakan Kedua 2008
245 hlm
ISBN 979-780-268-X

Yakuza adalah suatu kelompok (preman) yang berkembang di Jepang pada kurun waktu....s.d..... Namun, hingga sekarang masih terdapat juga kelompok Yakuza yang hidup di Jepang. Berlatar tahun 1960 s.d. 1980-an, Shoko menceritakan suka dukanya sebagai seorang putri dari keluarga Yakuza dalam sebuah novel. Novel ini menjadi semacam autobiografi keluarga yakuza dari kemegahannya, jatuh, dan...more
Jennifer Lavoie
This book was intense and not quite what I expected. While halfway through the book I was going to list it as two stars, it started to grow on me. By the end I found myself crying with the final letter Shoko writes to her father, and the letter she receives from him in return.

I wish things had worked out with Taka, and I'm sure they would have had it not been for her sister and her lazy brother-in-law. The suffering she went through is incredible, and that she had the strength to overcome it wa...more
roller-coaster kehidupan, dan itu benar. dengan sikap flamboyan na seorang yakuza bisa menjadi penguasa besar atau terpuruk di lubang paling dalam. tergantung kebijakan na dalam masa jaya mereka. salah satu yang terpuruk adalah keluarga shoko sang penulis na sendiri. ga nyangka penulisa na akan secara gamblang menceritakan masa lalu na. ntah karena ditulis oleh pelaku na langsung atau karena memang alur cerita na yang mengalir banget, pembaca seakan menyaksikan langsung kejadian-kejadian yang di...more
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With her dyed-brown long hair and tight designer jeans, Shoko Tendo looks like any other stylish young Japanese woman -- until she removes her shirt to reveal the vivid tattoos covering her back and most of her body. The elaborate dragons, phoenixes and a medieval courtesan with one breast bared and a knife between her teeth are a symbol of Tendo's childhood as the daughter of a "yakuza" gangster...more
More about Shoko Tendo...
Ich, Tochter eines Yakuza (German Edition) Księżyc Yakuzy: Wyznania córki gangstera

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