Viper (Les gardiens de l'éternité, #2)
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Viper (Guardians of Eternity #2)

4.14 of 5 stars 4.14  ·  rating details  ·  5,128 ratings  ·  221 reviews
Lady Shay est la dernière de son espèce. Mi-humain, mi-Shalott, son sang est un inestimable aphrodisiaque pour les vampires qui le considèrent comme encore plus précieux que l'or. Même si les Shalotts sont des assassins de renom, une malédiction lancée à l'encontre de Shay l'envoie dans la quartier du marché aux esclaves, où son sort est plus qu'incertain... Viper, le capt...more
Mass Market Paperback, 416 pages
Published May 20th 2011 by Milady (first published November 1st 2007)
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Mar 28, 2009 Christel rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: paranormal vampire readers
Shelves: alexandra-ivy
Great followup to the first Guardians of Eternity book.

Shay is a half-blood Shalott, some sort of demon whose blood is a major attractant to vampire's. She is a slave that was held by the coven of witches in the first book. She helped dante, Abby and Viper to defeat the witch.

Viper is the leader of the Chicago clan of vampire's. Immensely wealthy and dangerous gorgeous. He is attracted to Shay and buy's her at an auction to be his slave.

Then all hell breaks loose. Some other demon is after Shay...more

I am on book three of my Alexandra Ivy Guardians of Eternity marathon (started with the last one, then back to the first). After meeting Viper in the first book, I was more than looking forward to his story, since his character was a standout in Dante and Abby's story. And it wasn't bad at all.

Viper is one of the most powerful of the vampires, a clan chief controlling the Chicago area. Rising to power through the centuries, Viper's vampire existence began much differently. Alone, without a clan...more
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 ~*~Princess Nhya~*~
Okay I must say this book is a 100x's better than the 1st book! The great thing is u don't have to read the 1st book to become well aquainted with the characters in this one. Viper, DUDE IS BAD! I love the dynamic with he and Shay. This one was very interesting in given the details of Shay's Past and Present and how Viper, whether she admits it or not, is the key to helping her unlock the closet and put her demons to rest so to speak. Levet "the Gargoyle" and Shay's best friend is so adorable an...more
I think this one was better than the 1st one. Maybe because I understood more of the world building, not sure. And I liked the 1st one. In fact Dante & Abby make a few appearances, but never overtake our H/h in importance.

Our H is Viper the vamp from #1 and our h is Shay, the Shallot halfdemon, also from #1. So we already have a history with them, which was nice. Not just the last 3 pages from #1 but a good substantial background which meant we could get straight into the story.

Everybody wan...more
Jane Stewart
The main characters weren’t interesting enough. The story dragged. At times I wanted it to be over.

Shay is half human and half Shalott (demon). Her blood is an aphrodisiac to vampires. She is the last Shalott in existence. A curse binds her to the troll Evor. He puts her on the auction block to sell as a slave. Viper (a vampire clan leader) buys her with the highest bid. She expects to be kept as a slave and is wary to find that he treats her as a guest. A powerful evil entity wants...more
Menurut aku ini lumayan lah untuk novel genre vampire

Ga kasih lima, dan ga begitu tergila2, mungkin karena aku udah pernah baca novel2 vampir lain yang jauh lebih bagus daripada ini :)

Yang menjadi poin plus dari novel ini adalah karakteristik Shay yang though, tapi wajar mengingat dia mempunyai masa lalu yang sulit

Viper, ah sayangnya dy kurang terliat mempesona disini. Tidak seperti karakternya di Sang Pelindung (When Darkness Comes (Guardians of Eternity, #1)) yang menarik perhatian, disini he's look a little bit off, suatu hal yang sering terjadi dalam su...more
Laura the Highland Hussy
Viper is a clan leader in Chicago, and in the last book, a half-shallot demon helped out his friends when they were up against some horrible odds. She was a slave of some evil witches, and Viper can't seem to get her out of his mind. When he finds her up for auction, of course he can't help himself-he bids on her.
Shay is the last of her kind-the shallot demons. They were bred to be assassains and Shay is bound to her slave owner, a troll, by a death curse. If he is killed, she'll die. But shall...more
Pat (
Read January 2014 -- 4.25stars really

Some time has passed since (When Darkness Comes)Shay, the shalott demon that helped thwart the witches, has been returned to her owner. Evor wastes no time trying to lease Shay out again via an auction which Viper has cleverly arranged to attend. Both Shay & Viper have been haunted with dreams of each other since their abrupt parting after the witch incident. However someone more sinister than the witches is trying to obtain Shay for themselves and will g...more
Viper at last!

