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Rebel Fire (Sherlock Holmes: The Legend Begins #2)
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Rebel Fire (Young Sherlock Holmes #2)

3.92 of 5 stars 3.92  ·  rating details  ·  1,569 ratings  ·  196 reviews
Only Sherlock 14 can identify thugs who kidnapped his pal Matthew Arnatt and guard John Wilkes Booth, crazy after face half burned off. Duke Balthassar wants Lincoln assassin for figurehead to rally Confederation troops against Union. Somehow his tutor is involved. What is the truth?
Hardcover, 352 pages
Published April 24th 2012 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) (first published 2010)
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Hidden Not like the real Sherlock? Not Like The REAL Sherlock? NOT LIKE THE REAL SHERLOCK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING…moreNot like the real Sherlock? Not Like The REAL Sherlock? NOT LIKE THE REAL SHERLOCK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *deep breaths* You're right. He is NOT like the 'real' Sherlock Holmes. HE IS THE YOUNGER AND JUST AS AWESOME VERSION OF SHERLOCK HOLMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(less)

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Cover Blurb: Yes or No? Compared to the last cover of Death Cloud, it's a definite yes. Don't really know why the compass is on the front, since there's no compass featured in the story, but oh well.

Characters: Young Sherlock Holmes continues to be nothing like the Sherlock Holmes we all know and love. Young Sherlock is too apologetic, too openly emotional, and always seeking others' approval. There's also nothing uncannily brilliant about him; he's just average, and there's still no sign of his
Sean Rich
After the first book you can start to see Sherlock progressing into the sherlock we all know and love although he's not there yet, still young with lot's more to learn. that's why i feel these books are very much for the younger reader as they can learn along with sherlock, which i recommend as they do not go into to much depth into any given subject they do cover a range of basic knowledge, ideas and thinking which is good for younger readers. for the older reader such as myself i have enjoyed ...more
Nick Tangeman
This is the second book of four about Sherlock Holmes. I like the series so far and plan to finish the other two books this year. This book has mystery and action throughout the entire book. I really like the series so far and can't wait to finish the series. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mystery and likes books that take place in the 17th century and back when you could buy a pack of gum for a penny. Sherlock gets into trouble without even trying and gets himself into a lot o ...more
This is the second book in Andrew Lane's "Young Sherlock Holmes" series.

This one just didn't appeal to me quite as much as the first book in the series, "Death Cloud". There were points in the book where Holmes and the antagonists appeared to be on a stage of their own, invisible to those who surround them and who could have, and most likely would have, intervened. A shootout on top of a moving train full of passengers and staff doesn't often go completely unacknowledged.

When reading this series
I quite liked this book. It's a fast read - I finished it in under 4 hours.

It continues the (or at least a) 'secret origin' of Sherlock Holmes, as imagined by Andy Lane.

The action was fun; there was a good deal of tension, resolved satisfactorily. However, when Sherlock faces danger in these books, it's always in the back of my mind that he, as well as his brother Mycroft, must always survive relatively unscathed, in order to exist in the books that this is the prequel to.

I think this is a bit o
The book that I read was Rebel Fire. The genre of the book is nonfiction and sometimes you just got to like that and sometimes you don't. I liked this book because it has execlent detail. At first when you read the beginning of the story it like this is so boring but when you get close to the middle thats the good part. This auther really make you feel like you are actually there and it was just like constant whats going to happen here or there. This book took plce in Great brittan and all over ...more
I really struggled to finish this. If I had had anything else to read I probably wouldn't have bothered.

Bone to Pick!
1. If someone gives you some information, and then straight after you go over the facts again in your mind, you did not discover the information through intellect or logic. You know the information because someone told you!

2. The correct conjugation of to bring is , bring brought brought.
Bought comes form the verb "to buy".

3. Speeded up?!?

I will not be reading anymore from this
I can't believe how good this young adult series is! I have never read a Sherlock Holmes book (I did see the movies) and the character doesn't particularly interest me but this series about YOUNG Sherlock Holmes is just so good. The Sir Conan Doyle heirs and estate endorses the author, Andrew Lane. His attention to detail is wonderful and he tries to give 14 year-old Sherlock the background and beginnings of the interests and knowledge that Sherlock Holmes later has and knows.

