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Sospetti & peccati
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Sospetti & peccati

3.19 of 5 stars 3.19  ·  rating details  ·  3,115 ratings  ·  441 reviews
Quando Diana Duprey, medico abortista di una cittadina del Colorado, viene trovata assassinata nella piscina della sua villa, i detective Huck Berlin ed Ernie Vogel si trovano di fronte a una lunghissima lista di sospetti. Diana aveva molti nemici, soprattutto per via della sua professione, che le aveva procurato l'ostilità feroce dei gruppi antiabortisti. Ma anche sotto i ...more
Hardcover, Maestri del Thriller, 333 pages
Published 2010 by Piemme (first published January 1st 2006)
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A cheap, flimsy book masquerading as a thoughtful thriller. Hyde seems to draw her insights on human nature from blockbuster movies: the spunky, headstrong teen; the high-powered lawyer; the obsessive boyfriend; the hardened but still vulnerable cop ... When the daughter inexplicably (but spunkily! and sexily!) decides to sleep over at the cop's house, I almost yelled, "Oh, come ON!" The characters are unconvincing in the extreme, the "mystery" is no mystery at all, and Hyde's solemn attempt at ...more
This novel uses the abortion debate as the background for a tepid narrative. What frustrated me most is that the author seems to feel like she needs to pretend to present both sides, and yet she is so graphic in her descriptions of abortion, and so clearly doesn't really think it's right. She never gives any narrative space to why people might need abortions, doesn't give us any characters who choose abortion and in fact kills the one female doctor who provides abortion (and even this doctor fee ...more
This book actually impressed me. Usually when I buy books without checking them out on Goodreads, they're terrible. This was probably the most predictable thriller I've ever read but then again nine times out of ten, I do guess the killer pretty early on in other books.

This book had a really nice cover and it had a very intriguing title so I picked it up. The plot sounded so interesting but it wasn't actually as interesting as it sounded. It's very clichéd and the characters are all very one-di
Anne Schroeder
The author starts with a premise: two people with strong convictions make a 180-degree flip when their personal lives are involved. And when they do, what are the consequences?

Written in the omniscient POV so the reader gets to watch characters dance all around the book. The abortionist gets to tell her story in a strange way. Two things popped out at me--one, the novelist's rule that the two protagonists need to be introduced in the first page or two made for a rather convoluted beginning, but
Maybe I'm getting curmudgeonly in my old age. I probably would have liked this book when I was 15 and I thought that anything with the word "abortionist" in the title must be socially hip. At 15 I didn't really care about things like character development or a plausible plot. I mean, of course cops always risk their careers for the nubile nineteen-year-old girls (yes, I said girl) they are also investigating. Of course, smart, level-headed children get involved in unstable relationships and porn ...more
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I wasn't sure what to expect when I began reading 'The Abortionist's Daughter' by Elisabeth Hyde. Clearly, the topic of abortion is always controversial. In this novel, however,the fact that one of the characters, Diane Duprey, was a doctor who performed abortions and founded her very own Center for Reproductive Choice, was a sort of secondary theme to the story that unfolded.

'The Abortionist's Daughter' is a mystery... a classic whodunit. The story begins with the murder of Dr. Duprey in a sw
Davis Goodman
Call me dumb, but I didn't even realise this was a mystery novel until the second chapter. I assumed it was some dark post-modern exploration of devastation or whatever the meme of the month is and I'd thought I'd give it a chance. It's a page turner, it's a long time since I've read a book in two days. I like how she reveals vital plot information far from the end of the book, though I wonder why she didn't just open up the book with the ending. She developed five characters as well as one can ...more
Alyce Rocco
I can not decide if I should rater The Abortionist's Daughter by Elisabeth Hyde a 5 for "It was amazing" or a 2 for "It was okay."

Readers are given more information then detectives, because people, like the abortionist's daughter, Megan, withhold information that might have helped them solve the crime as quickly as astute readers can. That is, I knew early on who the murderer was, while the detectives stayed clueless for most of the book.

