Dream Warrior (Dream-Hunter, #4)
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Dream Warrior (Dream-Hunter #4)

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The son of Warcraft and Hate, Cratus spent eternity battling for the ancient gods who birthed him. He was death to any who crossed him. Until the day he laid down his arms and walked into self-imposed exile. Now an ancient enemy has been unleashed and our dreams are his chosen battlefield. The only hope we have is the one god who swears he will never fight again.

As a Drea

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Published June 19th 2009 by Macmillan Audio (first published February 2nd 2009)
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Julie (jjmachshev)
I think "Dream Warrior" is the first one of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dream Hunter offshoot series that I really really liked. It wasn't the heroine who sucked me in this time, it was Cratus/Jericho all the way. His hardcore attitude for everyone but his gal just made me say, "Awww" and melt a little.

She's a Dream Hunter who determined to look for the best in others. He's the son of War and Hate who has been punished for centuries for showing mercy to a child. She's determined to get him to help the tr...more
Ok, so it was really hard to rate this book. A lot happens, so you must read it.

While the love story here was a bit poor,the events that develop in this book are really interesting. Things between Jericho (Cratus) and Delphine happened too fast. They meet, they fall in love, the spend some days together, they get married. I mean, Kenyon could have spent some more pages to make a stronger bond between them both.

Then I got really confused about Jared and Jaden, they are two really mayor characters...more
Barbara M.
I guess after reading the spectacular "Acheron" by Kenyon nothing else of hers is ever (or hasn't so far) going to be the same. The following books in the series haven't even stood close for me. They all seem hollow and lack the life the first in the series possessed. This will be the last book in this series that I buy, even at a repeat shop it's not worth the money.
May 01, 2010 Jacqueline rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who loves sarcastically dry humor, sexy characters, and kick ass fight scenes.
Recommended to Jacqueline by: No one; but the series was recommended by a kind Books-A-Million
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
✽ Sharon is an emotional book junkie ✽
This is the book that ties all the Dream Hunters together. It also has Ash and a few other Dark Hunters in it, including Nick. (There's a nice little twist at the end with Madoc!)

Delphine and Jericho were really good together. I enjoyed how their story unfolded. Lots of little twists and surprises.

There were a bunch of other interesting characters, Jaden and Jared, to name a few. It was intriguing to see how intertwined everyone is. It also very frustrating and hard to keep straight all the nam...more
He was back.
And he was pissed. May the Source take pity on those who’d caused his mood
Because at the end of the day, he would have none for them.

Another Sherrilyn Kenyon book finished, and another hero that I have absolutely fallen in love with! Cratus is one of the MOST tortured heroes in the series. Banished from Olympus and cursed by Zeus himself (God, I hate that guy!), he has lived a miserable existence on earth for 6,000 years, continuously tormented by Zeus and his cronies. When it is r...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I think this is my favorite of the Dream-Hunter series. I don't know what it is about Jericho and Delphine that works for me, but I've reread this one a couple of times on the sly and it still drags me in and holds me captive until I'm done.

Wait. Maybe I do know. Let's take a look, shall we?

Jericho/Cratus has had a completely craptastic exile. Honestly, you'd think that the exile thing would be bad enough but the way Zeus punishes him is brutal. I'm not the hugest fan of Zeus as it is, but his a...more
The Flooze
I've loved the Dark Hunter series from the first book I read. I've been impressed with Kenyon's hold on her mythology and been intrigued with the mounting intricacies threading through the series as a whole.

But with this latest installment, and the full introduction of the new story arc, I find myself confused. In the last few novels, we've become increasingly aware of the Source and been introduced to a slew of new characters in relation to it. We've also learned some secrets about existing ch...more
"I pity those born of the lighter side. They have no understanding of how seductive cruelty is. "
So far I'm team Noir and Azura. Hurray EVIL people!


I did like Cratus and Delphine, but I wasn't very enthusiastic about them. Their love story wasn't really all that interesting to me.

As mentioned, Noir and Azura took the spotlight every time they're in a scene. Asmodeus did as well. He was both creepy and sweet, and I've grown fond of him. XD
(view spoiler)...more
Laura the Highland Hussy
I was super excited when I realized the time-line and where this book fell in the Dark-Hunter line up. It is after Acheron and Stryker's stories. I loved Ash's role and how Nick, Jaden, Jared and stryker all had bit roles in this one. You know, Sherrilyn Kenyon is not the best writer, but she is one of my favorites. Her stories are always good, fun, sexy and action-packed reads. With the exception of 1 or 2, all the heroines are kick ass girls and the guys usually have some damage, but at least...more
Sherrilyn Kenyon is an amazing story teller. Nothing is sexier than a God turned mechanic covered in grease who falls in-love with the one person who he should truly hate.
Long ago, Cratus angered father god Zeus by not blindly obeying and got kicked out of Olympus. Still exiled on earth, the son of Warcraft and Hate is being called back to aid ol Thunderbutt himself. Only Cratus, now called Jericho, is not so interested in helping the fickle greek gods who turned their backs on him all those years ago.

When a pair of evil deities- who were formed from the source of all power- make him an offer that will return him to his god-like status, Cratus takes them up on it...more
Kaycee Sapinoso
Dream Warrior is another book from the Dream Hunter series - a spin off Dark Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon and I can say that I enjoyed it and I loved it. And will probably read it again and again and again like what I did with the previous books.

And it was the major turning point for the Dream-Hunters.

