Owls Well That Ends Well (Meg Langslow, #6)
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Owls Well That Ends Well (Meg Langslow #6)

3.95 of 5 stars 3.95  ·  rating details  ·  1,874 ratings  ·  88 reviews
Meg Langslow was actually looking forward to renovating the old Victorian mansion she and her boyfriend Michael bought. But she wasn't thrilled by the lifetime of junk accumulated by the house's eccentric previous owner, Edwina Sprocket. The easiest solution: hold the end-all and be-all of gigantic yard sales. But when the event attracts the late Miss Sprocket's money-hung
Paperback, 326 pages
Published March 7th 2006 by St. Martin's Paperbacks (first published 2005)
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Dec 03, 2009 Rebecca rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: mystery lovers
Recommended to Rebecca by: my mother
Shelves: rmr-project
Desperate to rid the house of clutter, Meg Langslow recruits friends and family to help with a giant yard sale. Along with the usual locals, Meg has to deal with a number of unusual junk dealers, her own extensive family (many of whom are meeting her boyfriend for the first time), and the heirs of the family from whom she and the boyfriend bought the house. A sales clause gives those heirs 10% of the profits from the sale of the items left on the property. It's enough to drive a woman crazy.

I do like these things. My mom mails them to me in pairs, and I think I'll read one and then wait on the other, but then I read both in 3-4 days. This one is lots of fun, and although I kind of felt it would end up how it did, it didn't have to. This was probably the best-constructed mystery of the set so far, insomuch as the guilty party wasn't completely obvious from the beginning, neither was the guilty party only revealed at the end through previously withheld evidence.

The character of Micha...more
Pros: If you're looking for a hilarious, comedic mystery, you should definitely pick this one up. I was laughing the entire way through...Meg is a hilarious, slightly sarcastic character and I loved seeing her reactions to things. There are so many funny scenes with Meg's extended family (who came to help with the yard sale), including a cousin who changes her name about every other week. I have a large, crazy family, too...so I found Meg's relatives absolutely hilarious. There was pretty much n...more
Kate Baxter
This book, (which is not the first in its series), was my first introductions to Donna Andrews' Meg Langslow series, which I absolutely adore. Meg, a skilled blacksmith, comes from a well-meaning, educated and somewhat dysfunctional family where all members meddle in Meg's affairs. She has fallen for a local college professor. They just purchased an aged and dilapidated farmhouse from an old woman's estate which is still filled with the prior owner's belongings. They embark on holding a yard sal...more
I must admit I am a huge fan of Donna Andrews' books. In particular I love this series featuring birds names in the imaginative titles, the Meg Langslow series. Meg and Michael have purchased as-is, a very large, rundown and furnished (more to the point, stuffed) with the former owner's belongings which they are to dispose of and share the proceeds with the deceased owner's family.

What would you do if you had a huge yard sale that grows to include half the town taking it over? And what would you...more
This is book 6 in the series.

I munch through these mysteries rather quickly, and still needing a brain break after finishing Nova Swing, I consumed book 6.

Premise of the book is Meg and her actor-boyfriend Michael finally decided to buy the Victorian mansion they discovered in a previous book outside of Caerphilly. The house comes at a price though, the previous owner, Edwina Sprocket was an eclectic hoarder and left behind room and rooms and sheds and barns full of various sundries. And there...more
Kathy Carmichael
Owls Well That Ends Well is the 6th in the series of whodunits by Donna Andrews. Meg Langslow is a blacksmith who cohabitates with long time boyfriend Michael. The couple has just purchased the run down estate and its contents from a now deceased packrat. As part of the deal they must dispose of accumulation of junk from the previous owner. Meg and Michael host a community wide yard sale on the grounds of the estate. The sellers include many of the town's more colorful characters including an an...more
It is more than fair to say that, given that it's less than 24 hours since I picked up this book and started reading, and now I've finished it, that it goes fast. That's not a complaint. I read this so quickly because it was so darned much fun.