What I liked was the range of topics covered without bei
Abortion. Pornography. Malfeasance in the justice system. Illegal/legal drug abuse. Stalkers. It’s all in The Abortionist’s Daughter. Title notwithstanding, this crime novel has no primary protagonist. From chapter to chapter, the spotlight focuses upon different characters, throwing light upon their personal points of view with respect to the murder, and with respect to their relationships with the others who are enmeshed in the case. As in real life, each has his/her own virtues and faults, an ...more
Without doubt the worst attempt at a murder-mystery I've ever encountered... I read it right after Richard and Judy's book club sang it's praises years ago and it haunts me how bad it is to this day. It is very hard to enjoy a story when the majority of the characters are unlikable, even harder still when you can somehow tell that it was the writer's intention for you to actually like these people. The plot twist (a.k.a. the murderer's reveal) can hardly be called such, seeing as you know which ...more
Roy Higgins
My wife used to purchase all of Richard & Judy's summer reads. Many of then didn't appeal to me as a man, although I did read some of them. This one has been sitting in my mini library in the spare bedroom for six or seven years. I suppose it was the title which didn't appeal to me. I had visions of a back street abortionist but this book has little to do with abortion. It is a story about the murder of the abortionist, the police investigation and the way her death affects her disfuntional ...more
I started off listening to the audio version, which I thought was excellent. But once I was just a short way to the end, I grabbed my paperback copy off my bookshelf and finished it.

I thought it was very good. Briefly, it's about the murder of a local doctor who runs an abortion clinic and the investigation. There's the mystery of who could have murdered her - the local Pro-Life minister? The husband? Someone else?

And then there are the issues that the daughter, Megan, must deal with - not only
Dec 09, 2008 Ciara rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: mystery fans, thriller fans, people who have had stalkers, cops
this is another book that i wouldn't have sought out on my own. it was laying around on the coffee table in my living room for several months, & finally i was bored enough to pick it up & read it. i was probably foiled in my plans to hit the library due to rain or something. i am just not really into books like this--kind of cheesy thrillers full of criminals denying their criminal activities & people having very questionable affairs with the cops investigating the deaths of their mo ...more
I was reading something else, I don't even remember what now, but it was so so so boring, that when I was randomly staying at a hostel and found this, I immediately swapped it. I hate leaving books unfinished, but sometimes you just have too.

So many books have titles like these and most of them are eh. This was definitely one of them. The Abortionist works in a small town and is found murdered one night. The book tries to find out who killed her. The husband, whom she was last seen fighting with
Greg Bates
There's something really special about listening to a good thriller on audiobook. The taut language and frequent plot twists just go really well with long drives. Sometimes, when I time it right, I can get one plot twist per 45-minute work commute, and it's awesome. Unfortunately, The Abortionist's Daughter is NOT a good thriller - it's a horrid, hackneyed, faux-progressive bore.

You can't fault the premise: one December afternoon, noted abortion doctor Diana Dupree is murdered in her absurdly ni
Selected purely on the basis that it was on the Richard & Judy list and very easy to get hold of. They really did have a huge impact on book stores and making their list can really catapult a novel into the best sellers. The abortionaist daughter was a huge disappointment. After Megan discovers her mom has been murdered an investigation gets underway to find the killer. Her mother ran an abortion clinic and attracted alot of controversity. When the killers is finally revealed you will be nei ...more
Bryn Greenwood
I was really enjoying this book when it seemed like a police procedural. There were a lot of interesting layers to possible suspects, and some very well developed characters. Sadly, at about the halfway mark, the book got sidetracked. Abruptly, the main police character, Huck, stopped acting like a cop trying to solve a homicide and started going all googly about his relationship with his girlfriend and his *feelings* about the annoying and self-absorbed daughter of the murder victim. This felt ...more
This book had the potential to be a great crime thriller and started out well...but somehow just lost momentum by the end. The author treated the abortion issue fairly, I thought; neither villianizing nor canonizing? either the female abortion provider or the pro-life protestors. And this was really a side issue to the murder mystery anyway. She went into too much detail, too much character development, too many side issues like the doctor's son with Down's who died or the dumb romance between t ...more
Megan Duprey's mother is found dead in her own swimming pool. With a number of possible suspects, this book is of the journey leading up to the murder and how it affects her family's life.