Dream Warrior is the story of Cratus or also known as Jericho since Zeus stripped him of his godhood. He has been damned to live the rest of his life in pain and discomfort for betraying an...more
Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This was Kenyon's first Dream Hunter novel that I really enjoyed as well as some of my favorite Dark Hunter stories. While her previous Dream Hunter outings were certainly entertaining, I didn't connect with them as I did the characters in this story.

Kenyon has no doubt improved greatly as a writer. Her stories are more fluid now and the pacing feels right. I also get the sense that she's not "trying" so hard as I did with earlier work. She could still use improvement but much better than she us...more
Anzu The Great Destroyer
Review from ZombieHazard.

My last ride on the Dark-Hunter bus

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. I can’t take Sherrilyn Kenyon’s endless and useless blabbering anymore. Dream Warrior is utter rubbish; you have the typical story that revolves around this series for OMG over 20 books. Seduce the dude or/and kill him. Kill the bad guys to save the world. Chick sees dude and falls for him even though they’re mortal enemies. Dude wants to kill chick but he can’t ‘cause she wakes up a flame in...more
Ronda  Tutt
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Ok so here we are at the fourth Dream Hunter book. I have to say that it was my favourite of the four. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Xypher's book. But this one had such a great lead couple and the story that flowed through out was awesome (IMO).
Jericho/Cratus is one of my all time favourites. I loved the whole incredibly sexy, mute mechanic thing ***fans self*** lol. And the massive black wings.... SEXY AS HELL! lol.
Delphine was a great heroine. She could kick some serious butt. I really like...more
I wanted to like this book because it seemed to get a lot of good reviews, but I just couldn't. I almost put it down three times but forced myself to keep reading. I’m not sure if it’s the author’s style or the genre. I wasn’t sorry I read it. I’m rarely sorry to read anything, but I could have handled missing this one.

It wasn't a bad story. In fact, there were several times when I got wrapped up in the story and began to really enjoy it. However, the dialog would usually slap me up side the fac...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Well I first felt a little miffed that Kenyon had combined a dark hunter and a dream hunter book to satisfy the next installment of both series. I will say this is much more a dream hunter book than a dark hunter. I don't read the dream hunter series but it was still decent. The main male and female characters were enjoyable.

The names and history were a little overwhelming because it is so dream hunter focused. They didn't mean much to me and I won't lie...I was skimming those parts. It also se...more
Lisa Lap
I wouldn't have minded this book to go on forever but alas, it didn't. A little short for me but still a good read. It definitely let us in on the new story arc and the direction all the characters were headed. I loved seeing where so many favorites were in their lives. Ash, love seeing him with Tory even if he seems a shade less "scary" now that he's married. Nick? Damn is the boy angry. Jared and Jaden? Hmmm now that's an interesting relationship I want to know more about.

Loved Jericho and Del...more
Dream Warrior is Sherrilyn Kenyon's latest in her Dark Hunter series, although it sort of seems like she's separating the Dark Hunters and the Dream Hunters a bit.

This one also had less of the Romance-novel going on and more of the fantasy, which was cool. Characters from multiple pantheons show up (and it's really, really important to have read at least a few of the earlier books, or you'd probably be completely lost on some of it, though she did a fairly good job on recapping some of it), and...more
L.C. Lavado
Jun 26, 2010 L.C. Lavado rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Paranormal Romances Lovers
Shelves: on-my-shelfs
This is the fourth number from "Dream Hunters" series, the second book I read.

Contrary on what happened when I read "The Dream-Hunter" (Dark-Hunter/Dream-Hunter, #11); in this book I felt some difficulties in one or other moment, when lots of characters from different backgrounds get together and their stories from the past mix up.
I'm sure that if I had read the previous books the story events would be much easier to follow.

But that didn't prevent me from enjoying very much this reading.

I read t...more
Kayla Chappell
This book was amazing. I didn't know it was part of a series she's writing but it is. Actually,I shouldn't say it is part of a series. I don't know for sure. All I can say is that I enjoyed the book. The tie between Greek Mythology and a romance was the seller for me. It tells of how cruel Zues was and not that he was a "great leader" or "nobleman" as told in the disney movies. It shows the cruelty of the myths hidden by the past. Kenyon puts her own twist into the myths but sticks to the known...more
♥  Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness
Someone please help me - Jarrod, Jericho, jaden, zarek, zelos, demios, Delphine oh and the annoyingly similar names run on. It's enough to make the sanest person run for cover. It really wasn't enough of a captivating book for me to even bother writting a full review.

Although it had it's moments of captivation I just found it dragged out and alas fell in to the same catagory as the previous dream hunter novels.

Hoping fangs books brings a recovery for Ms Kenyon.
เป็นเล่มที่อ่านได้เพลินมาก ๆ
พระเอก เจริโค .. หนุ่มซึน ผู้โกรธแค้นปวงเทพทั้งหลาย

แม้ว่าตอนแรก ๆ ที่พระเอกตกหลุมรักนางเอกนั้น
จะไม่ค่อยอินเท่าไหร่ .. เหมือนพรหมลิขิตมากไปหน่อย
แต่พอพ้นช่วงแรก ๆ ได้ .. น่ารักมาก ๆ คู่นี้

ตัวละครอื่น ๆ ใน ดาร์คฮันเตอร์ มากันเพียบ
และขอบอกตรง ๆ ว่า ลืมเลือนไปเยอะแล้วว่าใครเป็นใคร
ตัวละครมันจะเยอะไปไหน .. จำไม่ได้เลยอ่ะ

แต่สรุปว่า.. สนุกดีนะ
This was a the Dream-Hunter book that I actually liked. Even if I found it highly unrealistic.
I mean I just "love" how quickly the hero forgets thousands of years of torture. So possible....
But I got to see Zarek again. So YEAH!
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