This is book #2. T
Nina Higson-Sweeney
Now I've said that I've been reading this book for about three weeks now, but I actually only really got into it this last week - and I have to say, I'm surprised that I didn't get into it sooner. I must admit that these novels are slow to start - but once they get going, they are truly gripping. This is definitely my favourite so far.

In this book, we continue from the point of view of the young Sherlock Holmes, as he continues to spend his summer at his aunt and uncle's house in Farnham, gettin
Nem voltam elájulva az elején, Sherlock-ot butának éreztem, néha meg olyan szöveget lenyomott, akárha filozófus vagy bölcs lenne. Egyébként élvezetesek voltak a történetben elhangzott monológok, dialógok, de nem tudom, mennyire érti meg egy gyermek ezeket… Viszont a logikai bicsakok észrevétlenek lettek volna egy #átlagos# ifjú számára. :))

Érdekes és aranyos a testvérek kapcsolata, de Mycroft és Sherlock kapcsolata néha #(elég gyakran)# olyan, mintha minimum húsz év lenne köztük és Mycroft nem h
Rhondda Powling
Young Sherlock has settled into his new life staying with his Aunt and Uncle and with his tutor Amyus Crow. Amyus is not your average tutor he is more like young Sherlock's sleuthing mentor. In this book he is on the track of a killer, who it is thought to have been hanged by the US government at the end of the Civil War, but has now seen in Surrey. This sighting sends Sherlock, Amyus and his daughter, Virginia, travelling again, this time to America on a new-fangled steam-powered ship. During t ...more
An Odd1
"Bad things happen to people. It's the one acknowledged truth of the human condition" p 156. Only Sherlock can identify thugs who kidnapped his pal Matthew Arnatt and guard John Wilkes Booth, crazy after face half burned off. Duke Balthassar wants Lincoln assassin for figurehead to rally Confederation troops against Union.

Balthassar is "closer to seven [feet tall] .. painfully .. impossibly thin" p 248, masks face "eyes red and black" p 258 bloodshot and iris dark, with white ceramic. Leech sal
I love this series so far. It's just so perfect in all its Sherlock amazingness. Since Sherlock is 15 in this story and we all know he goes on to be a famous detective, there were some moments I thought I was going to lose one of my favorite characters of all time because of just how bleak the situation seemed. This is only possible because of the impeccable writing style that I love so very much. The author is British and writes accordingly, and I just love it so much. So, there you go. I also ...more
This book is even better than the first! It has non-stop action. It has a villain with a nasty secret, an unguessable plot and Sherlock's own brother is somehow involved. It is a great book you must read it.
Fourteen-year-old Sherlock Holmes knows that Amyus Crowe, his mysterious American tutor, has some dark secrets. But he didn’t expect to find John Wilkes Booth, the notorious assassin, apparently alive and well in England—and Crowe somehow mixed up in it. When no one will tell you the truth, sometimes you have to risk all to discover it for yourself. And so begins an adventure that will take Sherlock across the Atlantic, to the center of a deadly web—where a friend is in peril and a defeated army ...more
When I found this book in the library, at first I didn't realize it was the second book, but I decided to read it anyways. I made a big mistake. I thought it was intriguing in the beginning but it got way more boring along the way. They treat a teenage Sherlock as if he's five. He doesn't even think or act like the real Sherlock Holmes. I wasn't fond of Virginia Crowe either. She wasn't that much of help. All in all, this book was mostly filler. I guess I should have read the first book, I serio ...more
Mark Gibbs
The mystery was a little weak with this one - I think it was because of the need to fill the Brits in on the American War of Independence - which forms the backbone of the plotline. However, the mystery at the heart of it was a little thin - but the explanation was very inventive indeed - and I am once again blown away with the extensive research undertaken for the book. I am in hopes for this to develop into a great series - and it was nice to have some personal touches on Sherlock for the fans ...more
Sherlock goes to America! In the second book of the wildly adventurous Young Sherlock Holmes series our young hero races against time to rescue his friend, kidnapped after stumbling upon a plot to overthrow the United States of America, still reeling after the end of the War between states. With leeches, exotic animals, and villains of a new breed only Mr. Lane can construct, each new story of Sherlock's adventures leaves me more astounded than the last. The Red Leech runs full-steam ahead from ...more
Sayantan Mukhuti
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Seth Brady
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
When I first got this book i didn't really care about it. Sure, it had a fancy cover but that was it. That changed immediately once I started. When young sherlocks best friend, Matty, was captured, he would stop at nothing to get him back. With his teacher Mr Crowe and his daughter Virginia they must go to america to get him back. While on the way he meets friends and enemies, he also learns about a devastating plan with Canada involved. Can he get Matty and save North america from destruction. ...more
Great book for any aged reader and any lover of Sherlock Holmes. If your like many a fan of the great detective then perhaps you've wonderedHow did Sherlock grow up? What was his childhood like? Well Andrew Lane tells us in what is a very accurate portrayal of Victorian times in England and America. In this particular book in the series, Sherlock helps his mentor, Amyus Crowe, track down one of the most famous assassins of all times, but things don't always go as planned.
A great book and series
I thought the first book was bad but this was deplorable. I realise Lane is presenting us with a much younger Holmes than the man we know from Conan Doyle's stories but the characterisation still feels miles off. This kid is not the kid who'll grow up to be Sherlock Holmes.

