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The Haunted School
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The Haunted School (Goosebumps #59)

3.75 of 5 stars 3.75  ·  rating details  ·  3,051 ratings  ·  124 reviews
He's hearing voices . . . from another world! Tommy Frazer's dad just got married. Now Tommy's got a new mom. And he's going to a new school -- Bell Valley Middle School. Tommy doesn't hate school. But it's hard making friends. And his new school is so big, it's easy to get lost. Which is exactly what happens. Tommy gets lost -- lost in a maze of empty classrooms. And that ...more
Paperback, 144 pages
Published August 1st 2005 by Scholastic, Inc. (first published 1997)
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Mountain View

This is one of the books that got me into reading.I read this before 7 or 8 years and I still remember it.It was so good and scary.The plot,the characters,everything was new to me and it was a worthy experience.So thank you R.L.Stine for this great book.You surly made my childhood.

Mountain View
Why I decided to read this book: I decided to read this book, because i remember watching this book back in primary, and decided to refresh my memory and read it again!

Which category in the bingo board: This book comes under, the 'short story' category.

Favourite quote: okay, my favourite quote in the book, was pretty much the end of the book:
"Okay Mr. Chameleon, you can take the shot now!"
"Mr. Who?...NO! WAIT!"
OMG! this part of the book, had me at the edge of my seat! The main Character "To
Isabel Orama
The book that I read today was mostly about a boy named tommy and his two friends Thalia and Ben. Tommy is a new kid in his new middle school. His dad, mom, dog, and him just moved to a new neighborhood a few weeks ago. It's very hard making new friends in his new middle school, until he met Thalia and Ben. These two where the friends that he made in school. When Ben goes to school, the principal announces that there is going to be a dance held in the gym, so tommy, Ben, and Thalia wanted to hel ...more
❄️ Propertea Of Frostea ❄️
After a looonnngggg time, I'm reading Goosebumps again XD
Ahh, Tommy, lets see what tale you have to say!

"Can you imagine what it’s like to suddenly have a new school, a new house, and a new mom?"


Go on.


"I never realized how creepy a school building can be after everyone has left."
Tell me about it~
I remember once, no..many times I've stayed back in school. And, and it did seem haunted!


“Turn, turn.
Turn to gray.
Turn, turn.
Turn to gray.”

Aaand now it seems creepy o.O
A worl
Michelle Reynoso
Another Goosebumps installment, The Haunted School is probably one of my favorites in the series so far. But I decided to do something different on this review, and ask my son his thoughts on the book, since we read it together. My son is eight and in third grade. So, what follows are his responses to my questions about the book.

What did you like about the book?
I liked the different colors {one world represented in color and the other only in black & white-Grayworld}. I like how they {Tommy

R.L Stine has been my favorite childhood author and even though the book was easy to read didn't mean I didn't enjoy it. In the book Tommy moves into a new school, although he doesn't dislike it he somehow feels odd about it. He hears weird voices at school and doesn't know why and how he hears them. Later on as he hear more it makes him wander where its coming from. Leads him wanting to figure out whats really going on in school. Soon Tommy learns that his school is not what appears to be nor
Emily May
One of the more frightening goosebumps books by far. I read this at an age where I was slightly past the acceptable age for reading goosebumps books (maybe 14?) and it still managed to scare me. I think R.L.Stine often tells stories that are a bit too weird to be appreciated in the horror genre, but his Nightmare Hour and Point Horror collections are far better in general than the goosebumps. He tends to build up very scary tension and keep you on the edge of your seat... and then it all comes o ...more
David Santos
Finally after 4 or 5 bad goosebumps books I found another one I licked. Yes up until now I've read every Goosebumps book in order, but the titles to them were just terrible and did not grab my attention and I have but a few weeks to read about 30 books. So, sadly I have to be picky.

