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Night Road
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Night Road

4.18 of 5 stars 4.18  ·  rating details  ·  46,951 ratings  ·  5,157 reviews
"For a mother, life comes down to a series of choices. "

"To hold on..."

"To let go.."

"To forget..."

"To forgive..."

"Which road will you take? "

" Night Road"

For eighteen years, Jude Farraday has put her children's needs above her own, and it shows--her twins, Mia and Zach--are bright and happy teenagers. When Lexi Baill moves into their small, close knit community, no one is
Published July 1st 2011 by MacMillan (first published 2011)
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Mary I think this would be a very good book for teens to read starting at about age 15. There is a huge message in it about DUI and could make a big…moreI think this would be a very good book for teens to read starting at about age 15. There is a huge message in it about DUI and could make a big statement.

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Meg ♥
This is definitely a book I will be recommending to friends for a long time. Surprisingly, I hadn't heard anything about this book until I went to vote on the 2011 Goodreads polls a few months ago. This book was nominated for best book of 2011, and the cover instantly stood out to me, and I think it's very beautiful. I read the synopsis, and at first was hesitant, because the title, and synopsis seemed to give me the impression that the book would be very predictable. Definitely not the case.

Trisha • Devoured Words

Speechless. This book has made me speechless. I'm repeating myself because that's who exactly I feel this book has pulled my heartstrings. I love Zach, Lexi and Grace. (Obviously) At first I definitely have mixed feelings about Jude, like she was the mother who revolved her life around her kids, wanted the best for her children (which all parents want) but than I hated her for charging charges against Lexi, I hated how everyone thought of the

I know I probably didn't give this enough of a chance. Maybe it would have gotten better. But the other audiobook I was waiting for came in, so it is without any regret whatsoever that I bid this one adieu.

The first thing I noticed about this book was how overwritten it was. Way, way too many adjectives. Kristin Hannah seems to have graduated the Babysitter's Club school of overdescription and ham-fisted characterization. You know how in the Babysitter'

It's an engaging premise: boy-girl twins who are inseparable, and the girlfriend (of both) who complicates their lives. But Hannah piles on layers of irritating detail: endless descriptions of How the Privileged Live and How the Poor Live (in rusty trailers--and they work at Wal-Mart). How critical it is to get into the right college, and how your life is essentially over if you don't have the money to go to a good college (a fact that is presented without context as just the way life is
This book is set in Washington State, like most of Kristin Hannah's books are. It starts with the story of Lexi Baill who is a perpetual foster child who has finally found her 'forever home' with an elderly aunt. Thanks to the help of her social worker she is enrolled in a prestigious (and wealthy) communities high school and befriends Mia who is a social outcast compared to her popular, jock brother. For several years everything is wonderful for them until a sudden tragedy changes the course of ...more
I wasn’t going to write a review for this one and then I found my self here, so here goes.

It would be easy to say this is a coming of age story but it really is much, more than that. Yes we have our teenage angst but we also have their parents and all the possibilities of life and how, these things that are possible, these choices we make, how it can all affect us, each and every one.

I found the first quarter of this story to be slow and I had a difficult time relating to The Farraday's as a fa
3.5 stars

Night Road has many elements that attracted me:

girl best friends, one girl in love with the others (forbidden) twin brother

a fateful tragic summer evening

idyllic childhoods, promises and broken hearts

the whole leaving childhood behind thing

watching devastating consequences play out...

People on the island still talk about what happened in the summer of '04. They sit on bar stools and in porch swings and spout opinions, half-truths, making judgements that aren't theirs to make. They thin
Night Road by Kristin Hannah is one of those books that just keeps coming up on book club reads. Having now read it I have to say you cannot read Night Road and not be emotionally affected by the story and the characters.

This is a novel which is without doubt a page turner and by the first 50 pages I was totally drawn in by the story and the characters and I was interest and connected to the story.
Being a mother I could certainly identify with the worries a parent has when a child enters teenage
I absolutely loved this book. This was a very emotional and touching story.