Embrace the Darkness is a passionate romance that takes up the story several weeks after the end of When Darkness Comes (Guardians of Eternity, Book 1). If you remember nothing else from the previous book, you will remember Viper. Vampire clan leader, Viper was the bored and beautiful fallen angel surrounded by hedonistic decadence, who in aiding Dante and Abby, came into contact with the beautiful demon Shay who saved Viper's life. This brief encounter marked them both and they...more
I loved this book and vampire novels are really not my choice of genre, although I did read the first book in this series and loved it, too.

The chemistry between Viper and Shay was incredible. It'd been awhile since I'd read the first novel so I went back and skimmed through the last half of the first book just to refresh my memory on how they came to meet. At the end of the first book, I didn't have any idea that Shay and Viper would hook up. I don't think Shay was even named at that point. She...more
At least this time the H had ivory skin. Huh. So since the next one is about an ancient Aztec, does this mean he has petrified wood skin? No?

Please authors, stop with the random gemstone alliterations when referring to a character's skin tone. It was bad enough to find one described as marble alabaster (particularly when one realizes that alabaster is a generic term used for both gypsum and calcite, two very soft minerals). Now we got someone described as having skin the color of an elephant tus...more
A while back I picked up When Darkness Comes The first in the series of The Guardians of Eternity. I didn't take a liking to the book. I said there was a character in the book that grabbed my attention even though he wasn't a big part in it. Viper. What a name, almost cliche. I later found out he was the protagonist in the second in the series. Every time I wanted to pick up a romance book I thought about his character, which is so not like me. After all it's a character in a book. Viper. Which...more
Lelyana Taufik
Meet Viper and Shay
Setengah manusia Shay mengira hidup nya biasa2 saja sampai dia bertemu Viper, sang Vampir yg seksi yg memberi tahu dia kalau dia adalah sasaran para iblis. Berada di dalam lindungan Viper, Shay tidak kuasa menolak his charm, walau pada akhirnya dia tahu jika Viper adl vampir.
Kejar2aan seru, percintaan viper dan Shay yg juga seru,menjadikan novel ini enak di baca dan tidak terlalu suram dan menerikan seperti yg saya bayangkan mengenai cerita2 vampir
Viper became one of my fav...more
Bronwyn Rykiert
This is book 2 in the Guardian of Eternity Series. I did not want to put this book down.

Shay was born half human and half shallot demon and has lived her life as a slave, when the vampire clan leader Viper buys her she is ready to fight him but she finds there is a darker force that needs to be conquered. Someone wants her blood for it's healing powers. Viper, Shay and Levet (a 3ft gargoyle) set out to find whoever wants Shay dead.

It was one of those stories that grip you so you don't want to pu...more
Oh...... I really loved this book. Viper is wonderful. His character is and will be one of my favorites for sure. Shay is also great. I like a strong willed female character that is more then willing to a badass with the boys. The love story between these two was beautiful. Not dumb and mushy but very realistic. The side characters like Levet are priceless as well. Can't help falling in love with him. I also like how Ivy sets up the next storyline by introducing you to the characters with just e...more
Good book. I love Viper. Shay was ok. I liked her for the most part. Again, this is a easy, quick read. Super depth, not so much. But fun just the same.

Some things seemed a little inconsistent with the first book. Before, all the demons were after Abby, now they avoid her. And nothing was mentioned about Viper's nefarious businesses.

