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1Q84, #2 (1Q84 #2)

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U ovom drugom tomu, Aomame i Tengo, sticajem neobičnih događaja, potvrđuju svoje sumnje da se nalaze u drugom vremenu - u godini 1Q84 - iz kojeg ne mogu da se vrate natrag u 1984. godinu i svoje realno vreme. Njihova ljubav, iako je čini samo stisak ruke u detinjstvu, jedina je istinska i prava u ovom romanu. Ona je pokretač svih dešavanja i jača uprkos njihovoj razdvojeno...more
Paperback, Svet proze, 359 pages
Published December 10th 2010 by Geopoetika, Beograd (first published May 29th 2009)
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morning Os
I liked Book 1 slightly better. There are more intriguing "people" in it. Book 2 gives more of the "murakami world," but also makes you feel nervous as the number of pages left decreases. It has a strong aftereffect, but not as strong as Kafka or Norwegian.

So, I decided to split my reviews up into the 3 separate books, after I read the first two, because the star system has enough trouble supporting my mixed feelings as IS. I'll duplicate the reviews, though.

Book 1:

The first book is fantastic. It's told in alternating chapters and both voices are strong and the characters distinct. I absolutely adore how fierce, dedicated and in-control Aomame is. I like the crisis of conscience that Tengo struggles with, and his arc in book 1. I really just like...more
Maria João Fernandes
"Não é que o significado seja inexplicável, mas há certos significados que se perdem no preciso instante em que são traduzidos em palavras."

A partir do momento em que ouve a Sinfonietta de Janácek e desce as escadas de emergência para fugir ao engarrafamento na autoestrada metropolitana, de modo a chegar a tempo ao trabalho, Aomame, é puxada para um mundo que tem duas luas, um mundo repleto de enigmas. A questão que a atormenta é: Qual será o papel que é suposto ela desempenhar no novo meio que...more
Tib Sou
Perplexe. Comme je l'étais à la fin du livre 1. Je ne lirai sans doute pas le troisième volet. Je ne peux pas m'empêcher de penser que l'auteur étale le récit pour faire du chiffre. Qu'il écrit en trois livres ce qu'il aurait pu écrire en deux, voire en un. Question marketing : ça se vend tellement mieux une trilogie! Bref, le récit est trop long, niais, répétitif et ennuyeux. Je présage que je serai déçu à la fin. George Orwell, lui, n'a pas eu besoin de trois bouquins pour pondre son chef-d’œu...more
Sunny in Wonderland
“If you can’t understand it without an explanation, you can’t understand it with an explanation.”

This is a quote that pops up a few times in the story – something Tengo’s dad said to him. It is also an adequate way to describe my (apparent) inability to get beyond some kind of cultural difference or meaning loss in translation or (possibly) my own reality.

Once again, Murakami gives us 24 chapters, alternating between Aomame’s and Tengo’s perspectives and stories. This time around, we are drawn d...more
Първата част ми хареса много повече. Тази на места изморява и отегчава, всичко някак идва прекалено - сюрреалните елементи, разминаването на героите, заплетените моменти в сюжета. Струва ми се, проблемът е основно в това, че въпреки трупащите се събития, персонажите точно в тази част някак спират да се развиват. И докато при Аомаме действията все още са напрегнати, динамични, променящи се; Тенго много сериозно забавя темпото и се отдава на едни безкрайни размисли. В което само по себе си няма ни...more
Começo por dizer que adorei o livro. Estou fascinada com os contornos deste mundo criado por Murakami. Nem a lentidão com que tudo se passa, nem as voltas e reviravoltas para chegar ao mesmo sítio (por onde já tinhamos passado) consegue diminuir o meu entusiasmo.
Se eram necessários 3 livros para contar esta história? Tendo em conta os 2 primeiros, provavelmente não. Murakami conta as mesmas coisas várias vezes, de pontos de vista ligeiramente diferentes, faz descrições pormenorizadas (faz às vez...more
O segundo volume de 1Q84 de Murakami mantém a estrutura de abordar as duas personagens principais em capítulos alternados. A história passa a ter uma cadência ligeiramente mais célere que apenas se lentifica no último capítulo. Neste volume sente-se que finalmente a ação se inicia.

Neste volume os elementos fantásticos são o foco principal da história e, findo o segundo volume, não consigo ainda compreender de maneira lógica toda a fantasia que se encontra na base desta história. É passado muito...more
Unfortunately this second volume did not helped the cause of converting me to a fan of Haruki Murkami's works nor the genre itself. I must confess I am slightly disappointing as I saw high praises for this author and this book. It is not necessarily bad, but it seems to be written just because the author likes to do this job. Almost like those annoying people everyone avoids that just love the sound of their voice. If you want to learn more, read on as I dissect this novel.

