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Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth (Nightside, #6)
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Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth (Nightside #6)

4.09 of 5 stars 4.09  ·  rating details  ·  7,786 ratings  ·  146 reviews
My name is John Taylor. I’m a PI for hire in the Nightside, the dark and corrupt city within the city of London. Where the sun never shines and where pleasure and horror are always on sale—for the right price.Not a nice place to visit or a nice place to live. So you wouldn’t think I would care that it was about to be destroyed, by none other than my very own long-missing, ...more
Paperback, 247 pages
Published February 28th 2006 by Ace
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Catherine Ford
These books are pure genius! I absolutely love them! I really can't praise Simon R. Green enough for his Nightside series. Every single book so far has been amazing!
Behdad Ahmadi
جلد 6 نایت ساید. یه چیزی شدیدن من رو اذیت می کنه, و اون هم اینکه آنتاگونیست اصلی داستان, که اونقدر خوب بهش پرداخته میشه و داستانش ذره ذره موازی داستان هر جلد پیش رفته, توی این جلد تموم میشه و پرونده ش بسته میشه. انگار ولدمورت جلد 3 هری پاتر بمیره. یا دارث ویدر کبیر وسطای داستان پاش گیر کنه به یه چیزی, بیفته ضربه مغزی شه.

متن و خصوصیات داستان کاملن شکل و شیوه آپوکالیپتیک داره. آنتاگونیست میمیره, نصف قهرمان های داستان میمیرن, نایت ساید (جایی که تقریبا تمام مجموعه درش میگذره) با خاک یکسان میشه.

Ahmad Sharabiani
Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth (Nightside, #6), Simon R. Green (1955)
عنوان: نایت ساید جلد ششم: تیزتر از دندان مار؛ نویسنده: سیمون آر. گرین؛ مترجم: زهره حق بین؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، ویدا، چاپ نخست 1390، در 236 ص، اندازه 14 در 21 س.م، فروست: مجموعه نایت ساید، شابک جلد 6: 9789642912964؛ شابک دوره: 9789646807914؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان انگلیسی قرن 20 م
Alexander Draganov
Before I got this book, I was almost literally trembling with anticipation. I knew that the war with the mosntrous Lilith is in this one and I also know that SRG is a true master of epic battles - check "Deathstalker War", "Blue Moon Rising" and "Shadows Fall".
And I was not disappointed.
The books takes it time to gain momentum, but one the conflict starts, it is... well, sharper than a serpent's tooth. The horrible Lilith descends into the Nightside, determined to remake it in its own image, and
Maggie K
I always complain that these are too over the top, and this visit to the Nightside is probably the most over-the-top of all so far. I kept reading, knowing I would like it in the end, but there were a lottttt of eyerolls here for me.

However, the ending redeemed itself wonderfully! There was a good wrap up of the Lilith story arc, and it made good sense! So the more than satisfying ending edged it back up a bit, and I will eagerly eyeroll through the next book in the series!

Great, great, resoluti
Hmm, yes. So the battle finally begins. And ends. John Taylor does many different things, and despite everyone's beliefs to the contrary, he never really seems to have any clue what he's doing. A lot of "great powers" go down very easily.

(view spoiler)
Eric Moreno
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Kathy Davie
Sixth in the Nightside dark urban fantasy series for young adults starring John Taylor as the most feared man in the Nightside…and it's always an adventurous ride with JT.

The Story
Having successfully returned from viewing the beginning of the Nightside by dropping in, literally, at Strangefellows, John Taylor and Suzie Shooter freak Alex out with both Suzie's injuries and the evolution of their relationship. Then JT gets a bit freaked when attacked in the loo and finds out just how angry the 13
It wasn't the strongest of the series so far, which was rather surprising given that the arc with his mother was apparently concluded.

It's kind of cute watching the way John and Suzi are slowly moving forward, too. I did like meeting John's father and seeing different sides to recurring characters.

Still in all, I have come to enjoy these books and am looking forward to starting Hell to Pay.