The title was interesting but at the sane time not very precise. School is not haunted, but in anycase. I cant even describe the book. Let's see, we have a class who is stuck in time and some students stuck in a class
Karl A
This story is about a young boy called Tommy Frazer. His Father has recently remarried and they have just moved to a new town. Tommy begins school at Bell Middle School, which at first seems to be a normal school but this all changes. Within the school Tommy begins so hear strange noises. Strange events begin to occur and it becomes apparent that Bell Middle school is no ordinary school.

This book is a good read especially with a class as the children can imagine the school being their own. This
Ahhh, the Goosebump days. I would borrow so many of these from the library they seriously considered extending my limit of books checked out at one time. R.L. Stine you were a reprieve from a harsh and dreary childhood in which my mind wandered far away from the troubles of the day. I stole books into my bed and read far into the night by the faintest of lights. I might have better eyesight were it not for you; however, I regret not one page or line.
القصص دي حلوه جدا للاطفال .. فيها خيال كبير ومش مرعبه اوي يعني .. مع طبعا القصص الدينيه الصغيره وقصص الانبياء وقصص المكتبه الخضراء و السلاسل العربيه ما وراء الطبيعه و فانتازيا و فلاش و سماش .. و القصص ال فيها شخصيات وصور كتير زي بطوط و pooh و ميكي ..

هتبقي بدايه حلوه اوي للاطفال وهيبقي عالم لذيذ،بالنسبه ليهم .. وهيشدهم شويه عن التلفزيون ال يلحس المخ :D .. ولان الاطفال بيتعلمو مننا كل حاجه و بيلقطو مننا كل حركانتا ..خلينا احنا قدوه ليهم .. ونشجعهم يبقو حاجه مهمه ..

ياريت كل الامهات تشوف اولادها بي
Jan 22, 2015 Ixchel rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: My brother
Recommended to Ixchel by: people who like wierd things and twist
The Haunted School by R.L. Stine is an awesome book. This book is about a school that trapped kids from a long time ago and the wierd part is that there is no color in there. The only way they are able to escape is if they are in a good disquise. They have to be able to blend in with their surroundings. Even the make up they wear has to blend in. There is a bit of a twist at the end. One of the kids who everyone else cosiders their best friend, turns out to be one of these past people who had be ...more
Liz Marnell
My sister and I loved this book. We re-enacted it for Halloween once!
Skylar Young
I loved it good book
Jan 24, 2008 Firas rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: grade5-7
I enjoyed reading this book because the plot is entertaining. It starts in a comical way as the writer describes Tommy’s chubbiness and clumsiness and his frequent falls and Ben’s sarcastic personality, then in a fast pace, serious events occur that keep the reader alert, troubled sometimes and anxious to know the end of the story. The elevator part and the part where Tommy and Ben are caught by the crazed children are the most inspired parts of the plot. The passage where the girls spit black l ...more
Tremont Barrow
The reason why I chose the book I read is because I like the books R.L Stine makes ,they’re instresting to me especially the goosebump books .I been reeading a lot of his books for the longest ,even the rotten school books. They are really the only books I cant put down when i'm reading them,when I pick up a book by him I get into it.

The book was actually good ,it was meant to be a type of thrill kind of book like most of the goosebump books are.Its just a type of book you’ll want to sit down an
I loved this! Banyak gila problems yang tak dapat aku fikir solutionnya kalau aku kat tempat Tommy. But I actually hate Tommy. He tried to hard to impress others since he's a new kid on the block. I think he should learn how to keep cool.

Tommy just moved into a new town and school with a new mother. He thought by participating in the decoration team for the school dance would help him to mingle. Ben and Thalia joined him. Ben loved telling jokes and Thalia suka gila dengan make-up. She
I didn't really understand this book. I Thought it would be more attention grabbing.The author just told us why it was called haunted school he didn't build enough suspense. I like the goosebumps series but this book seemed like it didn't belong in the series. I wouldn't recommend this book because I think people would think it not scary AT ALL!This book needed WAY more suspense than it had.There are more goosebumps books that are scarier.
Hugo BM
I re-read this in an hour and I remembered the first time I read it.

