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Mister Creecher
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Mister Creecher

3.44 of 5 stars 3.44  ·  rating details  ·  317 ratings  ·  62 reviews
Billy is a street urchin, pickpocket and petty thief. Mister Creecher is a monstrous giant of a man who terrifies all he meets. Their relationship begins as pure convenience. But a bond swiftly develops between these two misfits as their bloody journey takes them ever northwards on the trail of their target ...Victor Frankenstein.
Friendship, trust and betrayal combine to f
Hardcover, 400 pages
Published October 3rd 2011 by Bloomsbury UK (first published January 1st 2011)
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On the back of this book a lovely reviewer from The Times has stated that this book is a “Beautifully written gothic metafiction.”
I, silly little reader, didn’t realise actually how meta this book would be. But I’m getting too far ahead of myself, I’ll talk about the end later.
Let’s start at the beginning seeing as I’ve heard it’s a very good place to start.
The beginning of this book was ok. Mr Priestley did a great job of setting the scene; murky, Victorian Regency London (Mr Priestley kindl
Erik Buchanan
I'm going to start out by saying there are S Because there are moments of good writing in this book. Unfortunately, they are only moments.

I found this one in the YA section, which was a mistake on the library's part. This is not a YA book, not because of the content, which is pretty standard, or because of the language, which is fairly YA. No, issue is the stuffing of literary and historical figures into its scenery, none of whom have a bearing on the plot except "oh, look, it's a literary figur
Billy schlägt sich als Taschendieb durch. Die nebeligen Straßen des Londons von 1818 sind sein Zuhause. Bei einem seiner nächtlichen Beutezügen entdeckt er eine leblose Gestalt. Die vermeintliche Leiche stellt sich als furchteinflößendes Monster heraus, dass Billy aus einer bedrohlichen Situation hilft, ab diesem Moment gehen der kleine Dieb und Mister Creecher eine ungewöhnliche Partnerschaft ein.

Wer kennt die Geschichte von Frankenstein und seinem Monster nicht? Dieser Stoff hat die Fantasie u
*Worum geht's?*
London, 1818: Der Straßenjunge Billy kämpft ums nackte Überleben. Bloß durch Diebstähle schafft er es, sich über Wasser zu halten. Als die Lage brenzlig wird und Billys Leben auf dem Spiel steht, wird er unverhofft von einem Riesen gerettet. Billy ist der groteske Mann nicht geheuer, doch er steht eindeutig in seiner Schuld. Als Gegenleistung bittet das Ungetüm, das sich als Mister Creecher vorstellt, Billy darum, zwei Männer in London zu beschatten. Eigentlich will der Straßenjun
I stumbled across Chris Priestleys books a while ago and have been fascinated with them ever since. He blends accessible and fast paced stories with the essence of the classic gothic terror and suspense story. And as such this story is no different to his earlier books however its style is totally new. This book is one continuous story as it follows the travels of Billy and mister Creecher and their relationship to each other. The book is a fascinating tale of what they experience and see and ho ...more
I was completely prepared to give Mister Creecher a 4 but then the ending just didn't agree with me.

Mister Creecher is a retelling? of Frankenstein. Personally I don't really know much about Frankenstein apart from the obvious 'I-am-the-result-of-a-bunch-of-hacked-body-bits' and so I was really excited to dig into the story. As always Chris Priestley didn't disappoint and I was sucked into the writing. The plot was kind of simplistic and the end felt really uncompleted to me. It wasn't as scary
Angela Oatham
Having studied Frankenstein as part of my English degree I was fascinated when my year 7's picked this book to read for our book club (I'm a school librarian). I opened it with trepidation as I like my horror full on and was worried that a book written for children would shy away from the truly terrifying. I need not have worried. I enjoyed it from beginning to end, yes unlike others I loved the end. So much so that I when I finished it on the train home my exclamation of 'Oh my goodness!' start ...more
Brilliant ... loved it. A tale about friendship and belonging, this is a twist on the Frankenstein story with some wonderful characters. Evocatively set in both London and the wilds of the North, Chris Priestley manages to set the scene for both locations - from murky fog-filled alleyways to the windswept moors, taking in a Victorian Oxford on the way. But don't get me wrong, this isn't just about a journey; there are some scary moments, some funny moments and a very clever ending!
K. Carters
This is a weird one. The ONLY reason this isn't a 5 star is because I didn't like the plot. Follow? I'm saying I didn't like the actual story but loved everything else about the book.