The premise is the wee...more
Continua a senda criada por Murakami, Aomame e Tengo vão-se aproximando cada vez mais neste "universo" que insere em si o ano 1Q84 visto que no "nosso" universo, no ano 1984, isso seria praticamente impossível. Murakami vai desvendando este puzzle, complexo, a um ritmo muito lento, encaixa uma peça no capítulo referente à personagem de Aomame e no capítulo seguinte, no capítulo de Tengo, faz uma coisa similar, completando assim dois puzzles com a finalidade de os unir numa grande estória. Senti...more
Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου
Όταν διάβασα το πρώτο βιβλίο του Haruki Murakami βρέθηκα αντιμέτωπη με μια μεγάλη έκπληξη και ένα εξίσου μεγάλο δίλημμα. Ήταν εξαιρετικά δύσκολο να μιλήσω για το βιβλίο αυτό καθώς και για το θέμα το οποίο πραγματεύεται. Ένα θέμα που δεν είναι καθόλου απλό και ξεκάθαρο ωστόσο, εξαιρετικά γοητευτικό και μυστηριώδες. Και αν και δεν μπορώ να δηλώσω fan του μεγαλύτερου εν ζωή Ιάπωνα λογοτέχνη, το "1Q84" με το πρώτο βιβλίο της τριλογίας, με έκανε να διψάσω και να θέλω κάτι περισσότερο. Ήταν αδύνατον ό...more
I hesitated between three and four stars and I think it's more like 3.5. The first book is intriguing and very well written (I gave it four stars) and despite the complicated fantasy elements, it is very readable and I enjoyed it. Book two, well...it goes downhill for me. The prose is still wonderful but the quirky fantasy plot starts getting so outlandish that it is dangerously close to just being silly instead of deep and unsettling which is how it felt in the first tome of this collosal story...more
Kym Chapple

“world was a mushy bowl of loose gruel, lacking framework or handholds. It flowed past our open windows without forming memories in the brain" 402

“Something’s wrong with the world, or something’s wrong with me: one or the other. The bottle and the cap don’t fit: is the problem with the bottle or the cap?" 5045

“Things like this don’t happen all that often in one lifetime. This is the magnificent world of a picaresque novel. Just brace yourself and enjoy the smell of evil. We’re shooting the rapid...more
Marco Tulio
I liked the first one very much. This one though was....horrible. Well, it was ok up to the point where Aomame encounters the leader. In this scene the author really blew it though. The leader pretty much explained everything that was going on and what was explained wasn't satisfying. The plot became a convoluted and uninsteresting animé style mess. The whole plotline about receivers and receptors was uninspired and frankly quite stupid. After that point the mystery was all gone and despite of w...more
Dec 09, 2011 Kim added it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: 2010
Boek twee liet ik met een naar gevoel los. Ergens is dit, 1q84, niet waar ik op had gehoopt. Dat zegt ook veel over mijn verwachtingen, en heeft waarschijnlijk ook te maken met het feit dat het verhaal nog niet af is: boek drie wordt pas in 2011 in Nederland uitgegeven. Tot dan zal mijn echte oordeel niet kunnen vallen.

Murakami kan schrijven. Dat heeft hij meerdere malen bewezen. Ik zal dan ook niet snel iets niet van hem waarderen, maar dit, deze 1q84-boeken, zullen nooit mijn favorieten zijn....more
Rafal Jasinski
W drugim tomie "1Q84" element nadprzyrodzony wziął górę nad rzeczywistością - jakkolwiek wypada się poważnie zacząć zastanawiać, co w tej opowieści jest rzeczywiste - i dowiadujemy się nieco więcej na temat sił, jakie splatają - tudzież w nich mącą - losy bohaterów. Pytań jednak pojawia się dwukrotnie tyle, ile odpowiedzi, choć autor stara się, by czytelnik nie pogubił się w aluzjach, czasem nawet niezbyt subtelnie zwracając wielokroć uwagę na to, co jest najbardziej istotne, co ważne.

Do, około...more
Linh Bún
maybe reading this after 10hrs of studying and listening to Birdy give me such an overwhelming feeling. I know why they call it "Murakami's world". You can't easily get out of it. When you scared but also hope for the two moons. It's not real anymore and you're somewhere between insane and lunatic.

It has enough knots to be untied, and enough breathe-holding moments, but still the same very distinctive calm and thoughtful flow. I don't know if this happens to everyone, but I tend to stay in the...more
Azira Zainuddin
I love the second book so much. It finally showed the connection between Aomame and Tengo. It had also revealed the connection of both of them to the Little People. It also had shared the Air Chrysalis written both by Fuka-Eri and Tengo together which had lead them to a massive problem. Both Aomame and Tengo had realised that they did not belong any longer in the year 1984 but rather on 1Q84. Now they had to figure out how would they survived in this bizzare world.