I've always said that what one gets out of a book depends in large part on what one brings to it. That was certainly true for me and Owls Well That Ends Well. This is a humorous murder mystery that takes place during an enormous yard sale and features, fo...more
Adrienne Testa
Meg and Michael finally have an old Victorian to call home. Even if it needs lots of repairs and is crammed with junk. The solution to the junk is to have a two acre yard sale, as her father protects the barn owls. But, all doesn't go well when the local antique dealer is killed in her barn. And, Meg can't help herself, she must snoop. Unfortunately, Meg protects the wrong person and almost gets herself killed. Plenty of quirky characters and amusing situations. Quick read.
Mark Baker
The large garage sale Meg and Michael are throwing to clean up their new home is drawing huge crowds. Sorry, the body in that trunk isn't included. The humor had me laughing the entire way through, and I thought this was the best mystery of the series. Very well done.

Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.
This mystery is centered around a huge yard sale. While trying to make everyone happy, Meg tries to figure out who is mucking up the works when they hide a body in a trunk. Meg's off beat family as well as Michael and spike help as well. Great regular and minor characters that remind us of the real life ones in our own lives. Dad has a new project and Michael's teaching job might be on the line.
#6 in the Meg Langslow series. Meg and Michael advance on the domestic front with a move to a house. The housing market in Caerphilly, VA is tight and expensive but their current housing is extremely tiny. They find a huge house at a ridiculously reasonable price and begin to understand the price when they encounter its dilapidated condition and hoarder stuffed condition. Assuring each other that they can update the house with sweat equity, they go ahead with the purchase.

Meg Langslow series - M...more
Meg and Michael have bought a house. But it is filled with clutter that they want to get rid of. So yard sale. As usual Meg's family from all over come to help. There is also a relative of the previous owner who they will share the profits with. The yard sale starts but just like everything Meg plans - it is put on hold due to a dead body found. Meg with all the yard sale and family to deal with adds sleuthing to her agenda. She finds so many suspects that it takes its toll on her. And with her...more
There's no doubt that Donna Andrews is a talented writer. I did enjoy this book -- the third in her Meg Langslow mystery series. There were several bright points that made me smile, but I did not get the "laugh a page" that the cover blurbs promised.

Andrews' ability to craft language and to create unique scenarios will win her a place on my shelf, but there were some problems with this book. The characters were not introduced sufficiently to win over new readers. What does Meg look like? How ol...more
Dec 05, 2008 Susan rated it 3 of 5 stars Recommends it for: light mystery readers, pun lovers, the ill
Shelves: fiction
Leave your expectations about believability at the first page and enjoy the best developed of the Meg Langslow mysteries I've read to date. Book six adds richer detail in scene setting while retaining the same tongue-in-cheek and lighthearted approach Andrews has carried through the series, complete with more relatives than I'd want to have, much less hold a yard sale with.

I even learned something about sheep, more about owls, and am glad that Meg's character is coming around to see her mom as m...more
Meg Langslow & her boyfriend Michael have purchased a large, rambling house that use to belong to a deceased pack rat. With the help of her large extended family, Meg decides to host a huge yard sale that seems to be more of a county fair. But it turns into a murder scene when one of the local antique dealers is found dead locked inside of an old trunk. So Meg's dream of getting rid of all the junk is prolonged while the police investigate the murder. True to her nature, Meg immediately star...more