I like this type of book. A good murder mystery. I'm not sure about bringing the whole debate about abortion into the novel- but I guess it expanded on the possible suspects. I guessed early on in the book who had murdered her- so it was a bit pointless carrying on but I did anyway. Megan was an interesting pro
I had really looked forward to reading this book. It had been hyped up and recommended as being original and different. From the first page I found the author's style of writing cheap and trashy with many gramatical errors. The only character who was remotely human and interesting was killed instantly leaving us only with cliched, stereotypical and uninteresting characters who did not develop as the story unfolded. I also found this story entirely predictable. The romance was again cliché and di ...more
The Abortionist's Daughter
Un thriller che si dimentica molto facilmente e dalla trama piuttosto pallida. Dato il titolo in lingua originale, mi aspettavo una storia più incentrata sulla tematica dell'aborto come scelta di vita (la madre della protagonista è, appunto, un'abortista che apre una clinica privata). Invece si racconta di una ragazza dai dubbi valori morali e a cui un giorno muore la madre in maniera tragica. Non consigliato principalmente perchè non appassiona come un thriller dovrebb
Jo Reason
I enjoyed this book, I admit I was expecting much more of a controversial book with more stuff about written about abortion but there really isnt much of that at all, it is all very tactfully written to avoid most issues.

The characters are wonderful, the background of each one is great, you can get into each one. There are a bunch of main characters, although the main one is probably Megan (the daughter, hence the title), but it isnt written from her point of view, and there are also others with
I read this book because I loved In the Heart of the Canyon and thought I would give it a try. It didn't disappoint. I didn't realize who the murderer was until the very end. It was hard to put the book down because I wanted to keep reading to see what happened next. The subject of abortion is in it, but the story is more about the relationship between the family.
One of the most annoying books I've read for some time. Part murder mystery, part romance and neither is very convincing. Though the author studied law and thanks the local police dept for helping with the manuscript, she seems to have a very low opinion of police officers and police procedural; the crime is solved purely by accident and the confession scene is ridiculous. This novel requires the reader to suspend their disbelief to the level that it's a physical effort. For instance, very early ...more
Not awful, but not good either. I think it got worse as it went along. I figured out whodunit by halfway through. The plot was sloppy: seemingly important details noted but never referred to again, no mention of phone records which surely would have been reviewed in a murder investigation, etc. None of the characters was particularly sympathetic or engaging. The reader on the audiobook did not make it any better.
Although I certainly did not begin this book under the pretense that it would be this year's feel good novel I was surprised at just how disturbing it was. I found the cast of characters so morally bankrupt that it infringed on my attention to the story. It was well written and absorbing but hard to get past the sex and drugs. Additionally, I thought the murderer was revealed too early in the plot.
Johnnayea Edmond
There were some interesting discussion on the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate.

The characters, with the exception of Megan and Bill, were one dimensional and stereotypical. Therefore, I didn't bond with any one character. Additionally, I didn't like Megan. There was not enough information presented to get to know Bill.

Also, I feel like the family's reaction to the mother's death is so bizarre. Although I understand that each person's reaction might be different, I didn't sense any real grieving,
Not sure about this book... It was ok, didn't think it was written all that well though. I wouldn't have classed it as mystery or crime either, maybe just drama. I'd expect more specific details from a crime novel rather than life stories from the characters.

I wondered about the title, it seems to be more for drawing people to the book rather than an accurate title seeing as the book's focus was not Megan and it was told from three other people's POV too. I didn't see the point in Ben being in t
Dec 24, 2007 Nancy rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: the brain dead
Shelves: blech
blank, boring, colorless, dead, empty, flat, inactive, inert, lifeless, listless, passionless, placid, routine, slack, slow, sluggish, spiritless, stagnant, unexciting, usual, vacuous............

completely ordinary, unimaginative prose with dull characters and 5th-grade descriptions.

a total waste of time.
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