I didn't the time past as I was...more
Yves Gounin
Au risque de rompre l'unanimisme louangeur qui salue cette trilogie, je dois avouer mon scepticisme grandissant.
Certes la lecture du premier tome m'avait aiguillonné. Je me demandais où diable l'auteur allait nous entraîner : science-fiction ? manga ? roman d'amour ?
En refermant le deuxième tome, je crains d'avoir la réponse : nulle part !
A tous ceux qui, comme moi, avoueraient leur incompréhension coupable, la réponse tombe, implacable : "Si tu as besoin qu'on t'explique pour que tu comprennes,...more
Azmylle H
It's a solid 5 stars rating I've given for this book. I don't know how he does it, but he did it! This man is utterly a genius!
Readers may claim to have read such genius writings and mind twisted plots whatsoever, but in my not so perfect common sense in terms of reading world, this very book or the whole trilogy is one of the very few arts that ever produced which had reach my expectation and beyond it.
The characters development, the plot progressions, the paced of the storylines, and the wri...more
When I first started the series I was a bit worried about the large tally of pages - the german edition is made up of roundabout 1500 pages, give or take a hundred. The first book didn't really pull me in as much and I read it sporadically, telling myself that reading one or two chapters a night would suffice and that maybe I would find myself being sucked in like I was whilst reading Norwegian Wood (my first Murakami and one of my absolute favorite books). The only thing that really pushed me t...more
Maria Pilar Gomez
Toujours très captivée par le récit tout au long du livre 2, j'en ai même fait des rêvés bizarres les dernières nuits (surréalistes et légèrement angoissants, en phase avec le monde Murakami), certainement déclenchés par la lecture du livre avant m'en dormir.

Le premier livre m'avait captivée parce que j'avais trouve très intéressant la manière dont le personnages se construisent une vie très particulière, en décalage avec la société où ils habitent. L'idée de ne pas mener la vie que l'on choisi...more
No volume anterior a este disse que a história começava a revelar um enorme potencial para aparvalhar e não me enganei. Tornou-se demasiado irreal, demasiado repetitiva e o meu interesse foi desaparecendo. Sou teimosa que chegue para insistir e ler o 3º volume mas tenho pena pela forma como tudo se desenvolveu.
Murakami parece decidido a impedir-me de afirmar que gosto dele incondicionalmente.
BOOK 2 was good. I postit-ed on some phrases I liked. Besides, it was a page turner. Compared to Book 1, I felt more tensed and thrilled. Though I finished up reading and thus understood the story, I need to find deep meanings underlying the surface. Overall rate (I admit this was one of his bests)Cough ...cough .... cough... KafkaontheShorewasbetter....Cough Cough...
Gewèldig boek! In deel 1 moest het verhaal nog wat op gang komen voor mijn gevoel maar in dit boek gaat Murakami weer helemaal los, zoals we van hem gewend zijn. Kon het niet wegleggen en heb het in twee dagen uitgelezen. En het eindigt met een heuse cliffhanger dus ben ik even blij dat ik niet hoef te wachten op boek 3 maar gisteravond al meteen door kon :-)
Je serai incapable de dire de quoi parle ce livre, l'aspect fantastique est embrouillé et il est difficile de dégager un thème. Mais la magie a marché, la force d'évocation de Murakami est parfois saisissante, faisant appel à tous nos sens. C'est plus de l'ordre de la sensation que de la lecture.
Septia Kholimatussa'diah
Tak akan lagi kita temukan sebentuk kronologis di dunia dengan dua rembulan ciptaan Murakami. Sebab-akibat benar-benar berpilin erat berantakan tak ubahnya benang kusut. Klimaks telah lewat. Sebagian besar fakta telah dimuntahkan dengan dahsyat pada bagian tengah 1Q84 Jilid 2 ini, dan sisanya ditarik keluar perlahan hingga lembar terakhir. Murakami telah mengungkap siapa Fuka-Eri, Pemimpin, dan ada apa di balik Kepompong Udara. Di Jilid 3, tinggallah antiklimaks perjuangan Tengo-Aomame, atau mun...more
I loved it. Less Murakami void-guff; a good balance between fantastical & mundane details; it's not marked in the same way by the "something missing" I feel about his other books
No me gusta como solucionan las intrigas del primero y la segunda parte del libro es un auténtico coñazo. "Y se cogieron las manos... y miraron la luna..."
Pensando si vale la pena leer el tercero.
Karen Jules
SOMEONE SAVE ME. I don't have the third book with me but there is currently nothing in this world than I want more than finish this story. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME.
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Haruki Murakami (Japanese: 村上 春樹) is a popular contemporary Japanese writer and translator. His work has been described as 'easily accessible, yet profoundly complex'. He can be located on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/harukimuraka...

Since childhood, Murakami has been heavily influenced by Western culture, particularly Western music and literature. He grew up reading a range of works by Am...more
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Norwegian Wood Kafka on the Shore The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle 1Q84 (1Q84, #1-3) Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

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“Someone once said that nothing costs more and yields less benefit than revenge,” Aomame said.

“Winston Churchill. As I recall it, though, he was making excuses for the British Empire’s budget deficits. It has no moral significance.”
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