The plot was far too ridiculous (even for a Holmes novel) to take seriously and Lane seems at times to be trying far too hard to convince us that this little boy with grow up to be the world's only consulting detective that we
Kim Dyer
While Death Cloud was at least an enjoyable mystery, I found that I simply could not get into Red Leech. It simply did not read like a Sherlock Holmes story. There was no mystery this time round and so the story was a straight thriller in the vein of a James Bond adventure. The action in the story - which included a shoot out on top of a moving steam train - felt fair to cartoonish and not at all in keeping with the source material.

Holmes also felt even more out of character in this book. I app

Nach den spannenden, aufregenden und gefährlichen Ereignissen vor wenigen Monaten, als der junge Sherlock Holmes die üblen Machenschaften eines finsteren Barons aufdecken konnte und nur knapp mit dem Leben davon kam, ist wieder Ruhe in Holmes Manor eingekehrt und Sherlock widmet sich abermals seinen Studien unter der Leitung seines Lehrers Amyus Crowe. Doch plötzlich taucht Sherlocks Bruder Mycroft auf und berichtet von einem totgeglaubten Auftragskiller, der in England gesichtet wurde, ga
Audrey Lee
I'm re-rerating my review on this book and basically the entire series. I just realized that both "Red Leech" and the "Paradol Chamber" are two of the 61 untold cases mentioned in Holmes canon. So these cases are canon. This new information has seriously upped this series for me.

Rated 3.5-4. The thing that got me through this was continuing hints to how Sherlock Holmes will become Sherlock Holmes. This book introduces the violin, suppressing emotions for logic, the mind palace, opium, and the p
BAYA Librarian
Sherlock Holmes is having a very uneventful summer at Holmes Manor in Hampshire. A visit from his brother Mycroft brings the possibility of mystery and intrigue. Mycroft has not come for a visit with Sherlock but with his mysterious teacher Amyus Crowe. It seems that the famous assassin John Wilks Booth may be alive and living in England. Against both Mycroft and Crowe’s wishes Sherlock goes in search of Booth. His discovery of Booth’s whereabouts starts a series of events that lead to Sherlocks ...more
Sherlock, Mattie and Virginia get involved in another mystery. This time it will take them all the way to the United States as Mattie is kidnapped by a group of confederates in an effort to keep Ameus Crow from stopping their nefarious plans. Sherlock tries to look into things and help and things quickly spiral beyond his control. Through some clever and logical planning he is able to get everyone safe and save the day.

I love that the author includes things like how Sherlock began to be interest
Sarah Maddaford
Up until the very last portion of the story (view spoiler), I found most of the narrative compelling and quick paced enough to make me believe it. I just wasn't entirely convinced about that last bit and I didn't think there were reasonable consequences displayed for a 15 year old. The lizard thing was a bit bizarre as well though.

I missed Matty for most of the book. Virginia doesn't quite make up for him because she causes
Ms. Yingling
Sherlock is enjoying a quiet life with his aunt and uncle when his brother Mycroft shows up. Mycroft doesn't really want to talk to Sherlock; he's more interested in discussing the possibility that John Wilkes Booth has gotten out of Japan and is now in England with Sherlock's American tutor, Amyus Crowe. In his typical fashion, Sherlock goes off to investigate the house where Booth supposedly is holed up, and ends up sending the group packing... with his friend Matty in tow. Mycroft decides tha ...more
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