Anyway, Viper and Shay are questing to find the evil being that wants to capture Shay and drain her blood. They also are trying to break the curse that binds Shay's...more
This book was a million times better than the first book in this series. It was like a different author. The characters had a much more involved relationship and the story line was more exciting. I loved these characters which seem to fit together much more and they were a lot less annoying. I am glad I did not give up on this series. I would recommend you just skip the first book and start with this one. I am on the third book now and it is also very good so far. I guess this teaches me a lesso...more
I really enjoyed the 2nd book in this Guardians of Eternity series. Like the first one, it had a great mix of romance and humor which I really love in a book. I loved our hero Viper, he was hilarious, and our heroine Shay was a mix of strength and vunerability that I also liked. Prior to this series I had never read anything by Alexandra Ivy, but she has my attention now, so I would suggest to anyone to give this series a chance, hopefully the remaining books in the series are all just as good a...more
This is a soul-mate type paranormal romance that features a vampire (Viper) who falls for a half demon/half human (Shay). Shay is the last Shallot demon, a race driven to extinction because their blood is an aphrodisiac for vampires. Her blood also heals extreme illness and wounds - which is why certain other vampires (not Viper) are hunting her. The chemistry between the lead characters is good, and the story interesting. I wasn't completely sucked in by this book, but I liked it. This is book...more
Publicado en Historias Imaginarias

Shay y Viper los conocimos en el primer libro de la serie y era obvio que existiría algo entre ellos. Shay es la una Shalott, y por lo tanto su sangre afrodisíaca es deseada por muchos. Su vida es un peligro constante y esta acostumbrada a cuidarse sola, no puede confiar en nadie.

Viper es el jefe del clan de vampiros de Chicago. Poderoso, frío y hermoso, puede tener lo que quiera y a quien quiera. Al ver a Shay ser vendida en una subasta de esclavos, decide comp...more
Embrace the Darkness
3.5 Stars

After the demise of her previous owners, Shay is placed on the auction block once again and is bought by Viper, a vampire who has been obsessed with the Shallot demon since she saved his skin in the previous book. Unfortunately, another party is also interested in Shay, or more precisely in her blood, and she and Viper soon find themselves on the run from a dangerous foe who will stop at nothing to possess her.

The world building and characterization are still superf...more
ini cerita apaan sih. aku lebih suka yang murni harlequin daripada harlequin + cerita vampir2an ini. jadi nggak jelas fokus ceritanya.
Ceacily cici Sherly
suka deh...kacian bgt ma lady shay...n ternyata ada jg yg lebih kuat dr Viper...puas dah bc nie buku ^-^v
Another good book. Ms Ivy has a great sense of humor in her books along with a good story.
oh, so want to reread this whole's well worth the read.
Star In The Ocean
Embrace the darkness. the story about viver and shay. they're name like fever and shy. lol ... forget that!

ok. first, I have no idea to read this book. just maybe no something special over there like the first book. and when I bored, I get this book and I need more times to read. you know, I try to finishing when I'm still bored. I want to say that viver is a bad boy. shay really hate him. I like they're fight and makes me smile. over all, funny and sexy. ok, the last words so deep. I though no...more
Les Chroniques Aléatoires
Un second volume qui démarre sur des chapeaux de roues avec les personnages introduit dans le volume précédent : Shay et Viper.L’action se déroule juste après la fin du volume d’Abby et Dante et il faut se souvenir que Shay et Viper se sont déjà rencontrés. La première scène nous met direct dans l’ambiance du volume, ça commence dans une salle de vente de démons plus ou moins rare et il faut dire que Shay est plus que rare.

Shay est une hybride Shalott, la dernière de sa race et elle fuit les aut...more
4.5 stars but I rounded up because of Levet.
Book 2 in the Guardians of Eternity series. This is a really well written series so far. The world building isn't really needed since it takes place in current times - I just get the feeling that humans don't know about this side of life - not Urban Fantasy like. Maybe later it'll be more "humans know about us" but it's not there yet. For this book it's Viper and Shay's turn to connect and find true love. This series is not quite as formulaic as other...more
Embrace the Darkness introduces us to Viper, the vampire clan leader of Chicago and the shalott, Shay (a women who is a vampire aphrodiac). They met at the end of book one. Viper buys Shay as a slay from a ruthless troll. He purchased her because he cannot stop thinking about her from the first moment they met and he does not want to see her in servitude. The purchase brings with it some complications. It seems various demons are attempting to kidnap her. Their is the usual bantering between Vip...more
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I'm not exactly sure when I fell in love with books. Probably on my mother's knee listening to her read Dr. Seuss to me. I do remember that I was barely old enough to cross the street by myself when I discovered the delights of the local library. Could anything be more wonderful than spending summer days surrounded by stacks of Nancy Drew mysteries? Over the years I fell in love with Victoria Holt...more
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