Fourteen year old Lexi Baill has had a traumatic childhood. After her mother died of a drug overdose she was placed into foster care. In the past five years Lexi has been in and out of seven different foster homes and been to six different schools in the same amount of time.
Then Lexi's aunt Eva turns up and and she goes and lives with her. Aunt Eva does all she can for Lexi making sure she is looked after and cared for. L
Night Road is the first book I have read by author Kristin Hannah. This was an intense book! Up until the fifty percent mark, it appeared to be a coming of age story of sorts. But at that point, everything in these characters' lives went to hell. After one incident of poor judgment, the lives of all the characters involved are changed forever. This story is painfully real. All of the consequences portrayed in this book are heartbreakingly preventable and knowing this added to the tears I persona ...more
Mia and Lexi are best friends. Both girls are insecure. One comes from a charmed background and one from a background of neglect and poverty; a mother who was a druggie and an absent, unknown father. Mia has a twin brother. They are exceptionally close with the bond that only twins can share. This is their story.
It begins on the first day of a new High School for Lexi Baill. On that fateful day, she catches the eye of Zach Farraday, the future prom king, and befriends his opposite in social stat
This is not a genre that normally appeals to me. I won a set of these books for my book club so I read it. I have children who were in high school more or less at the same time the story took place, we live in Washington where the story is set, and the book jacket makes the story line sound interesting, so I start with the idea that the story will resonate with me.

I did read the whole book, every word of it. This book is akin to an after-school TV special: I could almost hear the music swelling
Ashley Mackler-Paternostro
This book is all steak, but no sizzle. I missed the sizzle.

I read this book, start to finish, in one day. It was the type of story that a reader will undoubtably find hard to put simply **need** to know what happens next. So, for the that reason alone, this book is a consumable read, and it won 4 stars. But, if it was worthy of an entire day's focus, why not 5? Here is why..

Good books, really, really good books make you *feel* for the characters. You fall in love with them, and that
V Audio Nerd
How far would you go to protect one of your children?

This is the question in this heartbreaking book.

Jude has it all, a perfect family, a perfect house, a perfect life.
Her kids are popular at school (well one of them, the other pretends she is) and everything is rosy.

Jude is the perfect mother to twins Zach and Mia and they love her for it, everything she does is for them.

Mia is unhappy though, she doesn't fit in at school and has no friends, that is until one day, a girl called Lexi sits next
The premise of this book is straightforward: long-time foster child Lexi, daughter of a drug addict, moves to the Seattle area to live with her great-aunt. There, she befriends Mia, the shy, socially awkward twin sister of Zach, the most popular boy in school. Jude, Mia's and Zach's mother, is overjoyed that Mia has finally found a friend, and adopts Lexi as part of the family. Everything blows up about 1/3 of the way through the book, when Lexi and Zach finally admit their feelings for one anot ...more
Katie Sheets
I am a huge Kristen Hannah fan. I love all of her books. This one was no exception. I loved this book more than any other book she has written so far. I love a book where I can lose myself in it for a few hours. I love a book where I can laugh and cry and feel all the emotions. This book did just that. I was scared, I was sad, I was happy. I was even sobbing so hard I was gasping. Truly an amazing book and touching story.
Every once in a while you will find a book that touches you so deeply that it feels like it has become part of you. For me, Night Road was one of those books. I finished reading (listening) yesterday, and have not been able to stop thinking about it since. I thought maybe if I wrote my thoughts down I would be able to put it behind me and move on with my life. Here's hoping.

First off, this was my first Kristin Hannah book. If all of her books are like Night Road, I am going to be reading them a
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Listened to on CD by narrator Kathleen McInerney. Wow, was her Mia voice annoying!!

This book was melodramatic and agonizing. Too many adjectives, too many similes, too many phrases like "the egg yolk of a sun." It's the sun. Just say the sun. I swear, the book would be half the length if you cut out all the adjectives. The grandmother is described as moving through the garden "with the bearing of an ice pick." ??? What is that supposed to mean?