Matthew Goode Ⓥ
I enjoyed, though sometimes it just seemed some of the action was just to pull the plot along, and it felt like there were a number of ghosts in the machine. I think this is really my fault, as this is the first in the series that I have read, and it is number six(!), so I think it would work better having been more familiar with the previous work. Having said that, if you happen to pick it up for 20 cents at a library book sale, it's not too hard to get into the swing of things if no other book ...more
This was not my favorite Nightside book to date.

I think I was unsettled because a wonderful and interesting world had been created, and now, due to one character (Lilith) all the unique charms of the city and many of its denizens were in essence, destroyed. Upon reflection, for those readers who remember the Thieves World series, it was reminiscent of that. (For those who don't remember or never read, Thieves World was a multi-authored series in one setting where things got a bit out of hand an
Ed Nemo
I liked this book possibly more than any of the others before it. We got to see a lot of fantastic characters and we get a resolution to the two primary issues that have haunted John Taylor. Namely, his future enemies and his mother.
Další díl noční strany od Simona Greena pozná jakýkoliv fanoušek série už zdálky. Vykazuje typickou Greenovskou neurčitost a až hypnotický popis tmavých zákoutí noční strany. Tento díl uzavírá jednu z hlavních příběhových linek a detektiv se zde potká i se svou temnou matkou. Fanoušky série určitě nadchne a ostatní neurazí.
Another story from Green Nightside does not disappoint any fan of series. As usual it is very uncertain, mysterious, hypno
Yolanda Sfetsos
I read this wonderful book over the weekend! It's the sixth Nightside book written by Simon R. Green. It was supposed to be the last book in the series but I read the other day that he's been contracted for another three. This is great news. Though the arc of finding out who John Taylor's mother really is and what she wants was finished with this book.

And it didn't disappoint, that's for sure.

The Nightside is a dark place where it's always 3am. A fantastically dark buried place where anything go
John Parungao
John Taylor just can't get a break. No sooner do he and Suzie Shooter get back from a dangerous adventure involving time travel, than all hell breaks loose! John's long lost mother, the demon Lilith has finally returned with a bang and brought the apocolypse with her! Now as Lilith advances through the Nightside laying waste to everything, major players and powers are brought low before her, or join her crusade to remake the Nightside. Now it's up to John Taylor, Suzie Shooter and a rag tag army ...more
Nancy Oakes
First of all,let me say that you absolutely MUST read the Nightside series in order or you're going to be incredibly LOST by the time you get to this one. To me, each book in the series was worth waiting for, and I looked forward to each new release as much as I look forward to each new installment of the Harry Potter series. I absolutely love the Nightside books and they started me on the whole steampunk/fantasy/sci-fi road of books that I had never read before I picked up the first of the Nigh ...more
Gareth Otton
Hypocrites, paradoxes, inconsistencies and idiots. This is just a small list of some of the ridiculous elements and characters in this book that made the story spiral out of the author's control and become a jumbled mess of concepts and story arcs that were really difficult to read.

If you treat and hunt someone like a monster, they will become a monster. This is the key concept that this whole series seems to be missing. Everyone treats John like a monster even though he has proved time and time
Patrick D'Orazio
Don't go into this book expecting the noirish detective John Taylor to be back to solving cases in the Nightside. Instead it is time to face down Lilith that the previous book Paths Not Taken (Nightside, Book 5), was leading up to.
This part of the series is necessary because we have known since day one that it was coming. The gangs all here, all the characters that have survived up to this point show up at one point or another. Lilith, who we have known now since Hex and the City (Nightside, Bo
Oh good, I don't have to find Simon and kill him.

As I mentioned in the other reviews, the Nightside series has been coming to a head. There's blood and carnage and betrayal, and the end of the world is most definitely nigh. I was worried that I would have to find some way to buy the book that's coming out this month if I wanted to find out how the story ended. It was pretty clear that the arc would end either in this book or the next one, and I was seriously hoping it would be this one.

And it is
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth is the climax to the Lilith War storyline, tidying up the loose ends that have resulted from John Taylor discovering who his mother is, why his capital-E Enemies have been out to get him, and whether the Nightside and the world will end in ruin -- all just another day in the Nightside.