I think the author is very talented and I'm going to keep an eye out for his other work as it's very impressive and eerie. I think he has a natural flair for horror and gothic writing.

I also love the holistic look at Regency England. I remember the original text by Mary Shelley and England/Ireland is covered in some

One thing I forget to mention: the only thing I could think of, by the cover and the description, was the old wrestler The Undertaker. That's apparently what Frankenstein's monster looks like to Chris Priestley.
Really loved this alternative take on Frankenstein, thought it fitted really well with the Nick Dear / Danny Boyle version for the National Theatre. Thought the ending was brilliant, very unexpected and very pleasing.
Rebecca Graf
I have to admit that I never would have picked up this book to read on my own. The cover and the synopsis is not something that appealed to me. But I had read it on a must-read list and decided to give it a try and expand my horizons. I wasn’t disappointed.

This is the story of a young London boy who is picking pockets one night when an old associate catches him ready to do physical harm. Just as he is about to get it, an enormous creature appears and saves him. The creature looks like something
Natalie Frampton
Mister Creecher was so much better than I had anticipated. I wasn't completely looking forward to a story about Frankenstein. It however is more of a story about friendship against all odds. How two of the most unexpected people can go through so much together and create impossible bonds.

Mister Creecher is in fact the creation of Dr Frankenstein and one night the main character Billy stumbles across him.
Billy is a thief, always finding himself in trouble with the gangs that litter the streets of
First off I have to say a big thank you to Donna at Book passion for life for asking me to review this for them, I'd never heard of it and might not have read it otherwise and I'm really glad I did because I ended up really enjoying it.

I've never read Mary Shelley's frankenstein but after this adaption and reading the factful authors note at the end I'd really like to, to see the authors inspirations for Mister Creecher. Chris Priestly has come up with a great twist and made the story his own he
Kirsty (overflowing library)
Mister Creecher is an interesting read which is very different from Chris Priestly's first novel but also capturing the same gothic victorian feel as it meaning I really enjoyed it.

For me this book at its very core is about humanity and friendship and spends a great deal of time questioning issues around these themes. Creecher is a monster who is shunned by society forced to live on the outskirts, never quite fitting in anywhere. His mission in life is to hunt down his creator who has promised t
I really enjoyed this book, more than what I thought. My first impression wasn't good, mainly because of the cover, but never judge a book by its cover!

You get sucked right into England in the early 19th century, following a boy Billy and exploring London and seeing how bad the times were for him. However, Billy does find a friend and calls him Mister Creecher, his back story being he's not exactly human... he's the creation of Frankenstein.

I loved their friendship, how they'd get up to all sort
Vickie Ramage
I have recently developed a taste for Frankenstein novels, despite not having read Frankenstein itself (yet). Last week I read This Dark Endeavor, a book which I found rather disappointing and this week, Mister Creecher, a book which a much stronger storyline and characters and I loved it!

Chris Priestley certainly knows how to paint a gritty, realistic picture of London. By the time I had finished the book I wanted to scrub myself. Mister Creecher and Billy were two characters that I really con
There seems to be a bit of trend for ‘new horror’ where the older classics are being revisited for a new generation and re imagined in a way that appeals to a new audience. With Mister Creecher we see the world of Frankenstein being dipped into with new eyes; the view point of a London pick pocket who discovers what he thinks is a dead man but turns out to be a sleeping monster in the form of Frankenstein’s creature (or whom he calls Mister Creecher upon mishearing his name).

I’m a big fan of th
Mister Creecher is a new addition to the Frankenstein literature shelf that is utterly origional & new and that in no way is a copy or reflection of Mary Shelley's origional work. It is just as chilling and brilliant as Chris Priestley's other works, such as 'the tales of terror collection' and 'the dead of winter' novel that is also deliciously creepy with lots of twists and turns. This book is wonderfully macabre and genuinely spooky that will send chills down your spine and make you unkno ...more
Mister Creecher by Chris Pristley
This book is about a boy named "Billy" who is a thief living in nineteenth-century London. The, there's Mr. Creecher,who is a monster to everyone when they meet him. When, Billy first met the monster, he was forced to follow some professors, one by the name of Dr.Frankenstein.AS they go on a journey in following them, Billy finds out that he is a monster made from Dr. Frankenstein and wants a bride since he was promised from the professor. Could a monster be fr
Mister Creecher is being pitched as a gateway drug to the classics—and it should be pitched as such.* Familiarity with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist deepens the impression of awe with what Priestley is doing here in Mister Creecher. He creates more than a mash-up of Dickens and Shelley, but an intersection; less a reinvention or re-imagination but acts more of an imaginer alongside these two great literary texts. He fills in some blanks in the creation of his own ...more
Book Angel Emma