*Don't judge me, I'm getting kind of sentimental. I was so little :,) *

I was in fifth grade and by that time this story made me so scared I almost pee in my pants. I loved it so much and I looked for that book in every bookstore to buy it (I read it on my school's "library" )and never found it until an hour ago on Google.

I was so excited to see that old friend again! So I started to read it and though I'm not scared I'm really
Chithranjal Jose
The haunted school by R.l.STINE is really faccinating one .I love to read again .Tommy Frazer's Dad just got married . Now tommy's got a new mom . And he's going to a new school -bell valley middle school .

Tommy does not hate school . But its hard making friends . And his new school is so big , its easy to get lost . Which is exactly what happens .

Tommy get's lost - lost in a maze of empty classrooms . And that's when he hears voices . Kid's voices crying for help . Voices coming from behind th
Lizbeth V
'The Haunted School'It's not all that scary, but it's pretty great and keeps your interest. This one is about Tommy Frazer. He got a new mom, and they moved to a new town so he's also got a new home and school. He winds up at Bell Middle School, which at first seems to be a normal school. He meets two kids, and wants desperately to impress them so maybe he can become friends with them. Then, when he signs up for the school's dance commitee, he starts to hear strange noises. Then, weirder things ...more
Nia Carnelio
This is my favorite R.L Stine novel. Though not very scary or terrifying, this is one of his more moving novels. I absolutely loved every twist and turn of this beautiful book. The end is marvellous as well. A book well written, a book for my childhood memories.
Feer Dulces
Este libro lo lei cuando tenia como 9 años. Es buenisimo y te atrapa desde las primeras paginas, ademas de que al final tu esperas algo y resulta otra cosa... asi que si, obvis es de mis libros favoritos. No podia esperar menos de este grandioso escritor :3
It was about a boy who was new to a school and heard voices behind the walls. When he found an elavator from 50 yrs. ago when the school was found he and his friend Ben decided to use it instead of taking the stairs they end up in a place called GreyWorld and everything was grey. As their color started to fade the elavator opened again and the girl who had escaped from GreyWorld a few months ago was there but she forgot to keep the elavator doors open and then she was trapped there again. But th ...more
Elmira Mansur
The adventurous fantasy’s target audience is teenagers who like adventure and horror. I love adventure and horror and when I saw the cover of the book in the library and I thought this might be a fantasy book that I could like. Helping others is sometimes dangerous but you have to do it. The book is about a bunch of children who is stuck on a world that is black and white. Tommy is new in town and he finds the secrets of the school. I loved the part where he hears sounds from different world. My ...more
This is the Goosebumps book I most remember from my youth and so when I saw it in a bookstore I decided to pick it up. I was an avid fan back in the 90s, and I probably had at least half of the original run. For some reason this book sticks out. After rereading, I recognize that it's not the creepiest or the most familiar, but maybe it's the thrill of being trapped, or the creepy grey kids. Their method for leaving the grey world was especially memorable for me, and maybe that's what stuck with ...more
Leke Akinyemi
This was a very good model for the children as they were doing ghost stories as their writing topic. This realy helped to invoke fear to the readers (a key feature in scary stories)
May 03, 2012 Andrew rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Children of the 90s who haven't read them yet
Recommended to Andrew by: I don't remember
Tommy's dad remarries and they move to another town. He volunteers to work on the committee for the school dance in hopes to boost his popularity. When he goes up to the third floor for the art room to fetch some red paint, he starts to hear voices. After he comes back down, the dance is about to begin and one of the banners they made has been torn in half by the band. So he and Ben, one of the others on the committee, go back up to art room for some tape. En route, they find an elevator which e ...more
This probably my all time favorite from the goosebumps collection. R. L. Stine was my favorite author when I was in elementary.
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Robert Lawrence Stine known as R. L. Stine and Jovial Bob Stine, is an American novelist and writer, well known for targeting younger audiences. Stine, who is often called the Stephen King of children's literature, is the author of dozens of popular horror fiction novellas, including the books in the Goosebumps, Rotten School, Mostly Ghostly, The Nightmare Room and Fear Street series.

R. L. Stine b
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