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Dragon Haven (Rain Wild Chronicles, #2)
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Dragon Haven (Rain Wild Chronicles #2)

4.02 of 5 stars 4.02  ·  rating details  ·  12,953 ratings  ·  604 reviews
The dragon keepers and the fledgling dragons are forging a passage up the treacherous Rain Wild River. They are in search of the mythical Elderling city of Kelsingra, and are accompanied by the liveship Tarman, its captain, Leftrin, and a group of hunters who must search the forests for game with which to keep the dragons fed.
Paperback, 570 pages
Published March 1st 2011 by Voyager (first published January 1st 2010)
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In the past 12 months or so, I finished more than 10 books by Robin Hobb. She’s brilliant, but writing so many raving reviews gets pretty boring and repetitive, so I got a little creative again:

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My blacked out review poem:
It is lovely, like the light [shining] through.
It just got brighter and [more] beautiful.

Don't worry,
you'll fly.

This review was inspired by what Austin Kleon does in his book ‘Newspaper Blackout'. Only he spends more time on it than I did so (unlike me) he manages to get gra
helen the bookowl
Another fine fantasy novel by Robin Hobb! While I enjoyed this sequel, I did feel like it dragged in some parts and not much was happening. Still, I loved being back with all of the characters, and I loved seeing how they developed and where this story was going.
Robin Hobb's stories are very easily read even though they are 500-page-novels. I think that's because her stories are very accesible, in the sense that they are easy to follow and very captivating. I'm especially fond of the way this s
David Sven
A satisfying conclusion to the story arc started in book one. The dragon's and their keeper's journey to Kelsingra continues, the storytelling masterfully driven by excellent characterization.

Like many of Hobb's books I've read so far the event driven climaxes tend to happen well before the end and then things wind down to the finish. (view spoiler) Fortunately, most of the climaxes tend to centre around changes in th
Executive Summary: An improvement over The Dragon Keeper. With everything set the story is just able to move forward at a brisker pace. This is really Dragon Keeper part 2 from what I understand and it feels like it.

If you enjoyed the first one, you'll likely enjoy this at least as much if not more. If you found the first book a let down, you may find you gave up on the story too soon.

Full Review
After completing The Dragon Keeper, I really wanted to jump right into this one. However with othe
Duffy Pratt
It's rare that I care much about how a book ends. This book set up its situations well. I liked the characters and thought them interesting. Hobb had set the stage for some good dramatic conflict. And then, one by one, the conflicts fizzled. The worst, in my opinion, was nothing more than a sort of deus ex machina. This one left the conflict in place, without any sort of resolution at all.

Despite the end, I did enjoy the ride for the course of these two books. And if she decides to return to th
Another good one from Robin Hobb, who does a decent job in presenting a new perspective on her Rainwild / farseer world. It is very interesting to take a walk with these stunted dragons along a poisonous river and see them grow inside and outside just like their "keepers". The dragons, esp. Sintara are egocentric and strange -with the exception of wise Mercor and maybe Kalo they are adolescents. To see Sedric reformed- was not surprising after the Malta incident- hated her at the start and she g ...more
Guess who’s back?

Hobb is back! Well, at least so it may appear to those who – like me - just couldn’t plow their way through her Soldier’s Son trilogy. Although the Rain Wilds Chronicles started out a little slow and unremarkable, I was confident that Hobb would not disappoint in the books to come. She is, after all, one of those authors who just like to take their time, sweet time in order to fabricate a compelling world and story. And I like that! It makes the reading experience so much richer
Robert Beveridge
Robin Hobb, Dragon Haven (Eos, 2010)

Every time I read a Robin Hobb trilogy, it happens. Somewhere along the way, I get sucked into it, and I wind up forgoing such niceties as food and sleep in order to finish whatever book of hers I happen to be in the middle of. It took a little longer than usual with the Rain Wilds Chronicles, but about seventy-five pages into Dragon Haven, it clicked. I finished the rest of the book in a couple of marathon sessions and am now pacing my cage while I wait for t
I thoroughly enjoyed this second novel in the Rain Wild Chronicles. Everything that was set up in the first book comes to a head in Dragon Haven - everything relating to the expedition, anyway. The focus completely narrows to the journey up the river, and for a while we are isolated from the rest of the world and concerns outside of the group. Meanwhile, the small company is starting to show signs of stress and conflict, and nature is doing all it can to prevent their survival.