In London 1818, Billy is many things. Street urchin, pick pocket, petty thief. So, when he is attacked by another, he is saved by a giant of a man who he names Mister Creecher. When Mister Creecher offers Billy a job, Billy takes it, purely as Mister Creecher promises to protect him. It was a deal of pure convenience. But the more time they spend together, they become friends as Billy follows Creecher’s target... one Victor Frankenstein.

Now, I

I can't say I've ever really read a book that is essentially brilliant fanfiction for 2 completely different classics set in the same time before this one. It was really lovely to see something so completely different but its unfortunate that I'd never read either Frankenstein or Oliver Twist beforehand!

My main problem with the book was that the font was in bold. Its a little thing, but it just meant everything was over emphasised without adding any real value to it. I also don't feel
Mister Creecher is about an unlikely friendship between a thief and a grotesque man (Mister Creecher) in this retelling of Frankenstein. A young man that has spent most of his life stealing and cheating is one night offered a job by an extremely ugly man. He takes the job for the protection that this obscene stranger can provide against the dangerous money collecting people he owes. The job is to stalk a scientist and report back to Mister Creecher as to what he has seen. After witnessing the af ...more
Chris Mawbey
This is an entertaining take on the Frankenstein story with a significant POV shift. Chris Priestley skillfully introduces us to early nineteenth century London and the central characters of Creecher and Billy. The story pays homage to and stays fairly consistent with Mary Shelley's original work but there are some tongue in cheek references that briefly lift the mood of what has the potential to be a very dark tale.
As the relationship between Billy and Creecher develops they begin a journey acr
Adam Sparks
I'm really not sure how I feel about this book.

Firstly, I feel the need to preface this review by noting that I picked it up for cheap (like a 1) in Amazon's daily Kindle book sale. I went into it without knowing that it was basically Frankenstein fan-fiction, and I say that without the negativity I would usually bestow upon that word. I point this out because having read a number of reviews, it seems I was the only one unaware, so I think it's fair to say that this would affect my opinion in co
Nina at Death Books and Tea
Review: Billy is a young thief on the streets of London when he meets Mr Creecher- a giant, mismatched man who is extremely mysterious. However, it doesn’t take long for them to form a strange friendship as together they journey north, following one man in particular- Victor Frankenstein.
In case you haven’t guessed Creecher is Frankenstein’s Creature, and (not so obviously) Billy is Oliver Twist’s Bill Sikes (but much younger). We also meet other characters such as Justine (the girl who hangs af
Billy is a thief. Mister Creecher is an outsider, a freakish giant with a monstrous face, who while on the trail of mysterious Frankenstein, saves Billy from death. To begin with, their relationship is pure convenience. Creecher needs Billy to follow Frankenstein. Billy needs Creecher for protection from other thieves. But soon a bond forms between the two, as they realise they may have more in common than they first thought.

But as they follow Frankenstein, can their friendship last? Or will it
Alana White
Mar 10, 2012 Alana White rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: YA and Adult Readers
Chris Priestly, Bloomsbury USA Children's, 2011, $16.99, hb, 400pp

Two outcasts inhabit London in 1818—one of them fifteen-year-old Billy, a pickpocket and thief, the other a hulking creature given life by Dr. Victor Frankenstein. This is not a retelling of that famous other story, but rather an inventive narrative that looks into a dark world where Billy is beaten and bullied and Mister Creecher is judged for his terrible appearance. Kind at heart, his face "looked as though it ha
Although I thought the book was bit simply written, I actually enjoyed it. I found Priestley's descriptions of 1800s UK somewhat lacking, but somehow still realistic. The ending blew me though, so
I'm giving this book 3 stars. I kept flipping the pages in the book hoping there'd be other chapters, but alas, that was it. Ahhh, well.
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His father was in the army and so he moved around a lot as a child and lived in Wales. He was an avid reader of American comics as a child, and when he was eight or nine, and living in Gibraltar, he won a prize in a newspaper story-writing competition. He decided then “that my ambition was to write and illustrate my own book”.
He spent his teens in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, before moving to Manchester,
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