Sometimes the rating on a book coinsides with what is going on with my life when I choose to read it. For me, at this time, Owls Well that Ends Well was just what the Dr. ordered. A kwirky, crazy, fun, fast, laugh out loud , roll your eyes at times read. I think this was the second best in her series. My favorite is rated as such for sentimental reasons.
And this fit sooooo well into my week. My son and I just finished having our second weekend of a yard sale and both agreed that we RETIRED per...more
Laura Rodd
Wonderful, fun spirited read.
Meg's family (which includes hundreds of distant relations) descend upon her and Michael's 2 acre yard sale as they try to
empty 100 years worth of hoarding from the past inhabitants of their new (falling in) historic home. Maverick booths are set up,
sheep abound, Spike the dog is on a biting spree, relatives are sleeping top-to-toe in the decrepit house and fighting over the 2 working bathrooms, and someone is ill-mannered enough to murder a local sneaky antique boo...more
Number 6 in the Meg Langslow Mystery series. Meg is having a very large yard sale to clean up what was left in the house she and her boyfriend bought. Of course her crazy family decides to help and a body is found. Meg doesn't always get everything right, so there are twists and turns that make you wonder what could happen next! These are just fun books to read. I like how some of the last book leads into this book. Will Meg and Michael ever get married? Will the barn ever become Meg's workshop?...more
I really like that in this one, Meg is shown facets of her personality that she doesn't necessarily like - so she has a chance to grow in future books. Meanwhile, Michael is still dreamy, yet still doesn't have enough personality for me. Yes, this is the sixth in the series, and this is their first "fight" - how long have they been living together, and in that tiny little "cave" as they called it? I feel like I know more about Meg's Mom and Dad- their personalities and quirks than Meg's mate- an...more
A Meg Langslow mystery. I have read a few of this series and love them! I plan to read all of them someday.

This is a zany series told in a unique way, love the characters. Donna Andrews has such a fun sense of humor. If you want to read a fun, light mystery this series is it!

This book was about Meg holding a yard sale and her whole crazy family and neighborhood show up, oh and let's not forget the dead body. The ending was one of my favorites-completely unpredictable to me!
This was my first foray in the Meg Langslow Mystery series and I found it to be a riot. I have a soft spot for quirky characters and sarcastic wit so this book was a great find for me (BooksaMillion bargain bin). After completing it I went on to read the remaining book in the series. This one is still probably my favorite although it gives the first in the series a run for the spot. If you like light, humorous mystery you should enjoy this.
OK, It's been a year, and I still haven't finished this one. I don't know why, but for some reason this time the characters didn't grab or entertain me.... they just annoyed me. I felt like some of the humor was forced, unlike the first book where it seemed to flow naturally with the plot and character development.

Perhaps I'll try again later. But for now, way too many other books on my shelf calling my name....
As this is the first book of Andrews that I have read, I did not know what to expect. She does have the flare of Evanovich in her writing style. I only gave it a 4 star rating as I felt this books plot had the characters in costume and with so many characters it became confusing when reading it. Other than that, I love the book and the depth she gave the characters and her writing style.
Meg Langslow is being forded to evaluate her feelings about clutter as she runs the area's biggest garage sale. When a dealer's body is discovered,the sale is temporarily closed. Michael's hopes for tenure are jeopardized when his leading supporter on the tenure committee is suspected of the murder--reason enough for Meg to try to solve the case.
Sarah Adamson
There are some occasions when the bird mentioned in the title barely seems to feature in the book and I'm ok with that. This book concerns the owls nesting in Meg's barn and we learn possibly more than we might like to know about owl regurgitation! This will inspire you to read on in the series but also to clear out your closets!
I do enjoy these books, although I'm getting tired of Meg's animosity towards her mother. In fact, the attitude she has towards most of her family is a little off-putting. It's almost as though as the books progress Meg begins to actively dislike her family members. As a reader, I'm often left embarrassed by her attitude.
All the usual zany characters circling around Meg - an ordinary female blacksmith.
Always find these books humourous, the first one - Murder with Peacocks made me actually laugh out loud, and as the series has progressed my connection with the characters has often made them even funnier.
This is the 6th book in the Meg Langslow bird themed mystery series, which always delivers a good laugh. In this story, a murder occurs at the yard sale which Meg and her boyfriend are hosting to de-clutter the house that they recently purchased in Caerphilly, VA. An easy, enjoyable read.
This book is a hoot! Mayhem reigns as always in Meg's life. Several acres of a yard sale filled with clutter...clutter of relatives, friends, enemies, animals, food, you name it! Oh, and a body! Never a dull moment. Oh and sheep too. Did I mention sheep? Not a baaaad read at all!
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Donna Andrews was born in Yorktown, Virginia, the setting of Murder with Peacocks and Revenge of the Wrought Iron Flamingos, and now lives and works in Reston, Virginia. When not writing fiction, Andrews is a self-confessed nerd, rarely found away from her computer, unless she's messing in the garden

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