The travel and sur

4 stars

My mother made sure we always had some kind of dessert or sweets to snack on. At the same time, with two teenage boys in the house, she got a little upset if an afternoon of baking disappeared in under an hour.

I finished Dragon Keeper, the prequel to this book, yesterday morning. While it wasn't as good as Hobb's best, I liked it. And when I found two sequels on sale for a few dollars apiece, I picked them up immediately. Now, less than 24 hours later, I've finishe
Nothing whatsoever happens in the first book. Then in this one, I wait for ages and ages for the good stuff to happen (them finding the city), which only happens right at the end and we don't even get to know what happens to them after that. There are really only one or two exciting things that happen in both books.

I would be way happier if she reduce both books to one book with a total of 400 pages max, then actually write about the interesting stuff which she never got to at all.

I started read
Accompanied by the livebarge Tarman and his crew, the dragons and their keepers are continuing their perilous journey toward the Elderling city of Kelsingra - if it still exists. But acidic water, flash floods and hunger aren't the only danger they must face - there's also those that come from within the group, and not just from those planning on enriching themselves through plundered dragon parts. As both groups are altered by the bonds between dragon and keeper, so are the relationships around ...more
Shari  Mulluane
My Thoughts. This is a series that is signature Robin Hobb. There is sporadic action, a few thrills, chills, catastrophes and plenty of conflict but mainly it is about characters. Each is distinctly individual and while some share common backgrounds, each experienced those backgrounds in vastly different ways. The dragons too are as unique as their keepers. They are arrogant, wise, self-serving, insecure, quick to anger, loving, cruel, affectionate, in a word, complex. Only one really takes cen ...more
Ole Imsen
Unsurprisingly this book follows directly on from the events of "The Dragon Keeper". It does start off with a info-dump prologue that at first glance looks like a unnecessary read if you come directly from the previous book. But the prologue not only recaps the events of book one, Hobb has hidden some interesting new info in it, so it is an essential read.

This book takes place wholly away from the civilization of the Rain Wilds, and follows the journey of the dragons and their keepers further
Mogsy (MMOGC)
Also posted at The BiblioSanctum.

The story of The Rain Wild Chronicles continues with this sequel to Dragon Keeper. Maybe the plot's simply picking up, or perhaps it has to do with the characters finally starting to grow on me, but somewhere between the pages of this book, I realized I've actually become quite smitten with this series.

As I recall, the end of the first book came rather abruptly, so it's not a surprise that this one picked right up from where it left off. The dragons and their gr
It took a million years to finish this book, not because it wasn't good, or compelling, because it is! But because I read this book in its entirety out loud to my husband. Typically, he falls asleep after a few pages and I'm ready to too.

Dragon Haven is an excellent book, even though there is not much of a plot to speak of. The Dragons, their "keepers" and the LiveShip Tarman and his crew and a couple of Bingtown Traders are on their way up the Rain Wilds River in search of the Elderling and Dra
Buffy Greentree
This is the second in the series. I picked up the first when away on holiday a year ago, and found it a fast read but ultimately unsatisfying as it did not have a strong story arc; it appeared to just stop mid-story. However, that unfinished ending did cause me to wonder over the next few months exactly what did happen, so eventually I picked up the second book.

Again I felt that this book ended without sufficient closure. Yes, it is obviously trying to pull you into the next book, but so little
Peter Smith
The difference between book 1 of this series (Dragon Keeper) and book 2 is like night and day. Book 1 was a slog, but book 2 is a page-turner! Dragon Keeper finally got good at the very end and Dragon Haven picks up immediately after. In fact the transition between books almost happens mid-scene.