As happens in some urban-fantasyesq series, there's an escalation of power in this book that makes me wonder how the rest of the series will deal with the elevation of the protagonist
Kat  Hooper
In Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth, the sixth novel in Simon R. Green’s NIGHTSIDE series, John Taylor and Suzie Shooter have just returned from the past where they discovered the origin of John’s mother, Lilith, and witnessed the birth of the Nightside. Now that they’re back in the present, they are determined to stop Lilith from destroying what she created and remaking the Nightside in her own image.

First they must rescue John’s secretary, Cathy, who has been kidnapped. Then John wants to raise
This is the 6th book in the Nightside series. All I can say is "wow" this was a good book.

Lilith has returned to the Nightside and it is up to John Taylor to stop her from destroying first the Nightside and then the world. The only problem is John knows that a future exists in which the whole world is destroyed and that future is getting more and more certain by the day. How will John oppose Lilith without destroying the world in the process?

For such a slim novel, there was a lot in this book. A
Bill Rogers
Sharper than a serpent's tooth is an ungrateful child, and John Taylor is the ungrateful son to end all ungrateful sons. In fact he is quite literally the one to end all ungrateful sons. Not to mention everybody else, human civilization, and life on Earth, all doomed if he doesn't solve his little family problems in the correct way. And you thought things were the worst they could get when your uncle got drunk at the Christmas dinner!

We pick up in the middle of his efforts here. Now John's Mothe
Isabel (kittiwake)
Just another day on the Street of the Gods, then- until dead angels began dropping out of the night sky. They fell gracelessly and landed hard, with broken wings and stupid, startled faces, like birds who have flown into the windows of high-rise buildings. They lay on the ground, not moving, creatures of light and darkness, like a child’s discarded toys. Everyone regarded the dead angels with awe and some timidity. And then they looked up, the worshippers and the worshipped, to see a greater dar ...more
The Flooze
It's been years since I read anything in the Nightside, but that doesn't seem to matter. It was all too easy to slink back into the devious, topsy-turvy world John Taylor inhabits. And though the Nightside itself is complicated and filled with horror, it was simple to want him to succeed in saving it.

Green's habit of repeating things is why I stepped back for a while. This series is probably best read with time between installments so the reminders of who, what, when don't seem so unnecessary. F
Nightside, the place where evil and good come together and mayhem reigns. There are supernatural oddities living side by side with angels and demons. Mechanical beings and things are filled with spirits. The bars and homes are not what they seem to be. Oh, also there is John Taylor, a man with a gift. In this, the seventh in the Nightside series, he is up against the most horrible foe yet, his mom. She is Lilith, evil at her very core and determined to destroy Nightside prior to moving topside t ...more
Much better than the previous one, this book closes the arc about John's mother and the awful future when, not only the Nightside, but the whole world are destroyed.

In the last book, John finally learned what Lilith wanted to do with the Nightside and in this one, he sets about stopping her. The catch is finding how to do this without inadvertently causing the horrible future he saw.

Good pacing, lots of familiar characters and all the tension you can expect during an out-and-out war. I liked tha
Fantasy Literature
In Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth, the sixth novel in Simon R. Green’s NIGHTSIDE series, John Taylor and Suzie Shooter have just returned from the past where they discovered the origin of John’s mother, Lilith, and witnessed the birth of the Nightside. Now that they’re back in the present, they are determined to stop Lilith from destroying what she created and remaking the Nightside in her own image.

First they must rescue John’s secretary, Cathy, who has been kidnapped. Then John wants to raise
Steven Vaughan-Nichols
The central sage of the first books of this series finally comes to an end, and it's satisfying. And, for once, it doesn't all come down to our hero. In this series that's a good thing. Too often John Taylor finds face certain death from unstoppable forces only to find a loophole. That's fine every now and again, but in this series it happens over and over and... you get the idea. I enjoy them. I really do, but it gets dull after a while.
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Simon Richard Green is a British science fiction and fantasy-author. He holds a degree in Modern English and American Literature from the University of Leicester. His first publication was in 1979.

His Deathstalker series is partly a parody of the usual space-opera of the 1950s, told with sovereign disregard of the rules of probability, while being at the same time extremely bloodthirsty.

More about Simon R. Green...

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