There was a lot of telling instead of showing, and
I knew as soon as I saw the cover that this was going to be classic chick-lit (I should mention that I'm reading this for my book club, not of my own volition), and I was pretty much right. One-dimensional characters, predictable plot twists, inane dialogue, atrocious metaphors and imagery, and emotionally manipulate to the point where I wondered if the author was hoping this will get made into a Lifetime movie. It hurts my soul to compare this to a literary novel about grief and loss (I recentl ...more
It's been a long time since I've read a book that made me teary, or a book I couldn't put down. The author does an amazing job of pulling the heartstrings of the reader. I think she takes the neurotic personality of the
mother, Jude, a bit too far. I wanted to slap Jude over the head a few times. Several of the other characters left a lot to be desired. Mia and Zach are twins. Zach is the leader of the two, with Mia trailing behind as the weaker of the two. Mia is portrayed as a somewhat childis
Ena Hasečić
Ova potresna porodična drama se bavi različitim temama koje su danas aktuelne poput prijateljstva i ljubavi, ali i onim problemia sa kojima se nose roditelji tinejdžera. Roman prikazuje život troje mladih koji zajedno odrastaju i čiji životni putevi se mijenjaju nakon samo jedne nepromišljene odluke. Tu odluku skupo plaćaju u budućnosti i ona ne mijenja samo njihove živote, već i život njihovih bližnjih.
Roman koji ne ostavlja ravnodušnim, roman koji je na mene ostavio jači utisak od Zimskog vrt
I almost gave this book one star, but since I at least finished reading it, I figured it had a little merit. Overall, I found the characters unrealistic, shallow, and almost caricatures. I'm not one to speak ill of the dead, but since it's a fictional character I will. Mia is an over-privileged, over indulged self-centered poor little rich girl with no coping skills. We find out out deeply into the book that someone called her "pizza face" in 8th grade so that's why she's frail and needy for the ...more
I have read others of Kristin Hannah's books, but this one was somewhat different then her others. I found it well written and the characters have a way of pulling at your heartstrings in this story.

This is a story of three young people that have formed a bond between them. One has come from a broken home and heroin mother that did not care about her. She has been in and out of foster homes till a great-Aunt takes her in and gives her a home. The other two are twin sister and brother. One is po
Kelli Stephenson
WOW, tragic. The first half of the book was a nice look into the life of a mother, her children, and the best friend/girlfriend with the terribly sad past. I kind of felt like a teenager reading flowed, was decent writing, but I found myself relating to the teenagers more than the mom which was odd. I was annoyed with the way she was---OCD, overbearing, kind of naive, etc. I just could not picture myself in her spot, even though I am the mother of an 18 year old myself. Anyway, as the i ...more
I have been an avid follower of Kristin Hannah. When this book appeared at my local library, I grabbed it tucking it away behind my Nancy Pearl recommendations, ready to roll it out and savor every page.
The opening pages, engaging as they were, sent out a huge warning...danger, danger...imminent tragedy, more than you can imagine, awaits. I read on and became immersed in a world I have lived in professionally and loved, working with adolescents as a teacher, school psychologist and principal. I
Lisa Nocita
Night Road is a page turner and emotionally manipulative. In other words, good chick lit. It will reverberate with its themes of friendship, motherhood, and eternal romantic love. Lexi and Mia meet on the first day of high school and instantly become best friends. Two outsiders with so much to offer. Mia has a twin brother who happens to be gorgeous, confident, and popular. Mia has lived in his shadow always and depends on Zach to navigate the world for her. There's an instant and palpable conne ...more
I don't even know where to begin with this review. I absolutely LOVE Kristin Hannah and have read a good chunk of her books.

This is a book about an overprotective and overly involved parent to twins Mia and Zach. Lexi Baill enters their lives by moving around from fostor home to fostor home and finally ends up living in her Aunt Eva's trailer her sophomore year of high school. She becomes best friends with Mia, who is also outcasted at school. As you can imagine, Lexi and Zach (who's Mr. Popula
I am somewhere between a 3.5-4 star. First time reading this author and enjoyed it. It was a definite page turner. Somewhat predictable but still enjoyed. I don't know if this would be a go-to author if all stories were the same cookie cutter fashion. Ex)happy beginning, tragedy, happy ending I would need to know that she mixes the stories up. But this would be a easy recommendation for a fast read that's somewhat of a no-brainer that can stir the emotions.
Andrea Kljajić
Kad sam pročitala na poleđini kratki opis ovog romana, nisam imala ni najmanju predodžbu što će me sve dočekati "unutra" i kakve će posljedice imati na mene... Potpuno ležerno i bez većih očekivanja, osim par preporuka prepustila sam se Kristin Hannah i Posljednjem plesu leptira... Ne moram ni napominjati da sam instinktivno se zaljubila i kompletno zavoljela Lexi i Miu, dvije djevojčice koje odrastaju zajedno i dijele sve svoje strahove i snove. Obrat koji je uslijedio na prvoj trećini romana m ...more
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Kristin Hannah is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty-one novels, including the blockbuster Firefly Lane and #1 bestsellers Night Road and Home Front. She is a former lawyer turned writer and is the mother of one son. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii with her husband.
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