There are still technical issues that get to me because I'm fussy. The author keeps referring to characters rowing a boat when I think they're actually paddling. I dunno. It wasn't ever clear and conside
Heidi Garrett
I'm really enjoying this series, close to reading all four books straight through, which I don't often do. My favorite part of the story is the dragons! I love the combination of their grump and magnificence. The clever touch of having the dragons create their "Elderlings"as works of art is very fun. I also appreciate the variety of relationships the dragons share with their respective keepers. Thymara's rocky relationship with Sintara seems true to their characters. I've also enjoyed Sedric's t ...more
Anxiously awaiting the next installation! This is a great series. I think Hobb does a fabulous job bringing it all to life. There are a few iffy areas that I have some questions on, but overall it has great versimilitude. I honestly expected to get further along in the storyline, but I am not disappointed with the end. :)
Dragon Haven é o segundo volume de quatro da série Rain Wild Chronicles e continua a história iniciada em The Dragon Keeper. O primeiro volume teve um final em aberto, mesmo tendo em conta que faz parte de uma série, mas como expliquei na opinião do livro anterior, a autora verificou que o primeiro volume da série estava demasiado extenso e decidiu dividi-lo em dois, pelo que este segundo volume complementa o primeiro.

Deste modo, a história do segundo volume inicia-se precisamente onde o primeir
The action in the second of the Rain Wild Chronicles picks up, and some of the various sub plots from book one are resolved.

What I enjoyed about the book:
1) The character conflicts. Hobb does an excellent job of depicting the tight ebb and flow of relationships in an on going stressful situation. The younger characters are developing into adults. They are learning about relationships, leadership, and some of life’s harder lessons. Sedric’s character arch was my favorite. I adored how funny and
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I haven't enjoyed a book by Robin Hobb this much since The Tawny Man Trilogy. When I started in The Dragon Keeper, part one of the chronicles, I was slightly apprehensive because I had never really gotten into her liveship trader trilogy, due to the amount of different characters and the third person perspective (both of which this book has). Nevertheless, I finished the first book, which I definitely enjoyed but wasn't really thrilled about. Certain characters annoyed me a bit and I felt the la ...more
Scott Marlowe
Dragon Haven by Robin Hobb concludes the story begun in Dragon Keeper, book one of the Rain Wilds Chronicles. Word is that Hobb wrote this series intending it to be a single novel, but given it's length the publisher decided to split it in half (Robin Hobb informed readers of her blog that she is, in fact, working on a third book in the series). The result is that Dragon Keeper doesn't exactly leave us hanging or wanting to rush out to buy Dragon Haven (I didn't, but that was more about the then ...more
I really enjoyed both Dragon Haven and The Dragon Keeper.

There are adventure/quest books that are all about the quest, and then there are the ones that are all about the people. I'm happy that this series is about the latter - both the humans and the dragons. There's an immense amount of character growth throughout these two books and it was wonderful to immerse myself in it.

I thought the handling of the different relationships of the characters - of friends and lovers, healthy and abusive, kee
Dragon Haven begins right where Dragon Keeper left off (which was in the midst of some action, and for this reason, I don't recommend reading this series out of order). Having temporarily stopped their trek up the Rain Wilds River to find the ancient Elderling city of Kelsingra, the dragon keepers, dragon scholar Alise, and Captain Leftrin are trying to help the sickly copper dragon recover before moving onward. But secrets amongst the keepers, the hunters, and the crew of the Liveship Tarman ar ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
The second in the Rain Wild Chronicles is all-over classic Hobb and highly recommended. I'm very glad I essentially held off judgment on this newer series until I'd finished Book 2, because everything just got better. The best things about Dragon Haven in relationship to the other series Hobb has written and fantasy in general are:

1. There is some angst, but it does not feel like the soul-crushing life-destroying angst in previous novels (I'm looking at you, Soldier Son)
2. There are many realist
Ziv Wities
The trek through the Rain Wilds begun in volume #1 continues here, and serves as the backdrop for two primary character arcs:
Thymara, the Rain Wilds dragon keeper, finds that the other keepers are setting aside their native rules and customs. They're creating a new way of living - and Thymara needs to find her place in the new order, or else fight back against it.
Sedric, the much-harried Bingtown fop, ended book #1 by stealing blood from a dragon. In this book, the trials and tribulations fac
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** I am shocked to find that some people think a 2 star 'I liked it' rating is a bad rating. What? I liked it. I LIKED it! That means I read the whole thing, to the last page, in spite of my life raining comets on me. It's a good book that survives the reading process with me. If a book is so-so, it ends up under the bed somewhere, or maybe under a stinky judo bag in the back of the van. So a 2 st ...more
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